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Short Sports Poems | Short Sports Poetry

Short Sports Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Sports by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Sports short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Sports poem by King-Galaxius Stravinsky| Details |


Loves fanatic sports.
Games littles coach.
Short esquire ethic.

Short Sports poem by Sidney Hall Mad Poet| Details |

Out for a jog

She jogs
Her brown eyes are blue eyes
Bought a sports bra

© 2000

Short Sports poem by tod gaines| Details |


Warriors don't quit.
They run out of steam 
like sports 
it takes the whole team.

Short Sports poem by Paul Curtis| Details |


You don’t need a parachute
To go skydiving
Unless you want to make it
A regular thing

Short Sports poem by Duke Beaufort| Details |

Astute Sales

A study of girls who are cute
These photo layouts are a hoot 
Sports Illustrated
For profits created
Issues saluting a swimsuit

Short Sports poem by Jim Wilson| Details |


Saturday evening
The weekend parties begin
Beer at the sports bar
We've made it through one more week
Now is the time for laughter

Short Sports poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details |


like know other
they love from above
some have gift
born swift
do it all  from baseball
to tennis  wall
know i did

Short Sports poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details |


they  drink and think
talk until theyer pink
about the game
its there thing
there pain
win or lose what they choose
some bring there car
at the

Short Sports poem by Victoria Anderson-Throop| Details |

DISTANT WOODS Tiger Woods clerihew

DISTANT WOODS  Tiger Woods Saga Cont

Tiger ‘s rated number two--the sports world boldly told
McIllroy is Rory ing through the distant Woods turned old.

Short Sports poem by Danielle Moreno| Details |


Dazzling in person,
Awesome in sports,
Nice in character,
Important in many ways,
Entertaining the crowd,
Loving to people,
Loving to pets,
Expert in cheering.

Short Sports poem by Sara Kendrick| Details |


Mouse finger sports a long vertical bruise.... Suffering from exertion

Short Sports poem by Ian D. Campbell| Details |

Principles of a Marine

Unwrap these

Leaves falling
Soon and I am 
Not the Catcher. 

But you, you
Sports Fan, 
Like the 
Lover chases
His tail, now. 

I do. 

And I pray.

Short Sports poem by Amy Merrell| Details |

My Summer

I drive the ten sixty-six
While I eat all the twix
Got to feed the cows hay
Yeah thats what I say
School is out
Sports are in
Now its baseball
No more kickball


Short Sports poem by Kathy Fretwell Gandy| Details |

Things Admired

and pearls.
These jewels are greatly
admired by girls.

Race cars
and anything 
that flies.
These are the things
admired by guys!

Short Sports poem by Dalila Agtani| Details |


She is a funny fella, Grandma Dalila Played the sports kinect with a drink tequila Now posted in U-tube, has now 1089 hits Bet how funny she felt playing this!

Short Sports poem by Caleb Smith| Details |

Richard Skinner

Dick Skinner was a very dense poet
Offensive...though he didn't know it
     For he crapped his shorts,
     ending his days in sports
He still stinks, though his pants never show it

Short Sports poem by Andrea Dietrich| Details |

The Trade-in

my old sports car’s
fun, eye-catching plates

tossed in the trunk of
my new sedan

part of my joy
unrenewed. . . . like
those vanity plates

For  Joann Grisetti's
 Shanzi Poetry Contest

Short Sports poem by Judith Palmer| Details |

If I were

If I were an English mum
I'd roll my baby in the pram
To the Costa Coffee Shop
Even in the rain

If I were an English dad
I'd wave them off with glee
Hop into my sports car
And date my secretary!

Short Sports poem by Francine Roberts| Details |

Stanley Cup 2011

Hockey season has just begun.
Now glued to t.v. for my fun.
   Canucks is my team,
   We have common dream,
This year `Lord Stanley' will be won.

for "Let's Limerick"  sports nut contest

Short Sports poem by Katherine Stella| Details |

World's Greatest

Muhammad Ali
Floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee
Receiving end of his lumber
You'll know you've gone under

Tribute To
Cassius Clay
Also Entry For Brian Strands 
Sports Mad Contest

Short Sports poem by Chastity Frazier| Details |


Sister of Hannah,Chris,Trinity.....
Lover of God, Poems, Sports....
Who feels Pain,Love,And Joy
Would Like to See Paris, Mexico, and Bahamas
Resident of Alabama

Short Sports poem by RALPH TAYLOR| Details |

Golf's My Favorite

Of all the sports, watching Baseball's the best

I've less interest, but watch some of the rest

        But I'm pleased to report

        Golf's my favorite sport

It's healthy, fun, and a challenging test.

