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Short Environment Poems | Short Environment Poetry

Short Environment Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Environment by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Environment short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Environment poem by Asif Andalib| Details |

Environment pollution

We need to control
Environment pollution
By hook or by crook

Short Environment poem by Robb A. Kopp| Details |


The world is in toil
Race for the last drop of oil
Environment we spoil

By Robb A. Kopp

Short Environment poem by Robb A. Kopp| Details |


Alien environment
Survival instinct

By Robb A. Kopp

All Rights Reserved © MMX

Short Environment poem by Marty Owens| Details |

Deep Dark Double Grave

Stale waters go deep.
Sneaky double mountain peaks,
Death environment

Inspired by Raul's Morning Ambience contest

Short Environment poem by Doris Culverhouse| Details |

Broken Monoku

Dump oil in the ocean, kill sea life

                                            To save the environment!!

For Brian's contest, Broken Monoku

Short Environment poem by Power Pocket| Details |


Is a piece of plastic
It never decays
It only pollutes
The environment
And accumulates
Filth in the society

06/02/2007 953

Short Environment poem by Sara Kendrick| Details |


Massive straight mountain
Cold formitable laden
With snow very cold

How can those redwoods
Survive harsh environment
Standing straight tall green

Short Environment poem by Sekitto kisakye| Details |


Look arround,
every thing you see
are bright freshness of air
in which man,
dwells heather.
Yeah, the environment,
it's the swelling of nature.

Short Environment poem by harry horsman| Details |


Passive in passion, taking in the sweet scent of the bloom
Milks the serenity of an environment, within nature
Rides the ferocious wind that formats the raging ocean

Short Environment poem by Robert Pettit| Details |


The surroundings I see each day are lame. 
It is so boring when everything looks the same. 
My environment has to be slowly killing me. 
I am in dire need of a change of scenery.

Short Environment poem by Desiree Tatarazuk| Details |

Janitors Broom

the janitors' broom,
it sweeps every room,
under each desk,
cleaning up the mess,
it never complains,
leaving a clean environment for our brains,
this broom is on a mission,
without recognition...

Short Environment poem by Demetrios Trifiatis| Details |


A toddler in the universe Man is
Having various technologies as his toys
He plays, he shouts and he has fun
Till eventually the environment destroys

© Demetrios Trifiatis 
    05 APRIL 2014

Short Environment poem by Susan Mills| Details |

Delightful House

If your environment is less than're in the wrong environment....

Delightful day
Excitement exudes
Light lessons
Inherit inspiration
Godly good
Harmonious house
Tear-free touch
Fancy free
Us United 
Love lives!

Short Environment poem by Russell Sivey| Details |


Worldly contamination Damaging our youth today With smoke and waste damaging Polluting the air The wildlife suffers greatly From the trash we throw outside Humans seem to try and hurt The environment
Russell Sivey

Short Environment poem by Jon B. Rangel| Details |


Shallow individuals
Hollow minds
Tough fronts
Do as I say, not as I do
Hearts of ice
Exponential drama
Walking thru life with blinders on
Militant policy
Lose, lose environment
Finger pointing
No accountability

Average workplace?

Short Environment poem by Haldor Paulsson| Details |

Upwards for the worlds tourism

Even in an heavy destruction of air
capitalism shout with joy
but not the climate
when everything goes wrong
you should take a fling at the barn
look up into the sky with a smile
take a sandwich or three
while the environment goes to hell

Short Environment poem by Jenna-Nichole Conrad| Details |

Tick Tock

In the indecision--
the sidewalk's cracked masses,
always greener the upside,
screaming horns and Styrofoam cup lipstick stains--
the Second Hand grows sluggishly Dopesick;
Tick tock Time vomits itself to a hault
and the environment produces

Short Environment poem by Joyce Johnson| Details |

After the Horse is Stolen

Man's thirst for riches caused this unnatural disaster....
Innocent creatures and the environment paid the awful price.
Prevention not reparation must rule endeavors.

rec HM in Sijo contest

entered for Sijo contest

Short Environment poem by bl devnath| Details |


                                      I am of my own address 					
                               my unaddressed life speaks to me					
                       Whatever the environment in which I am grown up					
                         everything I describe in myself without any plea					

