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absence abuse
addiction adventure
africa age
allah allegory
allusion america
analogy angel
anger angst
animal anniversary
anti bullying anxiety
appreciation april
arabic art
assonance august
autumn baby
bangla baptism
baseball basketball
beach beautiful
beauty bereavement
best friend betrayal
bible bio
bird birth
birthday black african american
blessing blue
boat body
books boyfriend
break up bridal shower
brother bullying
business butterfly
cancer candy
car care
career caregiving
cat celebration
celebrity change
chanukah character
cheer up chicago
child childhood
children chocolate
christian christmas
cinderella city
class clothes
color community
computer conflict
confusion cool
corruption courage
cousin cowboy
crazy creation
crush cry
culture cute love
dad dance
dark daughter
day death
death of a friend december
dedication deep
depression desire
destiny devotion
discrimination divorce
dog dream
drink earth
earth day easter
education emo
emotions encouraging
england environment
epic eulogy
eve evil
fairy faith
family fantasy
farewell farm
fashion father
father daughter fathers day
fear february
feelings film
fire firework
first love fish
fishing flower
flying food
football for children
for her for him
for kids forgiveness
freedom friend
friendship fruit
fun funeral
funny funny love
future games
garden gender
giggle girl
girlfriend giving
god golf
good morning good night
goodbye gothic
graduate graduation
grandchild granddaughter
grandfather grandmother
grandparents grandson
grave green
grief growing up
growth guitar
hair halloween
happiness happy
happy birthday hate
health heart
heartbreak heartbroken
heaven hello
hero high school
hilarious hindi
hip hop history
hockey holiday
holocaust home
homework hope
horror horse
house how i feel
howl humor
humorous hurt
husband hyperbole
i love you i miss you
identity image
imagery imagination
immigration innocence
insect inspiration
inspirational international
internet introspection
ireland irony
islamic january
jealousy jesus
jewish jobs
journey joy
judgement july
june kid
kindergarten kiss
language leadership
leaving life
light little sister
london loneliness
lonely longing
loss lost
lost love love
love hurts lust
lyric magic
malayalam marathi
march marriage
math may
me memorial day
memory men
mentor metaphor
middle school military
miracle mirror
miss you missing
missing you mom
money moon
morning mother
mother daughter mothers day
mountains moving on
murder muse
music my child
my children mystery
myth mythology
name native american
natural disasters nature
new year new york
nice niece
night nonsense
nostalgia november
nursery rhyme obituary
ocean october
old onomatopoeia
pain paradise
parents paris
parody pashto
passion patriotic
peace people
pets philosophy
places poems
poetess poetry
poets political
pollution poverty
power prayer
preschool pride
princess prison
psychological purple
quinceanera race
racism rain
rainbow rainforest
rap raven
recovery from red
relationship religion
religious remember
repetition retirement
rights river
romance romantic
rose rude
sad sad love
satire scary
school science
science fiction sea
seasons self
senses sensual
september sexy
sick silence
silly silver
simile simple
sin sister
sky slam
slavery sleep
smart smile
snow soccer
social society
softball soldier
solitude sometimes
son song
sorrow sorry
soulmate sound
space spanish
spiritual spoken word
sports spring
star stars
storm strength
stress student
success suicide
summer sun
sunset sunshine
sweet symbolism
sympathy tamil
teacher technology
teen teenage
thank you thanks
thanksgiving tiger
time today
together travel
tree tribute
trust truth
uplifting urban
urdu usa
vacation valentines day
vanity veterans day
violence visionary
vogon voice
volleyball voyage
war water
weather wedding
wife wind
wine winter
wisdom woman
women word play
words work
world write
writing yellow

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Long Poems
Long poem by Jayne Eggins | Details | . You can read it on' st_url='' st_title='I hate Mother's Day'>

I hate Mother's Day

Its been over 27 years coming
 this missive or letter,
 maybe poem ? 

