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Long Addiction Poems | Long Addiction Poetry

Long Addiction Poems. These are the most popular long Addiction by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Addiction poems by poem length and keyword.

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Long Poems
Long poem by Therese Bacha | Details |


                            ~ Punished~
One evening with her dad she met this man at a bar very
handsome well mannered visiting from England.
After a few visits she started feeling him approaching her 
with nice compliments.

His attention made her fall In love with him
For months he took her out running to the beach 
shouting out loud I love your body i love your eyes
you’ll never belong to nobody but me.
On a moonlight night he was holding her so tight 
kissing her lips caressing her tits expressing his 
desire to light up the fire that was burning in their
entire body and soul.

As he was her first this is what she thought at the 
beginning she was very reserved yet she liked the 
fire she was feeling they were new to her his kissing 
was sensuous he smelled lovely he was caressing her
hair while sitting on the sand she was so taken by her
thoughts suddenly she heard.

Oh my darling let me love you my way let me make you 
my woman without any delay I beg you to give up and 
stop the fight I am promising at the same time to marry 
you very soon I will ask your dad that you will become my 
wife next Sunday at soon.

She wanted to believe him her head was spinning her heart
was beating to the sounds of his powerful movements
she was reaching the sky so quickly sensations of ecstasy 
she was feeling with his compliments whispering his love 
to her out loud while she was dreaming of the marriage 
as being lifted up on a carriage listening to the horses 
tapping on the course to the hotel room where they will 
spend their honeymoon as she will become that bride 
at noon.

Before even her dreams were over she felt him suddenly 
role over and ran away with no delay she could not understand
why ? Why? Did he leave with no good-bye.

Not realizing she was undressed hurried to get dressed ran to look 
from side to side asking herself why did he hide he promised me 
to be his bride? even if she was yet a child.

She sat where they loved each other looking at the ocean maybe
he will come back he must he told her he is in love.

Already it was dark in a low voice having no choice she ran 
home straight to her room wiping her running tears and fears
covering her feet to feel some heat and fell asleep not to see
her dad as maybe tomorrow he will come back with an 
explanation to his act. 

Hoping not to be deceived and very soon to be relieved
when he ‘ll knock on their door and swipe her off her feet 
tell her dad to fix their marriage.

She waited for days and days but that day never came 
she knew then it was only a game and she`ll never see 
him again and will never be the same.
That early morning she woke up before her dad to cheer up 
herself for him not to doubt she had maybe made a huge 
Having her coffee she pulled the newspaper and screamed
Oh Oh the man she loved was an addicted rapist being 
searched from the Interpol in England, he had convinced 
everybody doctors and nurses that he was cured.

Continuing to read she read his history that he was battling 
addiction of raping teenagers for the past twenty years. Lived
most of the time in jail.
She cried and cried she was raped by an addicted rapist who
was never cured.
She could not eat or drink not knowing what to think 
while running to the sink that’s when she found out 
but couldn’t shout that she was carrying a rapist child. 

Where are you? She thought you were honest
But you were only an ordinary man still battling
your addiction.

Forgive me Oh My God! Her dad
forgave her out of love to his innocent daughter.

She had to keep her child and trusted herself
to bring him up not like his father.
And she did her son became an international lawyer.

   Therese Bacha
Contest for PD....Any Poem Goes.

Long poem by Mel Doherty | Details |

Drugs and Sex Come With Pain

A typically depressing inky dark night 
He sat at the corner waiting for the light
His mind as usual not fully engaged
His pounding psyche had him enraged
As if on cue she opened the door plopping into the seat
Who the hell is this he’s about to meet	
He looked to his right fearful of what he might see
Thinking who is this person that has chosen me
Then he first saw her beautiful face
And he was ever so grateful to be in that place

So it began this tumultuous trip
More exciting with every twist and tortuous dip
She seemed very peaceful and really quite nice
They talked for a moment and agreed on the price
After that there was little to say
They went to her place not far away
When he first saw her baby boy there on the bed
He was overcome with deep feelings of dread
She said not to worry and took him away
He was still intrigued - with nothing to say

