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For Uncle Kenny: July, 1952- December, 2009

How do I say goodbye?
I'm nowhere near ready to let go
How do I come to terms
With the loss of one that I've loved so?

Never did it come to mind
That you'd have to leave so soon
I thought I'd have another chance
To sing old Baez tunes

You weren't supposed to leave just yet
With so many songs unsung
I've cherished memories of you
From the days when I was young

So many times you took me
To the latest movie show
And gladly let me tag along
Wherever you would go

You helped me to believe in me
When others seemed to doubt
And encouraged me to use my mind
For figuring things out

You told me truths about myself,
Urged me stretch and grow
You made all the difference
Oh, Lord, I hope you know

You saw me with such loving eyes;
Never once made me feel less
I hope you recall the times I've said
That my life you have blessed

But Uncle, I can rejoice today
In knowing you are free
And that your crown will hold a jewel
You've earned by loving me

In loving memory of Kenneth Charles Brewster. 

I will cherish you always, Uncle Kenny!

Your favorite niece (wink).....


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My Uncle Died Today

My uncle died today
I don't know what to say
He was my fave.

Full of vim and vigor
Didn't need gun and a trigger
To have his say.

Slightly misogynist
But ain't the best of us
Flawed in some way?

I'll miss Abbott.
Has been my habit
To love him every single day.

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My Uncle Bob

I love my Uncle Bob, Who is so big and stout; He always makes me laugh, And he never ever stops. When he drives his old truck, He invites his fat friends to hop; In the village, they went around, Naughtily making a pig sound. Those fat villagers, upon seeing them So scared and they hurriedly run away, Thinking that Uncle Bob’s friends will get them, And put them all back in a pen.
Written: Aug. 8, 2012 He is only an uncle in my fantasy, lol. The idea was conceived after watching a Laugh Show of Joey D.L.

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My uncle my dad

This is for my Uncle Steve 

17 june 2012 10:13 am
Happy fathers day Uncle Steve
 I was not yours but you raised me
It was a very confusing time
 and most of the time my heart was blind
As I grow older with children of my own
 I understand more of you and our home
It was a great responciblity and charity from you
 As you took me in, it was the right thing to do
Children of your own and a son passed on
 You worked day by day and made me your son
It was hard and I threw my fits
 but still you kept me and never called quits
I am sorry for the bad things I did and said
 I am sorry for the times I caused you to bow your head
The grouchys and the tired times the stress lines on your face
 I understand now very clearly as I run my own race
As dad we do the best we can 
to provide and protect with a steady hand
But things go wrong and we make mistakes
 but such is life those are just the breaks
We fall we fail 
We get back up and prevail
But good time are priceless and preciouse in heart
 They give us incentive to make a fresh start
Just as you did time and time again
 I push on as dad husband and freind
Thank you so much for being my dad
 The best Uncle to have and could have ever had
I hope that you are resting in peace and I hope to see you with our Lord in the east

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The Day My Uncle Died

The Day My Uncle Died...

I was thinking about the smile on my uncle’s face….
This was a before he would “leave this place."

I'll never forget the words shortly before he died.
The more I thought about it, the more I cried.

He said, "you know Jimmy I wish I got to know you better."
I never received another phone
 call or even a letter.

A few days later he was ready to go to a funeral.
But it was also him who received a burial.

I was shocked and amazed as to what happened.
The events took place. There was no way
 I could "stop them."

Memories I had were from many years ago.
I often think about him.    And I do miss him so!

I suppose many don't take the time to realize...
How quickly life passes... 
Then someone dies.

Perhaps there's someone in your
 life you can think of…
There's been a situation that you're
embarrassed to "speak of/"

A harsh word said, and angry thought was spoken.
And soon your relationship has been "broken."

This may be a good time with this person to spend.
Irregardless if they're what you'd call a "friend."

Everyone is important to God who reigns above.
We need to be filled with his mercy and love.

The person you haven't seen shall one day disappear...
The days are short...  Our journey's end is so near!

May God speak to our heart and help us to see...
Where will you and I be spending our eternity???

