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Short Science fiction Poems | Short Science fiction Poetry

Short Science fiction Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Science fiction by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Science fiction short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Science Fiction poem by Ann Roske| Details |

Factual Fiction

Science Fact Science Fiction Technology

Short Science Fiction poem by Poet Destroyer A | Details |

The Question of all Questionku's

#1~Science Fiction~

Is intelligent 
plan based on the Bible?

#2~Inward Meditation~

knowledge, ego
during my lifetime
one question~ Who Am I?


Short Science Fiction poem by Rebecca Beirne| Details |

Bio of Rebecca

Caring, loving, faithful, devoted
Sister of Bev and Brian
Lover of John, animals and science fiction
Who feels fortunate, blessed and loved
Who fears snakes, being a burden to her loved ones and cancer
Who would like to see the Grand Canyon, Ireland and Maui 	
Resident of Louisville, Kentucky	

Short Science Fiction poem by Ben Brennan| Details |

Paradise Lost

A new world order getting closer still
who's paranoid now
conspiracies unravelling
it's all coming undone
war for oil
the truth is out there and it wont set you free
science fiction is science fact
who are the real terrorists
dont believe the lies
forced patriotism is unconstitutional
wake up
smell the blood of the innocent

Short Science Fiction poem by Ben Brennan| Details |

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Is Fading

Looking into the future
the future is now
what have we accomplished?
still a primitive society
still fighting
still killing 
still starving
science fiction now science fact
we toy with mother nature
ability now to clone
the first step towards cyborgs
programmed to hunt
to kill
destruction of the human race
war on humanity continues

Short Science Fiction poem by Michael Benkhen| Details |

Tea With Orwell

I dream in sanguine
crippled 'pon the demise
of paupers.

Shackled to my seat,
unable to believe 
this is reality.

Wake me up, 
Oh someone wake me up.

Pour water 'pon me,
pinch me,
slap me,
kick me awake,
I've slept enough,
tis more then I can take.

It's science fiction come alive,
wreaking havoc before my eyes.

Oh won't someone please wake me?
Before I die in my sleep.

Joining Orwell for a cup of tea.

Short Science Fiction poem by James Fraser| Details |

Xenu's, Just a Dream - Just a Dream

Called Dianetics
Back in nineteen fifty two
Xenu is now born ~¬!¬~

Science fiction dreams
Alive in the modern world
Followers arose ~¬!¬~

Ones declaration
That aliens are earths structure
Are now believed ~¬!¬~

Progression abounds
For in Camden, New Jersey
The lure of anew ~¬!¬~

Xenu, just a dream
Church of Scientology
Cult or religion? ~¬!¬~

Short Science Fiction poem by Eric Niehoff| Details |

Star Gazing

Vast, endless sky
Reaching beyond imagination.
Small sparkles of light
And swirls of dark colors
Within the blackness.

From here everything looks small,
But in reality it is we that lack size.

Much is known, even more unknown.
It captivates our curiosity.
The muse to poets, artists
And science fiction writers.
The inspiration for scientists.

It reminds us of our insignificance,
Yet drives us to be more.

Will we ever know its mysteries?
I hope not…

Short Science Fiction poem by Trudy Diane Rider| Details |

Diction and Syntax

Diction and syntax
syntax and diction
may as well
be science-fiction
searching for words
which have better meaning
poking and prodding
gleaning and screening,
and how should I arrange that phrase?
Format that phrase, how?
Ins and outs,
ups and downs,
this will NOT break me
I vow!
Opting for this,
vying for that,
sounding as silly as
the Cat in the Hat.
Syntax and diction
Diction and syntax
but now that it’s done,
I can sit back
and relax!

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