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Short Religious Poems | Short Religious Poetry

Short Religious Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Religious by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Religious short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Religious poem by chris bowen| Details |


philosopher's of ancients
pre-religious ruse

Short Religious poem by Raul Moreno| Details |

Bird Psalms

Tree tabernacle,
Religious chirps lilt the air:
A choir of birds.

Short Religious poem by Raul Moreno| Details |

Nature’s Sabbath

As the sun preaches,
The birds chirp religious hymns:
Gospel of the rays.

Short Religious poem by Gregory Golden| Details |

Blueprint of Man

The animal-spirits
Painted on cave walls,
The religious
Blueprint of man

Short Religious poem by bulinya martins| Details |

Like a digital Clock

A discrete particle physician
Reading religious iconology
Like a digital clock
It ticks but only in hymnal essence

Short Religious poem by bulinya martins| Details |

Like a digital Clock

A discrete particle physician
Reading religious iconology
Like a digital clock
It ticks but only in hymnal essence

Short Religious poem by Asif Andalib| Details |

The religious leaders

We can’t depend on
The religious leaders
They don’t know the Truth
But they preach for their living
They are now commercial

Short Religious poem by Prince Freakasso| Details |


Raised internally
Religious zealot
Ignorant of truth
Trusting people

Short Religious poem by Renee Hendricks| Details |

A Less Fictitious Life

There once was a gal most religious
Whose love for her god was prodigious
   She looked deep inside
   Found fallacies most wide
She now lives a life less fictitious

Short Religious poem by Tyler Martin| Details |



Inspired by Danielle White's
-Acrostic Astrology Contest-

Short Religious poem by Ron Porter| Details |

Theologians and Mathematicians by Ron Porter

All of the great religious teachers;
theologians and gurus
of every stripe
try to carry the message,? ?but
all of them are fumblers.

unlike mathematicians,? ?they try
to measure God
using a finite set of numbers.

Short Religious poem by Jon A Cavanaugh| Details |

The meaning of life

From writings of life's meaning
Through the prior ages
There's been discourse by philosophers
And religious sages
Who weigh life
And publicize
What they believe to be its source
In sophistic preparation
For a higher level course

Short Religious poem by L'nass Shango| Details |


Nature's first child with nature's passion blend
Ornated flower where the sun's passion rend
Religious things from the flawed hand of men
Melodious to hear, to dance but never bend
Astute wonder that from Orpheus' lyre descend

Short Religious poem by POET. UNDERTAKER| Details |

religious institution

Once there was a man called Simon “the Institution”
Debated “shift from religious institutions to educational “
protection of individual conscience
protection of group rights, a science
Bloody these goals need a lot of research!

Short Religious poem by Debbie Guzzi| Details |

Zapping Fascists

Any Bright, Coherent Deist Effects 
Fascist Groups Honing Illusions 
Justifying Killing, Lending Moral Notoriety
Oppressively Proselytizing Quasi Religious Sanctimoniousness 
Tailgating Unabashedly Viciously With Xeroxlike Yapping Zeal.

Short Religious poem by Babatunde T Ogunsiku| Details |


Like and Love
Dislike and Hate
Good and Great
White and Bright
Sleep and Death
Bad and Evil
Sin and Iniquity
Religious and Righteous

Between these primes
There is a Line
Once crossed
You become Bossed
By the very nature
That becomes your culture

Short Religious poem by Bernadette Langer| Details |

Angel Of Death

standing emancipated 
suffering Mengele's obsession

an unsterilized scalpel
peeling away skin 
with religious zeal

cries falling upon deaf ears 
in piles with teeth 
screaming in horror


by Nazi madness...

