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Cypriot Poems and Poetry from Cyprus

Cypriot poems and poetry from Cyprus. Read examples of cypriot poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

A Nail CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave11/14/2016
Irresponsible or simply vincible CypriotCyprusKyriacou, Maria11/13/2016
Two Minutes CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave11/11/2016
Christmas CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave11/10/2016
Remember, Remember CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave11/10/2016
Manchester Man CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave11/01/2016
Christmas in a box CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave11/01/2016
Pitiless Power CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave10/20/2016
I will never understand CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave10/15/2016
I Remember CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave10/10/2016
When the past won't stay there CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave10/08/2016
Life as I see it CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave10/07/2016
Looking Back CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave10/06/2016
Trouble CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave10/05/2016
The Moment CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave10/04/2016
Back in the day CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave10/03/2016
Mind Drifting CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave09/29/2016
Autumn CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave09/28/2016
Family on holiday CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave09/23/2016
May They live on CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave09/20/2016
On the veranda CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave09/19/2016
Hard Times CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave09/18/2016
Inside out CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave09/17/2016
Peace like a river CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave09/16/2016
The Gramps CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave09/15/2016
Signing Love CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave09/14/2016
The Addams Family CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave09/13/2016
Come Lord Jesus CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave09/12/2016
In memory of 9-11 CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave09/11/2016
Forgotten CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave09/10/2016
Step Away CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave09/09/2016
This Ol' House CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave09/08/2016
Grandsons CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave09/07/2016
To Our Children CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave09/06/2016
Drought Ends CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave09/05/2016
A House of Cards CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave09/04/2016
How Great Thou Art CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave09/03/2016
Welcome Rest CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave09/02/2016
Relentless Sea CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave09/01/2016
My One a Day CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave08/31/2016
My Thoughts CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave08/30/2016
A Caring God CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave08/29/2016
A Wave CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave08/28/2016
My Monster CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave08/27/2016
Thinking about today CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave08/26/2016
Where love is CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave08/25/2016
We are All Kin CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave08/24/2016
Two Little Boys CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave08/23/2016
Looking Back CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave08/23/2016
Your Stronger Than You Think CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave08/22/2016