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Chamorro Poems and Poetry from Guam

Chamorro poems and poetry from Guam. Read examples of chamorro poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

The Fear Inside ChamorroGuamDecker, Frank10/18/2015
Possibility ChamorroGuamDecker, Frank10/18/2015
Etches ChamorroGuamDecker, Frank10/18/2015
In Secret ChamorroGuamW, HENRY09/08/2015
Tunes In The morning ChamorroGuamW, HENRY08/21/2015
Simple ChamorroGuamDecker, Frank06/19/2015
Snapshot ChamorroGuamDecker, Frank06/19/2015
future end ChamorroGuamDecker, Frank03/13/2015
a condition ChamorroGuamDecker, Frank03/08/2015
Little Lady ChamorroGuamSantos, Lianna03/01/2015
I am to you ChamorroGuamDecker, Frank02/25/2015
They provide ChamorroGuamDecker, Frank02/21/2015
Do you mind ChamorroGuamDecker, Frank02/18/2015
Before ChamorroGuamDecker, Frank02/17/2015
patience has sailed ChamorroGuamDecker, Frank02/17/2015
what shall be ChamorroGuamDecker, Frank02/17/2015
in a moment ChamorroGuamDecker, Frank02/17/2015
In time ChamorroGuamDecker, Frank02/17/2015
Rewards of My Days ChamorroGuamW, HENRY01/26/2015
amber ChamorroGuamW, HENRY01/17/2015
Threads On Wood ChamorroGuamW, HENRY12/25/2014
To Know Only Anger ChamorroGuamW, HENRY09/24/2014
cracked window ChamorroGuamW, HENRY08/15/2014
Back In My Hometown ChamorroGuamW, HENRY08/07/2014
Twisted fairy wings ChamorroGuamTabet, Marc07/06/2014
Resting ChamorroGuamW, HENRY05/16/2014
Aftermath ChamorroGuamW, HENRY04/22/2014
You ChamorroGuamTiru, Norbin01/28/2014
Let The Innocent Live ChamorroGuamW, HENRY01/19/2014
Bus Experience ChamorroGuamW, HENRY11/25/2013
Typewriter ChamorroGuamW, HENRY04/25/2013
Holes ChamorroGuamW, HENRY10/08/2011
Sleep and Dream ChamorroGuamW, HENRY09/09/2011
Gear ChamorroGuamW, HENRY09/05/2011
The Beginning ChamorroGuamSimmons, Bruno09/26/2009
Faithfully? ChamorroGuamSimmons, Bruno09/26/2009
Rain ChamorroGuamSimmons, Bruno09/26/2009
The Ode to Yore.. ChamorroGuamSimmons, Bruno09/22/2009
Still.. ChamorroGuamSimmons, Bruno09/22/2009
Gray ChamorroGuamSimmons, Bruno09/20/2009
I miss you.. ChamorroGuamSimmons, Bruno09/20/2009
Don't fall... ChamorroGuamSimmons, Bruno09/17/2009
Love? ChamorroGuamSimmons, Bruno09/17/2009
Fly... ChamorroGuamSimmons, Bruno09/17/2009
Wind ChamorroGuamSimmons, Bruno09/17/2009
Cold ChamorroGuamSimmons, Bruno09/16/2009
Today.. ChamorroGuamSimmons, Bruno09/16/2009
Cleanse Time...... ChamorroGuamSimmons, Bruno09/16/2009
Freedom ChamorroGuamSimmons, Bruno09/15/2009