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adventure africa
age allah
allegory allusion
america analogy
angel anger
angst animal
anniversary anti bullying
anxiety appreciation
april arabic
art assonance
august autumn
baby bangla
baptism baseball
basketball beach
beautiful beauty
bereavement best friend
betrayal bible
bio bird
birth birthday
black african american blessing
blue boat
body books
boyfriend break up
bridal shower brother
bullying business
butterfly cancer
candy car
care career
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celebration celebrity
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character cheer up
chicago child
child abuse childhood
children chocolate
christian christmas
cinderella city
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courage cousin
cowboy crazy
creation crush
cry culture
cute love dad
dance dark
daughter day
death death of a friend
december dedication
deep depression
desire destiny
devotion discrimination
divorce dog
dream drink
earth earth day
easter education
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environment epic
eulogy eve
evil fairy
faith family
fantasy farewell
farm fashion
father father daughter
father son fathers day
fear february
feelings film
fire firework
first love fish
fishing flower
flying food
football for children
for her for him
for kids forgiveness
freedom french
friend friendship
fruit fun
funeral funny
funny love future
games garden
gender giggle
girl girlfriend
giving god
golf good morning
good night goodbye
gospel gothic
graduate graduation
grandchild granddaughter
grandfather grandmother
grandparents grandson
grave green
grief growing up
growth guitar
hair halloween
happiness happy
happy birthday hate
health heart
heartbreak heartbroken
heaven hello
hero high school
hilarious hindi
hip hop history
hockey holiday
holocaust home
homework hope
horror horse
house how i feel
howl humanity
humor humorous
hurt husband
hyperbole i am
i love you i miss you
identity image
imagery imagination
immigration innocence
insect inspiration
inspirational international
internet introspection
ireland irony
islamic january
jealousy jesus
jewish jobs
journey joy
judgement july
june kid
kindergarten kiss
language leadership
leaving life
light little sister
london loneliness
lonely longing
loss lost
lost love love
love hurts lust
lyric magic
malayalam marathi
march marriage
math may
me meaningful
memorial day memory
men mentor
metaphor middle school
military miracle
mirror miss you
missing missing you
mom money
moon morning
mother mother daughter
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motivation mountains
moving on mum
murder muse
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my children mystery
myth mythology
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riddle rights
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roses are red rude
sad sad love
satire scary
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senses sensual
september sexy
sick silence
silly silver
simile simple
sin sister
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softball soldier
solitude sometimes
son song
sorrow sorry
soulmate sound
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teacher teachers day
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Long Girlfriend Poems | Long Girlfriend Poetry

Long Girlfriend Poems. Below are the most popular long Girlfriend by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Girlfriend poems by poem length and keyword.

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Long Poems
Long poem by Teppo Gren | Details |

BIO T J GREN part 04 02 A dream come true

June 1975, Mount Druitt, Sydney, Australia

The autumn of 1975 went by with me concentrating on my university studies. I had also found a job as a builder’s laborer on a construction site.
At the end of June the Western Suburbs Finnish Club held their customary mid-summer night dance. In Australia it was winter, but in Finland the mid-summer at the end of June was a time for celebration. It marked the beginning of summer. It was in order to keep this tradition alive that the Wests club orga-nized a mid-summer night dance annually. I naturally attended the dance function as I did all the dances held by the club. Although there were not many girls of my age attending these functions it was still always nice to be with other Finns. This time there were two new girls at the dance. I had seen one of them from a distance the previous Sunday at baseball practice. I was attracted to her so when I got the chance I asked her for a dance: or was it that she asked me?

I found out from her that her name was Johanna and that she was the sister of Marko, who was in our folk dancing group. Her friend with her was an Aussie girl she knew. Every now and then the two of them would disappear outside for a while. During the evening I danced with her again and again when-ever I had a chance. Later in the evening whilst dancing with her she started pressing her body closer to mine and then she kissed me passionately on the lips right there in the middle of the dance floor. I felt somewhat embarrassed with other people watching us, including my mother, but better still I felt the pleasure of her kiss and feeling her body close to mine. This was the closeness I had hoped to feel for so long. This was the first time I had kissed a girl since kissing Linda at the age of thirteen six years earlier.

Johanna was quite nice looking. She had blonde shoulder length straight hair and a round face with nice features. She had a lovely smile and beautiful lips. Her breasts were well formed and slightly above av-erage in size. She was five feet five inches tall and had a nice, womanly figure with soft curves.

