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Short Sport Poems

Short Sport Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Sport by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short Sport poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Sport poem by Neelam Sangwai| Details | |


two cloth pools bedside
silk skirt, real denim trousers
a sport event-- splash !

Short Sport poem by chris bowen| Details | |

tight little mama

she,in white shorts lays
the sport in this wrecked by time
she's twelve,and then some

Short Sport poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details | |


there's a sport store
right next door
can't say much more
its so cool

Short Sport poem by Randy Steele| Details | |


Basketball has taller, thinner sorts
Rugby is a shorter, thicker sport

Short Sport poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details | |


its summer
be a sport bummer
black white 
do it right be a shinning light
no doudt

Short Sport poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details | |


mine is blue
i love too
do it in style
drive wild
i do it with a smile
it like drive to the star
in my

Short Sport poem by Smail Poems| Details | |


Bowling is a sport, It’s boring to watch.
If a person plays it,
He must be good at it.

21 February 2013

Short Sport poem by Jon A Cavanaugh| Details | |


School bullies of every sort 
Torment weaker kids for sport
For they have little self esteem 
And compensate by being mean

Short Sport poem by karen croft| Details | |


two kids night and day
fighting is their very best sport
till sleep fills their eyes

karen croft
whatever contest

Short Sport poem by Bob Quigley| Details | |

Wisdoms Plight

Wisdoms Plight

You should always be a good sport,
Is a phrase we often use
But of course to prove you are one
I'm afraid you have to lose

Short Sport poem by Marty Owens| Details | |

Bitter-Sweet Memory

Fantasy challenge
Undocumented hand sport
Emissions exhaust!!!
Using balls and club
Causing eruption in space.
Bringing forth sweet cream!!

Short Sport poem by John W Fenn| Details | |


Now I’ve never been terribly sporty
For exercise isn’t my forte
But I’ve finally found
A sport that is sound
It involves getting naked and naughty

Short Sport poem by Wm Paul| Details | |


Lines of light through window shades,
Landing near a ball of grey
            that's Wart.
The 'Burger beneath the table lies
Eye a sphere of sport.

Short Sport poem by Honestly JT| Details | |


I finally have my soccer ball;
I've spent hours working on my ball control.
This sport, I enjoy it;
It feels good to finally try it.

©2012 Honestly JT

Short Sport poem by Asif Andalib| Details | |

The Spider - Chapter 29, Verses 64, Holy Koran

And this life of the world is nothing but a sport and play
And as for the life after doomsday
It is more real, forever to stay - 
If they knew it anyway!

Short Sport poem by Brian Strand| Details | |


Badicoot and tomato
A paraqueet pie
Groper head and shoulder, boiled
A melbourne pancke
Cactus fruit jelly
A 'gud' day's
Sport !

Courtesey of Mrs Beeton

Short Sport poem by Sidney Hall Mad Poet| Details | |

British Sport I say

We invented cricket and football
And guess what we useless at them all
We loose every game 
Drives the supporters insane
But we good for an after game brawl

Short Sport poem by Chris Matt| Details | |

High School Football-Favorite Sport

Under the lights on Friday night.
High school football starting to ignite.
Merciless to everyone.
This is war, not for fun.
Winning state is a beautiful sight.

Short Sport poem by Haldor Paulsson| Details | |

Sports is destroying the air

A Swedish skier takes the plane 
to the other side of the earth
and spreads out the soot
for many athletes is sport more important
than clean air on the globe.

Short Sport poem by Richard Breese| Details | |

A Dog Named Harry

A hairy thing once roamed our streets
That chased cats for sport and treats.
But it roamed too far
And a dog catcher and car,
Grabbed Harry and chained his feets.

Short Sport poem by James Fraser| Details | |

Boys in Blue

Football is my favourite sport
The two below are whom I support
Rangers and Everton, my teams
When they win I so beam
This game of games I import

Short Sport poem by tom bell| Details | |

The Color of Pain

does pain sport a color?
does it have a special taste?
it there an odor to associate
it with?
an awareness of its own?
who the hell knows...
but sure does hurt!!

Short Sport poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details | |


 its the kick off
some watch in the loft
its the thing
that sport lover bring
every year  dress like bear
see the new names
it this big game

Short Sport poem by Joe Flach| Details | |

My Favorite Sport

My favorite sport is that of football
Now, I am an American if you do recall
So please understand
We can use our hands
And not get a red card if our opponent should fall

Short Sport poem by Larry Belt| Details | |

Hide and Seek

The sport I love is Hide and Seek
I try to hide for at least a week
I hide when her mom comes by
If not I would surely die
I know she's close when (it) starts to speak

Short Sport poem by William Kershaw| Details | |

Olympic Drinking

O' me favorite sport must be drinkin.'
That's the way that God made me I'm thinkin.'
For it seems without fail,
If I start quaffin' ale,
That the landlord will send me home stinkin.'

Short Sport poem by KAYOD5 Kayode| Details | |



Joseph is my darling son
Often he says daddy come;
Sport and study , all is well,
Everybody plays with him
Playing football , next to book,
Happy always on the  pitch.

Short Sport poem by Barbara Gorelick| Details | |

Little League

He looked so darned small at the plate
For the pitch he just couldn't wait
Got a high fast ball
He swung for the wall
You'r out! But to mom he did great!

For the Favorite Sport contest....

