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Long Veterans day Poems | Long Veterans day Poetry

Long Veterans day Poems. These are the most popular long Veterans day by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Veterans day poems by poem length and keyword.

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Long poem by Cindy Lu | Details |

A Reformed Daughter of the USA

Perhaps it was a bit of old moral Navy nostalgia misting from Dad's brow as he taught us moral just rule.
At times in my life, honoring my father and mother; one of the ten commandments-- a must though it seemed when my father passed when I was a teen was the hardest thing to do. Living with these regrets of sin, and my uncle Bink introduced a slow gin fizz over dinner with my Aunt, to ease the tension of not shedding a grieving tear the day he passed or after. After all, the veterans were at the casket and someone had to represent.

Living in sin, leaving the foothills of Appalachia at the age of sixteen (not more than six months after I talked to God in that cornfield and was so angry with Him for taking my father when he needed to be here to protect me).  I set out on my long journey to see the world and need and come back to serve Him (was my only hope) when in fact, my highest scores of the states district Sat's were repelling from a C average grade school girl. 
Dad said on his dying bed he wanted me to be a nurse, or rather as the “humanitarian” I became at eighteen; perhaps someones distraught, personal nurse.

The three children, two of which were planned by a Common Law husband. I was a responsible, nurturing mother and wife. Perhaps, it is what held my emotions together after all the drunken beating he offered up.  It seemed as though emotionally  I could not do anything by myself. Tattered and scattered was I.

Dad taught my brother and I old school military boxing; my brother three years older and touched with the fever (a crying little girl not wanting to hit my brother at first) I excelled to a losing champion, still today. I never won a fight with a man, and that includes two officers I seriously accidentally hit in reflex order.

Today, I know my writing is a gift.
I know motherhood is a gift as well as being a daughter of my dear Mom that is frail now at 80. I somehow don't measure up and shall never to her just honesty always paying her bills on a limited income, before they are ever due.
Murmurs etched in my heart and soul, of a common advice from her frantic yet stern voice, “You'll never make anything of yourself with that writing; as my pen steadily purges and flows a steam of blood rights of an United States Citizen, on Veterans Day.
When will my ship come in? (perhaps it was pirated, and sent with the barges of plagiarist  rhyme, sold off by a romantic)

 Here's to the rich and famous that can't pass through the of a needle-- as I light a Camel Wide, and pray for them all a rich blessing.

Long poem by John Rhinem | Details |

Happy Veterans Day Unto All!

Veterans of the cold and driving drenching rains

The barren parched soils of near and distant lands

Whom have beheld the devestations and the carnage

That wars and battles have brought and bring

Whether they have been justified, or even manipulated by man

It does not matter; for you have placed your precious lives, upon deaths planes

That another might live, or find freedom within your wake

Christ once said, "that greater love hath no man

Than to lay down their life for their friend...."

And today and always and forever, I shall salute you

With a heart that loves and admires and grieves

Your courage your heroisms and your sacfifices

Whatever colors your uniforms they have beared

Whatever wars your lives have fought....

To both the living and the unforgotten dead

Within times now, or the times of the days of the ancient past

I shall humbly lift by this reverent rose stemmed glass

Its crystalline filled with the bittersweet wines

Poured more sweetly than bitter, within these thankful hands

As thoughts of you all amid your glories

Shall ever before my eyes walk these paths past....

And remember to never become discouraged, by those whom might not understand?

For your priceless lives and eternal souls, shall someday rise again~

As I bow my head and bend my knee

Clutching my heart with thoughts of thee

Upon this your day, of deserving memory

And not only we, but all of Heaven, shall forever salute you....


Happy Veterans Day!

Long poem by Robert L. Hinshaw | Details |

A Salute To Veterans

My soul filled with pride and my eyes misted as the parade passed in review.
'Twas the annual hometown Veterans Day Parade that I was privileged to view.
Veterans, young and old marched behind the flag that they vowed to defend.
They sacrificed so much to uphold the liberties we enjoy in this land!

A Medal of Honor recipient served as Marshal for the parade.
Lively music provided by the local high school band was played.
An honor guard led the procession with Old Glory held high.
Old veterans along the street saluted with a proud tear in their eye!

There were survivors from the December 1941 Pearl Harbor Affair.
No doubt this day recalled memories of comrades who yet lie sleeping there.
Grizzled heroes of The Battle of the Bulge marched proudly with resolute stride.
Wearers of the Purple Heart rode aboard a float with heads held high with pride!

A company of Korean War vets marched representing the war in which they served.
Viet Nam vets received long overdue plaudits from the crowd they so well deserved.
Young men and women still on active duty, some barely out of their teens,
Represented the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force and United States Marines!

Those gnarled hands that once held the terrible weapons of war,
Now beckoned for peace that we shall know war no more.
The hardships they suffered for liberty's sake we shall never know.
So much, so very much to each of these brave men and women we owe!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Long poem by Robert L. Hinshaw | Details |

I Stood Among Heroes Today

I stood among my nation's heroes on this sacred Veterans Day,
To honor the living and those who sleep 'neath hallowed clay.
Their youth now long gone, they wear crowns of silvery hair.
Alas, many steadied themselves with cane, others in wheeled chair.

I stood beside a gallant survivor of the Pearl Harbor Affair.
As "Taps" sounded, his mist-filled eyes had a far away stare.
His trembling lips moved silently, no doubt in heartfelt prayer,
In remembrance of his valiant comrades, who yet lie sleeping there.

Surrounding me were many courageous former prisoners-of-war,
Who, despite grim adversity maintained their esprit de corps,
And with faith in God and America, they were at last set free,
To see Old Glory wave once again o'er the Land of Liberty!

