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Long Absence Poems | Long Absence Poetry

Long Absence Poems. Below are the most popular long Absence by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Absence poems by poem length and keyword.

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Long Poems
Long poem by Glenn Johnson | Details |


Little eyes search a new world . . .
  The gaze and suckle for food, body and soul.
     A tiny heart tuned to the glow and tone of love.
         Compelled to bond . . . drawn to the love gaze
             Mother . . . Father
                 Chosen in the soul’s spirit quest
                     what was known, now obscured 
                         Soul’s desire to be flesh.

How was I conceived?
   An act of love, desire, need, lust, passion?
      Unconscious of my own conception
   The invisible participant
Life’s mysterious ménage a trios.

Being born oblivious provides no insulation
  when delivered into the acetylene torch
     crossed and frayed wires of bitter parents.
Explosions of rage . . . too sudden for small and toddling legs to escape.
    Tender senses scorched. Heart seared. Terrified.
  Mind’s burrows dug deep beneath the conflagration.
                   Huddle and tremble 
        await signs of fire storms conclusion.

   A fearful crawl to the surface
      Barely exposed
          Eyes cautious 
     Deciphering the face of mother then father.
      Eyes, searing embers.
 They trudge through rubble 
                 charred corpses of words
          shouted . . . and threatened 
                 souls scared and armored.

Words the mistaken enemy 
    Instigators of continued marital strife
       Silence a simmering refuge
          Frost bitten eyes of evasion
       Shielded, scorched hearts
    Tolerated phantoms they
An endless cold war in a place called home.

In the beginning was the word
  Your sounds in my mind and mouth.
                  Coo and babble.
The ancient celestial winds swirled in my lungs.
The divine conductor orchestrated the mystical moment: 
                    ma ma. . . .  da da 
                  Did you truly hear me?

My hands on a chair . . .  the letting go . . . timid steps into the great void  
  wobbling legs, diaper descending, butt naked, I toddled 
                                    pudgy arms reached to you.
                                           Were you there?

                                              . . . Love . . .
                                     a mere obligation to a vow?
                                              . . . Love . . .
                     a mere arrangement of consonants and vowels?
Time and again . . . the fearful crawl to the surface
  Decipher the face of mother then father
    Vacant gazes to anywhere but each other
      Mutual strangers carving a frozen asylum
   Indifference their drug for festering wounds.
             You . . . Phantom to phantom 
                  become my phantoms.
            Your vacant stare my vacant stare.

A child’s confusion:  
        Mother . . . Father 
  How did I lose the magic to enthrall?
        How did I fail you?
What did I do to lose your love?

Still the yearn for the joy that welcomed my birth.
   I was your precious one 
      Your bright eyes
          My joy of your joy
             My delight of your delight.

Vague memories of enfolded fondness.
     The tender embrace, the serene snuggle, the oneness of a we.

The need and want of love:  
                  How can I rekindle your love?
                A desperate search for the fuel.
I gather kindling in all that I do: school, sports, honors
       The ritual marches to deliver pleading offerings.
                      A love shrouded in absence
               I look down at my accomplishments:
           Mere twigs and sticks, decayed dead wood
                     food of ungrateful insects
                              Arms weaken 
                    Burden and tears fall to earth 
                  Healing is a foreign and alien place
               The decision final 
            Never again to return.

A youth’s anguish: 
    I hate you for bringing me into your hell.
        I know my place . . . 
            Mind’s burrows dug deep beneath the carnage.
                Isolation . . . the numbness of drugs oblivion.
                 Transformation . . . Before my eyes!
             Girls all about me . . . beauty. 
       A bolt of lightning, a direct hit, burrow piercing radiance.

Wild scramble to the surface.
                    Drawn to the love gaze 
                          a boy . . . a girl 
         chosen in soul’s spirit quest to love and be loved

                                   You . . . I
                      Our limbs and souls entwined  
                           ethereal blazing stars               
                           Creator’s gift in deed.                  
                                 A solemn vow
                 spoken man-child to woman-child
                          born of wounded hearts
                     witnesses to the rebirth of love
                           In all our imperfection
                     In times of anger, hurt and fear
                 . . . No matter how difficult the task . . . 
   . . . No matter how great the challenges of self-revelation . . .
                         . . . together we will stand . . .
                                  . . . arm in arm . . .
                           . . . embrace to embrace . . 
                                . . . heart to heart . . .
                                  . . . soul to soul . . .
       . . . Teaching each other the words and touches that heal . . .
             . . . Our togetherness a true labor and gift of love . . .