By Jim Pemberton

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We Miss You Uncle Herman

When we think of our friend Herman Weeks.
We think of a person very gracious and sweet!

He was always a pleasure to be around!
And brought laughter to his side of town!

From everyone that’s had a chance to meet him.
He was special!  We’ll never forget him!

He was very humble, gracious and kind!
People like him are special!  And hard to find!

We knew from the day that he met Snow.
She helped to make his empty life whole!

The creations and many things he made.
Were wonderful works of his hands displayed!

His service to the country and fellow man.
Is a beautiful gift that few understand!

Over the years, he’s brought joy to our hearts!
We’ve all loved him from the very start!

Thank you Lord! For blessing us from above.
For Herman and his heart filled with love.

We know now he’s in a better place.
Filled with God’s presence and his grace.

Our lives have been blessed to have him with us!
We’ll miss him!  He sure has blessed us!

To Herman we give our hearts filled with cheer!
We love you very much and wish you were here!

By Jim Pemberton

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(based on a conversation of letters from a Greek uncle to nephew 460 AD)

Dear young man, if it's love you seek
Beware that you don’t seem too meek
A woman says she wants a man
Who will be kind --meet her demands
But men who try to please with smiles
Are not victorious in life's trials
Lift up your eyes and look around
The bold men rule the sky and ground 
If you’re demure –you’re thought a freak
And women spread the word you’re weak
If you run scared or spurn a fight
You’ll find your bed an empty sight

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To Uncle Art With Love

The Lord is there he's by our side.
Just trust in him he'll be our guide.
He'll test our faith from time to time.
And being scared is not a crime.
Just know he's there and take his hand.
He'll lead us to that promised land.
Where fear and sadness are no more.
And soon we'll know what it's all for.
So take the good times with the bad.
We'll understand this life we've had.
By testing our faith he keeps us strong.
For that's God's purpose all along.
We'll search for answers we can't find.
But we'll know soon what's on his mind.
For we will see God in thee end.
We'll find that God's our greatest friend.
So keep that faith and we'll be fine.
We'll see God's purpose in good time.

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Uncle Sam

There he was! Staggering in the corridor, in
Clean white shirt, white bow, and white trouser
All white even the shoes, except his brown leather hat
Covering his bold head with few hairs his comb never missed
Bade everyone “Good morning” with one toothy smile, 
In return he got all our love unblemished

He was every body’s dearest “Sam Uncle”
Old Uncle Sam hardly missed a day in his office
He was there like a prayer, if possible on holidays
Whether the day was rainy or windy he did bother less
He was the first to sign the register at our PM’s office
He lurched to his table, kept near the receptionist 

During the lunch breaks we await, his company so amused
To listen to the aftermath of Second World War. 
His poems, his songs and his heroic love sagas
He knew that we didn't believe, made- ups all by him
Then chuckles like a child until tears roll down 
He knows how to tickle you with his jokes rewound

I had to leave my office and him after my confinement
I soon forgot him and the office, I was busy in my home
One afternoon when glued to the TV, telephone deafened my ears
Sheela my old friend, sobbed from the other end of the cord, 
"Mr. Sam collapsed in our corridor today and passed away now”, 
 I too couldn't hide my sobs,His staggers envisaged

He was a living Angel, and may have winged to heaven,
His poems, his songs, his love sagas still echo my ears

Uncle Sam was no relative of our chairman, although he too called him "Uncle Sam", 
But a devoted clerk during his father’s time.
Even after the retirement he continued to come to his office. 
This is a tribute to him.

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My Uncle Danny

My uncle is obnoxious
poking fun at me
but he doesn't think they're insults
he just thinks they're really funny

telling me it's my fault
even when it's not
but really it's not his fault
it's this condition that he's got

he doesn't really understand 
that what he does is wrong
all cause of an extra chromosome
that he's had all along

it's called down syndrom
and it's nothing to laugh at
because he doesn't know it
he just doesn't get that

so I can't really get upset
when he calls me these names
because honestly he just doesn't get 
that I don't want to play his games