I HATE Mother’s day !!
 with a passion ... I've said it ...
 The sheer relief is palpitating
 a load of my mind, and body,
 slithers away peacefully knowingly,
 just to see those words in writing,
 Actually I find the words out of reach
 to express my utter relief, just now 

Don’t get me wrong,
 It’s not that I don’t love or
 want to celebrate my mother
 or lack feeling for her
 Oh ! it’s completely the opposite 

Not only does it remind me what I miss (her)
 but it also reminds me, what,
 what I always felt I lacked
 (as a mother I mean), and I've felt
 it for many years, since my first 

My mother and hers and my father and his
 set the standards so high, so very high
 that I thought hey, I'm smart ?
 I can be a mother a better mother
 like no other, like no other indeed !

I remember receiving gifts
 being overwhelmed with joy
 that first mother’s day
 I was graced with that love
 and all those crazy
 Motherly emotions, we mothers feel
 I felt gratitude for all that
 and so much more 

But then doubt crawled into mind
 setting up house, making a home
 that would last the whole lifetime
 of my eldest son, until these past
 days filled with agony, measured
 no longer in minutes or hours
 but in each moment of pain 

I felt I hadn’t been there enough
 I knew, or thought I knew
 I hadn't loved them 'enough'
 or soothed their pains
 or made their bed 'enough',
 Jesus, the shit I poured
 down my own back 

I lack many things, though
 I had wisp of a dream
 that hope would win,
 I'd be a mother, like my own
 but that wasn't to be

life changed like a hurricane
 I lived one life and then
 another took its place
 no better or worse,
 just different 

my children never went without,
 then they did for more years
 than the former, I felt the pain
 each time I said 'no' but always
 tried to rob Peter paying Paul his due
 and went without, yes even food 

then slowly as times sands swiftly
 drew threw the hourglass
 they all left, got jobs, found love
 and made lives without me,
 I never get to see them much
 some more than others 

over time it’s taken its toll
 I thought lack of contact
 spoke about the mother I was
 how much I was loved
 I was right,
 it was saying something
 just not what I thought 

I have saved two of mine
 from the very hands of death,
 I have went without sleep
 for more reasons than I care to list
 I have answered the phone
 in the dead of night
 spoken about everything
 and nothing 

I missed a call to bail a man out
 but alas it was the one night
 I have known the hands of sleep
 all night, for a very long time
 so I forgive myself, even if he doesn't 

I have slaved and went without sleep
 Christmas night, just to see their
 little faces in the morning
 I always tried my best hoping
 and praying, yes praying !,
 (to that one in the second row
 Saying, "I always knew she prayed")

Some will take a shot at a guess
 at why I write this just now this close
 to a day that should be celebrated
 for all mothers the good ones and the bad 

It’s because even a bad mother can love
 with every fiber of her beautiful soul,
 even a bad mother can be a good mother
 on those days that end with a child’s peace 

As my days trickle to hours and minutes
 I know mothers never ever stop being mothers
 yes even the bad ones, can love forever
 with passion that burns from her womb 

There is a feeling that only a mother can feel
 and I don’t mean just birth mothers,
 I mean all mothers Biological or not
 they all feel it in their hearts and minds
 in their bodies and souls
 even the children she gave homes to
 (but not life), in doing so
 is giving a life to without
 knowing first breath,
 and yet still carry with them a love
 they will always bare
 then as times hand lays his head
 and says enough, she is gone 

it is now on this Mother’s Day
 I say, I hate mother’s day even more
 because I am a motherless child
 wishing for just a few moments more
 so I could tell my mother
 she was the best mother, like no other,
 Because she was mine 



there’s a lesson here for you children
 those lucky enough to still have their mother
 give her a call and just say I love you, then hang up !!
 let her think what a "cray cray crazy" child she has
 but wouldn’t change for anything even life
 and I bet she smiles ... eventually 

time will never stand for no man or woman,
 So love your mother and tell her, once a week ? maybe? 

To my kindred souls who have felt the loss
 and the stinging cut of the wounds
 that drip with grief from their loss
 today I hate Mother’s day too ......

but there's a lasting but here,
 I forgive my beautiful soul,
 I gave 'enough', it was all I had ...