Short Sport poem by Robert Heemstra| Details | |

March Madness

March Madness is here
college fans and beer

they’re at the sport bars
watching future stars

they got their brackets
hold Easter Baskets

basketball is loved by some
than others just think it’s dumb

Short Sport poem by Marty King| Details | |

my main remedy is you

my main remedy is you in many a volume
you cure me of the sharp edges of my center in every column

when the sport of existence is hard to maintain
you form a unit with me so we can become one sane brain

Short Sport poem by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen| Details | |

No Favorite Sport

I do not have a favorite sport.
Folks near me cheering laughing, snort.
At times I sit in bleachers,
And watch the gaming creatures.
I much prefer a tasty torte.

© January 20, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

Short Sport poem by faleshia murphy| Details | |

Call Me Crazy

Basketball is my favorite sport of them all
Watching those sexy men run with a ball
Just want to meet one
Reach out and grab some
Need a shower or massage just give me a call


Short Sport poem by Tim Smith| Details | |

Wearing of The Green

There was a young Brit named Kathleen
Who's a distant heir to the queen
But on St. Patrick's day
All the Irish will say
She is able to sport the green


Short Sport poem by sidewalker 1| Details | |


Now Scott is a man of the air.
For romance and love soars he there.
Through day and through night,
His heart's in full flight.
When grounded, a dove of despair.

*For Royal Trevino's My Favorite Sport contest

Short Sport poem by Katherine Livingstone| Details | |

Playing with my life strings


Thats what you do,
Down my viens and
Through my heart.

Your skiing.

Dodging my questions
Colliding with mysery.

You must be.
Are you racing my blood?
Daring my pacience?

Dangerous sport.

Short Sport poem by Greg Stanley| Details | |

Planet of the Apes - Destiny

He’s finally free,
With his mate riding horseback.
Leaves prints in the sand.

Plans to change his world,
Now dominated by apes,
Do not kill for sport.

He then sees the past,
Fallen Lady Liberty,
Unveils man’s future.

Short Sport poem by RALPH TAYLOR| Details | |

Golf's My Favorite

Of all the sports, watching Baseball's the best

I've less interest, but watch some of the rest

        But I'm pleased to report

        Golf's my favorite sport

It's healthy, fun, and a challenging test.

Short Sport poem by Douglas Dicketts| Details | |

The Pack

The scent of game
A trail is plain
With moon on high to guide us

The chase is short
It’s never sport
And food devoured revives us

Through fields and streams
Wolf calls warm breeze
We’ll run on till morning shall find us

Short Sport poem by Wilma Neels| Details | |

'Rugby - chasing the oval ball'

the stands are full, one man kicks the ball fifteen men pursue, it becomes a maul referee blow his whistle concluding the tussle a try is scored over goal line he crawl
Contest: My Favorite Sport 9th Place

Short Sport poem by Hannington Mumo| Details | |


There must be no playing with years
For this translates only into ceaseless tears, 
I must rise and get recompense for years wasted,
For heavens gave me all the merit
And I gave myself reasons enough to make sport it!

Short Sport poem by Sara Kendrick| Details | |

Skating On Frozen Lake

The graceful skater
Circle in an exact line round
On one foot arms outstretched level glide, skirt moves with breeze
Preparing for competition,  winter games, what a sport this woman really loves

Short Sport poem by Andrea Dietrich| Details | |

Table Tennis Attraction

Most balls people pitch, roll, or fling.
They kick them or strike them with zing.
But for lazy old  me
I like tirelessly. . . 
to stand, flick my wrist and go “ping!”

For Royal Trevino's Limerick Contest:
"My Favorite Sport"

Short Sport poem by Carolyn Devonshire| Details | |

Primate on a Limb

Blissful he appears
Enjoys nature’s habitat --
Survival instinct

We have missed something
Only man kills for greed, sport --
We are devolving

*Entry for John Freeman's "Natural and Beyond" contest (Haiku first, then Senryu)

Short Sport poem by Joshua Lacey| Details | |


Hit that ball really far
Then in my eyes I'm a star!

Try to land inside the bounds
Just how hard that really sounds!

Hope I can make into cup
Before it is time to sup

Just have fun with the sport
Then the game I won't abort!

Short Sport poem by Michelle Mac Donald| Details | |

Royal Crap

King Pin and Needle Queen
Sitting  in their court
The jester tosses coloured eggs
To amuse them with his sport
The king will catch a red one
The queen, she grabs a blue
But when they crack them open
They’re filled with chicken poo.

Short Sport poem by Joyce Johnson| Details | |

Mariner Fan

We're glad the baseball season is over.
For Mariner fans, no fields of clover.
Won half as many as we lost.
Tickets too high at half the cost.
Next season look for a big makeover.

For Linda-Marie's Sport  Limerick contest  won #4

Short Sport poem by Paul Curtis| Details | |


There was a craze not long ago
A kind of country pursuit
A sport known as cow tipping
Perpetrated by callow youth

Now due to the recession
There is a new craze to report
A rural epidemic, fly tipping
It’s popular but not much of a sport

Short Sport poem by Ashraf Ahmad| Details | |


Basketball is the greatest sport
You get to dribble up and down the court

A shot here 
A block there

The shotclock goes out 
The crowd starts to shout

Don't be a fool and bring this game to shame
Because basketball is the greatest game

Short Sport poem by Brian Strand| Details | |


You know that feeling
you've been here before
something is amiss
but not knowing what
uncertainty reigns-

doubts surface,
I push the door
very slowly-

lights are low,
nothing moves,
music plays-



Short Sport poem by Natalie The Rogue Rhymer| Details | |

If I were a Guy, I'd

If I were a guy…I’d…

Go on a hunt
Learn to punt
Fix my own brakes
Eat rare steaks
Sport long johns
Stomp on tampons
Start bar fights
Ignore red lights
Swing a big axe
Stare at huge racks
Pack a huge luger
Nail a rich cougar!

*For Frank's Contest

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