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Short Identity Poems | Short Identity Poetry

Short Identity Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Identity by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Identity short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Identity poem by Marie Harrison| Details |


Graffiti artist;
Mystery identity,
Valuable art.

Short Identity poem by Dr.Ram Mehta| Details |


Proverbial caution
Walk into another’s shoes
Loose identity

Short Identity poem by Ann Roske| Details |

The Voice

Voice opinions, ideas who we are our right to expression identity

Short Identity poem by Russell Sivey| Details |


Dividing apart A separation of self Lost identity
Russell Sivey

Short Identity poem by Sienna Muniz| Details |

Who knows?

A mask
Quiet and concealed
Hide my identity
Full of beauty and bright color
Who knows?

Short Identity poem by Steve Eng| Details |

The Modern Version

The subtlest sort of vampiry
Will leave you with blood-full veins,
But drain you of identity
Till nothing of “You” remains.

Short Identity poem by chipepo lwele| Details |

culture 2

Native Languages
Shunning  Dooms
Cultural And National Identity.
Preference To Foreign Languages
Invasion Of Strange Influences!

Short Identity poem by Russell Sivey| Details |


True recollection

Love of my passion
Seeing myself

Arms surround her
Wrapping around
Her tender sweet heart

Russell Sivey

Short Identity poem by Joshua Lacey| Details |

Anxiety Games

Fear Mom?
Don't start with reflection
VALEO, McDonald's, Air Force... broken puzzle
Now Christian
True identity
Kick confustion out window!

Short Identity poem by Ashley Daly| Details |

I'm On Invisible

I’m on invisible
Hiding from others
In the darkness from you
Cradling my identity
I kept it from the world
I’ll take myself off of this

Short Identity poem by Courtney Dyer| Details |


Tied up
Deprivation of my senses
By my Master
No control
Loss of my identity
Trapped in this tunnel
You created for me
To keep me chained to you

Short Identity poem by karen croft| Details |

who steals my identity

who steals my identity?
it's something, my life
it's mine, was mine
till someone took it
but whoever took my good name
and robs me to make themselves richer
makes me stronger in the end

Short Identity poem by Asif Andalib| Details |

The Truth

If you look at something 
From all points of view
You will know the truth 
About the thing.

The Truth is the identity of things
The Truth is the actual happenings
Allah is the Truth!

Short Identity poem by Gail Angel Doyle| Details |

Broken Mirror

Broken Mirror broken mirror before you unable to show your identity only abusive traces shattered pieces with no view soul reflection taken from evil reflect only hidden tears...

Short Identity poem by Raul Moreno| Details |

Unwavering Value

Even the tiniest speckle of dust 
cannot conceal the clout- 
of the golden surface it rests on. 

So like that golden throne,
Don’t let the tiniest of problems
Conceal your true identity.

Short Identity poem by Andrea Dietrich| Details |

He Sings Behind Prison Bars Blues

He sings "behind prison bars" blues
'cause he's walked in another man's shoes!
He feels so bereft
since identity theft
only works until one pays his dues.

(not for the contest; it's too short)

Short Identity poem by chipepo lwele| Details |

Mistaken Identity

They have been struggling for years 
with the tag of:
    beastiality,canibalism and satanism.
Truthful men won't be shaken by mistaken identity.

Short Identity poem by Grace Gagnon| Details |


I have fallen into serenity.
 In the sweet complacent symphony
Of the humble mementos of life.

I have reached into my soul.
 In the core of my heart identity
Into the attainment of unfeigned love.