Long poem by S.Jagathsimhan Nair | Details |

The story of history

The Story of History  

Beyond those beaten days’ depleted daylight
Beyond the bathos of a pandemic bondage
With  the resurrected  sashay’s charmed night
Down in the dumps   at the pretentious  proscenium
A  shy  orchestration sans bark and bite
Afloat in  the  air  of inarticulate mind games

Intuitive rains,  first ever, like the touch of Midas 
Informed  dense minds  and filled  their dented bowls
Birthing the quartet of Vedas and similar works
There was this epic, longest ever , they say
Bales and bales of tales in miscible moral wraps 
With a natal nugget, on  tall righteous props
The Mahabharata with the Gita, like Mata,  Pita

And its transcendental twin  revered more
For  a daily hosanna..the Ramayana with a deep lore
Banish-evil-battle-cries, confronting  blasted minds
Search lights, self’s  unfoldment  and its kind

Her  children  made but never did dig history
But loved digging up its bedraggled mystery
To find bone dry drains, history’s torn veins
Below multi layered mud and muddled bricks

Twisted  and labored logic on  tensile testaments
Sites that suffered blights thru unknowable nights
To find the four  battens , the debacle, to follow
Someone on the way labeled it  Harappa .

All the while Light ruled, but rigours too brewed
Calling often for a reordering of ways  so crude
Then there were slices of truce..
 The Buddha..Shankara..

Of  collapsed  black holes the horizon  was full
Faded for once their  gravitational  pulls 
Exploding back as eternal stars ..
Kalidasa, Aryabhata…

Alongside kings ruled and kingdoms rolled
‘ Ruler’-coaster-rides  on thrones and thorns followed
Till bandit chieftains erased the all important lines
To the dance of dust from an advancing west
 Battling  to drop anchors on motherly chest.

Bare-faced brigands. Among their odious offspring
Some stood out to shine with a stupendous ring
Either putting up   statecraft’s show pieces
Or  scripting  epitaphs in  eponymous edifices

Till dissipated and deterred they too heard
The trenchant  call of folks  come from far  to trade
That would spell , in time, your damnation
In manacles of measured manipulations.

Against  its prolonged , protracted reticulation
Rose legit  gripes from  gregarious  formations
That would coalesce under the one and only Gandhi
Into  their momentous waking into life and freedom

Split up, as it were, into  two bickering fragments
To play fitfully, for ever, their petulant fiddles
Averse to complement under demagogic detours
Falsely comfy under the convenience of  inheritance


Six decades of self rule on, your children feel conned
Not for failed hopes, but for the disharmony that haunts.

An  one- sport -nation fixated  with a fixing -fame-game
Movie-obsessed , and with  its TV 
Blank beyond trivia and brand names.

Money and food are no problem  for many
But, for too many, they are; vehicles are plenty
But roads aren’t ;  laws are varied and abundant
Some redundant , but every  pervert who counts
Interprets them different and funnily  implements.

Health care wears a five star halo sans humaneness.
It never frees a dying adult or kid from its kinky tubes
Nor permit  the company of kin to them  for one last time
Ignores the terminally and  unmovably sick stuck at home.

Agriculture does well, but farmers don’t ,.. and kill themselves
Petty  retailers  are swell making a killing, selling farm produce.

Stupidity grows muscles to muzzle humanity 
Hunks grow on  vitamins, video games and vanity
 Freed millions  press after pelf and power, plays hell
With the  weak and  the women , their perennial fair game

Profiteering,  covert, overt, and  across the board
The sick, the student, the seeker after any service  
Any  victim or one with a gripe being its victims
That’s by the very cream , no less, all the same
 Media scream with scam and spam all the time
Even the ones,( that’s about all), with their own aims
The combined  do’s of brash bravado and venality 
A  rash on governance   and a blot on name.
Effete ethics  and moribund morals, seniors mumble..

‘Equality before law’  means ’ Advantage to the outlaw’
Freedom for the grabs means  restraints to many
Succour  often hard-to -reach and  reaching-too-late
Louts and lousy offices dot street corners and roads

Governance press after  targets  too disparate 
To cohere or collaborate towards  a  wholesome goal,
Leaving holes for private or pet agendas to infiltrate.

