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abortion absence
abuse addiction
adventure africa
age allah
allegory allusion
america analogy
angel anger
angst animal
anniversary anti bullying
anxiety appreciation
april arabic
art assonance
aubade august
autumn baby
bangla baptism
baseball basketball
beach beautiful
beauty bereavement
best friend betrayal
bible bio
bird birth
birthday black african american
blessing blue
boat body
books boxing day
boyfriend break up
bridal shower brother
bullying business
butterfly cancer
candy car
care career
caregiving cat
celebration celebrity
change chanukah
character cheer up
chicago child
child abuse childhood
children chocolate
christian christmas
cinco de mayo cinderella
city class
clothes color
columbus day community
computer confidence
conflict confusion
cool corruption
courage cousin
cowboy crazy
creation crush
cry culture
cute love dad
dance dark
daughter day
death death of a friend
december dedication
deep depression
desire destiny
devotion discrimination
divorce dog
dream drink
earth earth day
easter education
emo emotions
encouraging engagement
england environment
epic eulogy
eve evil
fairy faith
family fantasy
farewell farm
fashion father
father daughter father son
fathers day fear
february feelings
film fire
firework first love
fish fishing
flower flying
food football
for children for her
for him for kids
forgiveness freedom
french friend
friendship fruit
fun funeral
funny funny love
future games
garden gender
giggle girl
girlfriend giving
god golf
good friday good morning
good night goodbye
gospel gothic
graduate graduation
grandchild granddaughter
grandfather grandmother
grandparents grandson
grave green
grief growing up
growth guitar
hair halloween
happiness happy
happy birthday hate
health heart
heartbreak heartbroken
heaven hello
hero high school
hilarious hindi
hip hop history
hockey holiday
holocaust home
homework hope
horror horse
house how i feel
howl humanity
humor humorous
hurt husband
hyperbole i am
i love you i miss you
identity image
imagery imagination
immigration independence day
innocence insect
inspiration inspirational
international internet
introspection ireland
irony islamic
january jealousy
jesus jewish
jobs journey
joy judgement
july june
kid kindergarten
kiss language
leadership leaving
life light
little sister london
loneliness lonely
longing loss
lost lost love
love love hurts
lust lyric
magic malayalam
marathi march
marriage math
may me
meaningful memorial day
memory men
mental illness mentor
metaphor middle school
military miracle
mirror miss you
missing missing you
mom money
moon morning
mother mother daughter
mother son mothers day
motivation mountains
moving on mum
murder muse
music my child
my children mystery
myth mythology
name native american
natural disasters nature
new year new years day
new york nice
niece night
nonsense nostalgia
november nursery rhyme
obituary ocean
october old
onomatopoeia pain
paradise parents
paris parody
pashto passion
patriotic peace
people perspective
pets philosophy
places planet
poems poetess
poetry poets
political pollution
poverty power
prayer prejudice
preschool presidents day
pride princess
prison proposal
psychological purple
quinceanera race
racism rain
rainbow rainforest
rap raven
recovery from red
relationship religion
religious remember
remembrance day repetition
retirement riddle
rights river
romance romantic
rose roses are red
rude sad
sad love satire
scary school
science science fiction
sea seasons
self senses
sensual september
sexy sick
silence silly
silver simile
simple sin
sister sky
slam slavery
sleep smart
smile snow
soccer social
society softball
soldier solitude
sometimes son
song sorrow
sorry soulmate
sound space
spanish spiritual
spoken word sports
spring star
stars storm
strength stress
student success
suicide summer
sun sunset
sunshine surreal
sweet symbolism
sympathy tamil
teacher teachers day
technology teen
teenage thank you
thanks thanksgiving
thanksgiving day tiger
time today
together travel
tree tribute
true love trust
truth uplifting
urban urdu
usa vacation
valentines day vanity
veterans day violence
visionary vogon
voice volleyball
voyage war
water weather
wedding wife
wind wine
winter wisdom
woman women
word play words
work world
world war i world war ii
write writing
yellow youth
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Long September Poems

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Long Poems
Long poem by Diane Lefebvre | Details |

Bad Day At The Rochester Fair

It was an early fall day, some decades ago, 
When three of my boys were still young.
Looking forward that year to the Rochester Fair,
An event that was always good fun.

A promise from me I would transport them forth 
And attend this yearly event,
Where the food and the rides and the animal barns, 
Made my limited cash seem well spent.