Johanna was a year and a half younger than me. She was seventeen, turning eighteen within a few weeks in August. Her star sign was Leo. Her family, apart from Marko, lived in Western Australia in Perth. She had only just come to Sydney a couple of weeks earlier and was staying at Marko’s place. I ended up driving her home and staying the night. Since Marko and his wife, Petra, knew me, they had no objec-tion for me to stay overnight instead of driving home to Mount Druitt. They liked me and they would’ve been quite happy to see me becoming an item with Johanna. The apartment they lived in wasn’t all that big, and a bed was made for me in the same room with Johanna. Marko made a passing comment before we retired that if he was me it wouldn’t take him long to slip into Johanna’s bed. I thought he was only joking and didn’t make much of it. I was a gentleman and I would take my time before imposing myself sexually on a girl. Nevertheless I enjoyed the long, intimate French kiss Johanna gave me before we went to sleep.

We spent the next day together and we started dating. She also joined our Wednesday evening folk dancing practice. Since Rita had stopped coming to folk dancing a few weeks after Easter, I still didn’t have a partner until now. And what a partner I had: my girlfriend. At the time when I met and became acquainted with Johanna I was still working as a builder’s laborer at the building site in Parramatta whilst I was also attending university. I was still able to make time to see Johanna. She was living in Summer Hill near Parramatta Road and it was on my way home from the university so on Tuesdays and Thursdays when I had Uni, I would try to get away early in order to see her. And of course we saw each other on Wednesdays for folk dancing practice and on the weekends.

Although Johanna was younger than me she had a lot more experience in adult life. She told me that she smoked dope and that’s why she went outside with her friend at the mid-summer night dance: to have a joint. She said that she couldn’t take the Finnish dancing without being high. Looking back I was totally inexperienced in everything when it came to learning the adult life and relationships. That was not a sur-prise considering my secluded life during my adolescence.

We spent as much time together as we could. On the weekends we would drive around in Sydney, stop somewhere at a park and walk along holding hands, and kiss gently every now and then. I didn’t worry about the little flaws which I considered that Johanna had; meaning smoking cigarettes, drinking and smoking dope. I was falling in love. This was the answer to all my dreams. I had a girlfriend of my own with whom I could share time with, and eventually go further. She was also a lot more experienced with kissing which wasn’t hard because I didn’t have any experience at all. She would kiss me softly and then with more passion, leading to French kiss. Sometimes she would suck on my lower lip. Alt-hough it was exciting it wasn’t all that pleasant as it also hurt a bit. She also gave me love bites and I learnt to do the same to her.

I was still being a gentleman and didn’t impose on her even though we had been dating for couple of weeks. I wanted to honor her and move slowly, meaning that I didn’t make any sexual advances, alt-hough I was very attracted to her and wanted to do so. Boy, was I naïve. To me everything was clear, black and white: we would court for a while before moving into a more deep involvement and then eventually we would get engaged and married: simple. To me it didn’t make a difference when we would move further to a sexual relationship. Johanna was my fist girlfriend and I didn’t want anything spoiling our relationship. I felt deeply for her and looked forward to building a future with her.

Copyright © Teppo Gren | Year Posted 2016

Long poem by William J. Jr. Atfield | Details |

My Daughter The Need A walk from the dark side, into the darkness

My Daughter

My beautiful Daughter, walks life’s paths alone,
She does so, by design – not of hers – on her own.
She travels heavily !, from place to empty space,
from space to vacant place – in what kind of race?
A race towards where ?, towards what I do not know,
for, to me – an  age and place beyond – she does not show
where it is, - where she wants her future  to go
if ?, going anywhere – accomplishing - is a guiding
force in her life, seeking out, chasing after lightening.

There are times, when I hear, in my words
the sounds of need, – empty in their experience –
looking for some of what has been offered.
What has been offered, I see, it is not meant for me.

The Need

I keep being dragged back into this nightmare,
a nightmare ?, so I am lead to believe, could it be ?
Within the stories, the tone, I hear, I perceive it to be
but have to wonder ?, is it ?, really but a dream
that can find no reality on this plane , never comes true,
therefore it truly is !, becomes the nightmare.
In the words that tell, I see, I hear, I feel
the sword that plunges deep, with which to defend,
to destroy the foe – the lover – a man not to know
yet not forgotten, not left alone, not let go of.
He - the nightmare – is always there, he doesn’t care,
he is a rotting residue in, a part of life’s moments.
He is your nightmare, in your dreams, in every waking hour!
These sad eyes see, these sensitive ears, in pain, hear the pain,
this old heart feels, but this useless blade, – a knife that hides
within my, closed mouth – seems not able to cut away at the ties
that bind you to life’s strife – to the nightmare.
Could it be unfulfilled desires ?, unrealized dreams ?

What has taken forty nine life times to create,
might be attributed to nature, nurturing or fate,
but may not be digested, accepted, understood or dissipated.
Regardless of the words, the meaning, what else can be stated ?
I know that in forty nine hour days, my thoughts my feeling
will never find a way to reach out and touch a solid ceiling
and so, in my many words, in my actions, I pray
that it all can be set aside, and all can be put away.

