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Iranian Poems and Poetry - Poems from Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Iranian Poems and Poetry - Poems from Iran (Islamic Republic of). Iranian poems written by PoetrySoup members. Examples of Iranian Poetry. Read Iranian Poems

PMPoem TitleNationalityCountryCategoriesPoetDate Posted
my blond dream6IranianIran (Islamic Republic of)for her,love,love hurts,rsediqi, bahram03/31/2014
my blond dream5IranianIran (Islamic Republic of)for her,romantic,sediqi, bahram03/31/2014
my blond dream4IranianIran (Islamic Republic of)for her,love,sediqi, bahram03/31/2014
my blond dream3IranianIran (Islamic Republic of)for her,hair,loneliness,lsediqi, bahram03/31/2014
our shadowsIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)dark,how i feel,miss you,shirvani, shabnam03/30/2014
my heartIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)clothes,heart,imagery,womshirvani, shabnam03/13/2014
ups and downsIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)change,shirvani, shabnam03/13/2014
from Earth to SkyIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)earth,imagination,sky,shirvani, shabnam03/13/2014
pigeons,pigeonsIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)bird,nostalgia,poems,relishirvani, shabnam03/13/2014
my blond dream2IranianIran (Islamic Republic of)beautiful,beauty,heart,i sediqi, bahram02/22/2014
tell my blond dreamIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)angel,girl,loneliness,lossediqi, bahram02/19/2014
depressed soulIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)anger,mystery,sol, nikta01/26/2014
warm embraceIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)i love you,kiss,love,Sh, Mohammad Reza10/25/2013
Apple letterIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)kiss,love,Sh, Mohammad Reza10/24/2013
one sinIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)love,sin,Sh, Mohammad Reza10/24/2013
For my destinyIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)love,Sh, Mohammad Reza10/24/2013
For alwaysIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)love,Sh, Mohammad Reza10/24/2013
ScaredIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)love,Sh, Mohammad Reza10/24/2013
I believeIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)love,Sh, Mohammad Reza10/23/2013
Love youIranianIran (Islamic Republic of) Sh, Mohammad Reza10/23/2013
White HairIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)dream,love,Sh, Mohammad Reza10/23/2013
I am goodIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)love,Sh, Mohammad Reza10/23/2013
My goodnessIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)allah,god,love,Sh, Mohammad Reza10/22/2013
AlasIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)love,Sh, Mohammad Reza10/22/2013
CryIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)cry,love,Sh, Mohammad Reza10/22/2013
SleepIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)love,sleep,Sh, Mohammad Reza10/22/2013
DreamIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)dream,love,Sh, Mohammad Reza10/22/2013
ColdIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)love,Sh, Mohammad Reza10/21/2013
Feel the loveIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)feelings,for her,love,Sh, Mohammad Reza10/21/2013
Praying for youIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)allah,god,prayer,Sh, Mohammad Reza10/21/2013
For NetanyahuIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)culture,earth,history,polSh, Mohammad Reza10/20/2013
BattlesIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)war,Sh, Mohammad Reza10/20/2013
GodIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)god,Sh, Mohammad Reza10/20/2013
I do not believeIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)cry,love,Sh, Mohammad Reza10/20/2013
Prayer of LoveIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)prayer,Sh, Mohammad Reza10/20/2013
NothingIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)love,Sh, Mohammad Reza10/20/2013
I am notIranianIran (Islamic Republic of) Sh, Mohammad Reza10/20/2013
Love youIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)love,Sh, Mohammad Reza10/20/2013
LettersIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)love,Sh, Mohammad Reza10/20/2013
I fellIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)love,Sh, Mohammad Reza10/20/2013
FallIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)love,Sh, Mohammad Reza10/20/2013
SeeIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)love,Sh, Mohammad Reza10/20/2013
AloneIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)love,Sh, Mohammad Reza10/20/2013
With loveIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)love,Sh, Mohammad Reza10/20/2013
PastIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)love,Sh, Mohammad Reza10/20/2013
LonelyIranianIran (Islamic Republic of) Sh, Mohammad Reza10/20/2013
LoveIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)love,Sh, Mohammad Reza10/20/2013
PrayerIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)prayer,Sh, Mohammad Reza10/20/2013
im sorry momIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)betrayal,heartbroken,mom,sol, nikta10/15/2013
Classes which I DislikeIranianIran (Islamic Republic of)work,Ibnorrasool, Sayyed Mohammad Reza06/05/2013