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Surinamese Poems and Poetry from Suriname

Surinamese poems and poetry from Suriname. Read examples of surinamese poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Ego and fear SurinameseSurinameGlans, Cheryl10/28/2015
Meditate like life SurinameseSurinameGlans, Cheryl10/17/2015
Rising from Dissapointments SurinameseSurinameGo MAD, Anti Gravity -03/01/2015
My quiet place, not so quiet SurinameseSurinameGlans, Cheryl09/04/2012
God is a word and so is the devil SurinameseSurinameGlans, Cheryl09/03/2012
This planet These humans SurinameseSurinameGlans, Cheryl09/03/2012
Single for a day SurinameseSurinameGlans, Cheryl09/01/2012
I don't know where I'm going But I am on my way SurinameseSurinameGlans, Cheryl08/12/2012
little bird in the sky SurinameseSurinameGlans, Cheryl06/12/2012
I wish for a tree SurinameseSurinameGlans, Cheryl06/12/2012
Today SurinameseSurinameGlans, Cheryl06/06/2012
Tears SurinameseSurinameGlans, Cheryl06/04/2012
Doubt SurinameseSurinameGlans, Cheryl06/03/2012
Between you and me SurinameseSurinameGlans, Cheryl06/03/2012
Who are WE SurinameseSurinameGlans, Cheryl06/02/2012
Familiar stranger SurinameseSurinameGlans, Cheryl06/02/2012
Behind this door SurinameseSurinameGlans, Cheryl06/01/2012
As Time travels SurinameseSurinameGlans, Cheryl06/01/2012
When you know SurinameseSurinameGlans, Cheryl06/01/2012
The night of the sky SurinameseSurinameGlans, Cheryl05/31/2012
Reality SurinameseSurinameGlans, Cheryl05/31/2012
My way SurinameseSurinameGlans, Cheryl05/31/2012
Farwell 2011 and Hello 2012 SurinameseSurinameGlans, Cheryl05/31/2012