Front-end-folks or  prickly pears?
Menace, malice, avarice,  lies, police…
Unrestrained delight in deliberate discourtesies.
Why -dad-anyway-Why- not- call-him-uncle-attitudes…

What does not tempt is in for contempt,
Being irreverent to the important, and indifferent
To the different,  is the norm and the trend.

Democracy could well slip into demonocracy  
Like when “Two wolves and a goat vote to decide dinner”**
In the absence of the Will to lift it to meritocracy?

PS:  This poem ( 100 lines, 777 words, as it turned about to be ) is about INDIA, my country.
*”Mata, Pita ‘  mean   Mother, Father
** Based on a quote seen somewhere.

S.Jagathsimhan Nair,  26 May 2013,

For Cyndi  MacMillan’s contest.

Long poem by Joel Lee | Details |


A Dark Identity

Days into nights... time without time
Normalities of everyday life beckons to remain
Shadows with lights.... to find to define
I am he who goes by without a name

The world is only up to date
And I’ve decided no more to follow
Bearing time to finally relate
Yet a self I’m to find to wallow

He who walks without an identity... walks alone
And he who walks alone needs be proud
Yet walking forever without finding a home
Have I that heaven beyond the clouds?

I cannot see either far or near
I cannot be to be neither nor
I’m listening... I cannot hear
I’m at peace... I’m at war

I did not know... am I suppose to?
I know I’m alive... is that enough?
Yet, rather not to know than knew
For knowledge shall never last

A mystery if not yet to be
That one mysterious hope to be searching for
I have dreams but what did I see?
I have no one... not one I can call

A darken need shall heed not words
For the dark shall rise as light
The fade will be a promise to be heard
For shadows are without night

And I started to listen distractedly
Hearing for what my eyes cannot see
A hallucinatory moment ever constantly
As I began to believe that of what cannot be

The instant my eyes close
My mind drew as suppose
Sketching a stand alone amid a world once seen
Of ranging fires to have had believed as a dream
And there I was... a lone figure enveloped in darkness
With crossing flames alight yet from a distance as useless
Left as I was before... I am to return as I am
Reliving once more this beginning with never the end
Thus did I continue my path away from the bloodshed
Carefully as one had hoped where a darker darkness be led
No more do I wonder what transported me here
To only know for certain I am riddled of constant fear

“Fear is a fire
To temper courage and resolve
Be it desire
To quench the thirst for one’s unfounded lost”

And there it was... words barely a whisper
Where it came from... no longer matters
For the intended vigor were already cast upon
Serving me with renewed purpose for a sense to belong
Before long, beyond doubts... my callings were clear
The source from where it first began was indeed here
Almost startled, I looked around knowing I’m blinded to see
Too dark as it was, had it not been a lighted green to be
And there it was... a single light beyond the almighty dark
That one greenish light to aid one’s lonesome heart
Rather peculiar for I haven’t notice it before
And naturally I am to walk towards the green grandeur
Flickering and wavy as I drew closer to my destination
Seeing finally for what appears to be the least of expectations
Astonishingly, it was a lantern where within was the sighted fire
And simply the fiery green alone ignites ever on in dire
Levitated in midair, it stands rigid with its haunting presence
With an aura more deserving then welcoming of essence
So mesmerized I was... I wanted to behold
That of warmth for perhaps deliverance from cold
A dare if not, if only, if I must
A flame to embrace, a curiosity to engulf
And surely... I lifted my hand with only a wanting touch
Surely but unknowingly... the flame itself is to parch
Sparkles of green eludes and transcends about
As well an aria, an ancient tune goes aloud
To only see to believe, perhaps my life to perceive
Yet the question being... what did I achieve?
Smoke arises... wavering, quivering, settling...
My time... misgiving, misguiding and misleading
And there he was... rather it be
A human?... isn’t to be I see

“A dark wanderer, perhaps a lone wanderer alone
Regardless... a stranger afar returning home
Have you the teachings bequeath upon you?
From a once being of a knight who knew
For he alone stands unnerve by another
Serving a purpose to hold true forever
The resemblance I see forth leaves me incertitude
Both as mortals... though only he remains in servitude
Yet... my appointment upon you is clear
I am to you drawn as you to me when you hear
Nevertheless, far too long were you of absence
And once more I am in honor to be in your presence
It never is clear what the heavens contrive
For this unsung war... humanities were birth to strive
Every one mortal given birth were forged for war
To ensure the survival of humanities and of peace to befall
For many years this bloodshed wages in dire
Almost as certainly, the spirits of men responsively tire
No more are there ideas nor hopes they are to see
Battling on for pure survival remains what leads them be
Your return however, will perhaps set the tides in our favor
Though I know not the intention, I do not disregard altogether
Do not let the reasons why you have returned cloud your mind
I ask of you rather to remember who you once were to define
The land of The Ancients is never a quest for truth to seek
Purely for good to triumph over evil is the only idea you will need
Prepare yourself well stranger, for good will always be in disguise
Treachery and deception as often will never in itself be a lie
The unforgiving way is still a long one I’m afraid
However well is Heaven to plan... evil as always will await
And until out time will once more cross between us
I assure you... your time in this world will outlast”

