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Batswana Poems and Poetry from Botswana

Batswana poems and poetry from Botswana. Read examples of Batswana poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
A letter to my distant lover BatswanaBotswanaDitshwele, Pt. Bojosi01/05/2015
Untitled BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho12/17/2014
Leave me the poet BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho12/02/2014
We murder ourselves BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho12/02/2014
Paradise Lost BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho12/02/2014
Why does loving you feel so wrong BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho12/02/2014
When will the rain come 'Africa BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho12/02/2014
Still waiting for my tomorrow BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho12/02/2014
Where she always been BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho12/02/2014
If I knew what love is BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho12/02/2014
Untitled BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho12/02/2014
I ran BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho12/02/2014
Passing my cursed blessings to the impending poet BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho08/27/2014
Do it right BatswanaBotswanaGabolekwe, Shamell08/16/2014
I know not freedom BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho07/28/2014
Motive and Thoughts prt 1 BatswanaBotswanaMathumo, Nobert06/12/2014
The Invisible chains BatswanaBotswanaMathumo, Nobert06/12/2014
STATUS OF AN IN-COLLECTIVE MEMORY BatswanaBotswanaMathumo, Nobert06/12/2014
THE CROSS ROAD BatswanaBotswanaMathumo, Nobert06/04/2014
THE ELEMENTAL CHART BatswanaBotswanaMathumo, Nobert06/04/2014
SONG OF THE DEAD prt 1 BatswanaBotswanaMathumo, Nobert06/04/2014
Love BatswanaBotswanabenjamin, susan04/08/2014
Where is Poetry BatswanaBotswanabenjamin, susan04/06/2014
Love me BatswanaBotswanabenjamin, susan04/06/2014
Abuse BatswanaBotswanabenjamin, susan04/06/2014
Abuse BatswanaBotswanabenjamin, susan04/06/2014
From dusk till Dawn BatswanaBotswanabenjamin, susan04/06/2014
I choose to die BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho03/20/2014
Flaws and All BatswanaBotswanaKakhobwe, Milika 03/16/2014
When I Die BatswanaBotswanaKakhobwe, Milika 03/10/2014
A Force Of Its Own BatswanaBotswanaKakhobwe, Milika 03/10/2014
The darkening BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho02/20/2014
to love with a bow BatswanaBotswanaMadande, Emmanuel01/27/2014
this roads i walk are hurting my feet BatswanaBotswanaMadande, Emmanuel01/27/2014
once upon a crime BatswanaBotswanaMadande, Emmanuel01/27/2014
wet cheeks BatswanaBotswanaApril, Louisa01/02/2014
My heart of steel BatswanaBotswanaDitshwele, Pt. Bojosi12/30/2013
WHEN YOU'RE ALONE BatswanaBotswanabenjamin, susan12/15/2013
I AM DYING FOR A GOOD POEM BatswanaBotswanamothupi, lame12/06/2013
Dying to be UNCHAINED BatswanaBotswanaDitshwele, Pt. Bojosi12/06/2013
Skin lights BatswanaBotswanaApril, Louisa12/04/2013
Lift us up BatswanaBotswanaApril, Louisa12/04/2013
Manly Canvas BatswanaBotswanaApril, Louisa12/04/2013
PRIDE OF BEING AFRICAN BatswanaBotswanabenjamin, susan11/14/2013
Walking alone BatswanaBotswanaDitshwele, Pt. Bojosi11/12/2013
just another love poem BatswanaBotswanabenjamin, susan11/07/2013
Edge BatswanaBotswanaMolotsi, Keabetswe11/05/2013
How much more must this words mean BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho10/29/2013
Kachikau BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho10/21/2013
On my first call to ingratiate myself with the poets BatswanaBotswanaLeteng, Mpho10/15/2013