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Short Murder Poems | Short Murder Poetry

Short Murder Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Murder by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Murder short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Murder poem by Guy-Adler Dorelien| Details |

Her Lips

Her lips, murder they kissed in pleasures pain.

Short Murder poem by Robert Heemstra| Details |

Joe Flynn 2

who is Joe Flynn?
Captain Binghamton
was it murder or not?

Short Murder poem by chris wager| Details |

I must kill

My hands condemn me
I coven murder like fun
My lust pacified

Short Murder poem by John Weber| Details |


God is the excuse
used by people everywhere
to condone murder.

Short Murder poem by Judy Konos| Details |

Unsolved Mystery

Jon Benet Ramsay 
similar Caylee Anthony 
murder mystery both

Short Murder poem by Kimberly Clarke| Details |

Murder in the Bakery

There was a murder in the bakery,
But all that was left was Doe, you see.

Short Murder poem by Charles Melody Lightning Ink| Details |

Eyes cut(Haiku)

Eyes cut,heart murder
Mouth assassin,leading where?
Someone tell,where to?

Short Murder poem by Pontus Olin| Details |


Circling like black crows

On languid farmland thermals

Murder of deadlines

Short Murder poem by chris bowen| Details |

jack the ripper attacks

gruesome murder scene
missing body parts,loss blood
eyes have been removed

Short Murder poem by Abdulhafeez Oyewole| Details |



Murder of treasures,
Of atlanta pints of blood
And warmth shiny cloud.

Short Murder poem by SillyBilly theKidster| Details |

A Poorly Planned Murder-Suicide

If I ever catch you cheating on me
I'll kill myself and then I'll kill you and he.

Short Murder poem by Grobb Johnson| Details |


Roses are red,
violets are blue.
If you ever leave me,
I will simply murder you.

Short Murder poem by Duffy Laudick| Details |

The Horror

Stifled scream, monster
claws shredding your flesh, murder
Teeth gnawing bones, meal

Short Murder poem by Jaime Ferreyros| Details |


We the jury
Guilty of murder
For the killing of

Short Murder poem by Johnny Sumler| Details |

a thought

Men kill men in bloody wars.
Would this be murder?
Hunting game?


Short Murder poem by Ethan Plummer| Details |


drip drop blood comes down silver entering bodies molten flesh burns from murder

Short Murder poem by Keith Simmonds| Details |


Pistorius charged                  
with committing murder…
no leg to stand on                   

Short Murder poem by Robb A. Kopp| Details |

Clinical Child Care

Lucky Preschoolers
Government sanctioned murder
Abortion clinics

By Robb A. Kopp
All Rights Reserved © MMX

Short Murder poem by Kenneth Fordham| Details |


Bluebird singing his beautiful song, 
One block over, 
Nature thrives, 
Mankind diminishes.


Short Murder poem by shane solomon| Details |

Skull and Bones

The skeleton waits
Left some time by a killer
Rotting and decayed
Crying loudly as a ghost
Who will avenge my murder?

Short Murder poem by Paul Curtis| Details |


The Pinball wizard is dead
That deaf dumb and blind kid
Was shot dead by a stranger
It was such a senseless murder

Short Murder poem by Autumn Page| Details |

To Do List

Steal kittens
Start fires
Hate everyone
Murder junebugs
Throw a pop can
Read Are You There God? It's Me, Margret

Short Murder poem by Adeleke Adeite| Details |

life's pseudo sages

Lingering languages bowing to lovely lies
Men’s mansions begging to murder morality
Falling flowers born to fraternize frailty

Short Murder poem by Brian Strand| Details |


slay with words,
murder with a look-
kill with kindness,abort by choice

Reflections on a verse - Exodus 20:13

Short Murder poem by Marian Marcus-James| Details |

My Murdered Love

I will murder you with my kisses 
I will kill you with my love
Then I will smother you with affection
I release my caged in dove

Short Murder poem by dakarai cobb| Details |

Afro Samauri vs. The Choka: scene seven

Four ninjas remain,
Eager to murder Afro,
Who is unafraid.
Three attack this time,
As Afro jumps in the air,
Detatching their heads.

Short Murder poem by James Fraser| Details |

genus Corvus

Passerine in black
Jousting for mid air order
Murder in the skies

Short Murder poem by Jack Jordan| Details |


Face down, dirty,
her damp hands 
flutter and stream
in memory of pure bliss’
hot breath of life,
her self-murder
a-way into
the shadow on her eyes.

Short Murder poem by Meggan Rogalski| Details |

Love- Murder or suicide?

I am sunflower to you, great sun
I bloom for your presence
Without you I should wither and die, 
but I would scorch beneath the brilliance of your gaze

Short Murder poem by Amy Green| Details |


Evening star risen,
   Commotion in the night blue,
      A murder crisis.

