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Short Humor Poems | Short Humor Poetry

Short Humor Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Humor by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Humor short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Humor poem by Sara Kendrick| Details |

old couple

old couple square off to fight.. humor rolls wins bout

Short Humor poem by Author Rhonda Kay Hero - Wilson| Details |

* Gods humor

clouds above looking like cotton
balls that God dropped into the sky
reminding us of his humor.

Short Humor poem by Marie Harrison| Details |

Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin
Master inventor;
a visionary genius,
used vulgar humor.

© 2010 Marie Harrison

Short Humor poem by Earle Brown| Details |

Planting a Unicorn

Unicorn, one grain.
Rain upon the rich top soil,
A grain grew a cob.

 Just a bit of humor.

Short Humor poem by Goode Guy| Details |

terminal humor

there just ain't no cure 
there is only punnish meant
deadpan - grave - humor

© Nhan Goode Guy 2014-03-04 ;-)

Short Humor poem by tom bell| Details |

to my pals

try "confused poetic travel,1,2,3," some of my better humor- chech with poetry 
forms...well at least I think it's funny.

Short Humor poem by Effie Blake| Details |

Rambunctious Theater

Catcalls, lewd comments
and humor at the movies:
is it the picture
or the acts at the picture
that we have all come to see?

Short Humor poem by James Fraser| Details |

The Vampire's Meal

Bite Nite
Blood Flood


My entry in Donna's " Footle Fright " contest

Short Humor poem by Michelle Pryor| Details |

My Crush

i love when you smile
your true presence makes my day
i love when you laugh
your sense of humor is great
do u know your my crush?

Short Humor poem by SillyBilly theKidster| Details |

Fact NOT Rumor

Just a little fact about me and NOT a rumor,
but I'm more inclined NOT to play
with any of they
who don't possess a sense of humor.

Short Humor poem by tom bell| Details |


To those of you who showed concern, thanks, but it was merely an attempt at 
humor; how some would be glad to shut me up....thanks again, tom

Short Humor poem by Johnny Pyro| Details |

A step closer

Besides romance one sometimes needs sensible-decent humor and intense laughter to increase
one's chances of getting a step closer to her heart.

Short Humor poem by Lawrence Ingle| Details |

My New Years Resolution


Eat more beans for my complexion,
with cornbread a good selection,
Always look in every direction,
Crossing the intersection.

Short Humor poem by Joyce Johnson| Details |

Best Laid Plans

A flawless ceremony,
and elegant reception,
followed by long honeymoon 
delayed by snowfall.

For John Freeman's love /humor contest Won 2nd place

Short Humor poem by Danielle White| Details |

My Name Poem

D reamer
A thinker
N ever a stinker
I ntensly ironic
E ven sardonic
L oves sick humor
L aughed at her tumor
E loquently silent, completely non-violent.

Short Humor poem by Barbara Gorelick| Details |

Message in a Bottle

Enclosed find a recipe for Fruitcake It was a particular favorite around the holiday season. We had a very "dry' sense of humor.

Short Humor poem by Virginia Mitchell| Details |

Silly Lilly

There once was a woman named Lilly 
She went through the town acting silly.
“Perhaps,” she said,
“Humor is dead;
I've insulted the folk unintentionally.”

Short Humor poem by Milan Georges Burovac| Details |

And no

think of bread if you come 
and no false hopes 
and no bad humor 
and no long silences
and no sorrow 
I would like reinvents itself 
after a few glasses of wine

Short Humor poem by Veronica Joseph| Details |


in hysterical humor
she cackles
grand scales of laughter 
lost in the higher notes
we stand
ears covered in horror
as she throws back her head

Short Humor poem by Caleb Smith| Details |

All Tied Up

the haiku said..."straighten up, senryu!"...monoku

the monoku said..."have a sense of humor, haiku!"...senryu

the senryu said..."he's bipolar, monoku"...haiku

Short Humor poem by Jimmy Anderson| Details |

Right Woman Or Not

All the women I have loved.
Have seemed to come from above.
Except one who cast a spell.
She's the one from hell.

Written for John Freeman's "Love or Humor" contest

Short Humor poem by Katherine Stella| Details |

Crock Around The Clock

<        Barack
             What Crock

No Pun Just Humor LOL

Entry For Brian Strand's
Two Lines Of Two Syllables 
Footle Contest  G.L. All

Short Humor poem by John Smith| Details |


Martin Russell Sullivan 
was a rare blend of humor and gentleman.  
May the wild eyed Nazi skin head who shot him dead 
forever rot in the hell hole he so richly deserved.

Short Humor poem by George Anos| Details |



I think
I Clown

(Msr. Rene, for humor's sake, I hope you're not turning on your grave    :o)

Short Humor poem by Tony Lane| Details |

English Quintains

I can just barely count to five,
Let alone try and track my rhyme.
I hope my last line can revive,
Some humor before I’m out of time.
But I feel like Quintains are a crime.

Short Humor poem by Joyce Johnson| Details |


My naive picture of Burlesque
Some lovely ladies junoesque
Slapstick humor risky
Dancers rather frisky.
Mom would consider it grotesque.

For Miranda's contest

won an hm

Short Humor poem by SillyBilly theKidster| Details |

My Sense Of Humor

Sometimes my sense of humor can be dark, blue and risky,
but I figure that as long as people are laughing along with me,
what's the difference if my humor is clean, gory or dirty?