Short Sports poem by Izzy Foxx| Details |

xianghua cherry blossom of the east

she dances with her blade
her beauty unparalleled
the petals blow around her
with the gusts in her hair

though many battles she has fought
never will a single scar
blemish the beauty she sports
for she is blessed as such

Short Sports poem by Robert Pettit| Details |

Life is Like Sports

Life is like sports because we are a team. 
We strive each day to fulfill a dream. 
We can stand tall, 
and as strong as a wall. 
As different colors and races, 
we belong in our places.

inspired by another member's poem.

Short Sports poem by Yolanda Jones| Details |

the telly

I called it love
you called it convience
I called it affection
you called it an intrusion
I called it heaven on earth
you called it a sports car
I called it romance
you called it boredom
I called it friendship
you never bothered to call back

Short Sports poem by Francine Roberts| Details |

The Nascar Race

Around and around the track they go

And who will win, well you just don't know.

When they crash or spin out

That's what it's all about.

Without it , it's a pretty lame show.

for Royal Trevinos sports limerick contest

Short Sports poem by Robert L. Hinshaw| Details |

Prerequisite For A Tranquil Marriage

Two TVs required

     One for him to eyeball sports

          Hers for home shopping

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Placed No. 3 in Linda's "Awesome Advice" (For Bride and Groom) Contest - August 2010

Short Sports poem by Charles Henderson| Details |

The Fan

There’s no nut torrid like a sports fan
He wants to see feats not known to man
Watching from his hot seat
While goliaths compete
For the top, the best since time began

© Oct 5 2010   Charles Henderson
    6 th in Linda's Sports Limerick contest

Short Sports poem by Diane Locksley| Details |

Wrangler Favre

Brett Favre looks hot in his Wrangler blue jeans

You know that cool dude ate his spinach greens

     Has the perfect TV face

     With the girls he scores first base

If only he could master passing screens

* For the sports limerick contest

Short Sports poem by romeo naces| Details |

To Rhyme Or Not To Rhyme

An ad for fancy sports shoes
tells the world to 
"Just do it! "

Dash off lines of rhyme or
free verse, haiku or 

Whatever suits your mood
of the moment will do 
the trick

Bill Shakespeare of yore
nasally intoned, 
"As you like it."

Short Sports poem by Sharon Morken| Details |


Games Games Games
I prefer sports to life
Your so nice to my face	
Negative tongues once I say “bye”
All the words, offers, actions were fake
Found out when you ignore me point blank
I could lie and say I don't care
Misfit for life
All you'll do is stare

Short Sports poem by Jimmy Anderson| Details |

Football My Fav

There once was a sports game called football.
Where the players knew how to trip and fall.
   They were clumsy it's true.
    You see they wore Panther's blue.
And the coach never knew what to call.

*for Royal Trevino's "My favorite sport (Limerick)" contest

Short Sports poem by Bradley Cox| Details |

Boys to Men

As boys when at dances when at dances 
when a girl gets close we look at the grow.
As teens at school dances we cant keep
our eyes off their headlights.
As adults when at dances we cant take our
eyes off of sports on tv.
As seniors at dances we cant keep our eyes open.

Short Sports poem by Bradley Cox| Details |

Boys to Men

As boys when at dances when at dances 
when a girl gets close we look at the grow.
As teens at school dances we cant keep
our eyes off their headlights.
As adults when at dances we cant take our
eyes off of sports on tv.
As seniors at dances we cant keep our eyes open.

Short Sports poem by john freeman| Details |

Boxing Bee

Float like a butterfly sting like a bee
Dancing and prancing, “Frazer can’t hit me”
   Frazer’s punch was a killer
   Smoking hot in Manila
Refutes the Rope a dope prophet Ali!!

For Contest; My Favorite Sports_ Limerick
For and in honor of Royal Trrevino         

Short Sports poem by chris bowen| Details |

the drummer boy

the dumbest sports model
an open bottle and an NFL player
especially if they used to be a gator
come on steve spurrier
raise better babies
in my day they
thats what he would say?no way
cave urban myer
and say you paid marc richt
before i make it stick
knife point style

Short Sports poem by SillyBilly theKidster| Details |

Sports Retarded

I am so retarded in the area of sports. Sometimes it really does get me down.
It's so embarrassing not to know anything at all 
about how to play ball,
and please don't think of me as a clown
What excactly does a baseball player have to do 
in order to 
score themselves a touchdown?

