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Short Fruit Poems

Short Fruit Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Fruit by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short Fruit poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Fruit poem by David Dowling| Details | |

A poem about apples with a title longer than the poem itself

Fruit for thought!

Short Fruit poem by Toquyen Harrell| Details | |


Are you yooour fruit?
Have you eaten?

Short Fruit poem by BRIAN EATHERTON| Details | |

Favourite Fruit

What's a policeman's favourite fruit?

Short Fruit poem by Frank Polgar| Details | |

The Temptress

forbidden fruit
sinfully delicious
tempting many a fool

Short Fruit poem by BRIAN EATHERTON| Details | |

Favourite Fruit

What's a policeman's favourite fruit?
Banahnah nah nah.

Short Fruit poem by Christi Kopp| Details | |

Secondary Attraction

Ripe Fruit
Mopar Paint
Intense Passion

Short Fruit poem by marvin Anderson| Details | |


Edens tree is she
Her fruit I long to savor
Forever my love

Short Fruit poem by Doris Culverhouse| Details | |

Gardener's revenge

fat tomato bug
leafless bush and eaten fruit
fish for supper

Short Fruit poem by A.E. Rivenbark| Details | |

Passion Fruit

Love’s labors bore the
fruit of prosperity--
Passion flowering

Short Fruit poem by nikhileswari swaminathan| Details | |

sumptuous meal

cuisine if desired
sumptuous tasty yummy
always need to wait

Short Fruit poem by King-Galaxius Stravinsky| Details | |


Large sherbet bowls.
Fruit filling taste.
Aroma desired treat.

Short Fruit poem by Frank Penicaro| Details | |


coming home
strung out on heaven
eating magical fruit of amen.

Short Fruit poem by Joshua Lacey| Details | |

Grow with God

Good fruit Devil gets boot With God no fear Has to scoot!

Short Fruit poem by Ann Roske| Details | |

Freezer Jam

Fragrant ruby spread
Velvety fruit on the spoon
Better yet on bread

Short Fruit poem by Stephen Parker| Details | |

Haiku 7

festival of blooms
host trees shed masquerade for
tasty fruit morsels

Short Fruit poem by Harpreet Kaur| Details | |


People always tell
Forbidden fruit tastes sweetest
It’s an affliction.

Short Fruit poem by Edward Orozco| Details | |

Her green

A whispering wind
As savory fruit takes bloom
Heart touching roses live

Short Fruit poem by Sallam Yassin| Details | |


A fine fruit of love

As the tree as her fruit
 Man is fruit
Of his heart

Short Fruit poem by Ray Dillard| Details | |


Cherry blossoms pink-
Pastel petals soon will bring
Sweeter fruit than ink

Short Fruit poem by Rae Stegall| Details | |


Love blossems gently,
Like fruit coming into bloom,
Happiness blooms to.

Short Fruit poem by Denise Hopkins| Details | |


Roses are red 
 violets are blue
Jesus is in heaven
 is he waiting for you!

Short Fruit poem by Ronald Bunch| Details | |

God's Harvest

Jesus is the vine, 
We are pruned by God to grow, 
The branches bear fruit.

Short Fruit poem by Brian Strand| Details | |

A come hither refrain

ahoy little bee
suckle these flower for free-
so much fruit there'll be

Short Fruit poem by Sara Kendrick| Details | |

The Pear Tree

Pear tree tall erect
Loaded with ripe fruit to pick
Pear perserves, pickles

Short Fruit poem by Robb A. Kopp| Details | |

Sewn Web

She cast out her net
The sweet fruit made her forget….
Her harvest to get 

Short Fruit poem by Brian Strand| Details | |


close within
a vegetable-
Cicely will make it sweeter.

Short Fruit poem by Abe Lopez| Details | |

Spring Snow

Blooms in early March 
A pear less fruit tree awakes
Bringing the spring snow

Short Fruit poem by Ra R| Details | |


Love, Joy, Peace, Patience
Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness
Fruit of the Spirit

Short Fruit poem by Asif Andalib| Details | |

My efforts tree

It seems you have shown me a wrong route
Will my effort’s tree never bear fruit?

Short Fruit poem by Gregory Golden| Details | |

Ancient Serpent's Wings

Ancient serpent’s wings
Eat fruit this tree of knowledge
Then who fruit are we

Short Fruit poem by Melissa Ross| Details | |

In the Garden

Temptation strikes me,
That luscious fruit gleams in light,
Satan has arrived.

Short Fruit poem by Rickie Elpusan| Details | |

Olive trees

olive trees flutter
fruit fixed tight, steady to twigs
pardon the stained path

Short Fruit poem by Frank Penicaro| Details | |

with your favorite fruit juice

to love,is insanity,the impossible
the touch,the kiss.
where is my place in this?

Short Fruit poem by Shani Fassbender| Details | |

Apples and Oranges

Both foods are healthy Red and orange, juicy too Fruit of a rainbow

Short Fruit poem by sidewalker 1| Details | |

Bitter Sweet

Bitter sweet bounty

Headless, heartless, skinned, bite-sized!

Fruit cannibalized

Short Fruit poem by Sheri Fresonke Harper| Details | |

Camping Gone Bad

bushes berry filled
mouth stuffed, sated, stone stands up
black bear! I’m holed, freed

Short Fruit poem by daver austin| Details | |



think a berry pie
poor fruit fallen
from a tree
foot sole cherry red

Short Fruit poem by Brian Strand| Details | |


a welcome
Springtime emblem,
the foretaste of succulent fruit to come.

Short Fruit poem by Gerard Keogh Jr.| Details | |

false face ghastly garb

false face ghastly garb
bellows boos by porch light halo....
no fruit or mints please

Short Fruit poem by joseph adams| Details | |

Black Fruits Cry

I Cry and flood tears
As strange fruit hangs
From oak trees 
Black D Anjou pears fall

Short Fruit poem by Sara Kendrick| Details | |

tiny pears adorn

tiny pears adorn tree, fruit for many species August mighty gale

Short Fruit poem by Joshua Lacey| Details | |

The Judge Says

Lost fruit's case Satan's lordship over race Jesus crucified took place!

Short Fruit poem by Daniel Human| Details | |

In a jam

the fruit melts away
in a bubble of froth
inviting summer to stay
in time-locked broth

Short Fruit poem by Atour Tamrazov| Details | |

After Milk...

After milk, fruit, sugar and ice
Use fresh mineral water
From the montains in a Paradise!

Short Fruit poem by Joshua Lacey| Details | |

Refrigerator of Doom

Assaulting nostrols
Mold take-over?
Fruit, meat stench
Toss; breathe again!

Short Fruit poem by Eiken Laan| Details | |

Autumn in the Moselle Valley

Ripe, plump sun kissed fruit

Luscious grapes, plum cherry hues

Sipping sweet red wine

Short Fruit poem by Volodymyr Knyr| Details | |


If some fruit is forbidden in Eden,
Eden soon also will be forbidden.

Volodymyr Knyr

Short Fruit poem by Debbie Guzzi| Details | |

haiku 15

her oven opens—
bits of fruit color the dough
as flour dusts her breasts

Poet: Debbie Guzzi

Short Fruit poem by Gary Fields| Details | |

Hard Labor

Labor with-out
Sussessfully and
Repeatedly yields'


Short Fruit poem by jay del fierro| Details | |

Desert Fruit...

      Desert cactus blooms
   red colored prickly pear fruit
     sweet juice refreshment...

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