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Samoan Poems and Poetry from Samoa

Samoan poems and poetry from Samoa. Read examples of samoan poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoem TitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
No Man's IslandsSamoanSamoaIoane, Tiaua M09/11/2014
Bliss in her IgnoranceSamoanSamoaIoane, Tiaua M08/28/2014
The Beast in My BreastSamoanSamoaIoane, Tiaua M08/01/2014
Ocean's Love AffairsSamoanSamoaIoane, Tiaua M07/31/2014
Cyclone HaikusSamoanSamoaFaasisila, Jackie 07/24/2014
DyingSamoanSamoaFaasisila, Jackie 07/24/2014
A Mother's WordsSamoanSamoaFaasisila, Jackie 07/24/2014
Faces of NatureSamoanSamoaFaasisila, Jackie 07/24/2014
Love UnspokenSamoanSamoaFaasisila, Jackie 07/24/2014
Lost in LoveSamoanSamoaFaasisila, Jackie 07/24/2014
UnreachableSamoanSamoaFaasisila, Jackie 07/24/2014
LifeSamoanSamoaFaasisila, Jackie 07/16/2014
Being MeSamoanSamoaFaasisila, Jackie 07/16/2014
UnravelledSamoanSamoaFaasisila, Jackie 07/16/2014
Edits of My LifeSamoanSamoaFaasisila, Jackie 07/16/2014
Oratory - Power of the Spoken WordSamoanSamoaIoane, Tiaua M04/30/2014
Dance of the FruitfliesSamoanSamoaIoane, Tiaua M04/24/2014
Raping of that Virgin Drop of RainSamoanSamoaIoane, Tiaua M03/28/2014
Treacherous MoonSamoanSamoaIoane, Tiaua M03/25/2014
Tread Not On Her DreamsSamoanSamoaIoane, Tiaua M03/22/2014
Tree of LifeSamoanSamoaIoane, Tiaua M03/21/2014
Moth, Light, Gecko and ISamoanSamoaIoane, Tiaua M03/19/2014
Hunger in Our MidstSamoanSamoaIoane, Tiaua M03/08/2014
Her Love Is PatientSamoanSamoaIoane, Tiaua M03/06/2014
Losing a ChildSamoanSamoaIoane, Tiaua M03/05/2014
To Moses a very special friendSamoanSamoaIoane, Tiaua M03/05/2014
Love in EpisodesSamoanSamoaIoane, Tiaua M02/22/2014
Always the LadySamoanSamoaIoane, Tiaua M02/18/2014
Island MusicSamoanSamoaIoane, Tiaua M02/05/2014
Part of YouSamoanSamoaIoane, Tiaua M02/05/2014
FrustrationsSamoanSamoaIoane, Tiaua M02/05/2014
To My ChildrenSamoanSamoaIoane, Tiaua Mafa03/22/2013