The hour we chose was end of the day, 
When the last of the school bells had rung.
I would pick them up there and we'd head for the fair
Childish glee; I felt once again young! 

Things seemed to go well, the crowds being light,
Working out as I'd carefully planned.
But, it didn't take long for requests to be made,
That would lead to the land of the dammed.

"The fun house please, Mom", begged two oldest of three, 
Their plea was sincere and quite strong.
To deny them this honest and heartfelt request, 
They assured me would simply be wrong.

I thought for awhile and then finally gave in: 
Persuaded this once to agree.
Pulled a dollar forthwith from my battered old purse, 
Handing over four times worth of fees.

The fun house proved a rather long trailer,
Adorned in graffiti and gold.
It called to those kids, I was herding about,
With great mysteries inside to behold.

Loud speakers obscured noisy crowd din, 
Bidding all of those nearby to  "Come in."
In the many long years I had been to this fair
Was the first I was tempted to go inside there.

For I valued my money, as my mother had taught,
While she'd warned me the fun house, simply was not:
Scary and spooky, and fun to go through
It should best be avoided (like back then) Asian Flu!

But ignoring old warnings, my party of four, 
Trundled up a steep ramp through a rather slim door.
As the loud speakers blared for more folks to come in
We stepped into a blackness that made one's head spin.

The darkness inside overwhelmed me . . it's true,
As my kids disappeared all at once from my view.
And I felt for the walls, as the passage grew slight:
We were in a black maze meant to cause us a fright.

The flooring below, sloped both upward then down,
Leaving balance unsure, as feet groped for the ground.
And my first thought just then, "keep the youngest boy near;
While instructing the oldest, "Go ahead without fear!"

But he stoutly refused . . shoved ahead number two,
Who also demurred, as four fists quickly flew.
My voice grew quite loud, thereby ending the fight,
I'd have cuffed them both soundly, had they been in my sight.

With one hand I grabbed hold of my youngest of sons,
As the thought came to mind, "Where the hell is the fun"?
From my lips came first threats, mingled with a mild curse,
When the both of them whined . . let their brother go first. 

We just stood there and squabbled in the depths of the black.
Could I see them they both would have gotten a smack,
And I threatened we'd leave through the door we'd come in
Back onto that midway, amidst the crowd din.

We'd go home, yes go home, our good time at its end.
I would end it before it could even begin!
But still they refused to step into the maze
As my patience got lost in a creeping red haze.
Then as one of those boys was about to agree,
The third one piped up; he just had to go pee.
I gave up on the day with some hidden regret,
Accepting the fact my threats had to be met.

We went out the same door to a huge crowd below 
And they laughed and they clapped and I felt oh so low.
The loud speaker that coaxed us, "Come in and have fun",
Broadcast every last word, between myself and my sons.

And the ramp to the ground, we'd gone up to get in,
Seemed to go on forever, while descending just then.
So in keeping my promise, we all left the town fair;
Most embarrassed I'd felt, in my life, anywhere!  

Many years have gone by and it’s just an old tale,
We all laugh when it's told; I no longer grow pale.
But because of that day and the memories to come;
I agree with my mother . . fun houses . . aren't fun!