Short Environment poem by daver austin| Details |



we have habitat
nor wire nor fence enclosing
open habitat

animals roam free
god ordained environment
clear blue sky to see

such the normal clime
since the snake spoke from the tree
since primeval time

man laboring hard
so slowly changed all that    but
not in our backyard

Short Environment poem by Suzette Richards| Details |


a bright light shone through the cracked urn of my consciousness illuminating a mere fraction of my environment rushing to greet it grazing my intellect and bruising my ego I stumbled upon the truth for each drop of happiness we pay for in the exacting coin of an avalanche of tears

Short Environment poem by Poet Destroyer A | Details |

Sun Dance

~Sun Dancing~         

Bright yellow sparks glisten around the landscape
Sheer environment expose  
Warmth slinks down every step        
So--  Invigorating 
Spur like rays muster in long light
The wolves wait to howl
Soon--Bunch of flowers 
Huddle in with sunlit love
Luminous rave  

By; pd

(For contest)

Short Environment poem by olusegun Arowolo| Details |

Unique Nature zone

Unique Nature zone

A Blissful Calm Dusk,East From Green Hills;
Imbedded Jungle;Kale,Legume,Mahogany;
Naturalized odious Paddock;Qualifies Red Sun.
...The Unique Vetch with Xerophytes Yielding Zone.

N.B:Xerophytes are plants that can survive in an environment,such
as the desert,where water supply is scarce.

Short Environment poem by RITTY ANN| Details |


Standing solemnly in standstill,
Aah how awesome and amazing,
Stirring at the splendor of space,
I fall flat on the face,
Frolicking fervently as I watch the flow of His glory,
I crouch to the creator of the creatures,
And I smiled for everything fit exactly in its environment.


Short Environment poem by Leo Angelo Tiin II| Details |


On school today,
All books and nothing to say,
yet a day with someone to stay,
makes my mind flying away.

Calculating the equations,
remembering all the constitutions,
and sharing the environment situations
But still, classmates association.

What is it?
Feel it?
A little bit.
It's job well done, isn't it?

Short Environment poem by Swarna Tilak| Details |

faces on faces

faces on faces.............there are soo many faces on faces.........creating a fake environment around you........

teliing fake truths to make a more perfect you..................

why just people remain their orignal oneself..............

to love the orignal you....................

TO LOVE THE ORIGINAL YOU..................

Short Environment poem by Sara Kendrick| Details |

Old Man Of Storr

On the Isle of Skye
Lives Old Man of Storr
A varied and impressive mountain
Featured in tall tales of men of yore

Beauty is all around him
But humble he remains
When one reaches his rim
Miles and miles of glory are attained

Upon his slopes, sheep
Love to skip and romp
Just the environment steep
For their daily tromp

Short Environment poem by Michelle McDermin| Details |

New days

It's not high school anymore
There's not a constant environment
where you need to make an impression
There's only a slim change now
that someone will ask what is wrong

It's an empty feeling
cause you don't know where to go now
The months are the same year by year
and leave you stuck in the same place
wishing it wasn't so

Short Environment poem by Russell Sivey| Details |


And the gorgeous flower feels so very
Thus missing from its own environment
Towards the edge of the known universe
Within its own self, greatly expressing
Coming out of its many pores it has
Flower leaves the confines of the garden
Any answers back at its old home place…

Russell Sivey

Short Environment poem by shannon farlouis| Details |

Just Imagine

Just imagine a world that is green,
the environment clean.
Clovers dance in the wind,
as a bird's song begins.

Just imagine a world that is green,
peaceful and serene.
Crickets chirping tunes,
under the big full moon.

Just imagine a world that is green,
where the eagle soars free.
Fresh air to breathe,
and a soothing sea.

Just imagine.