Short Identity poem by Valerie Sherman| Details |

Who is he

A Bountiful Courageous Delightful Everlasting Faithful God- His Identity - Jehovah ,King, Lord Majesty None Other Possess Qualities  Royal  Significance  Trustworthy  Unique  Valiant Worthy Xtremely Zealous

Short Identity poem by bl devnath| Details |


                                                  Uncommon Orchid
                                            adds to the Nature's beauty 
                                                     great identity 

Short Identity poem by Veronica Joseph| Details |

Blessed Event

A day without crisis
without trauma
without upset
without panic
A day without confusion
A day without sadness
mistaken identity....
an ordinary day is a blessed event

Short Identity poem by bl devnath| Details |


                                                      glass's identity
                                          face is seen dark in dark glass
                                                     clear in looking 

Short Identity poem by Emmanuel Yeboah- Mantey| Details |


In life he struggles
To gain identity
Competing against the odds
Knows he has no chance
But yet he fights on
To make it very big
All by himself alone
He faces the road
Till he’s made it 
And found an identity

Short Identity poem by Johnny Pyro| Details |


"Mutual affinity at its peak equals identity or builds an identity"

“Sanity at its peak is great orderliness (illogical) – love”

“Intelligence at its peak is (wisdom, understanding and) the discovery of truth”

Short Identity poem by Constantinos Grigoriadis| Details |


I asked myself who iam.
I was looking for identity.
I felt the silent of my soul.
No answer.
I looked at the stars one by one.
They asked for identity too

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

Short Identity poem by Danny Nunn| Details |

Identity Theft

                         At the Lost And Found, I called Dial A Prayer
                                   I had a map, but not a clue one
                  Old age yes, it must be identity theft, someone stole my life

Short Identity poem by Crystal Seals| Details |


You been there in my corner since way
back when.You cheer (ed) for me before
I understood what identity meant. You've
cared,you shared,you raised, and praised
me.You made the difference in my life.Mom
you were there.

Short Identity poem by Dimitrios Raptis| Details |

In a place so far away

In a place so far away

Confused what does he want?
In a place so lost and alone
What is it he seeks?
Is it adoration, fame or just identity?
He can’t answer these questions
But perseveres along
To his destiny

Short Identity poem by evrod samuel| Details |

Dressed for Show


They lack any individual identity
They all look the same 

Clothed in the latest 
And covered just for show

Labels from head to toe
Every trend gets a show 

They strut and pose
Always on constant show 

Short Identity poem by Joshua Lacey| Details |

Power Over Sin, Satan

Through Jesus identity I can claim
Otherwise life seems so lame

Get the devil out
Though in head he may shout

Break the chain of sin
Life burst from within

Like refreshing water flow
To where God wishes you go!

Short Identity poem by chrissy stimens| Details |


torn between two worlds
niether knowing my true identity
both not knowing the truth
both not relizing the lies that spill from my mouth
beleiving every word i say
but which do i pick?
do i leave both?
please answer me

Short Identity poem by MARIO DILETTO| Details |

Quiet Silence

Walking the path,
Of unknown serenity,
To find my place,
Inside my identity,

Calm and free,
The pace has eased,
Within my body,
My soul is pleased,

In capturing tranquility,
Harnessed and true,
Quiet silence,
In everything I do.

Short Identity poem by Camille Rose Castillo| Details |

Lady Justice

Revered Lady Justice
Balance truth and fairness
Restore to crime victims
Tranquility, peace, calmness

In all objectivity
Reveal cloaked identity
Omit fear or favor
Moral rightness never waiver

~Camille Rose Castillo 2011

Short Identity poem by sherilee nash| Details |

pain inflicted beauty

Does it ever cause you pain?
To know you broke my heart,
Does it ever cause you pain?
To know you pulled it apart.

I could jump off a building,
And soar towards the ground.
To know you wouldn't miss me,
If my identity was found.

Did it

Short Identity poem by Marian Brown| Details |

What Am I

Oh God
What am I?
Am I just 
A speck of dust
Or only a clod
Of sod
Upon this Earth
That gave me birth?
Am I child of discord
Lost in an alien land
Under my own command?
Or am I
A spirit free,
With a spiritual identity
Reaching toward infinity?

Short Identity poem by Dr.Ram Mehta| Details |

Your body

There is some point in sex
You are all there in it.
To get the full satiety,
You must claim yourself.
You got to turn to yourself
After you have been in
Someone else’s body.
It gives you faith that
You live in a body and
To create your own identity.

