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Short Hero Poems | Short Hero Poetry

Short Hero Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Hero by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Hero short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Hero poem by Sean Kelly| Details |

footle.. Very Skinny Supermodel .


  Hero .

Short Hero poem by Merle Manu| Details |




Short Hero poem by Maina Ndugo| Details |

story teller

Tears flow

As the hero

dies slow

in my story

Short Hero poem by Eileen Ghali| Details |

Unsung Hero

The unsung Hero of the universe: Jesus: the song of my life

Short Hero poem by Robert Heemstra| Details |

Good bye Spidey

Spider Man no more
more than a super hero
like the man next door

Short Hero poem by HGarvey Daniel Esquire| Details |

Freedom Fighter

Memories of War

Flashing in front of His eyes

My Hero -- The VET

Short Hero poem by Jerry Stevenson| Details |

A Budding Super Star

Dressed in his PJs,

a hero in the making,

a five year old star.

Short Hero poem by Hal Richard| Details |


You were my hero

and you weren't even perfect.

but you're my hero.

Short Hero poem by Marty King| Details |

hero at the window haiku

hello sweet rain,

oh hero at the window,

your essentials shine....

Short Hero poem by Robert Candler| Details |

No Fear

Evil's popular,
But I will do the right thing.
If caught, so be it.

Short Hero poem by Ethan Michaels| Details |

Hero of Ages

Hero of Epics,

Powerful spell in his hand.

Your blood on his blade.

Short Hero poem by Cathy Ncube| Details |

He Was Just a Nice Guy

he wanted to be

a hero, but they thought he

was just a nice guy

Short Hero poem by Joyce Johnson| Details |


teachers protecting

neighbors and strangers helping

man at his finest

Short Hero poem by Courtney Dyer| Details |


A hero never dies

Even when he looses his battle

Courage sustains him

Short Hero poem by Ethan Michaels| Details |

The Heroes and Gods We Dreamed Of

We are humans? Nay.

We are the gods we dreamed of.

The living legends.

Short Hero poem by John Allen| Details |

Chronicles of a Stray Hero--four

On the last day

come whatever may

dreams slip away

         --stray hero

Short Hero poem by John Allen| Details |

Chronicles of a Stray Hero--three

Fear seeps in

with mounting sin

for unrepentant men

         --stray hero

Short Hero poem by John Allen| Details |

Chronicles of a Stray Hero--one

too many swords

angry words

nothing to live towards

         --stray hero

Short Hero poem by Muhammad Safa Thajudeen| Details |


A heavy weight is not a hero,

But the one bringing his anger to zero!

Short Hero poem by John Allen| Details |

Chronicles of a Stray Hero--two

Cuts go deep

when angels sleep

leaving us men to weep

          --stray hero

Short Hero poem by Virginia Mitchell| Details |

DAD (acrostic)

Daring my dragons to rampage

And slaying them each in turn,

Dad, you are my hero!

Short Hero poem by Smail Poems| Details |


Pretty princesses
Dancing all around
Frolicking through fields
Very beautiful
Just like you!

Short Hero poem by C.M. Davidson| Details |

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day, eleventh hour silence

Soldiers stand and salute

Freedoms price paid today.

Short Hero poem by John Allen| Details |

Chronicles of a Stray Hero--Six

Why do the willows cry

when they hear my mother sigh

on the eve when Tomorrow is nigh

--stray hero

Short Hero poem by Volodymyr Knyr| Details |

On what the Spartans need

What the Spartans of

each country need is

their own legendary

hero Leonidas.

Volodymyr Knyr


Short Hero poem by John Joseph P.| Details |


All eyes on Kershaw

Dodgers Ace Southpaw

throws 92 mph fastball for a strike

and the final out is called

Short Hero poem by leah ross| Details |

A father is...

A doctor, a hero

A mentor, a friend

A teacher who teaches

A fisherman who fishes

Someone who guides you

Short Hero poem by Beatrice Boyle| Details |

Paying Respects

He stands tall and proud

Guarding our fallen  heros

Paying his respects

For Bald Eagle contest

Short Hero poem by Barbara Washington| Details |

Winter Storm and a hero

Rain and snow
Car skids on ice
Crashes in river
Children screaming 
Stranger stops
Saves them

Short Hero poem by manoj vijayakumar| Details |

Mathematics of life

Iam just zero,
not a zest hero.
The one,
uplifts this none.
Made me a valued limitless ton,
and as a rising sun.