She slipped off her things and lay on the bed
He couldn’t believe his eyes and went out of his head
She was absolutely stunning so slender and silky
Her breasts were aglow and her skin so milky
He dove to her loins trying to devour her whole
She told him she liked it and his skill she extolled
She writhed and she groaned until they were one
He had surrendered his soul before they were done
They exchanged numbers that very first night
Little aware of their upcoming plight

Now some time has passed though how much their unsure
They can never go back where they were
Addictions took over their lives - a painful and familiar plight
Hers already in full flight and his coming back but not quite
She called him honey and begged him to come day and night
He came running each time - her rescuing white knight
She was in danger far more than she knew 
He knew it well but not what to do
She wouldn’t listen to him
She wouldn’t have listened to you

At last came a break in this perilous trail
She was arrested and taken to jail
Again she called him to come to her aid
And so he came but not to get laid
She grew every day she was locked up
He visited often to help keep her chin up
Little did he know how his feelings would stir
He was beginning to fall in love with her
She was in her twenties a mother of four
First two girls then two boys more
As the time passed she blossomed into this beautiful creature
He was absolutely taken with her every feature
She showed him her heart and her soul
Forever transforming his previous role

She entered treatment the other day
He’s hopeful they can show her the way
At first they talked often by phone
Now not so much and he is alone
He wrote her a poem and bought her some things
Whenever he helps her his heart truly sings
So now there he is a bit lost at sea
Knowing he hurt both he and she
Addiction is such a cruel and relentless master
Bringing on pain faster and faster
Denying ourselves the joys of life and true love
Our pain is so deep we curse God above

With all of his being and heart 
He prays for her to get a clean start
His life is so much farther along than hers
Hoping hers will get better and his won’t get worse
A story of addiction to drugs and sex
Ever tragic, pain filled and so very complex
Things that seem to make us feel so much better
Devour our guts and only make our tears much wetter
Be on guard for yourself and all whom you know
On this kind of journey you don’t want to go
It was all his fault of that he’s completely aware
But don’t sell him short - he does truly care
Although happily ever after wasn’t their destiny
He prays with God’s help she can be set free
Now as his once white hot passion grows dim
Loving her still he realizes that will be good enough for him.

Long poem by Okunsebor Williams | Details |

My lovely dad

It’s with great difficulty I put my pen on this paper.
Struggling as to when and what to begin with.
Learning that life has its way of collapsing 
Our paths down to one: unchangeable, inescapable.
A journey of a thousand miles they say begin on a day.
But I guess they forgot to add that the journey also ends on a day.
What day, none of us have a clue.
Reminding me we might not have as much time as we think.

With my dad’s unexpected exit, my greatest solace
Was in the life he led, the testimonies people shared,
The numerous lives he shaped and the legacy he left.
Everyone that had the privilege of knowing him could attest to this.
He life was more of never let anybody leave you without getting better.
My dad was, like he will usually say, perfect to a fault.
He was a man that always stood on his integrity.
Even when everybody decided to take the wrong turn,
He remained true to his cause.

He had a unique way of lightening the atmosphere.
And always had the right word to say for every moment
He also helped in calming the storms in so many a lives
So much that there were no more closing hours
As to when visitors came in and out of the house.

His humility reminded of the personality of Jesus.
Spat upon, bared any brunt but never twitched a muscle
Some mistook this for mere weakness
But in it I saw the greatest strength many can’t attain.

He was a loving, caring, quintessential and inspiring dad.
He always believed in me even when I didn’t find any cause to.
He would normally tell me “I know you can do better”.
This nudged me to where I am today.

My dad also was also a lover of God which showed in selfless service to him.
He has been very instrumental in blessing the lives of many, of whom am chief.
Many of his teachings remain indelible in my heart.
We are brethren, what will you be remembered for, saving for the reigning day,
Just to mention a few, keep guiding me through the spontaneities of life.

I can’t help but remember his addiction to education.
He is the one that brought out the pen in me.
Always more than willing till you have caught on.
His love for reading and teaching
Had no level pegging which leaves me with satisfied incompetence.

It’s sickening that I have to pen all he was to me in a few pages.
What of the gifts he gave me, the support he gave me 
And the confidence I had just knowing I could fall back on him
Everyday had its unique and cherished story
Which book will be able to contain such a vast an experience
Just so painful such a journey had to end so soon.

