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Short Career Poems | Short Career Poetry

Short Career Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Career by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Career short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Career poem by amber davis| Details |


Short term the school.
Long term the house of love.
A career until retirement.
My world.

Short Career poem by Justin Debrosse| Details |

A House of a Career

A house, a career
An impeccable lawn-
My lover at dawn
She prowls to my teeth
We enfold ourselves
Our batteries complete

Short Career poem by Sharon Smith| Details |

Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy (Mr Spock),
His music career quite ad hoc,
Sang of Bilbo in sixty eight,
With his fringe still Vulcan straight.

Short Career poem by Leon Stacey| Details |


Humble yourself now
Or be humiliated
Later in this life

With other people
In your career, with money,
sex and possessions.

Short Career poem by Robert Pettit| Details |

Billy Campfield

Billy Campfield What a football career he would yield. Billy started as a Kansas Jayhawk. He ran, he didn’t walk.

Short Career poem by Doris Culverhouse| Details |

Nutcracker limerick

Nutcracker ballet tickets for fun
Elegantly floating on air and sun
A great fall off the wall
Wife has a vice tis strife
Nutcracker career, hubby done!

Short Career poem by Dr.Ram Mehta| Details |

Obituary and career

Write your own obituary in details, dear
Before you embark upon your career.


Second Placement
Contest: Give wisdom its beauty

Short Career poem by Christopher Flaherty| Details |


Harvard, M.I.T, Cambridge, Yale
Which career path did you choose?
Does your gift give or take
I would the to be smart it’s the most 
Prized possession of the dark arts 

Short Career poem by John Smith| Details |


Sensitivity's what gals hold dear 
in guys.  High on their lists: his career.  
What is it for us'll 
make us want to nuzzle?  
High skirts, low blouses, hot lovin', cold beer.

Short Career poem by Jon A Cavanaugh| Details |

The buffoon

The funny jesting
Foolish buffoon
Should not entertain
A fierce baboon
Nor, poke fun at
Its bulbous rear
For this would end
The clowns career
A monkey
would be
Made of him
As he is stretched out
Limb by limb

Short Career poem by Charles Henderson| Details |

Too Tall to Cross His Legs

Ralph the Giraffe to the chimpanzee
“Where in the ZOO do guys go to pee”
“All creatures kept in here
Are mindful of career
Just go in action packed mystery”		 

© May 08 2010 For Linda’s Zany Zoo contest

Short Career poem by Doris Culverhouse| Details |


I am quite a fixer....of clocks that are DIRTY old tickless clocks....
Lube 'em up and they purr like new. my new career?? what do yo think?

Celadon eyes with strawberry short cake locks of silk(corn silk)

Short Career poem by James Ph. Kotsybar| Details |

Snooze Button

Whats going on?
Up at dawn 
with a yawn.

Where am I?
Tell me why 
I should try.

Why am I here?
for career.

Where’s the alarm?
Just disarm;
there’s no harm?

Can’t I just sleep?
Count more sheep;
it’ll keep. 

Short Career poem by Carolyn Devonshire| Details |

The Graduate's Sanctuary

the graduate

      submerges in pool

          Mr. Robinson

               debates career paths above:

sanctuary found in sounds of silence

For Chris's "Sanctuary" contest.  Based on the film "The Graduate."

Short Career poem by Kim Hilliker| Details |

Time Passes

Beautiful woman
Twenties or thirties
Schooling or career
Lovers and boyfriends
Best times of her life

Getting older
Gotten smarter
Beauty within

Golden years



Short Career poem by Doris Culverhouse| Details |

What is my passion?

My passion has been lost, the gloss is off the glaze
I am seeking a new passion with passion
Finding out who I am now in my life, I let my career define me for so long.
Giver is me and traveler want to be!

still thinking about it...

