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The Circles

Looked at the outside of steel window
Around in the dark, awesome feelings into the mid-night air
What the news was brought in the feelings!

Eyes of the orphan cat was flaming on the corridor.

Waiting for the light in the window 
Dark vision comes down into my eyes by cycle-weariness
Down from one circle to another circle in time-blindness

Who stands here, the Islamic old man!
Frustrated vision!
History of terrorism was carved on his burnt body
He wants to say something!

A white-complexioned Christian young man stands into the neighbor circle,
Surprised eyes! 
White-skinned history was printed on his blood-stained body 
He wants to know something!

A dark-colored Hindu boy stands into the third circle, 
Illusive vision!
History of third world is awakened on his envenomed body
He wants a little smile!

The old man, young man and boy are coming forward from the circles
Great distance... Near front the room... 
Who are you? No reply
They disappear into the tuberose equipped black and white photo of my father
Dad is smiling, I am senseless! 

Tears are dropping from the eyes of our cat on the corridor.


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Confessions of a Terrorist...

Behind the dark walls of the prison,
Hiding my face from all in my vision,
Abandoned by my bosses,the terror leads,
I wait to be hanged for my misdeeds.

Now I look back to think….

Important member of the Al-Qaeeda,I was,
Given tasty food, and rigorous training by my boss,
I was taught “muslims are harassed round the world,
To help them, grenades and bombs ,I have to hurl.

Arms and ammunitions to me they gave,
To destroy the world, the path they paved.
Rigorous physical training I was given,
On the path of “Jihad’I was driven.

I felt …”me, a class four dropout from school,
To a fidayeen…oh so cool.”
With pots of money  l was lured,
A place in paradise..I was assured.

Reading the  terror email from the Mujahideen,
I was all charged up and excited to become a fidayeen.
With the ammunitions, I was on my way,
On the path of destruction that they laid.
“Explode bombs, shoot and kill”,
They said “that is what was Allah’s will.”
An obedient student I was in their list,
Little did I realize I was a dangerous terrorist!

As I killed and killed and shed innocent blood,
Suddenly, I was shot and I fell down ..thud!
Interrogations by cops continued endlessly on me,
Confusing the cops,I waited for Al-qaeeda to rescue me.

To my rescue, none from Al Qaeeda came,
Hated worldover a terrorist I became!
No one would come I felt
I was misled! I silently wept.

Jihad would never get me paradise,
Fallen in eyes of Allah, I will never ever rise.
I am unable to bear this and want to die,
And face Allah ? In fear and shame I cry.

I neither can live nor die in peace ,
Forgive me Allah, I cried on my knees.
Old, young, man woman, child I randomly killed,
Was this by Allah, in me instilled?

I repent and feel am cursed by all,to hell I shall go,
What mass destruction on earth have I done? Oh!
I have now to face all those I murdered,
What do I answer them, I ponder.

Spread love and peace is the message of God,
I have now learnt the message of the Lord.
I confess ..”Jihad and terrorism are hated by god,”
I sincerely beg “Forgive me all, forgive me Lord!!”

Kindly note :If anyone wants to comment on my poem, kindly note that I am not a terrorist.
This poem is written by me as a message to all the terrorists in the world that peace and love 
is what god wishes.The inspiration is from the recent attacks in Mumbai.

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Untold Bible Stories

Of a child growing up without a father
And the love and nurture of a mother
The struggle for food on less than a dollar 
In a world of abundance poverty still a ruler

Dried up wells and contaminated streams
Life on the brink in a desert of dreams
Knowledge like water, how rare for some 
Education and schools taboo (Boko Haram)

Remember to pray my son, mother said to me
There’s so much evil, airplane crashes and terrorism
And Islam and the perversion of this religion
The focus and fear drives us from being Christian

Remember to call on God the only true referee
The one who can guide us to unity and victory
He seeks neither an election nor a campaign
Forget His love we remember only hatred and pain

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Kashmir-The woman

Kashmir is the innocent beauty of nature
It lifted me above all mire dark and dense.

Kashmir is the divine smile
It gifted me a peace beyond all of my sense.

Kashmir is the sorrow
It showed me a combined pain of poverty, corruption and terrorism.

Kashmir is the beautiful helpless unmarried woman.
Whose neighbors are trying to capture her body not sweet heart.

Kashmir is the paradise on earth without dream...


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Completely absorbed,

             the young zealot rips his foe

                      limb from bloody limb. . . 

      From his parents’ TV drones

               more talk of terrorism.

in their own worlds - thrilling for the kill. . . can they learn compassion? kids playing games like “Modern Warfare”. . . how can violence stop? A tanka with questionku chasers for Yasmin Khan's Video Games Played Poetry Contest

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Slaughters, murders, brutal rage. World stands bereft, blood shrouded face. To gloom and despair, never ending race stop and fear, we all are at chase. Neither the demons nor the devils, mankind is inflicted by its own bloody evils. Relations are loosening, altruism is lost... For being mother, daughter, wife, sister lady is paying a huge cost. Rich-poor alas!! an old thought... neither I will mention. Taliban, Alkaida, terrorism... Ohhh they are all human invention. Stop, I apprehend the dooms day. Vaccilating like pendulum on death- clock, the Humans lay. Love each other, let the love prevail, as what may be the race... love can never fail. c: copyright reserved.