Short Environment poem by Annalise Brigham | Details |

Vignette-Love and Devotion

Elizabeth Barrett Browning, born 1806,
Extraordinary Poetess, daughter, sister, wife, Abolitionist 
Confined for a time yet her heart, mind and spirit
Roamed free beyond her environment, espousing, expressing
Love and devotion so eloquently in beautiful Sonnets

To:  Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Entry into Brian Strand's Vignette-Literary Love Affair Contest

Short Environment poem by Jon A Cavanaugh| Details |


Vagrant loitering pigeons
Around state house lawns and streets
Deface statues, blanket surroundings
With "histoplasmatic" sheets
So, These congestive creatures
Much to their chagrin
Have been "targetedly" introduced
To the inducted peregrine

Commentary on local governments that have introduced peregrine falcons into the environment
to thin out the pigeon population.

Short Environment poem by Dawn Mungovan| Details |

Our Song

hand in hand
we walk through
the verdancy
of our love
invigorated by
our close
breathing it in
with reverent awe
we step to the
beating of our hearts
birds in the distance
are singing our song
with grasshopper
metronomes and
toads laying the bassline
we stop to dance
to the private symphony
in celebration of
our romantic sunrise

Short Environment poem by Virginia Mitchell| Details |

Live, Laugh, Love

Little babies are born
Into a world that has a
Vicious, 'Dog eat dog!'

Long days pass
Amid the chaos of war.
Ugly scars mar beauty, while
Gaiety is almost non-existent.
How can life be so cruel?

Listen to the call for peace, to
Overcome ruthlessness.
Visualize a better life, where
Everyone lives, laughs, and loves.


Short Environment poem by Justin Debrosse| Details |

Creative Desperation

Will I take responsibility 
For the words that I speak
In the desperation of life
I've looked for answers
And surrendered the bleak
Emotional addictions
That have harried this climb
Is it
Needing Love or Truth
Shapeshifting roles
To encounter myself
At the barrier
Of now and beyond
Creativity comes suddenly
An impulse will speak
Watch environment melt away
Thoughts purify in sync

Short Environment poem by Dalila Agtani| Details |


Oh, our world is changing If we don’t share and bother There will be no more EARTH Fast as we should, be mindful Of the consequences of global warming. What can we do? Across the globe, we must work together: Homes , schools and businesses “Reduce, reuse and recycle” Clean and green our environment. Policy makers: act swiftly Save the planet earth, MOVE!

Short Environment poem by Robert Pettit| Details |

Staying Outside

If it’s a “jail“, “prison“, or even “detention center”, it is not a place I would like to enter. I also certainly will not like to stay. Commit a crime, and they lock me away. Four walls and bars make up a small cell. The entire environment can be a living hell. Nobody can escape even though some have tried. When I meld with society, I can stay outside.

Short Environment poem by Matthew Anish| Details |

Comic Book Tripper

     Dazzled by Superman, 
           and the Human Torch
She walked the streets 
    of the city
and was left behind
      by time
She saw  the gray urban environment
      and believed that 
superheroes  should spring
  from behind every door
No Archie here
       just a bleak
      until riotous colors 
explode - leaving behind a fistfull of memories

Short Environment poem by Brian Strand| Details |


A miracle unfolds,to enthrall,
From a caterpillar,green and small;
Upon the breeze,wind-blown
The pale yellow Brimstone;
A butterfly we briefly see,
If she could speak,her prayer... plea

Concern from we--her trustee.

Note The decline of the humble Buttertfly an indication of how we damage our environment
each day without thinking through the consequences for our own well being.

Short Environment poem by roy austin| Details |

HAIKU TRAIL :(Inconsistent with environment)


It is hard and bleak
now, below his tired feet
with the grey above him,

albescent with time
clouds bubble above him there
like an old man’s  beard,

though you, his sweet one
are the soft green in between,
bring back salad  days,

when you address him
you greet him with such relish
to flavour his life

and so he holds on -
ever in mind  as at hand,
leaning on the wind.

Short Environment poem by Robert Pettit| Details |

Recalcitrant Students

Recalcitrant students in a classroom. For any teacher, that usually spells doom. It is a fine art making children behave. What can be done if they rant and rave? They usually dislike an environment that’s didactic. Instructing these pupils can be quite hectic. How do you combat their incorrigibility? Sometimes, it seems like an impossibility. This is a task that displays formidability.