When I consider the life after death
And the rewards that follow for every works done here
Am sure my dad is wreathing in smiles as he accepts his awards.
Giving me a joyous longing of being there one day

I have learned a lot from my dad’s life.
There are always those that will hate and be jealous of you, no matter how good you are.
There are those that will take pleasure on riding on you and would compel you to go a mile
But we should be prepared to go twain.
And the greatest life is a life of sacrifice.

Now I know that true success does not depend on the length of days.
Seeing the shoes my dad left behind just makes me scared.
Am so proud to be your son and I couldn’t have asked for any better.
I hope someday my feet would be worthy to fit in.
To me you are still very much around because you still live deep within my heart.

Long poem by Skyler Dawn | Details |

Second worst Mistake

2 AM you sneak out the window
I want to choke you but it won’t show

Went skinny dipping, with your best friend’s boyfriend
Now the laughs on you in the end

Are you drowning?
Am I laughing?
Is this really…
Actually happening?

Are you choking?
In the water…
I hear you sputter
Glad you’re not my daughter

If I could I’d
Take a snap shot
Of this moment
Couldn’t imagine if I forgot

You look lovely
Better than I’ve ever seen you
As you sink down
I just want to…

If you think I need you think again
I always knew you weren’t a true friend

You lie and steal and cheat
Then you rinse and repeat

If you think I need you think again

You take all that you need
Then you walk away and leave

Not caring who you hurt
Who you shove into the dirt

If you think I need you think again

I watched as you used each and every one of us
You depended and took and we were so stupid to trust

We all took care of you and
Helped bring you through

Through the addiction and tears, 
Helping you get master over your fears

If you think I need you think again

Then the joke was on us, 
We all got busted

You’re a sell out and a lie
Wouldn’t shed a single tear if I had to watch you die

You just walked away free
And went on pretending to be

The victim as you always did, 
And we all believed it

A jealous vicious creature, that's all you really were
Aggressive and abusive, how you tortured her

You taught me to hate, but I taught myself to fight it
You taught me to steal, I taught myself to outride it

You taught me not to love
But instead I grew up

To be the better person, the one you couldn’t be
The one that you hated, the one inside of me

You showed me how to lie and do bad things
I tried to give you love and flight to your wings

You couldn’t handle honesty, so you left us here alone
But after everything I’m glad that you are gone

It’s taken a while to pick up the pieces of everything I once knew
I had to adjust to understand that I could go on living without you

Now I think back to yesterday, 
And I feel glad it ended this way

Because even though you hurt us all, 
Even though we had to fall

I learned how to not become like you, 
And learned how to be a good friend too

I learned how to be cautious but also to trust, 
I learned that not everyone is just…

A box filled with lies and drugs and hate, 
That some people need to be set straight

Some people are sincere, they need a true friend
Some people don’t want to only use you they don’t just pretend

So I’m glad I met you, my second worst mistake
It’s taken a while to see what’s all at stake

Never met a mistake like you, I’m glad it’s over
If I ever see you again, I’d look past your shoulder

Wouldn’t say a word, wouldn’t meet your eyes
I’d just keep on going, Then I’d smile

Because… in the end, right wins over wrong
And I didn’t know that, Until the end of this song