A. Green

*Though I am sure most people know this, a "murder" is a flock of crows.

Short Murder poem by romeo naces| Details |


         tithes, alms, to atone for lies and murder,

                      warlord, the kind provider,

                         feeling saved all over !

Short Murder poem by colin mitchell williams| Details |

Gun Cultural Indifference

When a society places an eight year old child
On trial for murder with a gun
Then it is time for that society
to take a good l o n g  h a r d look at itself

Short Murder poem by Amy Green| Details |

ManTo Blame

In the beginning, when man became-
Murder and death seemed a fun game.
This was not what God meant
When giving us consent-
To our own choice, only man is to blame.

Short Murder poem by robert johnson| Details |


The coroner did not believe.
That that fellow knew how to grieve.
Suspicious suspect.

The man lay lying on the floor.
The coroner deduced once more.
Murder I detect.

Short Murder poem by Charmaine Chircop| Details |

The Murder of the Crows

Birds in broken wings
grieve through mourning eerie skies
Humming death's anthem

(Inspired by Raul's contest-Tattered Wings)
not for the contest


Short Murder poem by tiff julius| Details |


Crushed, alone in the dark
weeping and wailing,
forgotten and rotten
despair and deceived 
screaming Bloody Murder
going further and further
into delusional revenge!

Short Murder poem by Joe Flach| Details |

A Palindromic Question

I wonder why
God permits pain and murder
Evil undermines faith
Painful, isn’t it

It isn’t painful
Faith undermines evil
Murder and pain permits God
Why, wonder I

Short Murder poem by Black Eyed Susan| Details |

Murder Scam

I found someone to kill my mom
Murder for hire

So I pay them five thousand bucks
Next thing I know I'm in handcuffs
Murder backfired!


Short Murder poem by Anthony O. Mitchell Jr.| Details |

Mine Anger 2K12

Good morrow anger! Found am I not less
Angered more so; Pray thee hinder not more.
Kindred stolen of murder; Most senseless!
O murderer, locked are frigid doors; Naught honor.

Short Murder poem by DON JOHNSON| Details |

mankind is

mankind is the nasty child, wants to murder, just runs wild, unless the asian karma will, repay you by murder till, till deathly sick of war? Don Johnson

Short Murder poem by Jimmy Anderson| Details |

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Dr. Jekyll Diabolical, villainous Experimenting, killing, hating Murder, schizophrenia, man, husband Loving, caring, rationalizing Gentle, friendly Mr. Hyde

Short Murder poem by Nancy Jones| Details |

George Zimmerman

Hello, son.
You're a big one.
Lucky for you you inherited somebody's genes
That gave you light skin
That made you get away with murder.

May your day of jubilee
be all you want it to be.

Short Murder poem by jack horne| Details |

Overcharged: Getting away with murder - murderous thoughts

I decided he had to die,
So held on and swung from his tie.
But the blooming tie ripped,
And my victim just flipped:
I’m banned from his shop; don’t know why…

Jack Horne for Susan's contest

Short Murder poem by Cyndi MacMillan| Details |


Hate Obsessive, destructive Plotting, screaming, waiting ~ Child ~ murder ~ trial ~ killer ~ Praying, releasing, healing Christian, blessed Forgiveness

Short Murder poem by Glenn McCrary| Details |

The Murder Diaries V

Establishing the oblivious existence
That were her distant echoes
She seared my skin by way
Of her screaming eyes
And just seconds away 
from marrying the anus of death
to spare my life was damn honorable of her

Short Murder poem by June Rojas| Details |


Hidden, buried 'neath the miasma of filth
that spews forth from thy lips- DEAR!!!!

love is what you seek.

Murder is what thy speaks-

Language of the DAMNED
CHEAT, LIER- keep so that


Short Murder poem by Melissa Ross| Details |

Murder She Wrote

In an intricately planned,
Regally orchestrated,

She wrote
On his pillow
As she wept

With the blade
Shining in splendor
And ripe yet pungent

Swimming in the blood of her love.

Short Murder poem by mitchell eadie| Details |

Man and Wife

Dreamcast silver
solid pikes,
made out of human skulls.

Window seated
man and wife,
drown the coach with love.

Angry voices in my head
sense the sight
and smile.

Midnight murder flowing red;
cold delight

Short Murder poem by Sean Dunlap| Details |

The Taking Of A Life

Living Being,
with heart and mind

Throws all reason,
through rift in time.

Primal instincts,
surface now

Destroy the enemy,
no matter how

or first degree

It matters not,
murder's murder to me

Short Murder poem by DON JOHNSON| Details |

God of logic

God of logic who is wrong and what is right, eye 4 eye and tooth delight, do war's balance the books just right, murder by napolean and hitler might, come into balance, in logics sight.... Don Johnson

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