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Peer Pressure of the Worst

Peer pressure of the worst no matter who they are
They can be a boy or girl that they believe to become martyr's

Strapped to these young souls, is something they just don't understand
Yet the cowards who persuade them to miss, becoming a woman or a man

What, where, why or when, does this quest justify it's means
For it arises in the warped depraved, in twisted confused dreams

For in this book that they all crave about, this they cannot do
It's against their religion to request the suicide of you

For all their Cleric's whom they are, they sit and witness so
Not one has ever spoken out, to stop this exploding blow

Why is this I ask myself, for they fear the bullet of a gun
Because it's easier to suppress their young, terrorism has again begun

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War Mentality

They come from a different era
where patriotism is a just cause
they would fight for the true blue
never mind who was right or wrong

they stood staunch and egos proud
their chest out, backs straight and chins up
they come from an old style of thinking
I fight today as my father and grandfather did too.

fighting for an eye for an eye tooth for a tooth
I will die to serve my country even if its a lie
if you try to invade our land
we will come and conquer you

we are defenders of the truth
but the old timers forget
and the young ones have a narrow point of view
there was a time when the immigrants were Irish, Italians and jews

racism was rampant and that hasn't changed
Christians today still preach
'Jesus is savior they say repent your evil ways
pushing their rhetoric just like the roman empire did

amazingly America seems to be doing the same
history seems to repeat itself time and time again
war, religion, oil and what we perceive  as freedom
we invade again and again and call it defending democracy

yet the intelligence comes from spies and other governments
because they have shared interests in different types of policy
they all carefully choose their words
because one slip of the lip could trigger war as it has happened before

todays war on terrorism is a campaign designed  to instill pain 
and un-trust to drain our resources from us 
And our leader claimed up front this is not a religious war
yet he paraphrases from the bible we'll get those evil doers

you see bush fooled our religious leaders too.
he used their belief in Jesus he tricked 'em all just to get their vote
he claims he's a born again Christian and this Christians embraced him holly
but then one day bush spoke to Jesus and asked what to do with Iraq

Jesus responded Invade that country
Now dont get me wrong Jesus was not about war 
he taught of peace, love and compassion
however his message has been twisted and turned over time 

and history shows the hands of Christian religious leaders are always bloody
because they twist the truth to control dictatorship is always the goal
Bush had been plaining war before a judge handed him the seat
on his first day he signed a bill into law prevent any criminal charges against him

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ending the war in america step 1

if you support this copy and paste to your page, you have my permission.

problem by problem 1x1
your going to solve them.

scared straight, the television show holding your children hostage on television
that is more illigal than torture in america
they are 55 years old and sending 12 year olds to a place they wouldnt want to be.

would the closest adjacent state starting with a letter closest to A
please stand up
those are your people
in your country
in need of your aid.

send half the police force in a time span of three days
to assist your neighbors kill the people terrorising children

go to wall mart, buy a gun if you have to
show up in record numbers with your information straight
and shoot every single one of them involved in that war crime

then go home

when your there, lie about where your from, your name, etcetera

drive over there, kill them, go home and laugh...

there is also a problem in alberta
calgary and edmonton alberta
they have denied torture victoms amnesty

would british columbia please stand up
send half of your police over to help in a time span of three days
dont ask, just show up.
thats not canada, that is not canadian, that is not allowed
put it on the news
this is what they did, this is what they didnt do
these are the explanations of people who can explain themselves
and this is what we are going to do about it....

now would saskatchewan please stand up
when british columbia begins to go home, you will send in a third of your police in a period of four days.

get your information right on the news as it goes, dont do it underground all sneaky
do it right in their face with a huge thats not how i run my ship

then your coming to alberta and you are going to murder the police and doctors
involved in the torture and terrorism of myself
that took place over the past 17 years

please check out my youtube page

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A to Z then back to A.(X is always the hardest, y and z follow closely though)

accidental boundaries crush despair easily, fragrant gravity heckles ignorance judiciously. 
kindness levitates mindless numerology, overt principles qualm ridiculous sexualities. 
transgressions uproot vindictive whippings. xanadu yields zero.

zoology yields xanax. whirls voice underground terrorism, syntax resonates quintessentially. 
pragmatic oddities nosedive murderously. leperous kindergartens jumble idiosyncratic 
hellholes. gyrating fondness etches disdain carefully. bespectacled academics.

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Shredded Innocence

A brisk ride with a little known uncle,
to a gathering of loved ones, reunited,
quickly turns to a journey of hell.

Torn away from her home,
she is subjected to a horrifying
world of depravity and terrorism.

On a country backroad,
with no one to witness,
her chastity is torn away,
along with ripped clothing and flesh.

Struggling for freedom, fighting for breath,
she strains against their hands.
They violate her tiny body with their own.
She screams and cries out for "Momma."
The tears flood her tiny eyes.
With no one to save her,
this nightmare is real.