Short Sports poem by Autumn Page| Details |

the last year

friend loss
friend gain
love findings
self findings
more loss
more gain
some more loss
cross country
new friends
still grieving over losses
still searching for the answer
no fun
my year---2009
mine all mine

Short Sports poem by Chastity Frazier| Details |

Something About Me

Chastity is an Athlete
Her favorite things to do are read and write
Attention spands are sometimes high
Speaks english, spanish, and other languages
Talents are poetry,sports,cooking,and singing
Interests are cookng,poetry, and sports
Tells a lot of people about God 
Young,energetic,and fun

Short Sports poem by Richard Palmer| Details |

The Jerry Springer Show

About this show,
My girls are amused,
Interrupting my sports,
Intruding my news,
To the television,
Their eyes are glued,
Ignoring mom cries,
Snacks or food,
So a series,
I just viewed,
And I thought it was,
Oh so rude,
On a talk show,
Girls fighting half nude,
I found it unpalatable, 
I found it lewd..

Short Sports poem by Demeter Edwards| Details |

The Caribbean

small islands surround by the caribbean sea
from the greater and lesser antilles
Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba, Guyana just to name a few
the place where tourist comes to see the caribbean view
music, beaches, sports our culture they come to see
from that hard labour they want to be free.

Demeter  Edwards

Short Sports poem by T.A. Skyles-Theoklapoet| Details |


The Oklahoma Sooners are my favorite team.
  There school colors are crimson and cream.

  They can run a ball and score real high.
    Make the other team fumble and cry.

             Yeah Boomer Sooners.
                              Teresa Skyles

Entered in Royal Trevino's"My favorite sports limerick"contest

Short Sports poem by Paul Curtis| Details |


The way into my heart
Is not with silver or gold
Nor money or jewels
Or five star dining
Expensive sports cars
And holidays abroad
It’s nothing of material worth

The way into my heart
Is a gesture of kindness
An unselfish act
You holding my hand
And gazing into my eyes
It’s a gentle caress
It’s simply being you

Short Sports poem by Paul Beadnall| Details |


Our town sports a true passion
middlesbrough f.c. is like fashion
that will never ever go out of date
even though less winning and fate

...Right from back in my early days
i followed the boro home and away
spending weekends and plenty of money 
but was all worth it attending wembley.

Dedicated to Callum M.F.C. Mcguinness

Short Sports poem by BENEDICT JOHN| Details |

The sun

The sun is hot
With a few bright spot
The sports are cool
But never go near it like a fool
The sun is a hot star
And it can melt an iron bar
The sun gives us light
But never look at it with your sight
When the sun dies and forms a black hole
You might ask “where is the sun’s soul? “
Without the sun our world would be dark
With no spark!

Short Sports poem by Amy Merrell| Details |

Summer Champ

I love summer,
With a new-comer,
We own a sports camp,
To create a champ,
I have a job, To feed a mob,
But it is fun,
In the sun,
Where i will play, 
Waisting all day,
Swimming with a crowd,
Every one so loud,
City people in the country,
Looking for a shady tree,
I can't wait for summer,
Please don't be a bumber.

Leah B.


Short Sports poem by romeo naces| Details |

Chasing Accidents

Such a drab drag 
  city life has become
    that we tend to seek out 
      some sizzling highs
        in extreme sports 
          with spectacular incidents.

Thus, in the blur and haze 
  of speed-driving,
    we barrel down straight 
      and well-paved highways,
        zooming away, chasing 
          vehicular accidents!

Short Sports poem by Sara Kendrick| Details |

One Bold Spring Day

One day of spring in February
Jonquils send forth their blooms
Found warm coat unnecessary 
Wore warm air draped costumes

Sky of sky-blue satin sports dots
Of gauzie dotted swiss
Great this experience snapshots
A day to reminisce

When tomorrow's winter's air cold
Blows 'pon my northern door
One day of spring so very bold
I'll remember once more

Short Sports poem by Linda-Marie SweetHeart| Details |

Joe Willie Namath

"Joe Willie Namath" Joe Willie Namath Super Bowl famous shaved his football legs to sell pantyhose wore white mink coat on sidelines for camera pose. Broadway Joe Willie drinking booze made him silly on ESPN ..Suzie refused to be kissed captured on sports video fans booed and hissed. *For P.D.'S Clerihew Contest.

Short Sports poem by Sara Kendrick| Details |


Cottonwood now sports purple blossom
Open faces sun seeds entomb
Total beauty in nature's landscape
Thanksgiving to God for escape
Opened heart to receive beauty
Now refreshed return to duty
Wonder how many passed that tree
Obliterated to even see
Open my eyes_heart Lord each day
Do let opportunities pass my way

(Obliterated here used to means
wiped out ...)

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