Long poem by Robbie Butler | Details |

Meaningful Screw You's

I'm done with this I've had enough of this/
Slushy trip since Hell Paso son just quit
This empty pursuit
Of letting the past keep livin' through you/
Go ahead and equip the damn truth
It is that simple to choose
What state of the neighbor of the temple you use
But you're just so adamant to worship/
Every preliminary negative
Which is why you have sentiment for those sedatives
Want evidence man your head has been/
Set on making your *****Titanic as
You steer into a gigantic crash/
Without any ****ing idea what effect thy absence has/
On the kids and on me too/
My heart feels ripped the honest truth/
To see you empty as your holes in the wall
You're like a ghost to us all/
Pale as the Seroquil pills you down/
I want to help but under the meds what you feel gets drowned/
I have the inauspicious fear you'll end up just like Tommy
That's why I pray every night/ I can't lose you Robbie

You have no idea 
What it's like
To watch you die
Every day
Every night
All the time
You can't even see that I am
Here with you
By your side
But as much
As I try
You deny
That I fight
For your life then I scream that
To me your life's meaningful (good riddance) 
But I'm 'bout this close to sayin' **** you (you idiot)
To me your life's meaningful (good riddance)
But I'm 'bout this close to sayin' **** you (you idiot)

Why can't you just forget the past
Take some time to look at the bigger picture and not be back in a flash
We're Kruger (pronounced close to sounding like Kroger)/ the fear you helped restore gives me bags
And I'm beyond tired of takin' attacks from your last-
Ing grudge for my darker days/
I love you but I wish to part our ways/
There's only so much my heart can take
In terms of holes and you immerse me in 'em the Spartan way/
It's not our choice we're physically far away/
And yes half the reason is me that our spark gave way/
But this time it's your fault that our world is shaking
You shut me out because the ears of another girl were waiting/
It seems that even for Britney your concern's decaying
It's ****ed up/ 'cause you never acknowledged how much I changed/
'Cause of our rapport me and my fam are pretty much estranged
**** these games you love to play/ 'tween now and then nothin's changed
Good luck not lovin' me as much as pain

You have no idea 
What it's like
To watch you die
Every day
Every night
All the time
You can't even see that I am
Here with you
By your side
But as much
As I try
You deny
That I fight
For your life then I scream that
To me your life's meaningful (good riddance) 
But I'm 'bout this close to sayin' **** you (you idiot)
To me your life's meaningful (good riddance)
But I'm 'bout this close to sayin' **** you (you idiot)

For a year it's been suicide with clues to find solutions I/
Don't think you're usin' my heartful l advice/ damn dude have I
Not been full of time so you could find/ reasons for you to not be blue and live/
But everytime I cope a sit and let you vent/ you walk off and do the opposite/
Talk about exhausted *****try listenin' to all your promises
And problems it's/ a shame how it's all turned out
I'm so burnt out/
I'll be the last to say this won't work out/
If you take your anger out on me again like I'm a dating spot/
Speakin' of those feelings that you refrain from not (knot)-
Icing was it honesty/ or rants of despar (as in spar) ity exasperated by deprav (as in im"prov") ity/
Or is there a real fervor (as in carni"vore") for me
If so then why you ignor (same as above) ing me/
For a Vai's you say you are not strong enough to close
Go **** yourself with a rubber hose
I don't care where the **** it goes/
I was there when no one was and this' the thanks I get
Never was I a dick to you so why'd you wank me *****/
My tears have turned into repressed anger/
For you a brother to me now a depressed stranger
That I have to put up longer than my dress' hanger

You have no idea 
What it's like
To watch you die
Every day
Every night
All the time
You can't even see that I am
Here with you
By your side
But as much
As I try
You deny
That I fight
For your life then I scream that
To me your life's meaningful (good riddance) 
But I'm 'bout this close to sayin' **** you (you idiot)
To me your life's meaningful (good riddance)
But I'm 'bout this close to sayin' **** you (you idiot)

Long poem by C. L. Thornton | Details |

To a Dead Mouse

Friend, whatever brought your life to end
had no appetite for mouse flesh, nudged your
small gray body on its side with thorough sniffing
and left your corpse exposed on the asphalt path,
then, for reasons of its own, wandered off
for something better suited to its hunger
and more substantial.