Short Career poem by shane solomon| Details |

Blonde Ambition

I once had a dream of a girl that sang pop
She was only 16 dressed like a slut, so we called her prosti-tot
She went crazy and spiraled down,
Did a music video with a depressing clown
And as for the singer, Thank God!  her career finally stopped

Short Career poem by Shay Funk| Details |


Coconut moon
Shines light on the gloom
With just enough light to allow you to sneak
So you can find secretly what you seek
You are invisible here
In the dark you can start your secret career
Of being a secret
So what you do no one can keep it

Short Career poem by Erika Raiken| Details |

What's A Girl To Do

I need you to go on I can’t live when you’re gone This is crazy leaving me here You have your career I’ll be gone when you come back Your love is what I lack I can’t survive with out you But your always gone, what’s a girl to do?

Short Career poem by Shishir Gupta| Details |

Sky Limit

Sky was limit,
They said,
He had excelled all along,
And made them said that,
He kept on climbing,
They still said that,
For him sky was the limit,
He zoomed in his career,
And became an astronaut,
And now for him even the sky was not the limit.

Short Career poem by Kiara Lowdog| Details |

Fall Out Boy!

I love Fall Out Boy
Their songs fill me with joy
Rocking like a punk
And, did I mention that the lead singer is a hunk

Songs like Dance, Dance
Brought their career to a great advance

Dance moves
And awesome groves
Makes Fall Out Boys jam
A grand slam!

Short Career poem by Robert L. Hinshaw| Details |

Pugnacious Pete

Pugnacious Pete was his Pseudonym

   Pete Plied Pugilism in the gym

      Though Pete Prayed to Phix his Plight

         Poor Pete seldom won a Phight

            Pete's Phighting career was looking grim!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Short Career poem by Matthew Miles| Details |


I can't cope with copacetic,
A life of compromise seems to me pathetic,
Without completing dreams, I can't gauge my worth,
So with arms raised high, Eyes shut, I fly out to mirth,
I find myself flattened quickly against a glass ceiling,
Now a budding career in retail seems appealing.

Short Career poem by Emily Rakis| Details |


Trapped on this roller coaster, No matter how hard I try to get off, I always end up right back, The ride goes through love, Family, Career, This is an emotio coaster, Trapped cant leave, Can't get off this Emotion Coaster, Dead inside but alive on this Coaster....

Short Career poem by Eva J Tortora| Details |

Angels in Their Sky.....

Blue Sky......
Angel in their Mirror....
Will I see him again???
What will I look like???


And sometimes I remember
Actually I never do
Did I ever want???

To wish
An angel once told me
is better than nothing....

You are the angel I wanted

Short Career poem by Melissa Ross| Details |


An ode to my career less writing career,
The slightly altered vocabulary,
And the advanced insanity-
My brain pulses with,
My victory,
Is unheard of,
My sense of rational mentality decays,
Subtly with each passing note,
Every scribble,
Every completed piece,
Every outpouring,
Of the soul.

Short Career poem by Tessa Heyart| Details |


What do I want?
I cannot decided 
So many choices
But what do I choose?
A career or family
Comfort or excitement
Steady or different
Simple or complicated
Love or drama
Peace or conflict
What do I choose?
Plain or intricate
Relaxed or fast paced
Do I have to choose?
Or can I have both?

Short Career poem by Henry Puckett| Details |


Sat on the ground today
Felt like I needed to fly away
Everything I did was wrong
Maybe I just don't belong
Tried to focus on my career
But you complained about the year
I want to do what I think is right
But you just say goodnight
Maybe tomorrow will be better
If not, I'll just write a letter

Short Career poem by Kenny Loy| Details |

Keep calm and advance

Never be a victim of 
Regardless career, health, 
family, romances
Live life fully without regrets 
and taking chances
Even if its wooden swords 
against spears and lances
Whether the fat lady sings or 
the skinny man dances
No detours or turn backs and 
keep those advances

PQRS #0019

Short Career poem by David Bull| Details |

Hero's Death

A hero’s bloody wasted death
A lonely cold stony grave
Our hero became the bullets slave

Shown no mercy from faceless gunfire
Just doing his job with honour and dedication
The career he desired without limitation

War is a ritual of certain death
How was he to know that this
War would be his final breath

Short Career poem by Robert Pettit| Details |

Lou Bega

Your career would thrive with your hit song “Mambo Number Five”. Many thought that song was fine. It was a chart buster in 1999. With other songs, you may have tried. As a “one hit wonder”, you are classified. Are we going to hear from you anymore? I hope you regain your popularity as before.