Short Religious poem by Matthew Anish| Details |

Something Happened Today

Saw a play about a singing rabbi
    Saw him live once 
    I feel that I am a fairly good Jew
  I admire Ike Davis and A. Heschel
  I write religious s poetry at times 
    I love J.R.R.'s work 
Other traditions have good ideas, too 

Short Religious poem by Ernesto P. Santiago| Details |

Not By Bread Alone (Religious Epulaeryu)

O, to sweat, one must commit 
For Earth’s scented wheat-- 
Taste good, even, without meat 
Yet live, not by it 
Alone, but must eat
God’s fruits, sweet--                    

Note: this Poem is based on Mathew 4:4 CEV                         

Short Religious poem by steve madden| Details |

The Dark

Lying on my bed
In the dark
I have no fear
For I welcome
The dark
The black velvet
Envelopes me
Cocoons me
Soothes me
No ghosts, demons
Nor banshees’
In the still of the night
Permeate my darkness
For I’m not religious
I came from the dark
And I will leave
In the dark.

Short Religious poem by Sidney Beck| Details |



People often cry 

And ask when does life begin? 

Does the answer lie 

With  clinical exactitude?

With  religious dogmatism?

With legal  certitude?

With political correctness, or  other?

No,  the simple fact is that

Life begins  with the word mother

Short Religious poem by adam hollingsworth| Details |

The Angel's Touch

Refreshing breeze singes, 
The outside air. 
A Nightly freeze, 
Walks softly-up the stairs. 

Singing softly to ones self, 
Pitter-patter of filth 
Deem less, sac-religious 
Prosthetic knees, 
Deemed unworthy on a shelf, 
Wrought so deeply, mind in guilt 
Seeming outrageous, 
Yet, soft as silk. 

Short Religious poem by Clay More| Details |


We have to accept every religion with respect and open arms.
It seem like we are here to eat, make good and then to die;
Getting hate, fighting wars over religious made covens:
We stand far from seeing love, peace or acceptance;
If we can’t live up to appreciate others for whom they are;
Where then do we go?

Short Religious poem by Jonathon Casteel| Details |


Are you trying to pass this amendment,
Because of religious contentment,
Or are you just scared of your own feelings,
Not knowing what to do with these dealings,
Telling someone what they do is strange,
Seems to me to be a little deranged,
So don't tell people who to marry,
It's not treating some fairly.

Short Religious poem by C. L. Thornton| Details |

Maria Theresa

Maria Theresa was no liberal,
her rule was vast and fanatical.
Religious and yet superstitious
her libido was prodigious –
sixteen children filled her "pouch"!
Clearly, in bed she was no slouch.
And had she been née less imperial
say, in Australia rather than Austria,
she'd have been counted a marsupial.

Short Religious poem by Jacqueline R. Mendoza| Details |


We can understand religion generally 
Mean a relationship to what is divine
A religious person acknowledges something divine 
As the power created him/her 
The world
On which is he/she is dependent 
To which he/she is ordered
He/she wants to please 
Honor the divinity by his/her way of life 


Short Religious poem by larry taylor| Details |

car conversations

How long have you been religious?
     I’m not religious. I’ve never been religious.
How long have you been spiritual then?
Do you believe in God?
     Of course. God is a force found inside each and every
     one of us. It's not omnipotent or miraculous. It's just
     that voice that tells you "...GO..."

Short Religious poem by Michael Hammond| Details |

In Coventry Cathedral

In the Cathedral ruins

The ghosts seem friendly

Pigeons homely, air sweet

Clouds white with a hint of rain

The drops fall on the roofless relic

Like the ancient bombs

Failings of us all

Trying not to be religious

Humanity should think of itself

A bee gathers honeysuckle

People can love

Short Religious poem by Teresa Harr-Pena| Details |

Dolly Parton

I've always loved her music
Her endless beauty and grace
I just listen to "Hello God"
ITears are rolling down my face

I'm not religious
I don't own a Holy Book
I have my own God
It's a different path I took

I gotta tell you though
This is song describes us all
If the world doesn't work together
It will eventually fall

Short Religious poem by Margeret Bailey| Details |

Tapping into Love

So many times our hearts feel dried and withered,

Sick from emotional pain and scars,

Yet, even in its drought,

We find ways to heal the wounded heart,

Through prayer, music and religious verses our neuroses

becomes more controlled,

eventually making us feel whole,

to love the flawed characters in our lives........