Flies hover over you like tiny buzzing vultures.
So, too, ants now engage in a reconnaissance 
over the big gray hill that rose up during 
the night from the asphalt when yesterday i
it had been an unobstructed flat surface.

Your demise, friend, is only a beginning.
Nature is very resourceful and expedient.
In a day or two, inner microbes will rise within you
and inflate your small trim frame to twice its size,
then deflate you to a dried out, flat gray rug
with tail, unless another creature’s hunger
first makes a meal of you.

As mice go, your reputation did not
exceed that brotherhood of dreaded outcasts –
rats, snakes, bats, and spiders –
humans can barely mention and not shudder.


Decency compels me to inform you
that you will be given no formal burial,
that honor – or vanity, depending on your
viewpoint – humans reserve solely for
themselves; no eulogy, no flowers, not even
a headstone to verify the fact that you lived
and died – all of which even the vilest of our kind
receive, as though a residue of dignity remained
in them. You will pardon our vanity and irrationality.
Death does not change our lives, it seals it.

It is the one event humans cannot explain
satisfactorily or agree upon. And yet death is
as common as weather, no day is without
the dark cloud of its knowledge or presence.
It exceeds, possibly, all human fears, real
or imaginery, and it plays cruel sport with
the imagination, all of which, little mouse,
you have been spared.


Few spectacles can match the vanity of its
elaborate rituals and ceremonies, not to
mention its afterlife scenarios and aspirations,
centuries old, stale, and reeking with the smell
of arrogance and irrationality; and not
forgetting its lofty, eloquent but empty
pronouncements and unreasoned speculations,
all devised to camouflage, deny, and ultimately
transform death’s otherwise simple and natural
reality, which is nothing more than
the absence of life.

No, little friend, none of this will attend 
or insult your demise. Let it suffice that you 
are no more, as we will also be one day. 
Earth has decreed it so.


Difficult as it is to say, neither I nor anyone
can offer you hope beyond the sleep that now
holds you as the hawk’s talons holds its prey.
You have been ousted from the house of life,
the doors are locked, the windows sealed.
You are forever barred from reentering.
No redemptive price has been paid for you,
though you are nor unworthy, and why you
are not I am at a loss to explain, since your flesh
has not been stained. No act of faith outside
your earthly life was asked or demanded of you.

And yet, far more than humans, you were
faithful to the laws imposed on you, though no
reward or better life ws held out to you.
You lived the only life you knew. and you
lived it well, without questioning, without
complaint, without bitterness. I tell you, sir,
there is no greater achievement.


The dead exist only in the minds of them who once
knew them. They, not the dead, need to be consoled.
But who of your kind will console you?

As parting word, only this assurance I can
offer you: All living things share the same earth,
the same eventuality, all are destined to return there.
It is, I imagine, easier for you to accept this,
for you had no pretentions beyond this life,
this planet, and so your going down was only
a snall step from no imagined height.


And now, you will pardon me if by your tail
I lift you and put you to rest in a setting
more suited to what you were once accustomed to,
and one I believe you would approve –
beneath a quilt of brilliant fallen leaves.
Nothing special or symbolic, just a natural covering.

As for me, and the rest of my kind who walk this earth,
it is the dark light of life men have become
accustomed to that I fear, not the natural darkness 
you, little mouse, have become.

Rest, then, in that uneventful darkness.
Rest, then, little mouse.

Long poem by Therese Bacha | Details |

My Friend MY PEN

                                   My Friend My Pen.

Moments ago my world has gone grey my lover who for years 
has governed my entire creation is walking away. 

My energy failed me i felt cold when my dark mind went astray 
I could not understand why? why I had to judge him hold a grudge 
against him his reasons should be justified hopefully one day. 

Staying home alone could not calm my storm
Wanting to talk and share my pain I searched for 
Someone but it was all in vain nobody was free
Friends were passive and non receptive. 

My persistence pushed me to climb up my favorite tree 
And find my old friend my pen which cannot talk or walk 
But knows whats in my soul will search to find a way to give
Me hope to accept & cope that my lover was walking away 
And my world was turning grey.