A walk from the dark side, into the darkness.

Little, to nothing could this impotent old man / dad offer
his Child, his oldest Daughter, in so much need.
Nothing could he bestow upon his Child, or his lover,
with her insecurities, doubts, his insatiable greed,
and so, escape not, she walks along with his need
as it has been something he has decreed.
Oh !, how remiss to leave them on their own, to agree
to their coarse, a course that could take them on
to complete the journey they started, then gone.

Time, enough !, distance is past 
Time to stop !, turn around at last
and face what the outcome will be.
Open eyes, a new beginning to see.
May I leave sun set’s path, face the sun rise
coming through that black velvet screen before me
with it’s spattered, day-glow dots, all aglow
opening inner sanctum doors, allowing me to know.

Thoughts for me, alternative for them flash before my mind.
What will they do ?, am I being so unkind ?
Will one, the other or both be bussed back to Ontario ?
As I walk back to the room, I ponder the scenario ? 
Will we ( all three ) carry on with our little adventure
into the canyons and gorges, the city of all nights lights
– the city where angels never sleeps – I cannot be sure ?,
sure if they will end their – for my attention – fights.
Will we see the city ?, where one man built his fantasy,
walk among dreams brought to life, a fun reality 
of cartoon characters, animated for the child in us
or in the end, to Ontario on a Greyhound bus ?
Will we see stars ?, stars on a walk, in the city of angels
At this juncture, what will be the story one tells ?
Will the Golden Gate carry us ?, will we ride the hills ?,
on their steel rails, tell tales of all our thrills ? 
Will we end these moments in gods country ?, 
the city of the British, the salmon run, a hollow tree,
mountains, bays, bears, a Princess, poetess gone to ash,
her rhyme, this forth cousin of mine, they did stash,
hidden from obvious view, in the woods of Stanley park,
where few knew, and for a hundred years, lay in the dark.
Many know not where Native, folk lore doth reside ?
In her books, hand in hand and side by side,
along with as many nationalities as there are nations.
In this place, women brought to life her creations.

Before I leave this bleak walk, in the arms of this black night,
My thoughts are, hope that all will come out all right,
when one of those day glow dots, in that black velvet sky,
all a glow, took off, streaked south, caught my eye
as it crossed the heavens, fast as the speed of light,
in the pattern of a Zed, then disappeared from sight.

( Strange !!!, this speck of star light, it’s unusual flight
as it star-ts out from nothing, speeds south on a 
horizontal plane, pauses a split second, reverses direction,
drops down vertically, on an angle northward, towards a point
where it started out, again paused for a split second, then, 
on a horizontal plan, zipped south before disappearing into star,
in the starry back drop from whence it took life, for a moment. )

This story, – twenty five years old – in rhyme, comes to life,
for a brief moment, from a memories hoard, rife
with so many stories hidden from sight 
coming from rhyme - into light.

