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Cypriot Poems and Poetry from Cyprus

Cypriot poems and poetry from Cyprus. Read examples of cypriot poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Clowns CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave07/25/2016
Hope at last CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave07/25/2016
Living in the past CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave07/25/2016
Uplifting Words CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave07/25/2016
Doubt CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave07/24/2016
Life CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave07/23/2016
The Battle CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave07/22/2016
Expecting CypriotCyprusKyriacou, Maria07/12/2016
Heat CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave06/21/2016
Living in the Status Fear CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave06/21/2016
Love changes Everything CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave06/20/2016
Sunset CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave06/07/2016
From a Boy to a Man CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave06/05/2016
I was a Soldier CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave05/31/2016
Living The Dream CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave05/22/2016
So Much for Choices to be Made CypriotCyprusKolonias, Marios05/19/2016
Endgame CypriotCyprusKolonias, Marios05/09/2016
The Dogs we called Family CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave05/05/2016
In Deepest Darkness CypriotCyprusKolonias, Marios05/05/2016
Levi CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave05/04/2016
The Lonesome Pine CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave05/02/2016
Midnight CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave04/30/2016
Relax and Reflect CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave04/30/2016
Come, my love CypriotCyprusKolonias, Marios04/26/2016
Wind of Change CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave04/25/2016
Our Dear Children CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave04/25/2016
Elaborate Designs CypriotCyprusKolonias, Marios04/22/2016
On this St George's Day CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave04/22/2016
A Point To Prove CypriotCyprusKolonias, Marios04/22/2016
No Light CypriotCyprusKolonias, Marios04/21/2016
Ode To My Darling Wife CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave04/15/2016
The Bar CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave04/10/2016
Morpheus CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave04/10/2016
Adam One CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave04/10/2016
The Family Tree CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave04/09/2016
Thank you lord CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave04/08/2016
A Ponder Moment CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave02/26/2016
Our Winter Garden CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave02/15/2016
A poem in progress CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave02/15/2016
Hopeless and Helpless CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave01/22/2016
Resolutions CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave01/01/2016
Fear of terror CypriotCyprusKyriacou, Maria12/27/2015
'twas the night before Christmas CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave12/21/2015
My Christmas Thoughts CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave12/20/2015
Kids CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave10/12/2015
The Stranger CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave10/12/2015
Poppy CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave10/09/2015
Timeless Love CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave10/05/2015
Despair CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave09/28/2015
The Awakening CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave08/19/2015