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Short Metaphor Poems | Short Metaphor Poetry

Short Metaphor Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Metaphor by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Metaphor short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Metaphor poem by Brian Strand| Details |


Ornament glosses the meaning
Metaphor displaces by dreaming
Emblems contain,then extend hereabout
So now,go figure it out.

Short Metaphor poem by Judy Konos| Details |

Figured it out

You're a metaphor
      Unfamiliar, expressing 

Contest: Russell Sivey's - 5 Minute Challenge

Short Metaphor poem by Jon A Cavanaugh| Details |

The Diamond

Please don't hold the diamond back
In serpent metaphor
Examine its fiery facets
Gaze into its icy core
Consider if you can
The plan
Its costly bite
The bane of man

Short Metaphor poem by Cyndi MacMillan| Details |

haiku 1

as soft as her breath

large snowflakes upon

pink bunting

*my first attempt at a haiku without verbs

**Yes, it is subjective and does contain metaphor :)

Short Metaphor poem by Chris Boskovski| Details |

4:30 AM

Woke up from a dream that
had no memory,
no meaning
and no understanding;
no metaphor,
no chance of ever surviving in reality-
like mortality,
-no chance-


Short Metaphor poem by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen| Details |


Meaningful metaphor
Symbolic philosophic tale
Illuminating, convincing, inspiring, stirring

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
February 22, 2010
Poetic form: Cinquain

Short Metaphor poem by Lauren Reindel| Details |

My Muse

Free-verse is my muse.
Her twisted cadence my signature.
Her chaos my beauty.
Her simile my symphony.
Her metaphor my song.

She takes my emotion and creates life
In splendid fashion!

Short Metaphor poem by Dawnell Harrison| Details |


time was bending and unbending
against the day.
my music rang out

like a church bell,
steady and true.
my body a metaphor

as it moved to the thump, thump
as if my heart
was a metronome.

Short Metaphor poem by Seren Roberts| Details |

for, fore, four

He waits and listens, for the word  ”Fore”
Steals the balls as they land One two three four
Now he can juggle, that’s what he wanted them for
The little four striped grass mouse, what a metaphor!

Short Metaphor poem by Doris Culverhouse| Details |


Bitter sweet berry
Native peoples loss

Bloom like a crane-fowl
Shortened name over time.

Given by native
People, friends, whose strange gods set
Their end destiny

Short Metaphor poem by Brian Strand| Details |

vignette-THE IMAGIST

Filling his verse with metaphor
Vers libre,not metre was the core,
He lit the fuse and walked away-
So little did his talent yield,for
He left his light on Flanders Field

Tribute to T E Hulme 1883-1917 initiator/catalyst of the Imagist form

Short Metaphor poem by Rob Carter| Details |

The Door

The door locked shut is a metaphor
My mind locked shut is like that door
Unable to open up no more
My mind is shut, can not explore
The possibilities through that door
Are closed to me unless I claw
Back to my life, reality
And open the lock with my mind key

Short Metaphor poem by john freeman| Details |

"A Shepherd's Metaphor"

In economy led of beastly mind,

Upon a political serpentine.

All strives of wickedness kicks,

Against the fleece of Love’s Pricks(goads).

As true sheep trod, before their God’s, INClINE(will).

For Contest: Follower or Leader
In Honor of: Carolyn Devonshire 
Placed #3

Short Metaphor poem by L'nass Shango| Details |

Yes, I am Poet

Yes, I am a poet
A metaphor to the universe
A moment of spirit
Out of flesh, the first converse
Of reality ... the prophet
Writing history
Struggling in the net
Of a butterflies vanity.
Look out
I make webs too
Using pen for pipe and mouth
So ancient ... I struggle to be new.

Short Metaphor poem by Merle Manu| Details |

The Revolutionary You

The Revolutionary You -- 

You are a musical overture, a fine merlot
a thick book, a metaphor, a cumulus 
cloudburst, steady table,
four corners of my universe. 
You are the spanish medallions on a ship at sea,
the moss that grows on a hickory tree;
the bark is ragged, the moss -- velvety.

Short Metaphor poem by Anwar Hussain| Details |

I Disappear

wake up to serendipity
ignorant and unknown
shaken and not stirred
blond can be bond

Reality, metaphor and cliche
cheesy juvenile decay
Love, care and hate
past the use by date

of fights and torment
and well deserved lament
salute to the solitary reaper
with Metallica... I disappear

Short Metaphor poem by Dory Chrest| Details |

Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaves fall
at time's cruel call.
Falling, falling endlessly
caught in the grip of gravity.
For an instant, no doubt,
some dance all about
caught in whatever winds may be
Seemingly free 
of gravity.
All will fall eventually.