B. J.“A ” 2
May 30th 2002

Copyright © William J. Jr. Atfield | Year Posted 2014

Long poem by Funom Makama | Details |

He said, I said

How the housefly gets attracted to organic decay and an infant child traces the voice of its mother are nothing compared to the intense attraction Michelle and I possess on the guy owning not a strand of hair on his head but is in command of all forms of feminine arousal Our weakness was too glaring; our lust, too embarrassing the chance to act rare and expensive we've lost. All we've got is to dance to the tune of his authority as he smiled and consented to our 'not so hidden' desires. Now, he walks straight at us his every step, an additional load on me I seem to carry the entire solar system on my chest. My heartbeat, pulsations and breath are as loud as a live rock band "I've never seen you here is this your first time?"......... He said "Yeah, actually!".................. I said. My friend and I responded simultaneously our answers gushing out like a group of running horses, mine seem to carry more weight as it tames any challenge from hers. "So, how did two love Angels fall in such an unworthy place as this?"......... He said "How unworthy?"........................................... I Said. I've championed the game of words and emotions and just as what inevitably defines the day is sunlight so is my testament. Michelle showed glimpse of disapproval to my replies but my exclamation of her name gave adequate caution. "yes, this place is unworthy, because I need to pass through seven Oceans and seven hills to see someone like you"........... He said. "Then you'll never find me there. I'm not a specie going extinct." ............................ I Said. The gods of luck have smiled on the Lions once again in preference to other cats. The father of favour, shaking hands with the Eagle while by-passing the other birds. This is my exact situation as jealousy builds a castle in my friend's heart. "So, what's your name, sweet damsel?"...... He said. "Anna"........................................................ I said. This is a familiar routine, his plan is as detectable and as obvious as watered grass but letting it turn green is what I must not allow so that the security of my reputation is not compromised. "Anna is a lovely name, do you like poker?"........ He said. "No, I don't!"........... I said. The looks of my friend, spoke 'awe' mine replied in aggression then she flowed in complete understanding on its message on not acting cheap especially to the one we've shown so much likeness. "So what do you like?".......................He said. "Going out to the Cinema or the beach or engaging in salsa".......................... I said. Already scoring goals and dominating the game, I felt my opponent was completely toothless and flattened. But playing along is my aim to make him beg on his knees which adds to my fame. "Can we try any of those sooner?"......................... He said. "How do you mean?"............................................... I said. Another punch brings about another shield and sometimes a strong defence feels more fulfilling than a heavy attack. "Let's go out to the movies this night"............. He said. "I'm busy tonight!"........................................... I said. It feels like punishment to him but he takes it like a challenge and this keeps me far from winning. Being on top is my birth right and a step lower is deemed a sacrilege. "What about going to the beach this weekend?".................. He said "I'll be out of town"................................................................. I said. Persistence could be rewarding but my protective walls are just too thick for any form of penetration; too high for any form of infiltration and too deep for any form of condemnation. "Then, when would you be free to teach me Salsa?"............................ He said. "I'm not stable, neither can I determine my free time"..................... I said. The game of attack and defense is never absolute as the attacker may fall victim of a rare counter attack or the defender, gets wary of his defense with no chance to pull an offensive string. Either, ending up as the vanquish despite the brilliant strategies being set up. "Michelle, are you also unstable like Anna?"...... He said "What!"............................................................... I said. Envy plans on a historic transfer while my friend poised not an aota of difficulty and this makes me extremely furious. She was just at the corner waiting for this opportunity and even before it avails itself, she snatches it into her well guided belongings. Looking at both in confusion and disappointment; they share contacts and crack jokes. "I'll give you a call this evening".................. He said Nothing I said because now, Michelle is running the show.

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2014

Long poem by J. W. Earnings | Details |


Honesty speaks through me
I love you, my modest friend 
Innocence and elegance I see
When you and I, like coffee and cream, blend
You're relevant to me day in and day out
You're a friend and a foe some say
But you are so much more than what they say no doubt
I'm your night and you're my day 

You are like a soaring bird in ain't playing games
Ignore the ignorant and their throwing up of cruel names
I-I-I adore your awesomeness
Know that I-I-I can't deny or lie that you are giving in to your insecure darkness
Just know that I love you
Buddy, I care for you too 
Just know that I like you 
Not the way you do...
What you do to me...I can't say 
But, you're aawesomee every single day 

Lately, I have been thinking about yahyahyah 
Frankly, I have missed yah but you're like blahblahblah
For everything I say or do 
For you
TMI too 
TMI too 

Ahhhh hmmmm 
Ahhhh hmmhmmm 
Ahhhh hmmmm
Ahhhh yeah yeah yeah

Know that you are clever
Don't ever say whatever 
Know that you are awesome
Forget the haters, love the lovers
Forgive your enemies and hang or with believers
You are amazing...
You are grazing 
In your own maze,
Caught in a fantasy gaze
You are more than what meets the eyes
I can fantasize you and I and how time flies

You were once so insecure
Your fury was your own cure
You are cute in your own ways
But, darling, I'm going through those up and down days
Just know that I love you
Buddy, I care for you too 
Just know that I like you 
Not the way you do...
What you do to me...I can't say 
But, you're aawesomee every single day 

Lately, I have been thinking about yahyahyah 
Frankly, I have missed yah but you're like blahblahblah
For everything I say or do 
For you
TMI too 
TMI too 

Ahhhh hmmmm 
Ahhhh hmmhmmm 
Ahhhh hmmmm
Ahhhh yeah yeah yeah

Know that you are clever
Don't ever say whatever 
Know that you are awesome
Forget the haters, love the lovers
Forgive your enemies and hang or with believers
You are amazing...
You are grazing 
In your own maze,
Caught in a fantasy gaze
You are more than what meets the eyes
I can fantasize you and I and how time flies

Damn, what I've become all these years without you-you-you,
Abiding by my, you're subsiding by my side boohoo
Excuse my French, but I hate that I love you still
Excuse the stench that negativity spreads on me...I'll sit back and take a chill pill if I will 
I'm positively sure you will be in my heart for eternity 
I'm negatively sure you will depart from me out of jealousy
Just know that I adore you
Buddy, I despise you not too 
Just know that I feel for you  
Not the way you do...true or not true
What you do to me...I can't say 
But, you're aawesomee every single day 
In every wild, reckless way
Smile on, Dawn
Frown not, Dusk

