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Short Body Poems | Short Body Poetry

Short Body Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Body by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Body short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Body poem by Seymore Butts| Details |



Short Body poem by REZA DILMAGHANIAN| Details |

The Body Vessle


Short Body poem by Jessika Robinson| Details |


Drunken crash,

Wee woo wee woo!

Body count of two.

Short Body poem by Alana Tye| Details |


Heart break'n

Body ache'n

Mind shaken


Short Body poem by The Situation| Details |

the vision

Perfect waist, high heel taste, buns galore, body tour.

Short Body poem by Richard Lamoureux| Details |

Stay Away

You hugged me
My body stayed stiff
Not ready to forgive

Short Body poem by Jimmy Anderson| Details |

Vows Are Eternal

Spiritually mine.

Body and spirit divine.

For eternity.

Short Body poem by sekitto kisakye| Details |


My soul is me.

My blood is my life.

My body is for soil.

Short Body poem by Mark Halliday| Details |


As you get older,

Deny the reality

That everything sags!

Short Body poem by Brian Strand| Details |

ps sequence-TRAPPED


the body

looking out-


do we see

stars or bars

Short Body poem by karen croft| Details |

just a girl

i am but a girl
in an old woman's body
wanting to break out

Short Body poem by Effie Blake| Details |

Cushions Please

raw jalapeno

flame going in the body

hard to sit when out

Short Body poem by Jeremy henderson| Details |

cum pound interest

she loans her body

to my desire of her

now i pay interest?

Short Body poem by Abdulhafeez Oyewole| Details |

Haiku Four

Bottle of Irish
Abandoned by bartender
Emptied so he thought

Short Body poem by Teresita Cailo| Details |




body yearns

soft cuddly bed


Short Body poem by Matthew Horstkotter| Details |


Eat the body
To gain salvation
Eat your neighbor
Go to jail

Short Body poem by Anthony Souls| Details |

Propagates reality

Death of the body

Propagates reality

Enables our dreams

Short Body poem by karen croft| Details |

my body

my body is beginning
 to play tricks with me
 the older i get

Short Body poem by karen croft| Details |


my love is honey

sweet, tangible, edible

mind, body, spirit

Short Body poem by Kiran Bantawa| Details |

winter wardrobe

In winter my whole body a 




Short Body poem by Judy Bonin| Details |

Vanity Solutions

gravity set in
so now I pose for snapshots
standing on my head

Short Body poem by nikhileswari swaminathan| Details |

sumptuous meal

cuisine if desired

sumptuous tasty yummy

always need to wait

Short Body poem by Margaret Okubo| Details |

Daily Bread

Food for the body
 fortifying  mans Spirit
The Word of God.

Short Body poem by chris bowen| Details |

charlie chaplain{ghost}

stupid remarks,sir

will not make you a poet

some dumb body do

Short Body poem by Jessica Wong| Details |


I can't hear

I can't see

My body is gone

But my soul is free

Short Body poem by Edward Orozco| Details |

Espiritu Santo

Will you live in me

Purify my body whole

Cleanse my all; amen

Short Body poem by Celene Crescent| Details |

Butterflies playing with my Heart. . .

My body tingles,as He gently calls my name,as He loves me true.

Short Body poem by ROSALYN LAMPKIN| Details |

rhythem of life

rhythem of life---
the mind, body, and soul
dance to the beat

Short Body poem by Jeremy henderson| Details |


my body's a cage

locked inside a mortal shell

i plot my escpae

Short Body poem by Renee Hendricks| Details |

Tenderly Tied

Her hands softly tied

passion engulfs her body

eagerly waiting

Short Body poem by Tara Andre| Details |


Bones seeped in acid
Muscles burning like fire
World weary body.

Short Body poem by Stephen Parker| Details |


full body armor

shielding protecting parent

weak insecure child

Short Body poem by chris bowen| Details |

real events

ghosthunting in style

man from the ages goes by

my body shivers

Short Body poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details |


hope you better
your under the weather
get up quick

Short Body poem by Jack Jordan| Details |

Haiku 6

Sensual timbre;
love before and love after. 
See your body sing.

Short Body poem by J B| Details |


a game before sleep

relaxes body and mind

sleep comes right away

Short Body poem by Asif Andalib| Details |

The puppy-dog

A puppy-dog jumped

On my body barking 

Trying to frighten me!

Short Body poem by Sara Kendrick| Details |

Georgia Peach

A Georgia peach

Nourishes the body and soul

Beauty and good food

Short Body poem by bryant smith| Details |


Eviction known awaits

Body, mind, spirt, and soul

Believe in GOD

Short Body poem by Harpreet Kaur| Details |


Your touch on my body
Saw an ocean in a drop
Couldnt check onrush

Short Body poem by Teddy Kimathi| Details |

Anatomy of Life

The philosopher has blades;

He wants to dissect

the body of life.

Short Body poem by Raul Moreno| Details |


A lifeless body,

Chiseled from divinity:

Draped in mothers arms.

Short Body poem by Ernesto P. Santiago| Details |

The Black Butterfly

the black butterfly

on a leaf, restoring her

weak body and mind

Short Body poem by Leon Stacey| Details |

Finger Foods

Eating with our hands

To comfort body and soul

At home, on the go

Short Body poem by Gregory Golden| Details |

Silent Sun

The bread of your body

That morsel of love

This I know

Silent sun

Short Body poem by Anthony Souls| Details |

Her one last meow : Haiku dedicated to my dead cat.

Paralyzed body

purring to sleep on the ground

her one last meow

Short Body poem by Connie Marcum Wong| Details |


quickened heart

body, mind and soul combine. . .

breathless bliss

Short Body poem by Jack Jordan| Details |

Haiku 9

Easy flowering
awkward smiles feel like comfort.
See your body sing.

Short Body poem by Cathy Ncube| Details |

intact and holy body

care for your body--

it is God-given; keep it

intact and holy

Short Body poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details |


i tryed my best

am not at rest

you not at ease



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