Short Career poem by Michael Jordan| Details |

Addiction Took

The things addiction took from me
My Lord
My family
My goals
My career
My friends
My self- esteem
My self- respect
My pride
My compassion
My mind
My heart
My soul
My freedom
My health
Addiction took everything from me
I thank you Lord for another day clean

Written for Kristin's 20 lines or less
"List Poetry contest".

Short Career poem by Karin Edwards| Details |

Micheal Jackson Has Died

How tragic to hear that,
Micheal Jackson has died
Although, to make some
sense of it, We tried
In between All the tears,
We cried
Over, Our long-time emblem
of pride
Whose death stood to be a
massive, CAREER suicide
For We, from the Reality of
his ending genius, could Not
But, We thank him, for the
interesting journey of a ride

Short Career poem by Brian Strand| Details |


Dreamed a dream,upsetting  his close kin,
The arrogance of youth,not the greatest sin;
Banished to a land,many miles south
Favoured by the Lord, with interpretations in his mouth;
A career like ,a roller coaster ride,
Oft-times than not,upon the winning side;
Joseph,older now,and full of wise counsel,
His early dream evolving exactly as he did forthtell.

Short Career poem by Robert Pettit| Details |

Rolf Benirschke-Maverick

Rolf Benirschke place kicker. Ulcerative colitis nearly ended his career. He made a comeback. Rolf defied the odds. He holds the Chargers record for the most points scored. Rolf brought soccer-style kicking to professional football. I thank online encyclopedia for information I obtained to write this poem. Dodoitsu with tanka attached

Short Career poem by C. L. Thornton| Details |

The Diva

A soprano she was, and how bizarre,
that whenever she hit a high C,
you heard the strap let go on her bra.
The critics, brutal in their criteria,
insisted the sound ruined the aria
which put a quick end to her career.
To men deaf to the art of bel canto,
keen only to the sound of a popped bra,
they continue to applaud and to cheer
as our diva struts and strips in bel scanto.

Short Career poem by randy johnson| Details |


(This is a fictional poem)

I was a rich Hollywood producer but now I'm broke.
My last film ruined my career and that's no joke.
I didn't know that my movie would flop.
My wife left me because there was no money for her to shop.
It's embarrassing to go from being a millionaire to being in the unemployment 
I just got a new job, does anybody need their shoes shined?

Short Career poem by C. L. Thornton| Details |

An Early Career

My father put the question to me:
'Son, when grown up, what do you want to be?
My other, suspicious, waited for
my unrehearsed reply with more
than her less than usual attention.
And so, without any hesitation,
I said: "I want to be like you, Dad."
Her faced turned red and she grew made,
ran into the kitchen for a beer
and thrust it in my face. Drink, start your career."

Short Career poem by randy johnson| Details |


(Dedicated to Selena Quintanilla Perez who died March 31, 1995.)

You were murdered in cold blood in 1995.
While you lived, your music career thrived.
It was sad because you died at the age of twenty-three.
We were both born in 1971, you were the same age as me.
When you died, the music industry lost a great star.
Now you're singing for God because Heaven is where you are.

Short Career poem by SillyBilly theKidster| Details |

In Honor Of Sharon Ruebel

Shar, you truly write great poetry.
Whenever I give your poetry a read
it often gets me in touch with myself emotionally.
... Ever give a thought to a career in therapy?
Because after reading much of your poetry, repeatedly,
I get in touch with feelings I have felt were long lost to me.
Thanks and Best Wishes Always Shar, Most Sincerely.
Forever Your Friend, TheKidster, SillyBilly

Short Career poem by Lashawn Wilkins| Details |

Be My Example

The day I look at myself
I'll notice the distance
The thoughts of trying to accomplish my goals
are diminished
Maybe if I start again, this time alone
Then I won't be the one wrong
My life has just begun, because now
I know that I've won!
If I believe that I can be
Anything that I see
I'll look around for a career,
So this time next year
I'll be happier than I am now.