Long poem by MaTia Boyd | Details |

And I ramble

I didn't think I had time for a relationship but yet I yearn for a body every boring night. I want to be in love, I want to love, I want to be a romantic being sucking up every moment that I can. I want the thought of someone going through my mind all day. I want to be wanted by someone that I actually want. My thoughts are seeking beyond their control for I must give in to what it desires. That's the only sanity that I will find and I hope that it finds me soon for I am becoming a weakling of society ???? walking around with my head high and my chest out like I am the strong woman that I appear to be but somehow I am unconsciously but consciously lying to myself while I believe the truths that are make belief. My thoughts are telling me that i'm a strong but I am a weakling. Cognitive dissonance got me going crazy but I'll hold down my word as I sit in this corner and reach out my hand and watch every one look at me. They keep walking because they don't have money to give as if that's the only thing a hand could be asking for.No, I want you join me. Converse with me. Share with me your deepest intellect.I grow from conversational stimulation. I'm aroused by the flow of new words rolling from your tongue. Tell me Something that I've never heard before. Connect with me.
I once told a crush that I was a very monotone individual. I once told a crush that while I may not speak one word my presence beats on the eardrums and retinas of those in a crowded room. I once told a crush that I needed someone to not only supplement me but someone who is going to complement me. hen That crush grabbed my hand and pulled me from the corner. As I began to boast because that crush told me 'well I'm pretty much the opposite' my thoughts made me hesitate. I too quickly became sedated as I faded into another world. I thought I wasn't ready for a relationship. I'm not ready for a relationship. I'm too busy for a relationship. So I said no.This crush turned into a drug....and sure enough I became addicted. And once again I'm sitting in the corner with my hand out. People walkin by cause they think they know what I need.No money. what one shoulda  thrown me was a condom because I was mind ****ed hard  and it was so damn good. This addiction oh how I should of said no. but now I'm here with a  STD of the ****ing mind. I can't get rid of it. Shoulda said no. Now I'm here in the corner looking for a hand out. Somebody else to put their hand out. **** my mind one more time because intellectual sexual stimulation of the mind is the epitome of the relationship that I need. And if you have that then you complement me and I can compliment you.I can want you not only because you want me but because I love you and romance you because in the corner you grabbed my hand and knelt down on your knees.

Long poem by Brady Perkins | Details |

For My Mother

A few months ago I went by the 
cemetery where you lay
I have been meaning to stop in 
but you know how life gets.

It was late September
chilly and overcast
the clouds were thick and
hung heavy above the sad oaks
like a gray sagging sheet.

The grounds were unkept
brown oak leaves collected
at the base of the headstones
that had caught them as they 
flew restless on the breeze.

I parked my car and walked
up and down the silent rows
headed toward yours
and allowed memories of you
to come into the focus of my minds eye

I remember waking up one morn long ago
and my eyes wouldn't open
So I screamed and cried
I felt the tears on my checks and still my 
eye would not open
then I heard your voice
then I felt you take me in your arms
then there was the warmth of your hands 
as they wiped the gunk
that had collected on them
from pink eye
in the night

I tired to imagine your smile
when my eyes did open
but the only thing I could see
in my minds eye was a featureless face

Addiction only takes 
leaving nothing at all

A breeze come over the cemetery then
bringing with it a chill
and I tried again to picture
you and your smile
along with it's warmth
and assurance of unending love
but I couldn't it was instead replaced
with the feeling of anger in your voice
when you called to ask me for money
one Christmas Eve a lifetime ago
I told you I didn't couldn't do it
that I didn't have it
but really I didn't believe your story 
and knew what the money was for

Addiction only takes
leaving nothing at all

I was coming up to your grave
then and I thought about how you use to
make me and my friends snacks
and brought them into my room while
we played video games
So I imagined you with a small platter of odds and ends
but in my minds eye
I saw only a manikin
wearing your clothes
holding a platter
with a sad smile
on it's plastic face

Addiction only takes
leaving nothing at all

A few steps from your stone
I thought about the call
when I learned that your liver
had finally failed
not long after I got home
to find someone that looked like 
yet nothing like
the woman I had known
your body failed with it.

I could clearly recall your 
but when I rounded the stone
and stood in front of your plot
I was surprised by what I saw

Not long after 
the day we laid you down 
your stone was placed
it had read:
Debra Lynn Krage
Loving mother, Daughter, Sister. Wonderful Wife
Who will be forever missed in this life.

But that day
as I stood there
beneath that over cast sky
the words were indistinguishable
from the stone
like tears shed in rain
the last vestiges

I don't know why this surprised me
in hindsight I know well enough
after all
that Addiction only takes
and takes
and takes
leaving in it's wake nothing
nothing at all.

Long poem by Audonus Taylor | Details |

Pretty Things

Your face is what
becomes my addiction.
I see it in every minute
and each second I am living.
You're all I'm getting
The only topic written down...
It's like sight has become sound.

Your name is the reason that I 
It's the waking breath in me
All my heart and body needs.
And I...
feel the road getting tough because 
of distance
without the loving kisses
Everything that we are missing now..
But I promise it will all work out...
Just give a little more time
and keep me on your mind, like I do 
Because all that's on mine is when I 
get to you..
It'll be so beautiful...
So beautiful...
So beautiful....