Long poem by Tyronne James | Details |


My love for you is brighter than the Sun
My heart is addicted and you are my drug,
I am committed to this like prison but I am not convicted 
Because my soul has risen, you are a white light through a prism
I don't care who knows, ask me and I'll admit it,
You came to me, Was spirit was broken and you fixed it
I'll admit that I came face to face with your apparition  
I was a victim in the hospital And I was admitted
Into your care, you were the only one who was permitted
Or who had permission to enter my heart but the transition was hard
I was stuck in remission and my vision was clouded, my mind was dark
With you I feel like I am completely limitless
No need for remarks...
For the light to the dark, back to sun rays, walking alone in the park
Sitting on a bench, waiting for you to take my heart, 
Waiting for the flame to be ignited by this spark
I know that two years in is not the end, it's only the start
I still miss you when you leave, I crave you when you stay
Girl, you have definitely left your mark
I want to tell you so many things
I wash I had the words, but my tongue is in a sling, 
I want to run to you but I think I'll sprint,
Because running without you just doesn't seem to make sense
Without you in my life I would have no strength,
I would constantly be on edge, constantly slipping of the ledge...
It's intense when your heart has no cost but it can be an expense
When life gets you down and you realize this person is all you have left
You want to engrave them on your heart just like a crest, 
When this life shoots to kill, you are my bullet proof vest
Everyone else is a lie and you are the truest influence to every aspect of 
my existence
My life contains more than enough evidence
What everyone thinks is irrelevant 
All their thoughts make people skeptical,
I wanna love you until the Sun and the stars are gone
My love is unique on a celestial level it's something special
You lift me so high you make my body feel like a vessel
A beautiful Spring day with flowers blooming, this is not accidental
This is precious, I will never forget it, I will always remember you
Never to neglect you or disrespect you, there's not even a potential
Instead of being stagnant, my love is kinetic, always moving,
Not worrying about the incidentals, 
If I were sad, you would be my anti-depressant
My love for you is like concrete, it's dense, it makes me feel confident
Even when life had me down and I almost lost my shit,
At the end of it all I still got my gift, 
I didn't even hit it and I got my lift
I love you more than the Sun loves the sky,
More than the desert loves the rain,
So much so that it cannot be defined
Your love is like a rainbow,
It symbolizes a new day... 
When I am low enough to dig a hole through the earth
It's like I can fly while I am with you, I am not lying in this verse
With you I feel the opposite of cursed, 
I am on the other side of hurt, came from the other end of the world
Got dragged out the dirt because I was tied to this girl
I hit the bottom of the ocean, hopeless. Searching for a pearl, choking...
Heart stopped working, but I could not stop these urges, I wasn't coping
I was yearning for something perfect
I had no idea I was going learn from it
After all these years, do I love you?
That's an Affirmative!
Your love is fresh and organic with no added preservatives
My heart was sensitive and you took care of it; I deserved it
No carelessness, If you left me, I could never bear with it,
I am scared of it... 

