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Short Sad love Poems | Short Sad love Poetry

Short Sad love Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Sad love by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Sad love short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Sad Love poem by Toquyen Harrell| Details |

Will not be

I initiate
I give
I will not be sad

Short Sad Love poem by Toquyen Harrell| Details |

You will never

I initiate
I give
You will never be sad

Short Sad Love poem by Greg Easley| Details |

San Roman

sad girl,
sad love;
same old
of hers. 

her eyes
her hair;
both shine,
flat black
like film.

in this,
in that;
no more-
nor less
is she.

the real

Short Sad Love poem by Brenda Barricklow| Details |


Love Is What Every One Feels But
Is The Love Real Or Even If It Is Fake
Love Comes In Many Forms And Shapes 
Many People Feel It AT The Same Time
Love Is Sweet At Times AT Times
It Is Sad Love Is On The Way To
The Top Of The World That Is
Why It Is Called Love.

Short Sad Love poem by Nurkastelia Anugrasindy| Details |


you wish we can fly
and i tipped on my toes
but we see it's a lie
we don't know how to float

alas you and i
forget how to try
flap, flap, flap our wings
but pulled down by this abyss

sing a sad love lullaby
as we drop into this hole
our fingers intertwined
now we'll never let go

Short Sad Love poem by Asif Andalib| Details |

A sad love story

Her spouse is a little bit physically unfit
So she wanted my body - 
I wanted her heart because I was not so smart
Then couple of years later she found a partner
And lost interest in me

Now I need her body
As the earth needs the sky
As the hungry ones need the food

But she has found a partner
Now she doesn’t need me anymore! 

Short Sad Love poem by Anonymous Ah| Details |


It's nice to know you're doing well
It's nice to know you're doing well
Losing sleep, listening to sad love songs alone
Losing weight, listening to your new friends
It's nice, real nice

You hurt the ones you loved most
It was such a long time ago
And it's nice to know you're doing well
It's real nice to know you're still doing well

Short Sad Love poem by Elanor fanah| Details |

Sad love poems

No more sad love  poems
But what can I write then
I’ve had no happiness
So how can I write a happy one?

All I have to write about 
Is lies
Broken promises
Shattered hearts
Scared souls
and that stupid face that glooms in my mind.

You tell me to write a happy love poem
I’ll try
Can I lie
Is that alright?

Because isn’t that what love is about

Short Sad Love poem by Jacob Victuss| Details |


I don't miss anybody...
I don't miss anything...
Nobody wants the reasons, I defy the explanations
These paths that we bump into,
The mistakes that you crush to
The remorse d sorry
The sad love stories
These small gifts must be talking to me
Somebody is regretting and I am bluffing about it
Today my silence is guilty
But again your violence is not innocent
Look I am still the same lad..I haven't changed much like you imagined
I can be younger only if you let me darling..

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