Mere metaphor, it's my belief
I too am but an autumn leaf.

Short Metaphor poem by Bobbie Jo Price| Details |

She is a Writer

to write is what
makes her feel better 
she lives in a 
thick sheet of paper 
wording the thoughts
 to maneuver
she remembers such things 
like what you wore 
and perhaps hides it
within a metaphor 
and the words you once 
whispered in her ear 
she would jot them down 
in a paper she could tear

Short Metaphor poem by Dawn mclaughlin| Details |


In a space of want

in a time of need

surrounded with a pressure

like a gas leaked gragually

slow unseen unheard

waiting to ignite

from a little spark

explodes colors bright

in a little metaphor

i place between the words

if you read deep enough

a story will be heard.


Dawn Mclaughlin.    @Dawn2012.

Short Metaphor poem by Melani Udaeta| Details |

Harrison Ford

Synonymous with my childhood
A metaphor for adventure;
If anyone could do it he could ,
His spirit never fractured; 

He could beguile 
with a whip or a blaster;
Or even with his smile,
Every tool mastered;

A Silver Screen Titan
Filled with sarcastic discord;
Each character an icon, 
the unstoppable Harrison Ford.

Short Metaphor poem by Shane McNeil| Details |

My Mind -As a Metaphor-

My mind is a tree,
With millions of leaves
Connected to millions of twigs
Connected to 58 branches.
There are squirrels too.
(Lots of them)
The roots -like a mangrove- burrow and conquer.
It grows when it shines,
Sleeps when it's dark,
And shrinks beneath the cold.

You should see it when it blooms;
It's full and quite lovely.

Short Metaphor poem by Mike Youds| Details |

Metamorphic - a change for the better

And did you really know before
What on earth is a meta for?
It makes you understand, I think
What changes when you have a drink
Another example might well be
What changes when you carve a tree
And as for metabolic rate
That’s why your fat me dear old mate
Whereas a metaphor If sought
Might just give you some food for thought

Short Metaphor poem by Izzy Foxx| Details |


its just a metaphor you see
a bridge slants ahead 
you can never really 
the bottom until uve hit the top

but when you start 
a journey that is uncertain
could be long
could be short

if you trust in your instinct 
and trust in the bridge
no matter how long it takes
you will reach the destination

trust me...i love you mom

Short Metaphor poem by Taylor Graham| Details |

Woman, Old Man, and Flowers II

	(painting by Max Ernst, 1923)

Which is she and which is he
and where are the flowers?
Somewhere between archaic ceremony 
and robotics. No feet no chest. 
Arms stretched toward a sea
that rides its bloody crest of waves
and mattress foam under a metal 
sky, metaphor of the future 
of a continent with so many wars 
behind/before it.

Short Metaphor poem by Danielle White| Details |


Cryptic moon in midnight sky,
wan enigma mystifies,
silken light on forest floor,
daylight colors are no more.

Daylight colors are no more,
grays and blacks a metaphor,
night winds coax a lullaby
from the dark and starlit sky.

From the dark and starlit sky,
we are left to wonder why,
distant gems on foreign shores
trap us in eternal wars.

Short Metaphor poem by Edward Ford| Details |


I've finally figured out what I am and why I'm here
To use a metaphor I'm a punching bag
And everyone wants a shot
I know a thousand ways to kill
But I won't, it's wrong, just as it's wrong 
To take shots at others in any or all aspects
Were not god so follow the rules, or maybe not
But all in all one word describes me

Short Metaphor poem by Gary Bovett| Details |

Word Out

Metaphors are poetry's loaded guns

I held the metaphor against her head and pulled
The trigger
Some time later she
Felt the pain
As cliche's spent shells
Rolled off down the pavement
I challenge you whoever you are
Your 50 cliches to my single metaphor
Heaven or hell
Different places
Or simply different points on the same continuim
Word out at the coral ok?

Short Metaphor poem by Patrick Wakefield| Details |

accidental resemblance

corpulent confused corruption did deceive every vacant stare with horrendous precision
loosing strange muscles to oddly coil in deliquescent understanding; how ever this
becoming became i shall not know for all my rigid conjecture; thus i surrender my
accidental resemblance; especially : a visible sign of something invisible"

so did the metaphor roar

Short Metaphor poem by SAKTHEE RAVICHANDRAN| Details |


 She is my first poem

I read her to enjoy the life

Her beauty is the metaphor  of the nature

I mingled in it to reach the peak of lust

Her talks are rhythm

I  memorised them to recreate my desires

Herface is beauty pool

I dwelled in it to refresh my thoughts

My collection starts from her

and will end only with her..