Long poem by Andrey Peysin | Details |

Ignorance is Bliss

Treat me 
Like a king
I need me
to a fin
I am so dreadful sometimes I am a handful
I think that you think that I think you are dreamy
I think that you know that I think that I'm screaming
I wonder where I am going I wonder what I am seeing
I wonder where I am silenced and beautiful you are now dreaming
I think of all the things that you have done and wronged
I wonder what I have found what it is to be with someone
I like your discounts
I like the way that you count sounds
I think that you're crazy and crazily rounded into a fraction
I think that you think of me as an action
I know you not
I know you not like a snot ridden discount infested twat
I think you think me hot
I know ...
I think you think me hot 
I believe in the way you kiss because it is such a dream
I think it is the way ...that you make me scream
the end
I believe it to be
The silence grew...out of an uncomfortable pause
I glanced at you and you have an ounce of shame
I believed 
I then flamed
I think you are twice shy and once renewed
I rebirth you
You are so fleeting
You are deceiving and yet I am so entranced by the sound of your voice I can't help it
You are so truthful it makes me cringe at the sound of the words coming out of your mouth
You make me believe in the myth's of the world
You make me go through the turn based key unlock me systems
I wonder the pains you take to make me miss them
You are so wonderful I so don't diss them
I have asked and asked and received not one bit
the truth of the matter is that I am not licked
I know you you know me not
You know me as something forgot
I think you now have done something wonderful and want me to make you a plain fool
You can't have me as one
I am already there
You can't bend one
I don't care
I simply am who I am and a dutiful me can't be bothered to climb up a round about tree
Like a glove our relationship fits perfectly
how dare you make me question you ...your sanity my vanity
my unlike me want it all I simply can't care enough about it all
I bend you at your will
I send you shivering and quivering all down the spine
I wander and wonder how does that make you feel
I know you are so splendid and lately it makes me squeal
You ask me this now?
I dare not answer and make you a master
I want nothing more than a disaster to action word me into space and laughter
How dare you
How could you
How can you
How must you
What ...
I don't want to know
the answer to this is too wrong and it doesn't make us grow
I simply think that you are what you are and I am what I am and we can't make new plans
I don't want to think of it now
I don't want to make amends
I want to make you gone
I want to make you grow
I don't know...I just don't know
what do I want 
I want a relationship consisting of an actual friendship
how dare I ask for that first or foremost, honestly
Does it matter now?
How dare you **** and leave and
Just wow,
I think of things to say and this 
comes nothing out and everything's amiss
I think what fool
what fool you are and were
I danced and you have made me whore.

Long poem by Shadow Hamilton | Details |

An Ode For Zante

I had not long lost Shona (German Shepherd) and was not sure because of my age and disabilities  if I should get another when my daughter spotted an advert .
I thought long and hard and having always since the age of seven  had my own dog
I decided that there were ways around my disability. 

I went to the farm you were born on and met Matthew and your mum Lady.
Matthew suggested we met the 3 puppies left and take them down the fields so I could 
choose. He let you all out and we started off by the time we reached the gate Lady and two pups had run on ahead. I looked at Matthew who had not noticed and said I have be chosen he looked in surprise and said so you have.

Needless to say I took you home and thus began a wonderful relationship you were highly intelligent  I remember the first time you saw TV you were glued to the screen. We started obedience classes when you were 6 months old and soon you were in the top class. I quickly learnt when a new challenge or lesson was started to hang back and let you watch. Then when it was your turn you went out and did it nearly perfectly and always nailed it on your second attempt. 

You had a yellow squeaky dog toy that you liked to live just outside the door and you would nuzzle it  going in and out. One day my daughter said to me Zante thinks it her puppy doesn't  she I said yes, then my daughter told me she had thrown it for her and that  she went mental checking it was not hurt.

I knew you longed to be a mum so when you were two you went to a good dog and
in time produced nine fine puppies you were so happy and a wonderful mum. 
I with your agreement moved yellow squeaky dog to the kitchen window sill.

When the day came for them to go as each one left you lay crying softly by the back
gate and I joined you shedding my own tears.

Two years later after some notable wins in the ring by you and your daughter
Tanganyika you again became a mum to 8 fine pups. Tanganyika did not understand
why you growled and sent her away. You finally allowed her to meet them at around 
4 weeks. This time we kept two a dog and a b**ch, still we both cried when parting time came.

I did not know we were on borrowed time and that a year later at only six and half years you developed very aggressive cancer and faded in under 3 weeks I held you here at home while you tried to stand to say hello to the vet you could not get up, 
the cancer had sapped your strength. 

I cried buckets as we said good bye and you slipped of to peace and heaven
I buried you at home with your yellow squeaky dog that still squeaked and your
favourite blanket. There is an uncarved stone marking the spot in your favourite
corner of the garden.

I still miss you so much as does Tanganyika who went on the following spring on win 3rd at Cruft's 2010 you would have been so proud.