© 2016 Diane Lefebvre

Copyright © Diane Lefebvre | Year Posted 2016

Long poem by Heather Angel | Details |

Nine months

It's been nine months since I left you it wasn't easy at all you was such a big part of my life for on and off 14 years i trusted and believed in you that you would keep me safe happy and many other things! Thought you wouldn't ever hurt me lie,cheat,steal any of that! I told you my deepest darkest fears,secrets, asked you to never take advantage of me or my family/ friends. Knowing everything I had been through and all I felt that your the only thing I could turn to and have on my side. Never asked for much!! Myself being lost,lonely,scared,angry,confused all the above. You guided me in as if I was one of your own! Our relationship became stronger we was together at all times our bond was unbreakable the love was stronger than anything I ever had or felt! Every time I put you inside my veins I felt unbelievable amazing all my worries and problems disappeared the feeling of being loved unconditionally it was insane! We became as if we were soul mates like a married couple incredibly in love!! Until you got me right where you wanted me couldn't live without you or even be without you if I was I felt like I was dieing to where I begged for God to take my life because you betrayed me and lied,used, physically and mentally and emotionally abused, lost many friends and family due to you had me lieing cheating stealing and other things that I would have never done in my life. Attempting suicide a few times just so I could end the pain and suffering from being an herion addict needle junkie that I truly hated more than anything in this world. I was alone scared many things nobody to turn to it was either move out of that town or end up in jail/prison and I most definitely didn't want that. I left town without even looking back remind you I had myself totally convinced that I couldn't live without herion/the devil!! Nine months later I'm alive clean and sober getting my life back on track new beginning and away from that town a good 2-3hours away. Only been back there one time and was so nausea and sick to my stomach and nervous) scared because I know what goes on there any so much more. I was there long enough to get the paperwork I needed and that's it no looking back!! But here I am nine months later alive trying to get do whats Best for myself and others if they need my support I will be there to help and support in any way possible. I survived not knowing I could all you have to do is want it more than anything and hope and pray and God heavenly father will be there no matter what. I'm still a working progress but bettering myself and many others!! Have faith never give up.

Copyright © Heather Angel | Year Posted 2016

Long poem by Valentine Mbagu | Details |

September To Remember

The month of perfection has come for the sons and daughters of zion to possess their possession,
with the understanding that September is a month like no other month to remember in the history of histories for those who believe in the word of the lord.
The month of fulfilment has come for the children and people of God to possess and inherit the land whereon their feet have trodden upon,
with the knowledge that September is a month like no other month to remember in the season of seasons for God's promises to be fulfilled in the lives of those that wait upon him.
The month of harvest has come for the righteous and faithful people of God to reap and enjoy the fruit of their labour,
with the awareness that September is a month like no other month to remember in the memory of memories for those who believe that the land is bountifully ripe for harvest and truely plentious for conquest.

The month of liberation has come for the captives in captivity to become captains of the captors in the land of captivity,
knowing that the Captain of captians have ascended on high and led captivity captive.
The month of visitation has come for the windows and doors of heaven to open unto them that are expectant of Divine favour, blessings and visitation,
knowing that the presence and power of God is presently present to present to those who are presently present, presents that are presents from above.
The month of dominion has come for the diligent and dedicated David's and Deborah's of this generation to dominate and have dominion over the nobles among the people and forces of the earth,
knowing that God have given us power and authority over the earth to dominate and have dominion over the high and the mighty.

The month of establishment has come for the prudent and pure ones in heart to see God undertaking and establishing his promises in their lives,
with the understanding that God is not unfaithful to forget all our labour and works of righteousness and service to his kingdom.
The month of manifestation has come for the sons and daughters of zion to be Divinely empowered for the manifestation of God's glory on earth,
with the knowledge that the earth and all that dwell in it is the lord's and the fullness thereof.
The month of rememberance has come for the book of rememberance to be opened for the obedient and commited ones to be celebrated by heaven,
with the awareness that God have separated the month of September to remember those that serve and call upon him with a pure heart.

This is September to Remember.

Copyright © Valentine Mbagu | Year Posted 2013

Long poem by Fritz Purdum | Details |

September's Child Part one

Born in Autumn, a buffer season
Not Summer with days of sun
Fields of green with life abounding
And sparkling clear springs.
Not Winter with her majestic wonderland
Of brisk cold winds which kiss the skin
Of gentle snowflakes that fall to earth
Of a blanket of snow that sheets the earth
A covering that allows all to sleep for its rebirth.
Not Spring the beginning of life anew
When snowy fields give way to green grass kissed by Morning's dew
Of promises of love, the inner mating call
Spring a season of life, the most beautiful of all.

Born in Autumn
Things die, They give way
To winds that blow decaying leaves
From once beautiful green trees
Autumn poor Autumn how it yearns to live
A season of brilliant colors
Colors that are false for they hide
The fact what Autumn colors dies.
A season where not sure
Too cold to go bare arm
Too warm to wear a coat
So sweaters were made
Not too cold, not too hot are these days.

Spring a season of love
Summer a season of fun
Winter a season of rest
But Autumn a season of labor
You must reap the harvest
You must prepare for Winter.

I fell in love with a girl of Spring
A joyful, lovely, spirited thing
Her eyes were wild
Upon her face there was a suspicious smile
She was every thing a man could want
Carefree, laughter, emotions of Joy
O' my heart did she toy
Bountiful, free yes was she
This little girl of Spring.