My Pen 
And I worked as a team for years forces me to dream 
Lifts me up high when I start to sigh encourages me 
Not to frown but to smile and comply to forget that my world 
Turned grey because i was about to be given away as a prey
Due to my lover walking away.

My Pen 
Stood by me when my days got cold & nights 
were dead as i refused to be fed i did not want 
to hear or fear that i should be ready to obey 
that my lover was walking Away.

My Pen 
My friend convinced me to stay as a mistress and 
begged me nothing should come to an end please 
defend his fate and admit to submit your love to 
him before he goes away as maybe someday he'll 
come back on any other day. 

Leaving my friend My Pen hanging alone on the tree 
I felt an uncontrollable urge to run be free to hold his 
Picture take a glance just a glance but in seconds tears 
Started dripping out of it. I sat on my rocking chair 
Staring through the night carrying my pain in my heart.
I needed to stay speechless not even a wink of hope 
Having no right at the moment to end it here i knew 
what i had to be doing I needed to remain his hero 
even helpless i will love my lover remembering years 
ago when our path crossed each other we froze stunned 
locked our eyes and uttered the unspoken It was love at 
first sight.

My Pen woke me up one day to open my mail I found a 
note from My lover unexpectedly my breathing stopped 
the excitement to search through his soul gave me the 
reason to jump and read. It said:

My Darling:
I have a confession to make why i walked away 
Let us connect to talk as it feels a lifetime has gone by
During your absence the clock is ticking our now will 
Become a past i beg you heal my pain and allow 
Me to recreate the moment that could last forever
As I never lost my passion loving you.

You have to understand the gravity of my sickness 
i pray to have a second chance as my thoughts were 
out of control had to take my own punishment in silence 
the day i woke up with no memory because of those attacks 
I was giving you a hard time but i loved you since day one.

When i am awake even when my thoughts abandon me 
i feel you are my a-liveliness does that make any sense to you? 
Wait for me help me build the ruins around my brain
allow your miraculous hands to cure me.

Due to my medications nothing makes sense to me anymore one 
day I am here another day I am unaware who I am how I look 
What I think where am I will I live will I die help me feel 
Anything something help me to heal.

My Pen my friend dropped from my hand leaving me alone 
to sink and think. Suddenly i felt my pillow was wet my forehead 
was sweating my whole body was shaking I have to let him 
Comeback like nothing ever happened I called out loud 
Come my way and stay. I love you my man my lover.
I dialed his number.

                         Thank You My Friend
                               "My Pen".

Long poem by Cyndi MacMillan | Details |


                                                                                                    July 2000

It’s early morning, Sunday, midsummer. I have the kitchen to myself, and I decide to make an omelet from the brown eggs and farmer's cheese that I bought at the market, yesterday. The house is still, save for the sound of the fans and the occasional squeak of a floor board. I consider turning on the radio, but change my mind. How often do I allow myself silence? 

Tea is steeping, a blend called Nile Pearls, and the aroma of pineapple fails to overshadow the black currant. I’m still in my nightshirt. Day can wait. The view from my window makes me smile for my herb garden has gone quite riotous.  I decide to make my simple dish more flavorful. 

Pushing open the screen door, I pause, stretch and lift my face to the sun. The thermometer is sure to climb over 30 today but, right now, it is comfortable. Stepping off the deck, my toes are grateful for the coolness of the grass, the absence of tight shoes, those self-imposed feminine trappings.

