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Cypriot Poems and Poetry from Cyprus

Cypriot poems and poetry from Cyprus. Read examples of cypriot poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
A thief in the night CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave01/29/2015
Winter Wonderland CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave01/16/2015
Under the Endless Sky CypriotCyprusIoannou, Christiana01/16/2015
Happy New Year CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave12/30/2014
Stormy Day in Cyprus CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave12/01/2014
Red Mist CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave12/01/2014
A Wintry December Day CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave12/01/2014
Working in The Hospice CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave10/30/2014
The Gods are stirring CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave10/26/2014
For The Fallen in War CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave10/24/2014
My life CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave10/20/2014
Summer CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave10/01/2014
Frances CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave10/01/2014
My Forever Friend CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave09/30/2014
Tap, Tap, Tap CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave09/30/2014
Life In Cyprus CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave09/25/2014
LEARNING DISORDER CypriotCyprusKyriacou, Maria08/24/2014
The Worthy Engineer CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave08/17/2014
Love's Company CypriotCyprusKyriacou, Maria08/11/2014
He called my Parents home CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave08/05/2014
On a cliff top high CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave08/05/2014
Island of Love CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave08/04/2014
Good Companions CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave07/27/2014
Our Four Legged Family CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave07/27/2014
The Wedding CypriotCyprusKyriacou, Maria07/19/2014
This Band of Gold CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave06/21/2014
Today CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave06/20/2014
No Escape CypriotCyprusKyriacou, Maria06/12/2014
Graveyard and forever onwards CypriotCyprusKyriacou, Maria06/12/2014
Grapes CypriotCyprusKyriacou, Maria06/12/2014
Doomed Death CypriotCyprusKyriacou, Maria06/12/2014
Persevere when hopeless CypriotCyprusKyriacou, Maria06/12/2014
Humanity will Prevail CypriotCyprusKyriacou, Maria06/12/2014
Wounded Country CypriotCyprusKyriacou, Maria06/12/2014
All for One CypriotCyprusKyriacou, Maria06/12/2014
Watching CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave05/23/2014
A Royal Engineer CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave05/21/2014
No Hurt No Fear CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave05/13/2014
Clouds CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave05/13/2014
Just thinking CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave05/13/2014
Just wondering is all CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave05/05/2014
Questions CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave05/05/2014
Hall of Mirrors CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave04/26/2014
Lord up above CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave04/19/2014
Mum and Dad CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave04/13/2014
Welcome the new season CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave04/13/2014
Bed Dread CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave12/28/2013
A Day CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave10/25/2013
Nag Nag Nag CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave10/17/2013
'Tis the night of All Souls CypriotCyprusTimperley, Dave10/17/2013