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Short Giggle Poems | Short Giggle Poetry

Short Giggle Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Giggle by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Giggle short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Giggle poem by Timothy Hicks| Details |

Haiku 1

the sound
of a suppressed giggle
inside the toy box

Short Giggle poem by Ernesto P. Santiago| Details |

How An Old Man Defines Love

so cool,
it really 
does giggle ones’ heart;
viagra, though, is quite expensive!


Short Giggle poem by k k iloduba jnr| Details |


In every breathe i take,
In every gasp,
In every sigh,
In every giggle,
......there will always be a mention of you!

Short Giggle poem by Hunter Ware| Details |


Laughter fills the air
And it sets the sun alight
Breathes life into all
It grants us serenity
And we giggle, merry fools.

Short Giggle poem by Brianna Lundmark| Details |

Pickles N' Jam

I like pickles 
I like jam
I like chicken
In a frying pan
They make me giggle
They make me laugh
They make me want 
To take a bath

Short Giggle poem by Quentin Ehlinger| Details |


Little Debbie was never a bore
Even when she sat on the floor
She would giggle away
And always would say
A comment that got to the core

Short Giggle poem by G. R.| Details |

Haiku Twenty-something

mausoleum sits

damp and musty-

spider web dangles

front doors creek

foot steps echo-

teenagers giggle

 By Gwendolen Rix

Short Giggle poem by Joyce Johnson| Details |

A Rising Star

Mr Elisha Oitis
Would be of little notice
Were he not the clever creator
Of the handy elevator.

For John Freeman's Giggle contest.

Short Giggle poem by Derrick Shane| Details |

hey cutie

Your sheer arrogance makes me giggle
Your butt does the cutest wiggle
I really hope you like me
I want to call you baby
Or maybe my little piggle.


Short Giggle poem by bias fields| Details |

snow mount

young fresh matured 
wet flesh natured 
caress grasp tumble 
share giggle fumble
tare bright night 
finish love diminished
cold walk back 
lost tossed crossed   

Short Giggle poem by Autumn Stallard| Details |


I don't know you 
You don't know me 
So why is this happening?
Why do I feel this way? 
Why do you hurt me? 
Why do I giggle? 
If I barley know you 
Why do I like you?

Short Giggle poem by Doris Culverhouse| Details |

Clerihew For Contest Giggle Poetry

Mrs. Sara Kendrick
Despises vegetables mixed by forks
She has the title poetess
The mostess and gracious hostess!

Mom I was just being humorous!! You know I love you!

Short Giggle poem by Doris Culverhouse| Details |

Tickles and Pickles

There was a girl who loved salty pickles
She'd stick in a fork for a sure tickle
The first bite would spirt
She'd give the dork a squirt
Pickle juice in the eyes, such a giggle!

Short Giggle poem by Andrea Dietrich| Details |


One day with her pet lizard, on a
warm beach lay the sex goddess Shawna.
One who ogled her bust
tried to claim he was just
enthralled by her lovely iguana!

For john freeman's Giggle 2 Contest

Short Giggle poem by Dawn Carpenter| Details |






Short Giggle poem by colleen laforme| Details |


Put on my pants 
Let out a giggle 
Do a little prance 
Do a little wiggle
Up down 
Dance around
Wiggle tickle 
Wear a frown
Stop the dance 
Remove the pants
Take a stance 
Kill the ants 

Short Giggle poem by harry horsman| Details |


A pickpocket named Dodger
lived to become an old codger,
alas a walking stick and heaps of pain
his getaway speed sadly on the wane.

Giggle poetry
for John Freeman's Giggle Poetry contest.

Short Giggle poem by gautami phookan| Details |

Clad in tutu feathers

Clad in tutu feathers, dancing fairies in a timeless frame;
Spun in magic, watching souls to stay in limbo till curtains drawn.
Strapped pointed toes giggle, they traipse falling in a heap on floor.

Short Giggle poem by Dinda Minardi| Details |

Where Are You Now


I used to hang around with you
Right here, over there, everywhere
We used to giggle over our stupidities
Right here, over there, everywhere
Where are you now?
I’m sure I have a right to ask

Short Giggle poem by Rob Vittozzi| Details |

Your Love

Your love is like wind
It sweeps me away
Making me smile and giggle
After every word you say
All i can ever say
I love you
Hoping for the best
Seems like your mine
Hope we stay this way forever
I love you

Short Giggle poem by Edoja Faith| Details |


G is for giggle, u got 
me drunk with the 
way u laugh.

I is for increadable, 
truely you are.

F is for 
fulfilment,having u 
makes me whole.

T is for thankfulness, 
am glad and greatful i 
have u.

