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Bhutanese Poems and Poetry from Bhutan

Bhutanese poems and poetry from Bhutan. Read examples of bhutanese poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Hope On BhutaneseBhutanDorji , Karma 04/18/2016
When I'm Gone BhutaneseBhutanDorji , Karma 04/03/2016
Romance in Spring BhutaneseBhutandorji, choning03/17/2016
Brave BhutaneseBhutanLhamo, Tashi03/05/2016
Dreamer BhutaneseBhutanLhamo, Tashi02/16/2016
ONE THING BhutaneseBhutandorji, choning02/15/2016
When I am dead BhutaneseBhutandorji, choning02/11/2016
A Drop Of Tear From My Master BhutaneseBhutanWangyell, Gyempo01/20/2016
If only BhutaneseBhutanLhamo, Tashi01/16/2016
Love's War BhutaneseBhutandorji, choning12/29/2015
Vale of Tears BhutaneseBhutanDorji , Karma 12/06/2015
My First Love BhutaneseBhutanDorji , Karma 11/22/2015
someday BhutaneseBhutanDorji , Karma 11/15/2015
My Lady BhutaneseBhutanDorji , Karma 11/12/2015
Purveyor of Ecstasy BhutaneseBhutanDorji , Karma 11/12/2015
The Almighty King BhutaneseBhutanDorji , Karma 11/09/2015
Now,only in the Imagination BhutaneseBhutantshelthrim, Karma11/02/2015
So near - Yet so far BhutaneseBhutanYethro Selden, Sonam09/10/2015
love BhutaneseBhutanwangdi, phurpa 09/08/2015
life BhutaneseBhutanwangdi, phurpa 09/03/2015
betrayal BhutaneseBhutanwangdi, phurpa 09/03/2015
The Owl BhutaneseBhutanPelki, Dechen07/24/2015
Whispers BhutaneseBhutanPelki, Dechen07/22/2015
Nearing the end BhutaneseBhutanPelki, Dechen07/22/2015
The girl BhutaneseBhutanPelki, Dechen07/01/2015
Love song BhutaneseBhutanPelki, Dechen06/30/2015
If today BhutaneseBhutanPelki, Dechen06/30/2015
The Angel fell so near to me BhutaneseBhutantshelthrim, Karma04/27/2015
The Bitter regret BhutaneseBhutantshelthrim, Karma04/27/2015
Dreams and life BhutaneseBhutandorji, choning04/09/2015
Methinks BhutaneseBhutandorji, choning04/07/2015
Immorality BhutaneseBhutandorji, choning02/27/2015
When I am dead BhutaneseBhutandorji, choning02/16/2015
Dreams and life BhutaneseBhutandorji, choning02/15/2015
life BhutaneseBhutandorji, choning10/07/2014
To God BhutaneseBhutandorji, choning08/07/2014
CHANGES BhutaneseBhutandorji, choning05/19/2014
Death A fear BhutaneseBhutandorji, choning05/03/2014
Life BhutaneseBhutandorji, choning04/21/2014
SHE IS IN LOVE BhutaneseBhutandorji, choning04/19/2014
MY FOUNTAIN BLEEDS FOREVER FOR THEE BhutaneseBhutandorji, choning04/16/2014
The way we parted BhutaneseBhutandorji, choning04/15/2014
one BhutaneseBhutandorji, choning04/13/2014
the bird BhutaneseBhutandorji, choning04/12/2014
men BhutaneseBhutandorji, choning04/07/2014
A Vow BhutaneseBhutanGyeltshen, Tashi05/22/2012
A Vow BhutaneseBhutanGyeltshen, Tashi05/22/2012
A Vow BhutaneseBhutanGyeltshen, Tashi05/22/2012
My Tree BhutaneseBhutanGyeltshen, Tashi05/17/2012
My Tree BhutaneseBhutanGyeltshen, Tashi05/17/2012