Short Identity poem by Holly Ward| Details |


You beheaded the innocence
With your selfish nature
Luring with lies and deceit
Burying ones true identity
By falling prey
To the facade of who you are
A narcissistic state of mind
Destroying seeds to a picturesque garden
That wasn’t nurtured to grow

Short Identity poem by cindy leon| Details |


They are gone, faces peering through valiant heart of sorrow that only monther perceive.
They are gone, and with them prevails honor and dignity they prayed for.
Thet are gone, and there identity bolding inspires in blue stone granite,
proclaiming peace.

Short Identity poem by Robert Whitby| Details |

Lost somewhere in time

I Used to wax and wain, perigee and apogee

I used to flow harmoniously with the rest of humanity

so eclectic now I lack identity

To ebb and float sounds like serenity

but i tell you my friend it's complete insanity

to know for certain that all is vanity

Short Identity poem by Melani Udaeta| Details |

Gone: A memory

You going to slip If you stay in 
your corner 
Your going to flip back
A dirty right angle 
Your voice is gonna crack
Your words are gonna snap
If I have the opportunity 
I can create a new identity 
My voice only in your memory
You'll never see me again

Short Identity poem by Kim Merryman| Details |

Becoming Yourself

Who are you really, when no one is watching?
What makes you think and act like you do?
When will you stop pretending and drop your disguises?
Where will you find your identity true?
Why not embrace the uniqueness of you?

For Harry Horseman's 5 W's contest

Short Identity poem by Larry McMillan Jr.| Details |


Lost in time 
No color is seen
No rays of sunlight
Yet it's shadow gleams -
Casting a prism
But of its own?
The form is obvious
But the identity unknown
A wall full of color reflecting a dark soul?
Masking it’s faith - Deceiving its foe

Short Identity poem by Quendralyn Gooden-Talley| Details |

Last Breath

If I lose my identity it drowned in sorrow.
If I die today I'll be gone tomorrow.
All I needed was another chance one last breath.
A tragedy in one 
To call my death
Angels flying high, soaring in the sky.
Take one look, the good with the bad. 
This is it BYE!

Short Identity poem by jessica traviss| Details |


people always say.
life is a stage.
if life is a stage.
doesn't that mean im jst another actress.
playing along.
if life is a stage.
i can change my identity.
to whoever i want to be.
if life is a stage.
i can wake up each morning.
either happy or sad.
good or bad.

Short Identity poem by kash poet| Details |

A Confused Haiku

A confused haiku
seeking help---
identity crisis


By:kash poet

Contest:Haiku from the heart


**I think this is a CONTEMPORARY HAIKU.

(1)I have capitalised the title
(2)I have personified a haiku .
what else is needed?if any one knows,pl.suggest.

Short Identity poem by chamonique knowles| Details |

my name

my name
a beautiful name
a gift from my parents
an identity
when i say it
its like a peice of soft silk
traveling out of my mouth
rolling over my tongue
gracing my teeth
and kissing my lips
its unique and different
one of a kind
never met a person 
with a name quite like mine

Short Identity poem by Miss Wattle| Details |


A CASE OF MISTAKEN IDENTITY There once was a case of mistaken identity The surgeon thought he'd scheduled a diff'rent entity As he started to perform the lobotomy The nurse cried, "Oh no! This one's the gastroscopy!" What a harebrained case of mistaken identity © ELR 2013

Short Identity poem by Mydavolu Venkatasesha Sathyanarayana| Details |


`When took a dip in Ganga
that pink sari
imbibed a lot of Advaitha.
.....glued to her skin	
and lost identity..
became a mound of her mounds
curve of her curves
and dip of her dips.
I knew how euphoric that pinky felt
When dried up and separated from her
......retained her shape.	

Short Identity poem by Scribbler Of Verses| Details |

In Plain English

In Plain English

Waking up, outside,

far from comforting warmth,

seeking a home,
stripped bare,

your identity trailing far behind,

hoping, clinging, clutching,

at strands of withered life,

searching, forever on the trail,

of a peace so elusive to find

Short Identity poem by Rachel Kovacs| Details |


She stood there
nearly naked
as a
touched her.
She was
searching for
she could not see,
she could not feel:
A silent killer,
a raper of
She endured it,
the pain,
the embarrassment,
her mother
had died
and she would

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