Short Giggle poem by Jill Martin| Details |

Too hard to do

It is here I would finish
that thought I had before
and giggle with foolishness
and waste my time in
careless increments
before the sun comes
and I wish I’d never done
before this stupid unrhyme
I can’t finish.

Short Giggle poem by Autumn Ehrhardt| Details |

The Little Daily 25

The little
That second
That tiny look
That burns a hole
That insignificant tolerance
That brings a daily peace
That puny joke
That makes a giggle
That serious moment
That forces a choice
The little makes a big impact.

Short Giggle poem by Michelle Pryor| Details |

"Oh My Betty"

They ask if a fat person fell in the woods
Would the trees laugh which they should
Betty tried it, as she fell her fat begin to jiggle
I closed my mouth but still heard a giggle
To be able to record that sound i wish i could!

Short Giggle poem by Jimmy Anderson| Details |

My Job IS??

  No need for a C.D.
You enjoy listening to me.
     You giggle at my personality.
Inside a booth or a marquee.
     My choice of music pure energy.
I make you move your body.
     I set your spirit free.
No this is not an E.V;P.!

Short Giggle poem by Richard Lamoureux| Details |

Perfect Day

I started of my day with your smile
Wrapped my arms around your waist
Pulled you to me
Heard you giggle in my ear
Felt your breath on my neck
The start of another perfect day

Dedicated to my sweetie who has gifted me with many perfect days.

Short Giggle poem by Steve Eng| Details |

Civil War Marker: Vanderbilt Campus

History’s unpopular these days,
No one cares where Blues shot Greys,
Or where the tons of cannonballs were kept.
Union marker stands aloof, alone,
Monument of bronze and chisled stone,
And students giggle where the Northern troops once swept.

Short Giggle poem by Christopher Flaherty| Details |


 I remembered being on a bus with my dad today
Passing an old decrepit man out jogging and I began to giggle
To which my father retorted laugh away 
At least he is competing whereas you are merely commentating
Glued to the bench last out the trench

Short Giggle poem by Anya Chebukina| Details |

Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken Noodle soup On a cold and winter day makes you feel all warm inside And ready to face today You slurp the noodles and you smile at its tastiness You drink the broth and giggle a little Its Chicken Noodle Soup So slurp away.

Short Giggle poem by freny gilbert| Details |


my silence started to mumble
my loneliness started to giggle
there is something in my mind that started to wiggle

feeling so fresh fresh
so new new
the reason no one knew

want to be the same forever
want to b sad never
its only me who understands this better

Short Giggle poem by Melani Udaeta| Details |

The changing of faces

The changing of faces
never the same
even the plainest faces change
day after day;
same features 
different face
a smile in your eyes
may only sometimes
reach your cheeks;
the changing of faces 
never the same 
a giggle in your eyes
always brightens my day

Short Giggle poem by Faire Lucas| Details |

sitting on the swing

laughing a joyous laugh
a giggle escapes my mouth's path
swinging on this swing i do
another swing here by you
with the sky as dark as my mother's hair
playing here then playing there
with one small swing takes another flight
im here with you on this wonderful night

Short Giggle poem by joanne simpson| Details |

i like

i like to give n help
i like to smile and giggle
i like laughter
i like happiness
but what do i get out of this???????

i get a better life
i get pride and joy
i get some thing what money cant buy........
unconditional love and happiness
i dont need any thing eles

Short Giggle poem by Carolyn Devonshire| Details |

James Fraser

A proud Highlander from Scotland, our friend James Fraser

His sensual renderings we’ve all come to treasure

In steamy writes, he awards beauties with flowers

But after reading his poetry, I need cold showers 

*For John Freeman's "Giggle Poetry" Clerihew contest

Short Giggle poem by Geoffery McHugh| Details |


I witnessed a crime.
suspect was a 
young girl

Be On  The Lookout-

-She wore a rasberry beret
the sort of thing you find in a second hand store

-She was a brown eyed girl with a wiggle in her walk and a giggle in her talk

I swear to god she had kaleidescope eyes.

Short Giggle poem by romeo naces| Details |

Music Handel Couldn't Handle

in a toddler's chuckle and giggle,

     there's a symphony so heavenly

          pure and simple,

               the musical beauty and depth of which

                    would have been, even to the great Handel,

                         too complex to handle !

Short Giggle poem by Sharon Smith| Details |

The Best Medicine

Let out a laugh if you’re lousy,
Add some amusement to aches,
Utter an outburst when under the weather,
Giggle your way through the shakes,
Howl if you’re feeling heart-sore,
Titters are good for infliction,
Enfeebled and exhausted? Try some elation,
Roll in the aisles, my prescription.