Zante you stole my heart and gave me a new leash on life You will always live 
in my heart YOU WERE THE BEST 2003 -2009

Long poem by Tonytocaa Camacho | Details |

Loves me loves me not

                                                   Kiss me
                                                   Hug me
                                                    Tell me 
                                                   You love 
                                                    Share a
                                                   Tell me it
                                                   Let your
                                                  Let them 
                                                  Run wild
                                                    It's ok
                                                   Like once
                                                   They use
                                                   Not long 
                                                  When sun 
                                                     Even in 
                                                 Darkend sky
                                                 When spring 
                                                    Even in 
                                                Cloudless days
                                               Even thundering
                                                 Herds of wild 
                                                 Galloping by
                                              Wouldn't make me
                                                  Blink an eye
                                                   could tell
                                                  It was real
                                                 And I thought
                                                 It be forever 

Long poem by Madhavi Sarjare pagare | Details |

The Intensifying love story

The Intensifying love story by 
I simply adore you, my Mesmerizing 
As you are my first love.
Who lighted my heart with full of pride and 
Who ignited the ecstasy towards lovely life.
Who relieved my pains and took sorrows 
as boon.
You made me fall sick in your love when I 
see your madness.
I like the way,
The way you gazed at me and my smoky 
The way you smiled at my mystifying and 
enigmatic appeal.
The way you every time praises me.
The way you galvanized me and proved 
the meaning of life.
You are the one,
Yes, you are the one who aroused my 
feelings, my emotions.
Yes, you are the one who explored my 
passion of love, flaming in my charismatic 
Yes, you are the lovely treasure which god 
had baptized me.
Yes, you are the one who turned the page 
of my life.
Eureka, I found my true love!!!!
Bewilderedly I did not know, where is my 
love taking me to ??
But still I like the way,
Like, the way you clutched me into your 
Like, the way you kissed my palms.
Like, the way you hugged me, caressed 
Like, the way you rubbed your fingers on 
my lips.
Like, the way you tickled me on my neck.
Like, the way you squeezed my cheeks.
Like, the way you holded me up towards 
the sky.
Like, the way when you inspired me to fly 
so high.
Tears dropped from my eyes and the very 
next moment I realized that it is my 
sensational love. My true love. Then I 
decided that no one had right to do this 
except you. If you want to know the 
reason?? If yes??
Yes, because I seriously fell in love with 
Yes, because you are the one to whom god 
had assigned me to.
And here comes the Swifted instance 
When, the moment you wore the golden 
ring in my finger and I was happily waving 
Just can’t forget the time when our long 
lasting friendship turned into lifetime 
It was just the blooming of two lover’s 
indicating the herald of the marriage. It 
means a lot for any girl in this amazing 
And yes, you will always find my heart 
topped with love showered only for you. 
For you!!
And till my last breathe, my heart beats, 
beating for you, only for you SUYOG!!
In fervour I wanted you to be mine forever, 
We both sojourned in each other soul so 
deeply that we just can’t wait for a single 
second, unless and until, we share what is 
running in our mind. It’s just because we 
are so much accustomed to each other 
I Love you, adore you, adore you forever 
my Love.

Long poem by Kenneth Davis | Details |

Know What I Am Missing

Know What I Am Missing by Kenny Davis

I miss the warmth of the hugs of the soft, smooth skin of her curves. With every
sensual sensation from the mere caress of creation, by only hers, are meant 2
burn 2 very tips of my nerves.

I miss her in the tight, timeless grasp of my arms. Mapping & scaling the
smooth landscaping of the hills & valleys of her body in my hands, yearning of
4 what that might feel like again.

I miss the way it would feel 4 her 2 wrap her arms tightly around my waist, as
my eyes & hers would meet, blessed 2 look down upon the radiant beauty of
her face. Hands 2 meet around the crest of my lower back, as if they were 2
never part again, never letting this vessel depart far from her heart again.

I miss the feel of her arms around my neck. the measure of softness like silk, or
the smoothness of buttermilk, unlike nothing I've never felt, or 2 ever feel again
from no 1 else 4 myself.