Lately, I have been thinking about yahyahyah 
Frankly, I have missed yah but you're like blahblahblah
For everything I say or do 
For you
TMI too 
TMI too 

Ahhhh hmmmm 
Ahhhh hmmhmmm 
Ahhhh hmmmm
Ahhhh yeah yeah yeah

Know that you are clever
Don't ever say whatever 
Know that you are awesome
Forget the haters, love the lovers
Forgive your enemies and hang or with believers
You are amazing...
You are grazing 
In your own maze,
Caught in a fantasy gaze
You are more than what meets the eyes
I can fantasize you and I and how time flies

You ain't ugly, my baby
You ain't cruel...or bull
You ain't nothing to me
You give me faith fuel
I need you badly
I want you sadly
You're not taken,
But I'm forsaken 
I can't say no to you
I can say yes to you
But nothing more or less
I'm such a horrid mess
Being in my skin 
Hurts me from deep within
Hands up in the sky,
My wings of flight
You are human and I know why
We are up tonight
You're beautiful 
You're handsome
You're wonderful 
You're not dumb like some 
You're not hideous
You're attractive
You're sexy and free and we're on the same rowdy bus
I'm actively in love with you
Out of the orange-blue
Free or not, you are mine
You are my cheese and wine
And that's not all 
You and I, together, will stand tall
If you fall, I catch you
If I fall, you catch me
Baby, do stay oh so true
Be my love and fulfill my ecstasy

Copyright © J. W. Earnings | Year Posted 2015

Long poem by Jordan Hedgepeth | Details |

A skateboarders new lust for love

Im going to tell you a story about a skateboarder who thought he was destined to only love skateboarding. Not to long ago there young man who was missing something in his life years and years went by and he couldn't find out what it was until one day he was walking down the street and seen this goddess walking he thought to himself is this love at first sight I gotta have her she must be my wife so when she walked passed him he said "excuse me but have anyone told you that beautiful is of the essence and your looking like a real blessing" she smiled and responded "have anyone told you today you have a georgics smile" he was shocked by her answer that he asked her "you wanna go grab some lunch or some dinner it's really don't matter cause if I walk in anywhere with you I'm winning" she smiled and asked for my phone dialed her number then pressed call her phone started ringing in her purse then she hung up and said " I gotta go to work but dinner sounds perfect so I'll text you around the time I'll be getting off" he smiled and said "ok ok for a woman like you I'll wait but before you go beautiful what's your name"? She said "my name is Alexus what is yours" he said "my name is Jordan but I'm no mike I'll tell you more about my profession tonight" Alexus smiled and said "ok I'll see you later then" Jordan responded "it's a date" they gave each other a hug than parted ways. Soon as he got out of her sight his phone ranged with a text message saying hey you can tell he was in love by the look on his face later on at dinner he kept telling hisself "Jordan sit up straight" then he looked at her face smiled and says "you have to be a model cause your beauty doesn't age" Alexus replied "haha no sorry I'm a nurse in training" Jordan face lit up and he said "that's great because I be skating on a board I can flip if I show you'll stand in amazement questioning yourself how can he make it leave the ground and stay under his feet well I'll tell you it's a secret to the key only thing I've been doing is working hard and believing" Alexus said "hard work beat talent when talent doesn't pay off" by the time Jordan looked down he already finished his plate the waiter came with the check Alexus grabbed it before he could then said "dinner is on me" Jordan was amazed by the look upon his face cause this was the first time that one of his dates payed then he said "nights still young wanna grab a movie then can you drive me home I'll explain in your car why I don't have my own" she laughed and said "okay" so they got in her car and Jordan said"well I travel a lot skating and it was a hassle to keep up and pay for things outta state so I just gave up on a car I use my skateboard to travel in the city" she laugh and said "that's cute" they went to the movies and got some food then she took him home but it didn't end there cause they were sitting in her car talking then Jordan said " you're so beautiful I love your hair your eyes are pretty your attitude is not shitty all in trying to say is will you please go out with me"? Alexus said "is that really how you feel about me if so then you're my husband cause I'm done with boyfriends they are just temporary" Jordan cut her off and say "I want you wake up to you every morning normally I don't tell my feelings cause they real boring but with you they feel so important I would give you a ring but honestly I can't afford it" Aleux said"that's the sweetest thing I ever heard of course I would want to be your girl, just promise me that you won't crush my world cause in the past it always start off you're a pretty girl" Jordan said "let me stop you their only thing I called pretty was your hair I said you're beautiful it's a different the past is the past we are living in the present I can't see my future but I want you to be in I don't know what a one night stand is cause all my nights consist of kickflips but to come home see you and get a kiss would be the best gift God has ever give" with that being said she gave him a kiss and that's how a skateboarders new love began

Copyright © Jordan Hedgepeth | Year Posted 2016

Long poem by Robert Lindley | Details |

Steal the Kiss, By Wily Means

Steal the Kiss, By Wily Means

She had just turned 17 and I had loved her since she was fifteen!
She had long, long dark brown hair, was prettier than newborn pups and had a smile that melted my heart!
Softest voice in the world and a genuine love for caring for others!
I was a year younger and very shy but we had over that two year time talked often .
I could tell she liked me but I was too afraid to mess it up by going too far too fast.
And there it is folks, that 'ole fear that holds so many back--fear of rejection and/or of messing up a good thing. When one thinks the treasure is or could be theirs one day they are careful not to blow things. And often being too damn careful is the culprit that blows it all to hell.