Short Career poem by Robert Pettit| Details |


Your song touched many hearts as it hit the top of the music charts. What wonderful lyrics and melody to a song titled “I’ve Never Been to Me”. This is still something we occasionally hear. However, what happened to your career? Everyone would like to have you back here. We don’t know why you disappeared from the scene. The world awaits for another song, Charlene.

Short Career poem by Justin Debrosse| Details |

Karma of a career lady

She clings so tightly
To capitalist trench coats
Burning folks with kerosene rope
Coast to bloody engine spokes
The map is tarnished 
Glass ribbons shrewd from her eyes
(I minus I) is her demise
Constantly cutting back
And reinventing new blood
She recedes with definite sin
However, gory details aside
You're still a girl with a dream
Nothing more, nothing less

Short Career poem by Arild Andresen Ertsland| Details |

Thoughts of The Day

"In these seems
 politicians without a decent vision
 are on their right track.."


"If you leave your morals and ethics back home`ll face a great career in your life"

Inspired by the news of a politician over here which "unfortunately" has handed out
money under the table.Im SO happy that the taxes we pay are in `good-hands`...

March 10th 2012

Short Career poem by Don Schaeffer| Details |

The Professor's Career at an End

The lecturer behaves 
in such an intimate way
not taking the standard distance
that is derived from the 
model of aristocracy, 
innate superiority 

The students believe 
cracks in the demeanor of the teacher 
mean that knowledge, 
the power of knowledge 
is going to leak 
like warm gas 
and that the teacher will deflate 
hissing onto the classroom floor.

Short Career poem by Connie Marcum Wong| Details |

Tribute to Garth the Great -Reversed Etheree

Garth Brooks, a wonderful singer is he.
He sways the crowds with his melodies.
The youngest of six, he began
his career by listening
to songs from Country’s greats.
To emulate them
became his quest.
Three cheers for

© 2013 Connie Marcum Wong

I watched a T.V. Special staring Garth Brooks last night and it was
simply the best. I hope some of you watched it too.

Short Career poem by Brian Strand| Details |

MATISSE CUT-OUT an Ekphrasis-recited

MATTISE CUT-OUT an Ekphrasis
Colour combinations,yellows &blacks
of every hue,gouache paper,paint,
pins&glue.Cut-out patterns,pasted
pastiche,outlines enssemblage traced,
time after time.Out of the blue nudes
appear,modelled maquettes a last period
coda of the master’s career.
Inspired by Matisse Cut-out book Jazz

Listen to me recite this ekphrasis on youtube under my pen name ichthyschiro

Short Career poem by randy johnson| Details |

Tommy Morrison

He was a boxer and his name was Tommy Morrison.
He starred in Rocky V as Tommy Gunn.
He died last year at the age of forty-four.
It's sad because he's not alive anymore.
He won forty-nine of his fifty-two fights.
He always punched out his opponents lights.
Morrison's boxing career ended in 2008.
Now he's dead and it's what many hate.

(Dedicated to Tommy Morrison who died on September 1, 2013.)

Short Career poem by randy johnson| Details |


When it came to your acting career, you were no slacker.
You starred as Sam the butcher and as Sergeant Hacker.
You guest starred on the Andy Griffith Show at least ten times.
On that show you mostly played characters who turned to crime.
It was extremely sad when your life ended.
You were a great actor and you certainly deserve to be commended.

(Dedicated to Allan Melvin who died January 17, 2008.)

Short Career poem by randy johnson| Details |

The scream

(This is a true story)

While a doctor was aborting a baby, he was disturbed when the baby screamed.
It was one of the most terrifying things he'd ever seen.
It was so disturbing that it gave him chills.
A big change would come about because of this ordeal.
It horrified the doctor so much that it brought his career to an end.
After hearing that baby scream, he decided never to perform an abortion again.

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