Short Religious poem by Mohammad Nashir| Details |

The Evil Winding Road

No more chaos
A little more easement
Levelling to eternity
A spirit befitting all.
Running from him.
Running to survive.
Running from the elder.
I don’t want the knowledge
The knowledge to hasten all.
I am a historian
A scholar.
A religious scholar.
I don’t need this
My glasses fall.
I can’t see.
I can’t read.
Nothing matters anymore.

Short Religious poem by Yvonne Sorensen| Details |

No Point

Nihilism cultivated by disappointment
One’s innate desire to find MEANING terminally frustrated

Postmodern existential angst fills the vacancy left by Hope
Overwhelmed by knowing life’s vital substance is so easily reduced to ash 
Illusion of identity burns on a pyre
Nonbelief rejects the comfort of religious doctrine
Truth annihilates Spirit

Short Religious poem by Gwen Schutz| Details |

Friendship That Comes In Different Shapes and Sizes

God loves us all,
Tall or short,
Slim or chubby,
Good neighbour and real friend,
Rich or poor,
Wise or foolish,
Well-educated or educated,
Traditional or contemporary,
Musical or artistic,
Athletic or non-athletic,
Religious or secular,
Near or distant,
Writer or poet,
Divine blessings from the Lord.

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

Short Religious poem by Richard Lamoureux| Details |

Trying my way to Paradise

Am I trying
To earn my way to paradise?
Being good enough
Making my own sacrifice?

Do this.
Don't do that!
Help the man on the street.
March to the sound,
dance to a religious beat.

In the end
I look up
There is only one SACRIFICE!
That ushers me and us,
to a new life in Paradise.

"Another Day In Paradise" contest.
Sponsor:Jenish Soosai Anthony

Short Religious poem by john loving iii| Details |


young mothers going to war
religious leaders starting wars
teenagers fighting in wars
innocent lives lost in wars
rights being suspended by wars
men being drafted for wars
crimes being committed in wars
criminals being defended by wars
profits being created by wars
weapons being invented for war
hatred perpetuated by wars
destruction left by war

Short Religious poem by norman littleford| Details |

Love Changes Everything

First imagination narrows
as your world is being changed,
your outlook becomes different
your priorities rearranged.

Your friends are taking second place
your darkest thoughts have light,
the lonely feelings gone at last
the future's looking bright.

You may not be religious
or believe in heaven above,
but anything is possible
now that you're in love.

Short Religious poem by King-Galaxius Stravinsky| Details |

God Side

Homeschooling myself. Unknown to you at the time. Sister playing hooky from school.
School she dreads. Both of us hide by staying home and shock one another, facing 
one another as sisters, underneath the bed.
We quietly snicker. Faces guarded like Lurch while you were shaking your bum, 
showing your god side singing your favorite religious records, dealing with church.

Short Religious poem by Brian Strand| Details |


In days of olde
Lords spoke French to their king,
In church,in Latin would sing-
Poets,changing this mould,
Their verses,in English did bring.

Note.Poetry & literature in the 1300's helped to coalesce English into a native,nationwide 
language by rejecting both the secular religious power of the 'colonial' French of the Court 
and 'imported' Latin of the state Chuch

Short Religious poem by john bernard| Details |

we are a set

The woman that I met
Was religious to the core
Did I love her yes you bet
But I knew she wanted more
And you see my mind was set
So I unfastened all of the doors
What you give is what you’ll get
Same as when it rains so does it pour
Needed to let her free so she could get wet
I was happy to know she was free to explore
To my surprise she never left and we are a set

Short Religious poem by Margeret Bailey| Details |

The Cost of Sins

The most religious among us sin,
whether we are aware or unaware,
God becomes offended by our disregard,
Although we may work hard for forgiveness
and God pays the price,
Human Beings hold on to grudges long 
after God has whispered "Let Go",
and the cycle of penitence continues
until the matter has been beaten to death...
and there is no more satisfaction to be acquired.

Short Religious poem by Miriam Fredericks| Details |

Above Everything

Above racism, nepotism, communism, sexism,
ambition, pollution, domination, seclusion,
God reigns!