As things progressed(ever so slowly) I noticed this gorgeous girl had no boyfriend and had turned down cold those that had boldly asked her out ! That had to be a sign she had somebody else on her mind!
To play it safe I began a long range plan . To get the curious cat I told her I had two big secrets I could never tell anyone in the world! I brought this up every time we talked and finally she started asking me to tell her!

That was exactly what I wanted yet I played it out a few weeks more. Until finally I knew she was bursting to find out.
My Pandora plan had worked like a charm.She was in a tizzy to find out those secrets!
Then the time came.. We were alone in her backyard, no soul about other than we two. I mentioned my secrets again.
 She begged me to please confide in her. 

Thats when I did it , tripped the trigger so to speak. I boldly declared it will cost you for me to tell.
Without missing a beat she asked , cost me what?
Eureka! I knew the bait had been taken ! I then very shyly said it is embarrassing for me to say what. She persisted . 
I then said , ok, will cost you a kiss! She was surprised but took it in stride. She then said ok, if thats all I'll do it! 
But only if you tell me the big secrets. I agreed to that and suddenly she planted a big one right on my lips,
putting a lot into it as she hugged me !
Like finding a pot of gold, I was suddenly a billionaire in love..
Then it came-- what are those secrets?
I smiled and said this, first one is -"I have been desperately wanting to kiss you for two long years"!
She laughed and then asked, "and the second secret is"?
I came back with this, "and I was wondering if it would as great as I imagined it would be"!
"Well, was it she shot back"? I could only nod like a red-face young fool. 

She was floored methinks. She blushed and then came the sweetest gift of all. She grabbed me and kissed me long and hard!
She then laughed and said, " I have been waiting for you to make the first move for a long, long time. What took you so long"?

Thats when it hit me, fear of losing, fear of rejection sho' makes a lot of people lose out on a lot of time! Time that could have been put to much better use!

Later that day I apologized for my tricking her into the kissing deal.
She then shocked me by her reply.
"I was sure it was something about you and me, most likely that you wanted for us to be a couple, go steady or yes even kiss. 
I played along(--get this folks--) because I did not dare act too fast with you because I did not want to lose a good thing"!
Thats when I found out, when it comes to love , the gals are light-years ahead of we guys yet even they succumb to fear!

Fear can be a good thing but far too often it holds us back. Facing that fear and conquering it should be a well practiced policy
in life. Lucky for me that I later put that all to good use. As I had a great longing to date "almost" every beautiful and sexy gal I met ..
But that story is for another day.

Note: As promised from my first narrative here is the one about the stolen kiss.
I use the word stolen  but really it was only a bit of wily planning on my part..
Later found out the pretty gal was smarter than I on this stuff..

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2015

Long poem by Teenage Frustrations | Details |

I Hate

I hate the birth mark under my right eye
I hate my extremely static hair
I hate my big bottom lip
I hate my spotty nose

I hate that I have really *****y times
I hate that people only remember me for my really *****y times
I hate that the real *****es hate me
I hate being cautious so they don’t ***** about me

I hate that I cry over everything
I hate that people know I cry over everything
I hate that I hide from them anyway
I hate that they actually don’t care 

I hate the fact that my brother is leaving home next year
I hate the fact that I cried when he told me that
I hate the fact that I hid my tears from him
I hate the fact that he’s all I really have left

I hate my father for making me feel like he doesn’t care about me
I hate my mother for making me feel like she picked him over me
I hate that my brother had to look after me when they couldn’t be bothered
I hate that, in my eyes, they don’t deserve to be called mum and dad

I hate that when I was younger I had to run away from my father
I hate that my mother and brother left me by myself that day
I hate that they left me closer to my father
I hate that they went somewhere I would have felt safer

I hate that I feel like my friends are slowly fading away from me
I hate that I feel like I’m a third wheel
I hate that I feel like my friend’s don’t trust me
I hate that I feel like I can’t trust my friends

I hate the feeling of loneliness
I hate that I read books to escape to a world better than mine
I hate that I write to create a better life than my own
I hate that people want to invade that one heaven I invented

