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Short Innocence Poems

Short Innocence Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Innocence by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short Innocence poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Innocence poem by sima mittal| Details | |

Dare to Bare

I dare to bare
For the soul sees it all
Deceit or Innocence!

Short Innocence poem by Brian Strand| Details | |


Beauty is asleep
innocence  dead,

Short Innocence poem by Michael Jordan| Details | |


suddenly we stop
for we see the waterfall
innocence of birth

Short Innocence poem by Annalise Brigham | Details | |


Joy Laughter innocence always precious kids

Short Innocence poem by Frank Polgar| Details | |

The Kitten

the look of innocence
hides a deadly secret
kitten's gentle purr

Short Innocence poem by Marty King| Details | |

present pleasure haiku

present pleasure lures
me into rhythms of old
blowing on vinyl

Short Innocence poem by Elizabeth-Dea Shanta| Details | |

Australian coalas

The tree top dwellers,
Inhabit eucalypt woods
Utmost innocence.

Short Innocence poem by harry horsman| Details | |

Born Equal

When a child is born
Innocence personified...
Only life corrupts.

Short Innocence poem by Jerry Stevenson| Details | |

Debunked Rumor

Debunk that rumor.
You are not ugly my child.
You are beautiful.

Short Innocence poem by Abdulhafeez Oyewole| Details | |


If call to service
And fire is on the mountain
The Lord is his stength

Short Innocence poem by Sarah Paradis| Details | |

Internal Design

Abstract innocence,
a geometric painting
configured by truth. 

Short Innocence poem by Gerard Keogh Jr.| Details | |

Live From The Newest Tarpit.

Where brackish liquid
strangles pristine innocence.
Once I even flew.

Short Innocence poem by Stacy Stiles| Details | |



Short Innocence poem by Gregory Golden| Details | |

Cosmic Hymns

Beyond bliss and innocence
Constellation blue ox
Sing out drum beat drum

Short Innocence poem by Craig Glenister| Details | |


Waterfall to pond,

rippled to mirrored

What beauty to face.

Short Innocence poem by James Fraser| Details | |

Ancient to Modern

Ancient to modern Natures innocence struggles Amidst crude demise

Short Innocence poem by Carrie Richards| Details | |

Paradise Lost

blighted by mankind

  the slaughter of innocence

     feather by feather

Short Innocence poem by Debbie Guzzi| Details | |

...hurt knife’s edge of pain

hurt knife’s edge of pain
sear the gut punch of sorrow…
return innocence

Short Innocence poem by Elai Cee| Details | |

Innocent Lie

First met, felt nothing

Tricks in his eyes were warning

He snatched my body 

Short Innocence poem by Gert W. Knop| Details | |

Tree of Innocence

Tree of innocence
your pretty leaves are made of hope
Your roots are torn apart

Short Innocence poem by Merle Manu| Details | |

Common ground

And a wish
To change 
The world 
And teenaged 
And she 

Short Innocence poem by RUDOLPH RINALDI| Details | |

Jack and Jill took the hill

Jack and Jill
took the hill
and innocence
and innocents 
came tumbling 

Short Innocence poem by Ernesto P. Santiago| Details | |


A couple's dream
Born to give happiness
Innocence brightening your face

Short Innocence poem by Viola .x| Details | |

The Ladybug

Eight dark spots
And a faded orange shell
Against cream fabric
On my pillow

Short Innocence poem by Eve Anderson| Details | |


G is for gentleness
I is for innocence
R is for readiness
L is for love
S is for special

Short Innocence poem by Ema Anderson| Details | |


G is for gentleness
I is for innocence
R is for readiness
L is for love
S is for special

Short Innocence poem by Rhia Madison Thomer| Details | |

Innocence and Fairytales

i think i used to believe
in once upon a time
innocence so sweet
but you have stolen mine.