Short Metaphor poem by Chris Patton| Details |


Swimming deep in the ease inside my bed-
I sift through dreams that drift inside my head-
And kiss the storm that's deep inside my core-
where dancing in the rain is not a metaphor.

Slept through love, and slept through it's collage-
turns out what was real, was a mirage-
And kiss the pain that's deep inside my core-
because where there was a Miss, there is no more.

Short Metaphor poem by Tony anderson| Details |

lyrical warfare

Scientifical methods metaphor/Spit more words then the english 
lanauge/Spoken out of broken jaws/moven like the invisble enigma/abomination 
lyrical warfare/ nuclear war heads droppin against the earth like metors/ i 
disconnect ya neck like nyenex / bangin off 360 degree angle/ written more 
ryhmes then a musilm bible/ i black like the nation of islam under farrakahan/

Short Metaphor poem by Troy Jeremy Nelson| Details |

where it all adds up bucko

don't be sucked in
by the metaphor of one person's war effort
in love's battlefield
desperate for change of social sciences
when stress adds up our minds the first to give
I set the stage for you to elaborate it
take the show of crucifying yourself away
to save me from myself
turn around so i can see that smile
and then we shake hands
to never betray one another with a kiss

Short Metaphor poem by Adell Foster| Details |


Color us a masterpiece 
Through smeared strokes 
Or movement of metaphor…
Our passion will live 
In a world of open song
Dream young genius
See, write, sing, and hear!
Feel the rhythm form
Draw, creating…. 
To scale that impressionist’s
Psychedelic symbolisms… capture me
As a vividly bold subject
The deeply balanced original,
Freed with an old sculptor’s harmony… 

Short Metaphor poem by Cole Beck| Details |

My Aphrodite

Laying next to you by this rushing bayou I marvel in awe of  you a miracle I cant 
live without you. Graciously your beauty lifts me unforgiven your kisses breath life 
into me. No vivid metaphor of love can describe you dynamic and tremendous I'm 
unworthy of you. Harmonized forever I stand by you embrace me immaculate 
angel there is no where I'd rather be then here with you loving me.

Short Metaphor poem by Sara Kendrick| Details |

Water Being Cleaned

The ram died high
On the snow covered
Mountain, when the thaw
Of spring came, it's
Decaying body

The melting snow
The waters flow
Brings death in grip

The farther
It traveled
The less germs

And death
Were there


(This is also a metaphor for sin.  The farther we stay away from it the cleaner we stay.  Of 
course, we can repent but the results lingers.)

Short Metaphor poem by wahab wahab| Details |

religion is a metaphor

Poets use metaphor in poetry
To tell one thing to mean another
Behind the curtain under the layers
They hide thousand meanings
Same is the case with God
In His poetry
He uses religion as a metaphor
To bring out intricacies
To tell different stories
Under each vehicle
He kept wonder
Behind each symbol
He hides astounding treasure
O man! Do not quarrel over it
For your life has been used as a tenor

Short Metaphor poem by Leonard Taormina| Details |

Signaling in metaphor

I’ve seen it out of the comer of my eye; 
It had no legs and looked to be shinny;
The last time I saw it was on the patio looking like a scrub jay;
I remember a silver napkin ring disappeared that day.
What is it?
Today it looked like a reptile; 
Before it looked like a foul;
And Here come’s pretty blue eyes;
Right behind it all as usual;
What’s going on here anyway?

Short Metaphor poem by Satish Verma| Details |


Still listening from lips,
a mute hearing with hands,
an improper metaphor.


In the frozen lake of eyes
a fish dies
in unread tears.


An upended
home of laments
in moon.


Imperfect proximity
of pillows.
sleep was distance apart.


Like poison ivy
a gnawing to itch
and an itch to gnaw.

Satish Verma

Short Metaphor poem by sarojkumar khan| Details |



 Poets are used to write down poems,
Want to torn metaphysics.
Sometimes try to write down about soul sometimes nature.
Till poet rubs his pen and writes.
It may be next wonderful creation
So that attracts to millions
Metaphor or haiku whatsoever may be.
In winter writes with a cup of tea.
  wife sits with beauty.
 Poet writes and orders his beautiful wife for so many cups of tea.
Saroj khan[sakha]

Short Metaphor poem by Matt Ancient| Details |

Love for poetry

I love poetry
For it mirrors society
It heals the ills of society

I love poetry; not for money
For it a remarkable prodigy
It  unleashes the world of creativity

I love poetry
I have been reciting them since birth
For they are a great myth

I love poetry;  they are satirical
To me it  a religion
For they are spiritual

I love poetry; but what for
That comparing my strength
To that of a lion; is a metaphor

Short Metaphor poem by Sara Kendrick| Details |

The Wedding

The groom standing next to the minister
Nervous, sweating gettting cold feet
Maybe we should wait until next winter
Then the bride enters the suite

As she walks down the isle
The minister sees her smile
As is reflected in the groom's eyes
And what to his surprise

The groom's jaw relaxes
A smile comes on his face
An attitude of love says
I would give my life in her place

(This truth and a metaphor.)