I hate that people ask me why I made Katy Clover Taylor
I hate that I had to make a role model for myself
I hate that she is the person I desperately want to be
I hate that she is the one thing I will never live up to

I hate that I feel like my grades would grasp my families attention
I hate that feeling of disappointment when I get a bad grade
I hate feeling like I have to live up to an expectation to hold their attention
I hate that I am relied on because of my grades

I hate that I am an older mind trapped in a younger body
I hate that I am limited in what I can do because of my age
I hate not being trusted upon
I hate people treating me as a kid

I hate not telling people how I feel
I hate hiding behind an invisible barrier
I hate not being able to share how I feel with people
I hate being scared that they won’t care.

I hate people judging me
I hate judging people
I hate that feeling of giving up
I hate the feeling of losing when I didn’t give up

I hate the choices I have made
I hate that nobody thinks I can live up to my dream
I hate people thinking they are so much better than me
I hate the fact that they are right

I hate that I will never make a good girlfriend
I hate the fact I know nobody would fall for me
I hate knowing that no one would help me pick up my life
I hate that it has fallen apart

I hate hurting the people I love
I hate them not loving me anymore
I hate knowing that what I would do would hurt people
I hate the fact I do it anyway

I hate knowing that I do all of this
I hate knowing I hate all of this
I hate trying to change it
I hate that I am not able to change it

I hate that I try not to give up hope
I hate knowing all hope is lost
I hate that I still try and cling to it anyway
I hate knowing I failed at that too

But most of all

I hate not being able to express this until now
I hate that this still won’t change a thing
I hate thinking that it still might
I hate knowing that no one cares

Copyright © Teenage Frustrations | Year Posted 2012

Long poem by Vee Bdosa | Details |


          THE VALENTINE PHOTO--2014
  Bubba was tired and his feet were aching from walking so
much. He and Carly had walked up and down the block 5 times
looking for his wallet. It only had $46 in it but he didn't
want to lose the pictures. There was a snapshot of them 
making love on the sofa in their first apartment that first
valentines night and then a photo of Carly when she was in
her valentines dress. His drivers license was in the wallet,
too, but it had expired and he never could remember to re-
new it. 
          "I don't think we'll ever find it, Bubba," Carly
said, resting her backside against a brick building. Just
then Raston came around a building and saw them. 
         "Hey wots 'appenin Bubba?" Raston said.
    "Lost my damn billfold," Bubba said. 
    "You  lose you wallet in this neighborhood and it's in 
somebodys pocket before it even can hit the ground,"
Raston grinned.
      "Who lost they billfold?" a girls voice said. It was Patti;
and she had followed Raston around the corner of the build-
ing. "Is they a reward for that billfold?" She asked. 
     "Maybe, you know who gots my bill fold?" Bubba said. 
      "I seen that guy over cross the treet lookin in a 
green billfold just now," she grinned. 
       "My billfold is a green one!" Bubba said, heading across 
the street. 
       "You be careful now Bubba, that dude is one mean dude! 
He chew you up and spit you out." 
      The guy was over six feet tall and looked like he should be 
able to win some kind of a muscle contest. 
      "Hey man you find my billfold?" Bubba asked him.
        "Was they a picture of you wife in a valentine dress"?asked
the guy, a big grin on his face. 
       "Sure there was," replied Carla. "Now we know you got 
that wallet for sure."
        "I ain't found nobodys billfold." said the guy, spitting on
the sidewalk. 
    "Did too," said Patti. "I seen you." 
     "Give my billfold now!" shouted Bubba.
       "And if'n I don't?"laughed the guy.
        "Well I just havta take you apart I guess," 
said Bubba,
        "You talkin pretty mean for such a little fella," laughed the 
        "You gonna give me my billfold now?" asked Bubba.
           "Sure I give you your bill fold," said the guy, grabbing Bubba's 
ding-dongs in a hammer hold. "But first I'm gonna make it with
 your woman right her on Broad Street in broad daylight, and you
gonna hold my coat while I do it, and you better not let my coat
sleeves drag the ground neither."
     Bubba was still wrenchig in agony and pain when the 
guy finished and disappeared around the corner.
        "Boy that guy sure was mean," said Carla after the guy 
was gone.
      "Now I told you not to mess with that guy, I told you he
was one mean dude." Raston said.
       "He sure was mean," Carla said, a sly little twinkle in 
her eye.
      "I don't know about that," moaned Bubba. "I done let
his coat sleeves drag the ground three times!"
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet.