my clean feet wet with dew – warm breeze
There is a feeling of sanctity, here. My garden is raised, built into a small hill that provides privacy, yet swallows yard space. I pause to sniff the lavender, let the week dissolve into soft, purple splendor. Pointless, really, to even try to ignore the rhubarb. It is a tyrant, defying borders, refusing to compromise its position. Enormous leaves rustle and I grin as a chipmunk streaks for the cedar hedge. I close in on the herbs, consider my options and snap off several long, verdant spikes. Close to fields, we have had our share of visitors, small frogs, grass snakes, rabbits, red tailed hawks, the occasional raccoon. Nature is taking back the encroachment of suburbia. I rip off a mint leaf, finger its fur and a movement catches my eye.
through thyme a snail inches towards my sundial
There is no artifice in dawdling. Often, I think that my small plot of land is enough for me. No adventure to the far East, no sabbitical on a windswept isle off the coast of Wales. Pleasure, riches, surround me. Perhaps, I will never see the Louvre, but then, in small ways, the Louvre visits my plain home.
a spider's web and my clothesline tangled
The neighbours tolerate my brown thumb, our patchy lawn and my horrid bird calls. They have witnessed the earth under my fingernails, encrusted knees , those afternoons I spent coddling seedlings. One keeps gifting me surgical gloves, a nurse who fights weeds with an antiseptic resolve. The gloves pile in a drawer, unused. I gaze at my roses, notice the gnawed growth, wonder who thinks them delicious. Smart wee beastie. The street is stirring, and my sojourn will end, soon.
the widow next door refills her new bird bath - empty nest
I search for a cloud, find one so far away that it appears otherworldly. Peat and black soil perfume the air. Inhaling, I accept a gentle invasion, a piercing that brings a deep sense of purpose and peace. For just one moment, I feel that I am not walking the earth at all, but that somehow, as impossible as it seems, the Earth just began to move within me. *written May 2013. I miss my herb garden!

Long poem by Samir Georges | Details |


It has come to be
such that we are risen
from the fabric of sustenance formed,
come to be
that there resides a structure
so rarely formed
beneath humble conditions
of stagnation and retention
in which the atom has come to grow,
from substance develop form.

These hands and flesh,
this fire and zeal that from absence flared,
grand constructs
that like others absorb
reforge, and retain.
How is it then, that matter has come to converse,
reproduce, recreate?
How is it that from this ore I make civilization,
how is it that from the space about I unsheathe sword?
And all that is within our reach
is like a sea of humble play dough
that yet threatens to drown us out.

So we are atoms that can reforge
In their own image remake,
look at the bonding of tree
and see with these curious eyes
a fortress, a stake.

Humble little cretins that scurry beneath the sky,
bitter little sprites stung deeply by defeat.
Lo it is only human
to suffer, to fall, to writhe
to cry out in supplication and victory all the same.
Human to take joy, roar with passion,
intent, to savor fragrance and flight
fervent upon our plight.

Yet look only to your nearest possession,
your last sentiment, harbored gift,
you who will one day possess the stars
you who have laid claim upon all
and it rests so easily in your palms.

And who
but the gods
was made to anguish?
Who but the gods
rose to care?
Who but maker, master
from mere hands create?
We stand above all else the makers of fire,
thunder, the benders of substance and form.
Young Zeus and kin,
milling subtly beneath the ire of titans,
our parents the sun, the earth, the depth of space;
in innocence shying away from our birthright
yet dare I claim what is ours:

Look only to your hand, the length of your sight,
the depth of your heart.
Look next upon the fated atom, the collapsing star,
the waning giant.
See then your magnitude,
young God astride the Earth.

See then that immortality is but the guile of innocence,
a child’s dream upon the night.
Here we are, learning to stand
our gaze locked surely to the maw of defeat,
we know that all there is must crumble,
we know that all we touch must change,
we know that we are shaper, sculptor 
not sacred nor divine.
Nothing but the children of stars,
birthed upon their godhood
and we need only claim our death,
stare down our demise,
learn that godhood is not given or granted
but once upon a twinkling star
comes birth and growth and complex form,
though tiny and frail it may be
has come to hold all the structures within me
that love and laugh and dream to see
the skies above so dark and clear,
it draws my gaze and thrills my depths
with the seduction of silence it calls me near.

The many gods of humankind,
yet too busy upon their strife
battling over mother’s teat.
I wonder if you will grow soon,
crown yourselves king,
stand tyrant before that which is free,
and how long till we relinquish this potential
before the certainty of matter?
How long till we truly learn
that gods are by their own substance humbled,
that gods are by their flesh curtailed,
nothing more than ashes
that before a star had flared.

Long poem by Therese Bacha | Details |

Earth Fire Water Wind

                      A Journey With The Wind.

I had a dream that felt greater than reality, lost on earth
wearing a gown bare feet bleeding leaving behind traces 
for my sons to find me.

My hand was begging reaching out suddenly, a feeling 
I held the wind, yes the wind in the palm of my hand a friend, 
to join me through that journey toward the ocean, knowing it 
will soon fly away, who can hold the wind and make it belong, 
I did.

Wind Oh wind, meet my sons, whisper my name they are the 
ones who care, they will rescue me even blind folded, they will 
smell my bodies odor and sense where I am. 

Oh wind, you are the only one here on this earth I feel your presence, 
fly away now carry a tear place it on their cushion and deliver my 
message to them, I will wait even forever, bring them back to me.