What I miss is that of the every moment of every kiss. Though not yet 2
be shared, though I know the urge has been there, the thought of tasting the
mere tips of her lips, becomes 2 much 2 bear, stuck 2 myself, kissing nothing,
but thin air.

I miss what those moments would create, missing out, due 2 a fear of a pain that
might be, on the measure of the pleasure of a love timelessly.

I miss all of the times we did share. Miss hearing her voice with my name through
the air, the feel of her hair, miss the feeling of the closeness of our hearts, when
she was no longer there.

I know I miss all of the time we've lost, in a fear of being hurt again, but at
what cost? Time, 4 each other, God has made, only 2 pass us by, only 2 fade,
taking it all 4 granted, claiming we would wait, when in fact, what a waste.

My lungs misses my air, my reason to breath. The reason my sun rises and shines
to the East. In this world filled with chaos, my serenity, my peace. Only, a lonely
King, missing his Queen.

I miss the affect of how her absence would make my heart stop. In hopes that the
essence of her presence would allow it to beat once again. So that the hollow
halls of my life would hear the walking of her feet once again.

My heart misses hers, missing that of a ghost. Out of everything in my life, I find I
am missing her which matters most. For future moments, we kiss. For future
moments of sensual, intimate bliss. For all of the future, timeless, priceless 
moments such as this, from my heart to hers, she is sorely, deeply, passionately 

© June 2014 k.davis

Long poem by Monya Williams | Details |


You see, you see I’m captured within my pain I’m 13
13 only 13
13 years old when my soul died
13, eight months later when my spirit died
13, 13 is all I’ve cried
Within a year I watched myself die twice
First cancer killed my aunt later a disease took my mother’s life,
13 years yet I haven’t grieved 
Suppressed my feeling for 13 years so it wouldn’t bother me
Is it true you can die three times yet you live?
19 years old my grandmother died the last I had to give
Holes created in my heart as if I was shot by a bullet
Life threw me a curve ball unavoidable hit by it,
Beat on constantly…	
Like African drums not physically
Living in an emotional slum….
Using love to ease the aches
Desperately seeking a soul mate
Loving liars, cheaters, and thieves
Not caring wanting that of someone loving me,
Causing friction, tension and despair
Pushing life away for I can no longer bare
13 years of pain and suffering
No one to blame as I did it to me
How can I let go without feeling alone?
It’s so hard so I continue to hold on
Years of allowing my past to control me,
I only had my past to comfort and depend 
Losing my family so early in life is hard to make amend
Lovers and friends come and go
Those who stuck around why they did I don’t know,
Days I’ve spent alone crying in silence
Seeing, feeling, living not understanding it
13 years of suppression now I’ll try to let go
Before my emotional bondage cause me to lose the one I love so,
Isolated from my mate, daily surroundings
Standing in a room full of people only seeing me
13 years I’ve prayed the prayer to open and release
So I can step into anew, pain will decease 
Buying into another to hold my hand
Independent all these years lost in where I stand
Using another to ease what is in me backfiring 
One application after another constantly hiring,
Father, I need new management
So I can celebrate the life of, death kept me bent
13, 13 years something about 13
If this is the only way to move on then I’ll have to grieve 
13, 13 years living in bondage and misery
13 years and 13 years old dying inside me
Tell me what is it about 13
After 13 years I now need my peace
13 years sweat hid my tears
Living without you lost in the years
Seeds I no longer sow
For my flowers ceased to grow
Dying in the end like you
Enough pain I’ve had to endure 
Choking in smoke but not none of a cigarette
13 years of disappointments and regrets
From living without you
Until my last days the statement remains true.