Way above segregation, self-promotion, 
physical illumination, elevation,
apartheid, genocide,  cyanide, religious pride
God abides!

Floating above Coptic, Catholic  politics,
toxic doctrine,  elitist foolishness, 
putrid imaginings,
God in His Omnipotent Majesty reigns!

Short Religious poem by john bernard| Details |

Am I religious hmmm

If you are a student of religion
You learn more than just a smidgeon
I would not want to pidgeon
To put holes in your religion
But it is my decision
To go out on a mission
And show an apparition
Can be a beautiful addition
Or maybe cause addiction
To the students of religion
You see that my decision
That each and all religion
Should be left to thier decision
Of beliefs or thier religions

Short Religious poem by Kim Bond| Details |

Saul Called Paul

Saul was a religious Jew,
Who approved of killing,
Any Christian he saw,
And he saw quite a few!

One day there appeared a great light,
The Lord spoke to him,
He fell to the dirt and,
Three days had no sight.

The man named Saul,
Was later called Paul,
He gave many a speech,
Man, could he preach!

With the Spirit inside,
You too are made new,
Christ has power to change,
Deliver, and renew.

Short Religious poem by Malcolm Dyer| Details |

Porcelain Midnight

Indebted to defining darkness
a fortress of pained souls crying a chorus
fearless and bonded by religious rites
reviving the dada movement fueled by absinthe
driven by inertia in absentia calling forth
dementia dripping with sorrow 
and steeped in anxiety to say nothing at all
as smooth as glass pitch black as night
my self loathing pity is as to death 
as porcelain is to midnight

Short Religious poem by chipepo lwele| Details |


AFRICA continent
discourage total dependence
on outside donor funding__
AFRICA seek to implement
viable fundrising ventures__
rich continent in terms of
abundance natural resources__
tapping and utilising resources 
for funding our own budgets.
Why waiting upon donors from
outside to find our own projects?

chipepo lwele
*To AFRICAN political ,religious, economical and technological think tanks.

Short Religious poem by Nigel Fox| Details |


You will now please be quiet !
a silence if you please !
no murmur from the cheap seats
You religious types at the back!
Keep your hands in your trousers

Views of truth continue to be debated among scholars and philosophers !

Truth has a variety of meanings
But concernedly about fact or reality
the direct opposite of truth is falsehood
You religious types at the back !
Keep your hands in your trousers

Short Religious poem by Caroline Bailey| Details |

Bad Medicine

Searching for spirits untold
Held captive by something so bold
Begging to please, to be set free
To take away the grips
That were once pretty

Seeing the world 
in black and white
Living in a slum of grey
But the spirits take her 
from day to day

Something religious and something evil
Can fool the mind
To find it gleeful
Insanity perches on its brink
The world ending in a song of drink

Short Religious poem by Satish Verma| Details |


It was a lingering goodbye 
for anchor moon
after a religious embrace.
I bid farewell 
in the chilling night
for a song of separation.

Where the beginning ends
into a house of distillation.
Blasphemy, where did you find
the anatomy of truth ? Mortality
demands a long 
journey of tender age in prayers of sprouts. 

The eloquence of dictionary 
expects the price of hoofs 
to stay with otherness.

Satish Verma

Short Religious poem by carl dunford| Details |

Two faced.

 People, have called me,
many things in my life,
but boring and two faced,
never applied.
I thought I was honest ,
and true,
I admit I am not religious,
like you.
I say, what I feel,
some times jump in,
with both feet,
if that upsets you,
you know , what you can do.
you can add me to the list of ,
men in your life,
who upset you,
and bored you to tears,
and watch the list grow with,
the years!!!

Short Religious poem by Mehnaz Veetil| Details |

EYES that were veiled

EYES that were veiled
Beauty of my love lies in the eyes
for her, fire in them resides
a few shield them with lies
but why, veiled have to be these?
It is the dust, father joked
Religious texts mother said
Others gave a look weird
When asked why they' ve to be veiled
Culture?or Religion? Or something else
A taboo for sure there exists
Born for stealing those cherubic hues
But why those beautiful eyes under veils?

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