My friend my wind, search for them, find them knock, on their window 
If they are sleeping they will wake up & run towards me follow my blood 
trail find their way to carry me softly & cure my scars wipe away my
tears & fear of drowning alone at the shore.

Suddenly the light faded darkness took over covering the brightness 
away I pledged, mother nature I am not yet ready, sun do not burn 
and light a fire, Oh sun where are you , don't leave me alone, I started humming my babies melody to be heard 
and come to my rescue.

Deprived to see them in the morn for years, deprived to look in their 
eyes, deprived to eat with them, drink with them, deprived to smell their 
perfume, destiny was against me due to the war in our country, for 
years they were always flying away around this earth, to settle.

I felt cold shivering, suddenly the warmth of my children's breath 
around gave me the strength I needed, Wind! my friend! you 
found them and carried them across the ocean,Oh, the look into 
each others eyes cannot be describe, for the first time I felt they 
were real we fixed for seconds but a whole book can be created 
through the emotions and communications that occurred during 
those precious moments, 
a language of its own.

The echoing of their voices was heard, what can we say mum except 
we love you for being there when we needed you,we love you because 
of who you are, we love you because you care, we love you for not sinking 
during our absence because we needed you on the shore, together listen
to nature`s beauty, birds twittering, fish whispering, 
waves dancing & splashing.

We love you because you find life in everything you touch, and if not, 
you blow life into everything, we love you, your breath has kept 
us alive, your breath is as strong as the wind that carried us to you. 
Come on mum, it was a long journey with the wind on this earth 
for all of us, lets go home, together. 

 Contest,Earth Fire Water Wind for Debbie Guzzi   (WIN Honorable Mention) Therese Bacha

Long poem by Brian Johnston | Details |

The Way It Is

Afraid To Face The World

You may be the one to help redeem my spirit 
For you seem so incredibly inspiring. 
Anything I create I destroy 
Save me from destroying myself 
Oh potential Muse 
A wild vision I can't ignore 
A wild shade of cherry red 
Embrace my mind 
And I will embrace your soul 
Despair is the key to failure 
And with you I cannot fail 
And with you I cannot lose 
Let our imaginations bind together 
Let us make something magical happen 
I want to kiss you with my chain of philosophies 
Philosophies that are rational within reasoning 
For I haven't been rational lately 
I am afraid to face the world 
For why is the world so judgmental 
When one is at their lowest? 
So many times I have fallen apart 
Irrational circumstances bring major reactions 
Come to my rescue oh potential Muse 
Drive me wild 
Give me strength 
Touch me with your provocative appeal... 
Do you feel? 

Do you feel a little bit of attraction between us? 
This is so wildly tragic I can't explain 
I shall die a little... 
A moment of bliss.

Beauteous Victory
April 21,2014

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Rationality Is Way Over-Rated! 

Every true poet is my muse. Their poems, 
The cannon fodder of dreams exploded, 
(Feed me a dark crow) , even if they walk 
With only one leg, or have to be carried 
In the arms of, on the back of a friend. 
Even if they have forgotten their purpose, 
And only in fleeting lucid moments, 
Remember their days as a poet, 
Who could make sunshine last forever, 
A mere smile into Christ’s death on the cross, 
I swear to God I will love him/her till death. 

And you, you blackguard of Hell’s gate, 
This is your punishment, God’s justice. 
I bite off your head and spit the bitterness out. 
I drink the warm blood of your still flapping body, 
A flagon of the sweetest wine at a wedding feast, 
My white shirt now bright red with your blood. 
In your days of merciless flight, did you ever dream 
That your death would bring such pleasure? ! 
Oh let me till death bring fear to the black heart 
Who cannot distinguish me from its next victim, 
Just by knowing I await you too, like Dexter. (1)      

And you, heart of every poet, dare to dream 
Of an absence of crows in blue skies 
For this is God’s Grace that awaits you. 
Embrace the irrational, for the joy it brings, 
We are truly the children of God. 
In its time, what is low will be lifted up. 
God is real and His Love is your reward, 
Be your words without rhythm or rhyme, 
For your words are the words of a poet. 
And I do feel (though I am old and getting older) , 
You have a well earned place in my heart. 

Rage with Dylan ‘against the dying of the light, ’ 
Like a child rest your head on my thigh, 
Rationality is way over-rated, 
Just open your heart to my poem and you’ll see.

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