Short Metaphor poem by Anwar Hussain| Details |


Murdered by Metaphor
mama called me a psycho
what is it good for?
Mumbo jumbo wacko jacko

humour the double edged sword
tormented, wrists slashed apart
Not alone, you got the lord
horrified and empty depart

Look there, a finer image
could 've been you
scratch the soul! rummage
was the pennace overdue?

requiem the wandering
journey just a reason
shame you find nothing
time again for an open season

Short Metaphor poem by Annie Brittle| Details |


You are beautiful to me,
Because I find you in the earth and sky.
Simply, perfectly, unrelenting like the rain.
Grounded, yet soft, you are chalk in my hands
And salt from the sea turned to crystal in the Sun.
Inside I know a quiet love, one that is only silent for show.
The hurricane's force, the lightning's bite
Is nothing. Lost against you and I.
From this, I see the metaphor is truer than it seems:
You are my world.

Short Metaphor poem by Ernesto P. Santiago| Details |


The metaphor of
great love falls from 
a two-way kiss,
warming the coldness
of time, passing, unnoticed
by the aged rocks
lying, sacredly,
on naked island, where 
tares stoop
upon flowers, sharing 
un-scented hisses,
no one hears, but 
the sky, the birds,
the sea, the water
and every li’l thing on it,
certainly, feel the silent 
commotion of minds, giving 
death no space… 

to speak in its tongue.

Short Metaphor poem by Omotosho Seth| Details |


What if smiling moon
Is brighter than the sun?
And the flakes of tumoil tend
To vile when fully regatherd

While i tame time my fab
I extricate by the vast drab
Of quality i fade for emptyness
The knobs of metaphor was

Red-hot and fickle fame flies
Off the vicinity of restless
Scimiter..ALAS! vile scimiter
Chill. Hot. Hate and lover

They all colide and positive
Wands lost the clasp of 
Magical influence

Short Metaphor poem by Danielle White| Details |

The Convoluted Word Ballet

Here's a puzzle most obscure,

shrouded symbols are the lure,

like a mouse trapped in a maze,

twisted thoughts are met with praise.

Every line's a metaphor,

like the Raven's "nevermore,"

childhood's marbles, colored glass,

slipping through your weakened grasp.

As the bulbs break through the soil,

comprehension in turmoil,

let not the poet's phrase betray,

the convoluted word ballet.

©Danielle White

Short Metaphor poem by Greg Easley| Details |

More In Metaphor

so our points make their way
more in metaphor
than in practice

I have one hundred secrets
buried in a shoebox
but no one's looking

You ask and ask again that I wait
well, waiting is a lifestyle, baby
let's nickname our terror 'patience'

I know I'll find you at the parties
telling the highest of jokes
for only our smarter friends to laugh at

but you know when I'm faking it
because of the pitch
and I most likely will be

Short Metaphor poem by Uwe Stroh| Details |

When Love Comes

When Love comes to town

so the saying goes

flee will the foes

except the sad clown

Love is always in town

and out of town

in fact has left the building


Love is in all places 

and nowhere at all

if you don't look

or lack the social graces

The sad clown is

a metaphor for you

for you are so blind

in your apparent happiness

Yet Love conquers all

gathers up the lost

when I am weak

Love does the most

(and so I must post)

Short Metaphor poem by Satish Verma| Details |


There was insurgency-
in white night.
Moon will stay to witness 

the murder
of a golden leaf.
What was the promise of a ripe
language ? The yellow thrust ?
Keeping a date with death was not all important.

There were
lots of poems to be underlined,
preened and straightened. The dirt had
accumulated. A metaphor
will remove the stains.

Any confession will
take away the mystry. Who killed
the nothing ?

the apples were crashing.

Satish Verma

Short Metaphor poem by Jeena Chacko| Details |


Land of wave-like verse
churning love into a 
gum-like consistency
tasting of nicotine and nectar. 
Steeped in tears and magic
Metaphor for silver or nubility
immortality and abundance
Hiding your yawning emptiness
Behind ballads and psychosis
Airless craters turn to 
allegories for love
consumed or unrequited
Lost or gained suddenly
like a surprised sliver of a plum
inside a boarding house Sunday cake 
And a certain cliché for
timeless allure.

Short Poems