I mingled with members of The Order Of the Purple Heart.
Heroic Battle of the Bulge veterans stood tall and smart!
The "Greatest Generation" with brave comrades stormed alien shores.
The "Latest Generation" served in Korea, Vietnam, Cold and Desert Wars!

Gnarled hands that once held the terrible weapons of war,
Now beckoned for peace that we shall know war no more.
The hardships they suffered for freedom's sake we'll never know.
So much, so very much to these brave men and women we owe!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Long poem by Kevin Clark | Details |

Thank you for fighting for my freedom

You fought over the smallest of sand
For my country in a foreign land
Advance all the time and never retreat
USA is number one and can never be beat
The military taught you how to survive
I hope you can make it home alive

When everything is all said and done
You fought with your life for my freedom
Thank you for fighting for me
Now I know freedom doesn’t come free
What you did for America makes me feel over come
Thank you for fighting for my freedom

Remember them for the blood the gave
To make America home of the brave
Army Navy Air force Marine
Toughest old boys you’ve ever seen
Hopefully they’ll get back to those crying mothers
They will be alright with they’re band of brothers

When everything is all said and done
You fought with your life for my freedom
Thank you for fighting for me
Now I know freedom doesn’t come free
What you did for America makes me feel over come
Thank you for fighting for my freedom

They sent them to the school of hard knox
Now they’re coming home in a pine box
Put their remains in a body bag
In honor they gave their family a folded flag
Remember them when you pray
Stand tall for them and remember them on Veterans Day

Long poem by Paul Harris | Details |

Lost Youth

Long ago I lost a friend
Much too young to die
His death was hard to comprehend
We were kids with so much life

We played our music on summer days
Without a care in the world
Drove around town with nowhere to go
And talked about pretty girls

Just being boys and about to be men
So much to learn about life
A war being fought in a far away place
Didn’t give it much thought at the time

On veterans day I visit his grave
Say hello and offer a prayer
And remember all the happy days
When life was a forever affair

Terry died in a war torn jungle
So very far from home
I remember the day I got the news
I knew my childhood days were gone

I’ve made mistakes had good times and bad
I’ve watched my family grow
I know the joy grandchildren can bring
And lived long with the woman I love

I would like to think Terry gave that to me
The gift of life with time to grow old
I hope he knows by his friends he is missed
See you again Terry when it’s my time to go

Dedicated to my friend and fellow United States Marine,
Private First Class Terrance Melvin Johnson
Semper Fi, Terry and God Bless

Long poem by charles hice | Details |

Veterans Memorial Today

Veterans Memorial Today 
August 31, 1861 near the Nevada Border.
Texter was shoeing his friend wild Billy younger. The boots was bent and it was a 
hard task to master. We need a day to celebrate the dead not yet killed in the 
Cival War to come. Wild Billy Younger looked at his friend so thoughtful he said 
Tex are you seeing visions of the future where is that whiskey bottle give it back to 
me. That stuff will rot your gut and make it easily lose its ability to eat. On a day 
like this one we need to celebrate the dead the veterans already been deceased. 
Then on a weekend like this in the very next month we need to do it all again and 
worship all of them the living and the dead ones and call it a memorial. Wild Billy 
Younger just smiled at his new boots on. Texter the cork is in the whiskey but still 
you have it wrong. The first day is for dead ones the Memorial Day is then the next 
month is for the living ones then the Veterans Day.

Long poem by Poet Destroyer A | Details |


Veterans Day Out..

"To all of us from America, and beyond.
We hold a connection that will forever bond.
The reflection Of Veterans Day, 
We'll march with gratitude on this one certain Holiday.
Prayers and thanks will be filled with solemn pride.
To the heroism of those who died.
We'll praise and honor every name and memory~
To all the men and women who fought throughout history.
In celebration we honor America's veterans for their patriotism, of willingness. 
For the love of our country,  they served and sacrificed with their best service."
Victory ~History~ A singed Treaty~ 11-11-1918 
Mends to an end of “the war to end all wars.” Welcoming 11-11-11   

Dedicated to Veterans throughout the world and History...
In Honor and memory of all Veterans... 


Long poem by Misheel Chuluun | Details |

To Veterans All Over the World

(In celebration of Veterans Day, allow me this sentimental poem.)

Seems no higher thing existed
Than the mud on my shoes
For no other sight I beheld,
Trudging this gruel on these blisters

No one was ever for war
But war is what found me
Politics aside, those voices are far,
Doing right is all I need

Somewhere someday maybe
My hunger will cease,
And smiles of gratitude I’ll receive
On behalf of my friends, deceased

My needs are simple enough now
But no civilian will ever share
This weight of humanity grand and foul
Well, duty and honor is all I care

I’ll get through this just to see
How precious one life can be
My life for yours, my sweat for your tears
That’s just the way I can be all that I can be.

Long poem by Kim Robin Edwards | Details |

Veterans Day Salute

For those who lost their lives in battle.
Their photo still rests upon the mantel.
They gave their lives, to fight for freedom.
They gave their lives, with spirit and wisdom.
Army boots and bags.Navy Seals and rags.
Air Force wings and badges.Marine Corps
boots and buttons.Helmets of steal which
truly toughen.Toughen the fighting men who
wish to be free.Remembering the lives we
lost for freedom.Remembering the days
we had to dig in.While fighting the wars on
land and sea.Defending our flag, for the
right to be free.A twenty one gun salute, for
all our brave men.Who battled at war, until
the very end..

Veteran's Day Poetry By Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 2010,2013..
All rights reserved

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