Long poem by Mickey Brady | Details |

The Storm

The storm comes less often now,
Come it does.
Cyclical… Circular… predictable in its pattern.
It’s been a while dear friend.
            The sun so bright-
                        Harder to find you these days
Memories slow my step suddenly.
Seizing my mind as our past flashes upon a wall.
Compelled… Consumed… by these morsels of time.
Times when immortality we feigned.
               This is the calm –
                        The beginning of the storm
Clouds gather upon the horizon.
The earthy smell of its coming is heavy… heavy upon a familiar breeze.
Ah yes… the breeze that seems cooler than it should.
I draw deeply on this… this sweeping scent of eternity’s veil.
            The clouds grow –
                        Shadows and sunlight struggle before me
All warmth escapes my aura.
I am immersed.
Frantically… Languidly… into the coming of the storm.
Welcome is this diversion… shade from the invading sun.
            My mind surrenders –
                       Souls grasping across time for the other
Peculiar is the searing peace which accompanies the pall.
Only here in the shadows do I… Can I…
Betray… Embrace… the extent of my pain.
Mundane detail is lost in the altered light.
            The storm is upon me –
                        Within me
It arrives with intensity. The winds rage…
Between us.
Deafening… Silent… reprieve from the tainted melody.
The almost honest lyrics of my daily stage.
                Thunder claps –
                        This encore overdue
 In the windows of my soul. The salty rain…
Begins to fall.
Welling… Streaming… down the valleys of my contorted mask
I welcome the pain… for in it is your smile.
            It lasts until –
                     Its over
It is in the storm that I find you. Little brother…
Leading me forward.
Laughing… Reaching… You bring forever to my eye.
I gleefully let you go again. One eye upon the horizon of always.
            I see you little brother –
                     Receding within me
 The shadows persist. The winds no longer rage…
Warm is the breeze.
Comforting… Teasing… as the soul-glow rushes not to leave.
The violent outpour but a misty drizzle.
The storm comes –
            Less often now
 I miss you most as you leave. Pain becomes peace…
In the wake.
Squinting… Basking… I welcome the glare of the sun.
It seems brighter each time… your shadow grows longer.
            Until the next storm –
                        We live

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Goodbye my Summer Love

Though the midnight summer rains
as we sit together under the geraniums,
hanging low and at full bloom,
we hold hands and talk of old times;
times that were kind to us and our youth.
As summer storms light up the night skies
We kiss the storm away, as it rolls through the grey skies
and the lighting cracks the clouds in half,
riping a hole in the universe, as we kiss the night away.

We sit throughtout nightlong summer dreams
and talk, and we hear the storms roll into the golden hills
of summer meadows filled with roses and a field full of daisies.
Love rests in time to see us grow old together,
and love strengthens its walls and pulls us closer together.
We shall go now, as day turns to night,
into our chamber of love and sleep the night away, together.
Hold us close to each other, as I rest my head on you sweet bossom,
and you nurture me to life of talks of love and beauty.

Nature whispers and sings us songs,
as we kiss and go for walks through the countryside
looking at the golden hills soaked in the rolling storms
that summer offers every year, upon a silver platter.
Sooth me, my love as I tell you of the sorrow I have witnessed.
Embrace me with your curiousity and tell me of the beauty in
the secrets of life and its hidden messangers
that hold secret letters from Devils that send temptations
to destroy something that we share, that is so beautiful and true.
Tell me that life will be okay, and my love is still true and with you.
Tell me my sweet and beautiful love, tell me if everything will be alright.

Love has seen us come and go, through the narrowed and sprinkled streets,
as we move through life fused at hands and eyes blind, not noticing the possiblities of death at any moment stalking us with knives jabbing at our backsides.
We are blind, for we see each other and only each other.
As we live life eyes a blazed looking at the sun, we do not notice the obvious between us.
Caring from me, at my time of need I never noticed the betrayal of our love.
My heart sees, but I deny the obvious and see what I hear.

As I see the knife drive deep in my heart,
you with a suitcase in hand,
I stand on my front steps and I watch the summer storms
come back over the golden hills to say, "hello"
Love is the same everytime, like a summer storm;
beautiful to watch, but when it leaves, it is depressing to say, "goodbye"
Now I sit, as the geraniums dry up and die
and the wrinkles at my eyes make me blind,
I see love walk past my house and mock me with lone kisses.

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