Short Environment poem by Joe Flach| Details |

Butterfly Days

When I first brought my caterpillar home,
It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen;
I promised to take care of her
By providing an environment kept clean.

I watched my caterpillar 
Change in many ways;
Exploring her small, boxed in world,
Preparing for butterfly days.

Finally, she sprouted wings,
And is anxious to take flight;
My daughter left for college today,
Fluttering with delight.

Short Environment poem by Edwin Baldwin| Details |

Peyote Marmalade

If the entire world is a stage and we are all actors upon it 
So said Shakespeare (paraphrased) 

Then daily life is a camera shot in focus. 
When we explore our environment it’s a wide angle shot. 
When we are stupidly acting on command, it’s a close up. 
Well then...... 
We're ready for our close-up's Mr. D'ville' 

“Discontent is the first necessity of progress.”
- Thomas A. Edison

Short Environment poem by Doris Culverhouse| Details |


Swift, rushing, bubbling creek
Flowing to the gulf, cycle of life
Ebbing near with sounds of nature

Faint screech of an  unrecognizable bird
Frogs croak, cool breeze across my face
Warm sunshine on my bare skin

Reminds me I am... 
Alive for one, able to feel
Able to sense my environment

I see the beauty and am in awe
Many colors, many wildflowers...
Just for me this day!!

Dedicated to my Daddy (Tommy)

Short Environment poem by Steve Humphries Artist| Details |

Be Careful About the Self

The self exists like a tree
A tree is a river of action
Shaped by its individuality
Interacting with the environment 
it strives and creates its own form
In this way it is strong
And brings fourth delicious fruit
In the same way
A man can grow free and strong
In individuality 
And still taste the fruit
Of pure awareness
Why regulate trees?
Why regulate men?
There is another motive 
In destroying the self
And that is control.

Short Environment poem by Greg Swimelar| Details |

I Got the Candles Lit

I got the candles lit
And the glass of red wine,
The soothing crooning of Nina;
The city lights in front of me.
What else do I need?
We get a chance to make changes
To our environment
But the real change is inside;
The inside and outside work together
For moments of pleasure.
And as a human being
Struggling with life every day,
You deserve a moment of peace,
Tranquility, and yes, romance –
Even if it is with yourself.

Short Environment poem by Tony Bush| Details |

Wasteland Cannot Prevent

The barrier of distance cannot minimise or dim 
  Your beauty or the magnitude of all that you possess; 
Though miles of separation lie between us cold and grim, 
  The aura of your nature overwhelms me nonetheless. 
Environment cannot contain, wasteland cannot prevent 
  The blossom of the magnet dream, the visions of your face; 
For I am ever counting down the days without relent, 
  Until we are together in adjacent time and space.

Short Environment poem by Atef Ayadi| Details |

Midwest Custom

I walked
In Oregon street
Toward the 
Espresso Royal cafe shop
I always look around me
Nothing escapes 
From my sight
That is a healthy interaction 
With one environment 
And even nature
I realized no one
Gave me any look back
This blond lady
She smiled to me
For two and half seconds
She stepped three feet
And vanished.
I realized since then
That a smile
In Midwest
To a stranger
It means 
Man, Be cool.

Short Environment poem by Griffins Ndhine| Details |

looking for Love

I was advised at home
In the village never roam
Looking  for village girls.
That I will meet girls of class
At the university
 Girls full of beauty
Girls with dignity
And a high level of maturity
Who will love you with sincerity
Those that are learned
Those that are civilized.
Now I am at the university 
Scanning the environment with curiosity
Eager to meet this lady
Who is defined above
If I do not see
I will remain happily single.

Short Environment poem by Neldy Jolo| Details |


A gem of a nation
An abode of peace
A treasure of empire
A haven of tranquility
A kingdom of treasures
An oasis of modern empire
A space of warmth greeting
A den of hospitable people
A neoclassical form of politics
A gateway to beyond comports
An avenue of understanding
An environment of treasures
An ancient Sultanate kingdom
An indeed pampering Brunei Darussalam

Bandar Seri Begawan
Negara Brunei Darussalam
December 30, 2008
Muharram 2, 1430

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