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Omani Poems and Poetry from Oman

Omani poems and poetry from Oman. Read examples of omani poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Everything will sleep OmaniOmanAL-Issai, Fahad09/17/2015
live your life OmaniOmanAL-Issai, Fahad09/17/2015
Orphans OmaniOmanKADAM, SANTOSH08/30/2015
After the storm OmaniOmanalsaidi, shams12/25/2013
Women- The Road Familiar OmaniOmanAnu B. George, Sapna03/09/2013
Mother of Emptyness OmaniOmanAnu B. George, Sapna02/20/2013
Darkness OmaniOmanHajri, Seif02/01/2013
Words of SILENCE On the Beach OmaniOmanAnu B. George, Sapna10/29/2012
My Dad Another 24th OmaniOmanAnu B. George, Sapna10/29/2012
Yesterdays OmaniOmanAnu B. George, Sapna10/29/2012
March OmaniOmanalsaidi, shams03/01/2012
Why Worry OmaniOmancruz, FLORENTINO RHEN06/24/2011
Friends OmaniOmanAnu B. George, Sapna03/19/2011
The essence of belief OmaniOmanalsaidi, shams03/18/2011
Weaving a poem OmaniOmanalsaidi, shams03/15/2011
You must go on OmaniOmanalsaidi, shams03/12/2011
Inapproachable OmaniOmanalsaidi, shams07/20/2010
Rejected flowers! OmaniOmanalsaidi, shams08/18/2008
close minded OmaniOmandelgado, lillivette09/18/2007