Short Humor poem by Annalise Brigham | Details |

Costume Jewels

Queen smiles, watching court jesters parade in costume jewels upon revolving stage living delusions ~*~
Note: For John Freeman's "Dodiostu" Humor Contest

Short Humor poem by iolanda Scripca| Details |

Changes in Airports

I am not lonely anymore
LAX - my neighbor next door
TSA is boyfriend
Daily travels pretend
Mile High Club is now on the floor...

Inspired by Carolyn's Blog on TSA Humor :)

Short Humor poem by Wilma Neels| Details |

'Perpetual Flame'

lovely discoveries made on our way to wedding bliss perpetual flame surrounds sealed with a french kiss
Contest: LOve or Humor Contest (Dodoitsu Form Only) 5th Place

Short Humor poem by Toquyen Harrell| Details |

Fun drives you

Fun how?
Fun how?
Fun is you
Fun is your touch
Fun is your understanding
Fun is your grin
Fun is your humor
Fun is your gaffe
Fun is your high
Fun is your fever
Fun finds you

Short Humor poem by Toquyen Harrell| Details |


You touch your world
Love with your senses
Pay with your humor
Go with goodness
Welcome with your smiles
Arrest with your laughter
You give
You live
You love
You warrant 
You favor

Short Humor poem by AUDREY CAREY| Details |


It is in the very act, of loving each other,
Day by day,
With patience,
With humor,
With doubts,
With passion,
And much forgiveness,
All without losing ourselves, that we learn to love.

Short Humor poem by Sharon Ruebel| Details |

All Good Things

All good things come from heaven
I didn't believe it then
Not until God gave me you
Rhiannon, my heart 

Contest: "Love or Humor"
Sponsored by John Freeman
Form: Dodoitsu

Short Humor poem by Sara Kendrick| Details |


Wanted to pen a Limerick
Needed a comedian sidekick
Nothing funny to wit
A pun to make sides split
Some ole' fashion humor dipstick  

Inspiration: Black Eyed Susan' contest not an entry

Short Humor poem by karen croft| Details |


why haven't you come by?

Have i scared you away?

i miss your warm nature,

your sese of humor

and gorgeous eyes that look into my heart

maybe i love you too much

or maybe not enough

Short Humor poem by Ashley Daly| Details |

Why Should I Come Running To You?

Why should I come running to you
When you’re the one who fled?
I’m not a chaser
And I’m not the chased
Yet I desire solely
To be the latter
Humor me
Lift your light feet
And hunt for my heart

Short Humor poem by Annalise Brigham | Details |

Pregnant with Deceit

Their flashy words so rhetorical
Nothing new, just all historical
Words pregnant with deceit
Costumes mailed, in receipt
Unmasked, see... most are identical

For Carolyn's "Election Humor Contest"

Short Humor poem by Raul Moreno| Details |

Comeback M.T.

There once was a poet named M.T.
Who made me laugh with his poetry.
He made PS so fun;
His talents were so pun,
Comeback to PS and humor me!

I tag Abe in the Limerick game

Short Humor poem by DON JOHNSON| Details |


Subtle humor is the game,
words can drive you quite insane,
till the  master calls a halt n says repent,
a little sad but wiser, never mind Elisa,
so he tiptoes back to his own little tent:) 

Don Johnson

Short Humor poem by Trisheal Eddleman| Details |


The world moves on
Yet i stand still
For i am memorized

Captivated by
     Your smile
     Your laugh
     Your passionate embrace
     Innocence and Purity
Silenced by your
Radiant spirit

Short Humor poem by James Fraser| Details |

Through the Looking Glass

I spied a wonderful blond on the beach
Her body so shapely and peached
   I was in ogling mood
   I know it was rude
Through binoculars, so far out of reach

Short Humor poem by Michael Degenhardt| Details |

Dairy Headlines

Brie cheese develops
Each fungus. 
Giving Humor in
Just knowing
Lactose might never
Openly penetrate,
Some tummies
Underwent very
Weary x-rays,

Short Humor poem by jody mckinnon| Details |

Unnamed 2

Superfluously equating the reasons for "why not",
And as the angels doth not romance,
I shall not dance,
An preposterously  appropriate cheer dances with the wind,
......It understands the value of the humor.

Short Humor poem by James Fraser| Details |

Translucent Soothers

There once was a man from the isles
Who suffered from terrible piles.
   He searched hard for a cure
   For his terrible endure
A bucket of ice, has sure made him smile

Short Humor poem by James Fraser| Details |

Beach Beauty

My eyes nearly popped out of my head
On the beach she was tanned and spread
    Then a shadow appeared
    Oops, her husband i feared
I'm now looking at steaks instead

Short Humor poem by Michael Degenhardt| Details |

Caramel (Adult Humor)

No taste as sweet
As liquid love
It’s desire in a jar
Just pour it out
Upon your dish
A tempting treat by far
Just let it ooze
Let it cover
Every morsel, every bite
So pour it out
Upon your lover 
Treat yourself tonight

Short Humor poem by James Fraser| Details |

The Brave Buccaneer

There was once a buccaneer
They say he sailed the seas with fear.
    Of his stories told
    Of his bravery so bold,
For he went nowhere, for he could not steer.

Short Humor poem by patricia ondish| Details |

Merritt (Humor)

Saint Peter said to the "Man " ,
Humanity is based on D's and M's ,
Merrits and De-merrit's
How many do you have asked Saint Peter to the man ?
"Man looked up at Ol' Saint Peter and replied:
I'd better leave now,
All , I have are "D's"

Short Humor poem by Michael Degenhardt| Details |

In Return

Regale me with your humor Hold me with your grip Love me with your heart so strong And never let me slip Share with me your wisdom See within, my heart so true Do all this for me now, my sweet And I’ll do this for you

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