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Batswana Poems and Poetry from Botswana

Batswana poems and poetry from Botswana. Read examples of batswana poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
Until the day go dead and shadows flee BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho03/04/2015
A love note to my past future BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho03/02/2015
Flashback BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho03/02/2015
The year's feast BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho03/02/2015
One day BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho03/01/2015
A little faith BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho02/28/2015
Land of poets BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho02/25/2015
A letter to my late Grandma BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho02/24/2015
I will be your Chobe enclave roadway if you could be my kazungula bridge BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho02/20/2015
A little bit of a lie BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho02/19/2015
Variances in the mind of a poet against poetry BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho02/19/2015
Rest my body in the know of mine BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho02/19/2015
If Heaven BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho02/19/2015
Rest peacefully O dear friend BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho02/19/2015
If poems were flowers BatswanaBotswanaDitshwele, Pt. Bojosi01/29/2015
A letter to my distant lover BatswanaBotswanaDitshwele, Pt. Bojosi01/05/2015
Will I see a new born day BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho12/17/2014
Leave me the poet BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho12/02/2014
We murder ourselves BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho12/02/2014
Paradise Lost BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho12/02/2014
Why does loving you feel so wrong BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho12/02/2014
When will the rain come 'Africa BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho12/02/2014
Still waiting for my tomorrow BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho12/02/2014
Where she always been BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho12/02/2014
If I knew what love is BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho12/02/2014
I wanted to sing like birds do BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho12/02/2014
I ran BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho12/02/2014
Passing my cursed blessings to the impending poet BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho08/27/2014
Do it right BatswanaBotswanaGabolekwe, Shamell08/16/2014
I know not freedom BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho07/28/2014
Motive and Thoughts prt 1 BatswanaBotswanaMathumo, Nobert06/12/2014
The Invisible chains BatswanaBotswanaMathumo, Nobert06/12/2014
STATUS OF AN IN-COLLECTIVE MEMORY BatswanaBotswanaMathumo, Nobert06/12/2014
THE CROSS ROAD BatswanaBotswanaMathumo, Nobert06/04/2014
THE ELEMENTAL CHART BatswanaBotswanaMathumo, Nobert06/04/2014
SONG OF THE DEAD prt 1 BatswanaBotswanaMathumo, Nobert06/04/2014
Love BatswanaBotswanabenjamin, susan04/08/2014
Where is Poetry BatswanaBotswanabenjamin, susan04/06/2014
Love me BatswanaBotswanabenjamin, susan04/06/2014
Abuse BatswanaBotswanabenjamin, susan04/06/2014
Abuse BatswanaBotswanabenjamin, susan04/06/2014
From dusk till Dawn BatswanaBotswanabenjamin, susan04/06/2014
I choose to die BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho03/20/2014
Flaws and All BatswanaBotswanaKakhobwe, Milika 03/16/2014
When I Die BatswanaBotswanaKakhobwe, Milika 03/10/2014
A Force Of Its Own BatswanaBotswanaKakhobwe, Milika 03/10/2014
The darkening BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho02/20/2014
to love with a bow BatswanaBotswanaMadande, Emmanuel01/27/2014
this roads i walk are hurting my feet BatswanaBotswanaMadande, Emmanuel01/27/2014
once upon a crime BatswanaBotswanaMadande, Emmanuel01/27/2014