I am a child of September
Born in the month that begat Autumn
Withdrawn, quiet, working hard
I have a strong desire to change the world
Just as Autumn does
It breaks down Summer, forces him to yield
To give birth to Winter
That is what Autumn does
And for all it's glory-for all it's change
Winter blankets him with her snow
So the change of Autumn goes unknown
So is the life of me
Only changing the scenery temporarily.

The other seasons understand
They have their place in time
They yield their beauty grand
But Autumn yearns for it all
He wants to fight
He waves his colors boastfully
He shines with colors bright
And Winter, she only laughs
And blankets him with her snow.

I fight for beliefs I hold dear
But yet I yield them to Time.
For Time rules all the seasons supreme
Time is the Father of all things
Time tells us we must only love
Those in which seasons we can share
Autumn could have Winter which he proceeds
But Summer has Spring which he succeeds
Autumn to Winter, Summer to Spring
That is how Time made it.

       (continued September's Child Part two)

Copyright © Fritz Purdum | Year Posted 2014

Long poem by Wayne Mattison | Details |

Our Day That Will Live In Infamy

September 11, 2001

Our Day That Will in Infamy, our entire nation was crying on that dreadful day-
Nine one one, nine one one!!  We should have seen them terrorist---those evil men---
in those planes coming-after all--911 means emergency!!
After all-- those radical hateful men --high- jacked those planes
were trained in OUR HOMELAND.  The nation watched on that horrible day, as 19 unknown 
men, with 4 of our own planes--crashed THEM into--OUR HEARTLAND!

Our Day That Will in Infamy, as those two buildings burnt, the nation watched.
As the Firefighters,Policemen --stormed--two buildings-- and to Death.
They tell us --the American people, only 346 Hero’s died --that dreadful day- 
how would they know?   Too busy-- mobilizing--for the day.
Then,--there were Medical Personnel, Rescue Workers; who went to
their death as well.

Our Day That Will in Infamy – Husbands who wanted to come home-- that day, brothers-  
only boys --Sons and Daughters who wanted to come home--on that horrible 
day-- Fathers and Dads--THEY ALL died--that disgusting day.
3000 died-- that Infamous day--so the Media, Government want us to-- deliberate.
Our Day That Will in Infamy- nine one one, nine one one,-- our DAY OF INFAMY.
Not long after-- this day in history---our nation went on campaign.
After all--911-- means emergency! Campaign against-- Hussein’s Government.

Our Day That Will in Infamy–- 911,911-- It means emergency!
We should have seen them coming---on that day--filled with emergency.
We should have seen them arrive with our technology--in the firmament.
A leading Country in “LEO” technology- used for military personification-- including Earth 
observation.. We should have seen them coming- on that shocking, shocking day--with LEO 

Our Day That Will in Infamy –nine one one, nine one one- our entire nation-
 was crying on that dreadful day!! Our entire nation was crying on-- that abominable day—I 
WILL NEVER FORGET, I WILL NEVER FORGET. Our entire nation was crying on that repugnant 
DAY!!  THAT COLD SEPTEMBER DAY – that will always be 911--Our Day That Will LIVE in 
BY: W.E.M.

Kevin R. Ryan
Site Manager of the Environmental Health Laboratories
South Bend, Indiana
(Company site - www.ehl.cc)
A division of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.
(Company site - www.ul.com)

Copyright © Wayne Mattison | Year Posted 2010

Long poem by Shanity Rain | Details |

9 11

                             America the Free  ~             America the Brave ~
                           Freedom with price              Capitalism attacked
                            the many taken                   hearts broken still
                              one World                           try to rebuild
                            sadness and tears               fall hard with fears  
                            guilt by association             many accused still
                             souls evaporated                shattered dreams 
                            tears fall on innocence          left with anger 
                             The proud fearless             knew the inevitable
                              policeman fireman             many lives lost
                            grieving does not stop           12 years later    
                               New York city once          proud  & shameless 
                             refusing to let fears in          protecting ours 
                                left in shock still              question's unanswered                    
                               nothing learned                     nothing gained  
                                ready to attack                   many left behind
                              anger greets denial              anger meets rage 
                               unacceptable still                 refusing new love 
                            wanting days to rewind           let us go back in time 
                              acceptance  allowing           the victims leave in peace
                              the brave taken young           leaving us sadly old
                               haunting dreams                     lost spirits dwell
                               no answers to hate            never forgetting that day
                               Evil entered suddenly              unforgiving fate
                                entering our City                we stand with the fallen
                                 How to fix                            how do we Change 