Short Innocence poem by Heather Lewis| Details | |


Innocence and 
Purity mask secrets.
Friendship blossoms in the wake of

Short Innocence poem by Ndaba Sibanda| Details | |

Not at all

No hustle
Neither bustle
Just muted rooms
Soundless walls whispering 
Little innocence looms

Short Innocence poem by Amy Green| Details | |

Phantoms feed

      Hunting phantoms seek
       Innocence and harmony
        Upon which to feed

Short Innocence poem by Brian Strand| Details | |


that surrounds-
innocence of 

an ekphrasis after The Hapoes by Louis Welden

Short Innocence poem by Ernesto P. Santiago| Details | |

The Golden Sparrow

Of finding 
The golden sparrow
Dream ended in blue sky
Too late to wish
 Innocence’s lost

Short Innocence poem by Rosemarie Schrock| Details | |


I am swept away by the current of love,
all that I am, all that I'll be; 
the innocence of forever!

Short Innocence poem by harry horsman| Details | |


to take the challenge
when the whole world is crazy...
new born innocence.

© Harry J Horsman 2013   

Short Innocence poem by M Nudelman| Details | |



Treasured Bounty
Angelic Alluring Innocence
Overwhelmong Selfless Love Consumes
My Child

Short Innocence poem by Akash ripper| Details | |


Red coloR of feaR
Over shadOws love tO
Smear the Soul and it bleedS
Emotions which arE condensed in rosE

Short Innocence poem by Sallam Yassin| Details | |


As guilty you are
No home
No Peace
 In your home
 if you are
Every where
 Is your home 

Short Innocence poem by Patricia Sawyer| Details | |

Captured ~ (A septolet)

Rain drops
He sulks

The cradle rocks
soothing innocence
woman's perfect snare.

Short Innocence poem by Russell Sivey| Details | |

Spirit of Full Moon

Spirit of full moon Creeping down on innocence Past life of dire youth
Russell Sivey

Short Innocence poem by Earl Schumacker| Details | |

Provocative Haiku

     Provocative Haiku

Garments flow and fall
River, cold, drinks naked girls
Red faced, swimming up 

Short Innocence poem by itodo grace| Details | |

et lyto

my innocence insulted

of what i'm i created

the lord yhawe open my ear

can i resist still?

i need my et lyto

Short Innocence poem by Laura Breidenthal| Details | |

Faster Than the Others

crack the egg
chick embryo in the slime
there's a sign

crack one more
this one's safe to eat I'm sure
chew it fast

Short Innocence poem by Brian Strand| Details | |


betrays her
in becalmed deep

Ekprasis after Leighton

Short Innocence poem by Earl Schumacker| Details | |

Holy God Haiku

        Holy God Haiku

Walks on lakes, thinks peace
Heals men, undercurrents lift
He soars the winds, drinks

Short Innocence poem by Olga Snitkova| Details | |

Ode to Spring

 Spring Sun brings hope again

 And fresh green grass reveals life innocence

 Blessful peace saturates my soul

Short Innocence poem by MC MC| Details | |

Purest Innocence

Only our purest innocence found
will end our broken journeys
through the endless ages.

Copyright McCuen 2008

Short Innocence poem by Earl Schumacker| Details | |

Mother Haiku

          Mother Haiku

Fresh rain charms nature
Dew green leaves, squeeze, wet mother
Turns, hugs the day clean

Short Innocence poem by Kim Bond| Details | |

Spilled Milk

spilled milk on the floor
blood trails off from broken glass
a child runs and hides

*April is Child Abuse Awareness Month.

Short Innocence poem by Xavier Keough| Details | |


Youth to deny
Wearing an illicit sign
To drink from her curious eyes
And ravish her tender mind
Her innocence stalks her

Short Innocence poem by Joyce Johnson| Details | |

My Favorite Color Pink

Infant's rosy cheeks
Pink is color of pure love
Mama's curvy lips
Baby girls come dressed in it
The sweet innocence of  pink

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