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Short September Poems

Short September Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about September by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short September poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short September poem by Brian Strand| Details | |


in the
soft mist of
a September

Short September poem by Sean Cosslett Moore| Details | |

haiku #2

contrasting stark
monolithic.  September
horizon at dusk

Short September poem by Brian Strand| Details | |


empty slides in the park

chatter fills the school bus

Short September poem by Gregory Golden| Details | |

September Shadows

Their September shadows  
Upon this playground

Short September poem by Brian Strand| Details | |

fulton SEPTEMBER (2)

N   U   T   S  
S   O  O   N
F   A   L   L  
B   O   O   N

Short September poem by Karl Sparks| Details | |

To be born between September 23rd and Otober 23rd is to be....

L ively 

I nteresting

B rilliant

R ational

A stute

Short September poem by Brian Strand| Details | |


in September sun
brown butterflies
flower-hopping one by one

Short September poem by Vernette Hutcherson| Details | |


The fallen leaves of September
Are covered with snow in December

Short September poem by Brian Strand| Details | |


at the edge of my gaze
bathed in September sun-
a sepia rose haze

Short September poem by Brian Strand| Details | |


summer,wistful waves-

september impressions me

a yellowish ,blue

Short September poem by Ernesto P. Santiago| Details | |

I’ll Never Forget

i’ll never forget…
the September skies, wrapping
innocent spirits

Short September poem by Lea O'Brien| Details | |

Sweet December

Sweet December
My light, my ember
The end of September, October, November

Short September poem by harry horsman| Details | |

Doing Time in Kimo

Thirty days hath September, April, June
November and anyone...
over the speed limit.  

Short September poem by Taylor Graham| Details | |

In the Shade of Dogwood

A sly stretch of creek, September shade – 
look! foxglove’s wearing shafts of light.

Short September poem by Demetrios Trifiatis| Details | |



No dreams impossible
By inaction betrayed!

© Demetrios Trifiatis

Short September poem by Demetrios Trifiatis| Details | |



No voice more thunderous 
The whisper of love! 

© Demetrios Trifiatis
 20 SEPTEMBER 2013

Short September poem by valerie bellefleur| Details | |

Change in Weather

A blanket of grey
is pulled over
the blue expanse
of a late September sky
shutting out a protesting sun..

Short September poem by valerie bellefleur| Details | |


Disgruntled ragged geraniums
in my window
curse September
for shutting out the 
sun that was a glorious summer

Short September poem by Demetrios Trifiatis| Details | |


Sweet pain of love,
How much
Your enchanting torture
I crave! 

© Demetrios Trifiatis
  02 SEPTEMBER 2014 

Short September poem by Maria Paz Samelo| Details | |


A backache 
sound of bones cracking
needs a massage 

September 11, 2013
5th Place Winner
For SKAT's "Haiku" Contest

Short September poem by Elaine George| Details | |

A Change of Season - A Haiku

Golden leaves flutter ....
Flapping black wings fill the sky....
And summer is gone....

September 5, 2009 – 1:33 p.m.

Short September poem by Jen Franks| Details | |

United Nations Plaza

Temperature dip
urban leaves turned
Autumn, sniffing around
for a place to settle
no Farmer's Market
in San Francisco today.

Short September poem by dave archuletta| Details | |

Two Blue October

Warmth of hearts now mask the keep
September's bring
A life so sweet
For January's girl
Warmth of hearts now mask her weep