            This can be read many different ways ~ This is a poem I am so proud to write ~


Copyright © Shanity Rain | Year Posted 2013

Long poem by Andrew Crisci | Details |


Who could forget what happened on that unsuspecting and sunny day,
when no visible clouds drifted over the Twin Towers?
Little after midnight, the cool rain adds to the melancholy 
of the descending angels; and I join them in prayer to remember the tragedy! 
This should be a day of remembrance, not of hatred for the ignoble acts 
the wicked committed, but would God accept unkindness instead of merciful deeds?

They called it another day of infamy,
and like Pearl Harbor we were taken by surprise;
that was an attack aimed at the military,
but on September 11 the terrorists attacked the civilians!
It seemed like lightning striking down sturdy trees,
and then fire broke out with smoke trails of a thousands feet;
" O my God! ", every employee screamed...quickly running down 
the stairs engulfed by fire...causing an indescribable chaos everywhere! 
" Take my hand, I will lead you to safety! " the firefighter said to the coughing woman. 
" Hold onto my arm! " the policeman yelled out to the frail man,
who had dropped his eyeglasses and couldn't see! 
Every firefighter and policeman acted like them, rescuing many without fearing death;
and hundreds of them, that awful morning, never returned home alive...
what a tragedy for their families that watched in horror and couldn't help!

Who wouldn't remember the courage of their noble and willing hearts?
And furthermore, who wouldn't engrave their valorous names on plaques and monuments?
Up above, by the gates of Paradise...Christ and His Father awaited them to accept their souls;
while archangels surrounding God's throne, sung hymns that humans couldn't sing...
those hymns that all the earthly heroes will sing with them when Heaven mourns again! 

Their portraits, pictures and memorabilia hang above the fireplaces,
and on the decorated walls of the victims' homes, precincts and firehouses;
how could anybody take them down as they were worthless items?
Prize them more than gold or diamonds, o friends grieving that tremendous loss even today;
don't hate those who caused you sorrow and unbearable pain, be forgiving and show mercy...
as God does toward us; o friends remember your heroes for their valor and sacrifice!  

My poem is dedicated to the victims and survivors of the September 11 attacks on America.

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2009

Long poem by KENG CHUAN SENG | Details |

Hazy Here In SE Asia

Hey,come 3rd quarter of each calender year,  it is that time of the year again, 
This phenomenon is headlined in local dailies each day, again and again...

An enviromental situation, all kinds of experts in general do agree...
A regular man-made consequence from widespread clearing and burning of trees..

All over the country, as in the whole Asian region, the sun is but a blur pall of crimson...
Evidence of the filtering effects of the haze particles in atmospheric conditions..

This pall of haze or jerebu is now a password upon which to start a conversation...
Something akin to the British How's The Weather way of striking up a conversation..

Make a comment about this hazy situation and you can be sure of an observation...
That something urgent needs to be quickly done to elevate this  distressing condition...

Everyman in the street is aware of this thick smoky mist that envelope the environment...
People are advised to use face masks  to reduce the intake of unhealthy irritants...

Even as the sale of face masks are flying off the shelves, what a situation...
People with breathing problems like asthma are to stay indoors, lessen outdoor exertions..

Scheduled flights has to be cancelled unless flying visibility index is acceptable...
Schools are ordered to close when the official haze index breach certain levels...

Cloud seeding efforts are in force to seed rainfall which will  clear considerably the opaque sky..
Just so that such unhealthy and unfavourable conditions will not cloud future skies...

Government efforts are intensified to once again negotiate for cross border cooperation...
Time and again, all these actions are routine responses to mitigate the people's indignation...

For year to year, we the public , suffer all kinds of inconveniences and challenges..
When each calender year enters the 3rd quarter, we suffer again this haze in stages..

Hopes are high, maybe this year things will be different, things will be better...
Down come the promised rain and the situation clears, until the next year...

When once again we all go through the whole rigmorale of negotiations and deliberations...
Safety measures and advice for the masses, cloud seeding efforts and of course, fervent prayers...

Welcome to the haze situation here in Asia...!