Copyright © Vee Bdosa | Year Posted 2013

Long poem by Brody Brown | Details |


When i look at my life and think
I realize that your love was the missing link
You came into my life when my happiness was extinct
I thought there was no way out of the pain so i would excessively drink
I thought there was no other way
I wouldn't turn to anyone for help and i'm not gonna pray
But the second i said soo... And you said hey
My depression receded and the pain went away
And as of today i'm sure that i love you is there anything else i need to say?
Youve given me a purpose and taken my mind out of its disarray
Alyssa you saved me from myself and ill do anything for you to repay
I will love you until i pass away your always on my mind no matter the time of day from when i wake up to when i hit the hay
i know deep in my heart that you do the same
YOUR MY UNIVERSE! sorry i needed to exclaim
My heart flutter when i hear you say my name
{spoken over the phone} 
B-"Baby i just wanted to tell you that to my heart you have the key"
A-"Awe Baby"
B-"I can't live without you like vitamin C"
A-"I love you"
B-"I love you too"
A-"I can't wait to be in your arms so you can hold me"
B-"I can't wait, I wanna stare into your eyes and forever be lost at sea"
A-"Awe B now i know that you love me"
B-"I do to an infinity, soo much it doesn't seem real our love is like a divinity."

B-"in the stars There are no constellations, you are all i see just you in my arms and forever and always with me")
I mean there will be bumps on the road
I just hope that love and loyalty is what i show
Baby we can get through anything i know
Before i met you i was lost but that was a long time ago
Now your my everything my inspiration and my flow
Ive got a lot of love for you to show
Maybe we're going to fast and we need to take it slow
Your not my everything you're my forever and ill never let go
Alyssa i love you i hope you know
Thats the first thing i said,
from that moment you brought back to the living because on the inside i was dead
Now it hasn't even been a month and i can imagine us together for eternity and one day wed
I feel like i can't do anything without you i can't even sleep in my bed
But if you need to let me go to be happy then go cut the thread
Ill try to go on i mean i know that you'll be better off in my head
Still it will hurt like my soul being shred
I hope you can look past my mistakes and love me for who i am you don't even have to tell me just leave it unsaid
Just look straight through me like you can see in infrared
What you'll see is the inside of B
and if you look into my thoughts you'd realize there is no longer a me,
There is just a we
Just us together ill do anything to make you happy
like take you to the sea or at least to heaven that i can guarantee
Alyssa i love you i don't take that lightly
I say that with everything inside of me...
I say that with everything that is B...

Copyright © Brody Brown | Year Posted 2014

Long poem by Aliagan Abdulrahman | Details |


Today I was but walking on my path, full of self-confidence,

heading towards a purpose I had set from my residence.

My humble head bowed very low, I pressed forward in haste,

yet I was mindful lest I outran my chance to court a waste.

Leaving behind the sights and all that my back had brought

to face what my way’d unveil, I prepared even to be fought.

Forcefully my head was raised, for something had beckoned—

it was an irresistibly pretty figure I saw or so I had reckoned.

I gave a pause, poised to find what the distance would unfold,

little foreseeing I would enjoy defeat from what I set to behold.

The more it advanced the lesser my endurance and my strength.

I trembled: it was the first adventure facing me from this length.

I am a young soldier though, at home, in haste, I’d left my wit,

and now struck helpless by her soothing hit, I am no more fit.

Have mercy, spare me, for all my skills I have lost or unlearned,

or take a wink to look away while I address the desire I discerned.

If I am blessed to accomplish this task, I shall be more than glad;

but If I fall casualty to the defeat of the challenge, I shall be sad,

for I have never before retreated from a duet of this kind all in vain,

yet if I can use up all I have left, I shall not care to manage a gain.

Now she’s near so it’s time I waved her a stop to give my best,

since I’ve got two awesome things—this task and a school test.

To pass one and fail the other (or miss one) is going to mean a crime.

God, help me here with overwhelming words as my tongue I prime,

because I must not exhibit a repelling style or make a worse blunder

and be displeased with  my waning military spirit if we’re put asunder.

Do you understand I can’t make out why I stand under your charm,

because it always takes place the other way round without any harm?

The ethereal lures radiating from this unblemished skin equals the cost

of your doting parentage, the root you grew from that mustn’t be lost.

Now you grow, grow and grow, while skeptics marvel as you soar tall

from the root of this tree that you must garden and see it doesn’t fall.

If you can disorientate me in this manner while I forget to remember

what I’m capable of,  you deserve kudos from Januaries to Decembers.

Because of waywardness my tongue should give way to my clever pen

which is mightier than the sword and be the spokesman of wise men.

It adores the spotless teeth you flaunt as a sign of mildness and peace;

appreciates the dazzling light in your eyes that reduces one to a piece;

and promises to smear your plumb cheeks with  deserving delight

by ensuring that you beam with dimples like the stars in the night.

Copyright © Aliagan Abdulrahman | Year Posted 2013

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