Short Giggle poem by Debbie Guzzi| Details |


giggle pop bubbles burst tears drizzle from crinkles run down overheated rose cheeks spit sputtering the side wiggler's guffaw drop rolling to the greening grass sibling tormentors tryst belly bubbler giggle
Contest: The Sound of Emotion Poet: D. Guzzi Date: 6/1/12

Short Giggle poem by Annie Chace| Details |

When You Cried

When you cried I laughed.
A strange nervous giggle.
The moment I heard it's sharpness,
I wanted to get away. To leave.
Sadness with no hope,
I couldn't do that...not then.
We were wrong to try and pull you up.
We tried to tell you it would be ok.
Sinking feelings told us otherwise.

Short Giggle poem by shawnee doling-tye| Details |

A Monday Night

A chuckle,
A snicker,
A giggle,
A short little laugh.
A snort,
A guffaw,
A roll on the floor,
Nearly in tears I realize I am not alone in the room.
An eye brow rises at my odd conniption.
I merely point breathlessly at the corner.
Once more the cat has gotten its head caught in a plastic cup.

Short Giggle poem by E.J. Smith| Details |

Under the Bridge

We would sneak away from Granny
And swim in the deep hole
Under the bridge.
It was a thrill
When cars bumped across
And bits of dirt and gravel would fall
On our heads.
We would shriek
The sky is falling, and giggle
Knowing it would not.
Soon, we would hear, "Children!
We were caught!

Short Giggle poem by Teddy Kimathi| Details |

Christmas Magic

Children giggle
as the bells jingle
in the bright, snowy day.

It is the moment when Santa can pay
you a visit from the chimney,
and give you presents of all sorts.

It is a time that harmony
becomes becomes musical notes,
being played with a divine touch,
as the angels match....

By: Teddy Kimathi

Short Giggle poem by Daniexelle Eledwhen| Details |


Happiness, laughter and giggles
Are not to him allowed,
No smiles, says he, so stop talking and turn around.
But what Mr. Grubber doensn't know,
And what he'll never find out,
Is that we continue to smile and giggle
When Grubber himself turns around.
And you know, that that's what it's all about.

Short Giggle poem by Christi Kopp| Details |

My Heart's Song

Morning cuddles wrapped in blankets
Only saying that one special word
Toothless grins
Helping you explore new tastes
Eyes alight with discovery
Reaching for a new treasure
Hugs making you giggle
Opening your eyes wide with excitement
Old experiences made new in your world
Damp kisses on my cheeks

Short Giggle poem by Russell Sivey| Details |

A Little of Life's Struggles

Life’s struggles compounded daily Whatever ails me, it hurts like crazy I believe it could be, a little bird and a bee That came across pretty bad, obviously Noticing my clothes are not on me
Russell Sivey Entrant into Tracie's "Make Me Giggle... Make Me Laugh..." contest

Short Giggle poem by Randall Smith| Details |

A bright smile

I have a bright smile
And my eyes do twinkle
it's so easy and fun.
to make people wonder
As to what I have done.

Laughter and quick wit 
I also possess,
So much pleasure I get
When a smile or a giggle 
I do coax.

Just giving some fun
On a Tuesday,
Some ones blues day
But not mine.

Short Giggle poem by Dr.Ram Mehta| Details |

A Rare phenomenon

Everyday my beautiful neighbor lovely luring Lily
Stands under the sun and gazes at it directly.
One day, her gaze the sun could not bear
Set earlier than usual, a phenomenon very rare.


Third place winner
Contest : Giggle Poetry (Clerihew)
Dr. Ram Mehta

Short Giggle poem by Alex Perry| Details |

You Make Me Laugh

You make me laugh
When you tickle my calf

Oh gosh you make me giggle
When you make up words like "swiggle"

You make me roar
When your every pair of sock have tore

You make me snicker
When you put on a hemlet of whicker

You make me realease peels of laughter
And we have our happily ever after.

Short Giggle poem by aneysa churchwell| Details |


stomach feels so wierd when i hear your voice
damn its those butterflies again
same with when i feel your touch
or see you smile
smilin' bright as day
even when the clouds are gray
i giggle uncontrollably around you
i get nervous
....because bay you are cute wit a capital

(lol i got bored =p)

Short Giggle poem by Katherine Stella| Details |

God That Taste Like Rubber

<                                      Mr Thomas Adams
                                        Weaver of the gum  Wham !
                                        Thought his Chicle
                                        Would fit better on my motor ~ cicle

Entry For 
John Freeman's 
Giggle Poetry
G.L. All

Short Poems