Copyright © KENG CHUAN SENG | Year Posted 2015

Long poem by Johnathan Thompson | Details |

My Fire

When I go home damn
Its really quiet 
Never thought I'd find this amount of white noise
In the pitch black face silence 
As I flip scenarios of something like self inflicted violence
making, my room, look....just a lil more stylish
I'll douse the walls with my wrist's imitation of your red fingernail polish 
Seems like
The riot in my mind may have leaked out
Some sound and the floorboards of this house still creek but a paddle im 
In my surroundings 
Thought my flow would let me float on but ya boy ain't so buoyant tho
Fall in to the blue sky's reflection as I plummet into my foe
I'm a machine, can't have water get too close
Not afraid of water, because I can't swim
Scared of depth and darkness, and oceans will force me to give in 
I don't wanna share my lungs 
Lemme breathe for me

Fraid uh water because I've coasted the trans-parent sea 
It's weird when you can say "my parents see right through me" 
Custody war
But I lost every battle 
Reached for anything
All I got was a broken handle on everything


Sex life flowing down south with her g string and sex appeal 
I need to 
but cannot feel 
As I challenge my demons to a battle
Im kind of like the scent leading the pack to the cattle 
Never really see me coming
But I'll lead you to something that'll have ya bowels runnin
Digestive tract star
Ingest every bar
And when you're done im the shit
Even if you ain't really like it
I mean if you want,
Glance at my ego leave a scar 
Or get impressed call me a star 
My stride the only thing between me and going far

Serpentine with your actions but I call you baby 
Now I see why you stay so shady
because to me it seems like you've got nothing but an innocent rattle
Blinded, because I let my lap become your saddle

Your reflection yelling at me im surprised you couldn't tell
Treating me like I was the first Angel sent to hell 
If Jesus was a lamb I can be your scapegoat at the very least 
Sacrilegious sacrifices, looked past the fact I'm actually a feral beast

Shook, like a Harlem shake rattlesnake attention deficit rook
Playin the say it wit ya chess game and I wrote all the books 
King disguised as a pawn 
I'll put myself on 
Competition going down 
Hit that nae napalm expellin from my mouth

My fire...

Copyright © Johnathan Thompson | Year Posted 2014

Long poem by Ravindra K Kapoor | Details |

The Clanking Chain of Wild Geese

The Clanking Chain of Wild Geese

I was watching the September sky every day,
With a hope to once again get a glance,
Of the clanking chains of those lovely wild geese,
That suddenly appears with their music melodies,
But quietly they disappear every year, 
Like a Rainbow that comes and gets lost gradually.

No one knows when like a rainbow,
The wild geese would appear suddenly,
While changing their forms like clouds in the sky,
Mesmerizing our eyes for few seconds or more, and then,
Disappearing in the sky, like the dim vanishing evening.

The wild geese often appear in the sky,
Forming a shape like the garland of God,
And quickly changing shapes, like our emotions,
While moving in the sky like an arrow,
They sing the joyous songs of today, not tomorrow. 

Forgetting the past and the future like an arrow,
Which keeps running, until it reaches its marrow,
The destination to pierce a heart,
They create either a joy or sorrow,
While singing a song of today, not tomorrow.

Oh, September sky I watch,wonder with ,
And hope to see  them once again,
My childhood friends wild Geese,
Coming from north and vanishing in south,
Like my thoughts which arise and fall.

But this year, I did not see the winged necklaces of God,
Neither could I see a rainbow being formed,
Nor even hear  their chorus like songs,
No clanking of wings, No music of their joys,
No rise and fall of images like thoughts,
No sounds and music touching my heart.

One day,  I was stunned to hear,
The species of goose are in great danger,
Man has stolen many of even God’s necklaces,
The rainbow of birds and the grandeur of sky,
A great heritage of Nature is vanishing before our eyes.

Oh, my sweet friend,
Will I ever be able to see and hear you again?
When you would clank your wings, in the windless sky,
Creating a dance and music, on such lofty heights,
Where no musician can ever fly,
With a hope till I am here on this earth my friend,
I would keep waiting and watching 
For you O wild Geese in the September sky.

Kanpur India. 1st Oct. 2010

Dedicated to my loving wife Dr. Shashi Kapoor, as a birthday gift for her
Birthday on 2nd Oct. who loves animals and birds more than any thing

Copyright © Ravindra K Kapoor | Year Posted 2010

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