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Rwandan Poems and Poetry from Rwanda

Rwandan poems and poetry from Rwanda. Read examples of rwandan poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Quand la honte te reclame RwandanRwandaUWIHOREYE, Alice08/30/2016
Happiness RwandanRwandaUWIHOREYE, Alice08/29/2016
Your tomorrow RwandanRwandaUWIHOREYE, Alice08/29/2016
Quand tu perdras la confiance RwandanRwandaUWIHOREYE, Alice08/29/2016
Oui RwandanRwandaUWIHOREYE, Alice08/28/2016
My day of being happy RwandanRwandaUWIHOREYE, Alice08/28/2016
Bleeding RwandanRwandaUWIHOREYE, Alice08/27/2016
I trust my heart not to betray me RwandanRwandaKevine, Aimee07/25/2016
Mother RwandanRwandaKevine, Aimee07/23/2016
Rest RwandanRwandaASIFIWE, Redempta05/23/2016
Sky RwandanRwandaASIFIWE, Redempta05/18/2016
Wave RwandanRwandaASIFIWE, Redempta04/18/2016
A Scene Behind RwandanRwandaMuhire, Lakhpin04/06/2016
A Wander Site RwandanRwandaMuhire, Lakhpin03/26/2016
A Cogent Shot RwandanRwandaMuhire, Lakhpin03/26/2016
Under the sun RwandanRwandaASIFIWE, Redempta02/11/2016
What were we RwandanRwandaASIFIWE, Redempta02/08/2016
Pretending RwandanRwandaASIFIWE, Redempta02/04/2016
One day RwandanRwandaASIFIWE, Redempta02/04/2016
Crazy RwandanRwandaASIFIWE, Redempta02/04/2016
Black and Blue RwandanRwandaASIFIWE, Redempta09/17/2015
There's a Spirit RwandanRwandaASIFIWE, Redempta09/10/2015
She Was Called RwandanRwandaASIFIWE, Redempta08/09/2015
Wake Your Weapons RwandanRwandaASIFIWE, Redempta08/09/2015
Silence RwandanRwandaASIFIWE, Redempta07/08/2015
A Camel RwandanRwandaASIFIWE, Redempta07/02/2015
Life RwandanRwandaASIFIWE, Redempta06/26/2015
above pain RwandanRwandamusic, ino2906/08/2012
weakness in his strength RwandanRwandamusic, ino2906/01/2012
unthinkable world RwandanRwandamusic, ino2906/01/2012
on her roller coaster RwandanRwandamusic, ino2905/31/2012
on her roller coaster RwandanRwandamusic, ino2905/31/2012
on her roller coaster RwandanRwandamusic, ino2905/31/2012