Those pretty things
that people do.
Is all I want to do with you.
These days bring rain
These nights bring rings
We talk about these pretty things.
Your pretty smile, your lovely mind,
This pretty life of yours and mine...
It's all I'm calling out for in my 
Your pretty face and all these pretty 

I know it's hard 
through all the space and time,
But we don't have to wait forever
It's just a storm we have to weather
until the day that you are mine...
Whatever else is whatever...
just as long as we're together
Making our way to each other's 
And we'll be home soon, love...
We'll be home soon...

(Those pretty things
that people do.
Is all I want to do with you.
These days bring rain
These nights bring rings
We talk about these pretty things.)

I can't wait to see your face when I 
But these miles do not hear me
To not have you near me, is...
Just a little more than I can take...
Because this place is just a place
until I see your smiling face...

(Your pretty smile, your lovely mind,
This pretty life of yours and mine...
It's all I'm calling out for in my 
Your pretty face and all these pretty 

Your pretty smile, Your lovely mind.
Is so much more, than space and 
I feel you out there, keep you with 
Hoping these days pass quite quickly.
And though apart we have to be 
(right now, right now, right now!...)
With you is where I'd rather be..
(I'd rather be, I rather be!...)

Those pretty things
that people do.
Is all I want to do with you.
These days bring rain
These nights bring rings
We talk about these pretty things.
Your pretty smile, your lovely mind,
This pretty life of yours and mine...
It's all I'm calling out for in my 
Your pretty face and all these pretty 

So keep me close to you, my love.
Keep holding on to all that's us...
I see your face in every room...
I promise you that..
we'll be home soon...
And no matter what tomorrow 
What we have...
is the prettiest of things...

Long poem by Verlena S. Walker | Details |


Love?  But he always hurt you.  

Can’t leave the punk?  But he is abusive.  

In too deep?  Just leave him! 

Alone?  Isn’t that the best way to be?  

Need someone to lean on?  But the world is crazy.  

Want to share your thoughts?  Just pray to the Lord!  

Joe you wrong.  The color woman was suppressed by the white man for too long.  And now you want to fight.  I dare you to strike me like that.  

Why do I trust?  Any man today is a wrongdoer!

Intimacy?  But you should want to be free.  

Need to be loved? But you just end a relationship with a no good thug.  

Want comfort?  Why not find you a support group!

Depressed?  Isn’t by yourself a way to think.  

Need someone to talk to?  But people are not true.  

Desire a best friend?  I am always here!  

Steven isn’t good for moral support.  He will seek you for sex and enjoyment.  You say you are depressed and stressed from to many bad relationships.  

Why do you want to trust without healing?  

Not yourself?  But that’s because of what you been through.  

Can’t find sense?  But that’s within reason of the pain you feel, Honey Boo.  

Colors?  You have suffered now it is time to heal.  

Want to go out?  That’s it!  Learn to help yourself.  The world can be deep.  In depth you become to the life you live.  No time to hide what you feel.  Maybe a day to cry and then go out and chill!  

Want a drink?  Not so fast.  

Want to drown your sorrows as usual?  No time for addiction or developing bad habits.  Trust your instincts and know things will get better!  It is a sad thing to see a friend become a substance abuser.  You know what is wrong but can’t do nothing at all but tell her to not drink to solve any issue.  If you find that they are strong, you know they have listened.  

Want to scream?  

Why not do that to let out the steam?  This will help you to cope and not make a mistake to trust before you know him.  

Want to smile?  Just smile!  You also seem to desire affection.  You say this would be just a simple friend that cannot go against you.  But you don’t state whether that is me.  I am best kept as it seems.  Let’s sing and sing.  Let’s enjoy the life we live.  

Must you trust your heart with somebody?  You don’t.  Just wait until the time has come.  You can be by yourself for a while.  If you need a smile, humor your mind.  Never letting anyone one in and then before you know it you have met the prefect man. 

Why trust when you can be free?  

Why need anybody?  Love is true to those who define true meaning.  

Why trust when he is misleading?