Short Hero poem by Sayeed Abubakar| Details |


Heroes are villain here,
villains are hero.
let's move in forests,
for tigers are there tiger yet,
deer still deer.

Short Hero poem by Alexander Schwartz| Details |

Catching Fire

Catching Fire
Some of us are watching the skies for works of fire
While some of us are quietly catching it.

Which are you?

Short Hero poem by John Allen| Details |

Chronicles of a Stray Hero--five

Confusion stains the eye

while the mothers wonder why

all their pretty children had to die

                 --stray hero

Short Hero poem by T.A. Skyles-Theoklapoet| Details |


H umble

U nusal

S exy

B ashful

A ctive

N ice

D elightful

Teresa Skyles

Entered in Crystal Wilkins"MY HERO"contest

Short Hero poem by James Ray Morris| Details |

Army Rangers Rescue UFO Abductee

Up on  mountain top.
Just don't know how I got here.
Army Rangers  rescued me.
Says UFO kidnapped me.
Sure lucky I was let go.

Short Hero poem by johneesha weaver| Details |

My expression for you

Your the one that came trough for me when i needed your help.

You held my hand and took me in and thats for now you are my hero.

Short Hero poem by naomi jenkins| Details |

Your Words '03

He laid the story out,

Spread the butter across the table.

Everyone perched upon each word.

So tall,

My little man became a hero.

Short Hero poem by Russell Sivey| Details |

Self-Proclaimed Hero

<b><em>Theres a self-proclaimed hero
Proudly prancing across stage
Made known his idiocy
Not seeing his fate</em></b>

Russell Sivey

Short Hero poem by Marissa Faries| Details |


I will no longer bring you down,
I will aim to uplift that frown.
I will no longer turn you away,
I will aim to brighten your bad day.

Short Hero poem by Mya Thein| Details |

hero of Myanmar

       hero of Myanmar              (Haiku)

General Aung San
father of independence
hero of Myanmar.

Dr Ko Ko Thein
Salt Lake City

Short Hero poem by chipepo lwele| Details |


I was born to stand out
On my two feet
Not to follow somebody's shadow
Never to fit in hero-worshipping
Again never to be as a bootlicker

Short Hero poem by Marina Beaufort| Details |

Are you a man

<center> Lovey-dovey, honey puff!

You're a hero, if your wife

Thinks of these words

When they say

Of her husband

And you're not gay.

Short Hero poem by Ashley Daly| Details |

My Hero Is My Own Heart

My hero is my own heart

Resilient and brave

It remains whole after it has been shattered

This blood is glue

To piece me back together

Short Hero poem by harry horsman| Details |

A Front Created

When the rich want more
the earth plunged in to despair
a front created
this usually a war...
we all weep for a hero

Harry J Horsman 2012   

Short Hero poem by SillyBilly theKidster| Details |

Cowards and Heroes

The difference between a coward and a hero
is that both are very afraid.
Neither wants to do what has to be done,
but the hero does it anyway.

Short Hero poem by Kevin C. Martin| Details |

Turn On The Love

Turn on the love to motivate me;
There's no energy on hand.
When work to be done is shadowed by rest,
Remember you were saved by a crucified man.

Short Hero poem by Brian Strand| Details |


Comic strip hero Dan Dare

Space pilot extraordinaire,

Each week in the Eagle flew,

Against Mekon and his crew-

Dan's technology later came true.

Short Hero poem by Maylin Wongjarupun| Details |


F orever and always
A lways be there for you
M y hero who turns my frown upside right
I want to spend time with you
L ove is in the air
Y our companion

Short Hero poem by Kevin Elmore| Details |


sit up straight

stand up tall

never falter

never fall

stay in school

make the grades

never fail

be a hero

be a star

be everything 

but what you are

Short Hero poem by Jen H.| Details |

Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez

Benny beat the Beast, 

Busted the Baseball, 

Became Smalls Bud, 

Brings his Best, 

Breathes in Baseball

Benny was a hero

But Benny Became a legend

Become a Benny

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