Short September poem by kathryn collins| Details | |

Little Girl Manicure

Little Girl Manicure

Pink enamel
bitten to
remnants of lacquer
not quite chipped

Kathryn McL. Collins
September 29, 2013

Short September poem by Nancy Jones| Details | |

If I don't Suck my Own Thumb

who will?
~~~~~~~~~~~~ Written by Nancy Jones on a September eve 'cause she thought it was a damn good question

Short September poem by Cynthia Alvez| Details | |

Breaking The Silence

Love begins to ascend
When we first
Break the silent
Whispering of the
Lanquished heart!

September 18, 2008
Poetry In Motion

Short September poem by Sue Mason| Details | |

The Invitation

Longer fall shadows
and a cool breeze that blows off
summers' last fervor,

invite September
into the dwindling days of
yet another year.

Short September poem by Ken Jordan| Details | |


"Limitation's exist only in your
mind.  "imagination,  is an 
endless practice."

                Ken Jordan

Short September poem by Jill Martin| Details | |


summer wings
take flight in September
too weighty
to lift
   cursed curse
my load
homeward bound

Short September poem by DEBRA FALGOUT| Details | |

Time To Fly

Time To Fly

Enjoy your life and let your spirit fly
Release your time here,  reach for the skies

Contest by:  Black Eyed Susan
September 2, 2012

Short September poem by Brian Strand| Details | |

fulton-SEPTEMBER (1)

S   O   F   T   
S   I   G   H  
F   A   L   L
N   I   G   H

Short September poem by Seren Roberts| Details | |

Mouth - Contest newest poems

Moist sensual lips
Open to receive kisses
Undying love projected 
Tongue to find the unexpected
Home to many phases of love

Penned 6 September 2013

Short September poem by jack horne| Details | |


with one last look at her children and grandchildren she went to her parents

Jack Horne, 8th September, for Constance’s Write it in one line contest

Short September poem by kathryn collins| Details | |


Pretty, my dear,
will not last.
Come with me
to the shore
to hear the symphony
with your beautiful ears.

©Kathryn M. Collins
September 26, 2012 

Short September poem by Kim van Breda| Details | |


Breaking Dawn Night sky frays to day Headlights make holes in the slate Driving out the dark © September 2013—Kim van Breda

Short September poem by kash poet| Details | |

a closed chapter

her gait
reminds me of her name....
a closed chapter


Placement:9th;(September 2011)

Contest:Any haiku will do

Sponsor:Irma Linda

Short September poem by Brian Strand| Details | |


DECEMBER festive in evergreen
MARCH trumpets a Springtime scene
JUNE'S high moment,too,too soon
SEPTEMBER bedecked in Autumn's  bloom

Short September poem by Demetrios Trifiatis| Details | |


Oh, Cupid,
With your sharpest arrows,
Life’s most fond memories
You have
My heart engraved!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
  01 SEPTEMBER 2014

Short September poem by Cynthia Alvez| Details | |


                  My brain chain-smokes your name, lingering like Autumn's song.

Cynthia Alvez
September 1, 2012
8:53 P.M.

Contest Singled Out

Short September poem by Joe Flach| Details | |

To My Wife - Happy Anniversary

Twenty years of wedded bliss
this September we celebrate.
All because of that first kiss
when your lips settled my fate
and love my life would dominate.

Short September poem by Lee Ramage| Details | |


Experts know it all,
	Egos so big they disrupt
		Help they could give - me

Written September 23, 2012
For Black-Eyed Susan’s contest
“Senryu- no nature poems”

Short September poem by kathryn collins| Details | |

Neil V Collins

Neil V. Collins
September 17, 1943 – September 2, 2005

Only August gloaming now
never more than a memory

forever gone, September.

©Kathryn Collins
August 31, 20012

Short September poem by John Smith| Details | |

Lake Notashebun

I can fish on Lake Notashebun 
in September for pike: 'Great Northern.'  
Known as 'Esox lucius,' 
it's so delicious 
breaded and deep fried lakeside; that's heaven.

Short September poem by jan oskar hansen| Details | |

two haiku

Autumns demure light 
When plants arouse for a last 
Display of beauty 

September, the time 
When pigs get more swill to eat 
    Fattening them for Yule 

Short September poem by Margaret Foster| Details | |

Spring in September

Spring in September Buds and blossoms burgeoning A land down under
contest September-Your Choice sponsor --Brian Strand Margaret Foster Sept 2011

Short September poem by Rick Parise| Details | |


/// to entwine or submerge, pure evocative blue depth,your murmurous words taunt.. /// Poet~Rick Parise Contest~"write it in one line, please September 7, 2011

Short September poem by Sara Kendrick| Details | |


Silvery white, thick fog icing
All trees, road, can't see far
Great veil disguise for deer to roam
Reveals where spider webs are  

Written Sunday September 30,2012

Short September poem by Demetrios Trifiatis| Details | |



Battered by the hurricane of your
My heart, hastily took refuge         
The harbor of solitude! 

© Demetrios Trifiatis

Short September poem by Gwendolen Rix| Details | |

Opera of Autumn

Fiery foliage decrescendos... 

autumn mist sings on tippy toes

Written in honor of John Freeman’s Contest~Crystalline Euphony
By Gwendolen Rix 
September 2, 2011
3rd place

Short September poem by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders| Details | |


on the shore
for children's hands
pails overflowing with summer treasures

Summertime fades in September's last hour
memories gained
shells in pails
wait for

Short Poems