User Name: Verlena
Psuedonym: Oblivion Dark Sunshine
Motif: Betrayal
Entry Date: February 26, 2014

Long poem by Evan Perkins | Details |


Verse 1:
Satan, the world’s best liar and ultimate deceiver
He poisons the minds of all mankind and all of us fellow believers
His words are sharp like knives and dangerous as the sharpest cleaver
We try to run away but he always seems to catch us like a wide receiver
Our aiming to avoid him is a constant pattern of failure and digression
We rely on ourselves and try to find the right way but it is always a misdirection
Our discouragement weights us down with every instance of lack of perfection
What we need to do is dial into the connection of the beautiful resurrection
Jesus paid the ultimate price for us and made a costly transaction
He gave up his whole self to us, not just a part of him or measly fraction
He put on his surgical gloves and went to seek out our sin and make a careful extraction
He had his eyes on the prize, 20/20, no distractions
Though Satan still tries to tempt us with his constant flirtation
We must trust in the power of Christ and his beautiful salvation
T-t-t-temptation flowing in our veins
Don’t take in upon yourself trust the king who reigns
T-temptation Satan’s favorite weapon
Through Christ stay strong, your reward is in heaven
Verse 2:
Remember that awesome moment with God and hold onto that sensation
Use it as motivation to fight against Satan and sin’s worldwide inflation
Don’t rest easy or come victim to Satan’s subtle sedation
Keep your eyes on Christ for he is our true sense of liberation
Stay tuned to the word of God and don’t fall victim to another mirage
Don’t give yourself up to Satan’s constant attack and sabotage
He may look innocent but he’s dressed in his vegetative camouflage
Even though we think he looks cute and innocent like your prom date’s corsage
Verse 3:
You can’t master the fight against sin just cause of some course you took in college
You may have gained book smarts but it doesn’t always relate to the needed street knowledge
You may think you’re ready for battle but this is a story of fiction
You must look to Christ and at his perfect depiction, of life
To start to conquer sin you must take a place of humble submission
You need to examine yourself and find the prescription to your heart condition
You need to align your life to Christ and follow his rendition
For his is the perfect example of a servant in a leadership position
Now he freed us from the bondage of sin with his suffering and gruesome affliction
We no longer have to be held down by our sinful habits and horrible addictions
Finding pride in Christ’s death may seem like a contradiction
But we find true victory and freedom in his crucifixion

Long poem by Anthony Cast | Details |

The road to life

I can't pin point when it started, where everything went wrong and I got left behind discarded, it might have started back in the day, family in turmoil forever in dismay, we were torn apart, separated and forced to split, playing both sides of the fence I was torn and split. I remember when it all took place, I took my first toke hit my first joint, needless to day I was slipping away and that was my point, road to addiction and apathy, not caring about whatever lies ahead of me, looking for that escape that one hit, drown my sorrows in alcohol and keep that bong lit, white lines leading to a false reality and get away, falling further and further under the surface, unsure and doubting myself believing I had no purpose, on the path to self destruct with no way to construct, just straight up ****ed, I remember back in the day I was a good kid, perfect student in every class I had an a, loving family everything seemed perfect, but life had another plan for me and my fam, all the good times seemed to have faded, family dinners smiles and laughter the memories are out of reach and I'm left just jaded, the only relationship I can safely say was destroyed by my addiction, my girl of seven years lost without a rhyme or reason. Other than my own selfishness I betrayed her trust and repayed her loyalty with treason, after losing I became clean, doing extremely well going to school and working a functioning member of society and the sober team, the elation was short lived and no way to blow off that much steam, at the peak of serenity to be be brought down to nothing, thought I was expecting, a child a new life, a new reason to get myself right, but I was unable to get into contact, no way to talk left alone with my thoughts, crushed for over a month, the epitome of bell in my eyes, no happiness just sorrows, frustrations and cries, not the way I thought my life was supposed to be screaming up to the heavens why are you doing this and testing me, completely broken with nothing left inside, emotionless with everything to hide, but today is a new day and there's always a new tomorrow, no longer wishing to change the past and asking for time to borrow, no longer just a skeleton and hollow, living life to the fullest giving myself a second chance, although from the outside it may not seem like it at a quick glance, I know what I want for myself and my life, stay on this positive road wish upon that shooting star tonight, that everything will be how I know I can be, to be comfortable in my own skin, persevere through the struggles and be addiction free, basically saying I just want to be me.

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