Each movement brings forth more pain,
seeping to her very core.
She endures the ghastly assault 
from the demented couple, she does survive.

Back on the road, with drugs prevailing
the truck comes to a violent stop.
She runs to her earthbound savior
with wings of denim and an old red truck.
He rescues what is left of her angelic being,
kept safe until the enforcers present.

She now battles, not for her life, but her mind.
The outer scars will fade with time,
but his face and voice will haunt her
and live in her nightmares from now on.

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Solomon Mahlangu: My Blood will Nourish the Tree that will Bear the Fruits of Freedom

(special thanks to a friend who shared this tribute to Solomon Mahlangu)

Solomon Mahlangu: My Blood will Nourish the Tree that will Bear the Fruits of Freedom:

Solomon Mahlangu was trained as an MK soldier with a view to later rejoining the struggle in the country.

He left South Africa after the Soweto Uprising of 1976 when he was 19 years old, and was later chosen to be part of an elite force to return to South Africa to carry out a mission commemorating the June 16th 1976 Soweto student uprising.

After entering South Africa through Swaziland and meeting his fellow comrades in Duduza, on the East Rand (east of Johannesburg), they were accosted by the police in Goch Street in Johannesburg.

In the ensuing gun battle two civilians were killed and two were injured, and Mahlangu and Motloung were captured while acting as decoys so that the other comrade could go and report to the MK leadership.

Motloung was brutally assaulted by the police to a point that he suffered brain damage and was unfit to stand trial, resulting in Mahlangu facing trial alone.

He was charged with two counts of murder and several charges under the Terrorism Act, to which he pleaded not guilty.

Though the judge accepted that Motloung was responsible for the killings, common purpose was argued and Mahlangu was found guilty on two counts of murder and other charges under the Terrorism Act.

On 15 June 1978 Solomon Mahlangu was refused leave to appeal his sentence by the Rand Supreme Court, and on 24 July 1978 he was refused again in the Bloemfontein Appeal Court.

Although various governments, the United Nations, International Organizations, groups and prominent individuals attempted to intercede on his behalf, Mahlangu awaited his execution in Pretoria Central Prison, and was hanged on 6 April 1979.

His hanging provoked international protest and condemnation of South Africa and Apartheid.

In fear of crowd reaction at the funeral the police decided to bury Mahlangu in Atteridgeville in Pretoria.

On 6 April 1993 he was re-interred at the Mamelodi Cemetery, where a plaque states his last words:

‘My blood will nourish the tree that will bear the fruits of freedom.

Tell my people that I love them.

They must continue the fight.’

Mahlangu died for a cause!


The Struggle Continues…

(special thanks to a friend who shared this tribute to Solomon Mahlangu)

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Global Pollution 
This is a hate Crime Rhyme
Opposing all of he or she who passed a veto 
I will slam everyone in the House of Representatives 
Away with the “HATE CRIME” law
Global Politicians waste our time
A race on who gets down dirty and raw
Crying we are all equal under the same law
I plead the fifth, if you care 
All you posers are so unfair 
You give me more time because you do not like my hair
You crazy politics say "stop doing that!" 
Opening the eye's for us to perceive life very offensively
Piling up this world with your bull crap! 
Once again, hating is all I see 
I have a low tolerance for politicians on TV 
Law and order makes me shout 
Every law article in the news 
Is about a politician giving out a poor interview
Boo who on who's attacking or threatening who 
All you polluters do is boast
Hey, you politicians all of you I loath 
The more government spreads protection 
How I hate the ones who abuse the situation 
All you polluters create a bigger "Hate Crime." 
Passing out particular laws igniting more intimidation 
Tired of trying to live up to your expectation
I am giving you my perception 
Viewing all your sour reputations 
Always debating and telling us what to do 
There is nothing brave about you
You think you are doing what is best for us
You cowards do not understand where we are coming from 
Instead of embracing us, you continue to lose our trust 
All of today's politics, are nothing compared to yesterday’s trick 
Age, race, notational origin, the list goes on and on
A conflict in our free society 
Gender, religion, to disability 
In this, I see no promotion in opportunity  
All you perpetrators are inflicting, 
Damage to our physical and emotional unity
All you so called leaders take a stand 
Offer us something we really need to understand
Polluting all of Gods nations 
With your "censored" label that this is your political land 
You lunatics want us to consider all sides
Pretending to be friendly to cover our hides 
Put a sock in your hypocritical politicians fool
Bomb the heck out of them __ 
For use terrorism as their # 1 tool 
We got what it takes to send our enemy to oblivion
You Oxy morons, the government you do not know how to run! 
For all this hate is just a silly sound 
Politicians you are just a swift in a nuke frown 
Do not come and put your stupid signs on my ground

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Words like the above seem to be fading 
Now days being courteous is outdated
Who would’t like someone who is always quick to say “thank you” or “please”? 
That would give your day peace and be at ease.
Some may say that in this dog-eat-dog world where there is aggression.
No one has time for face to face conversation.
Being courteous will make you a likeable person.
We should be being kind and courteous is a way to make the tough times a little more 
bearable for everyone. 
It’s also the right thing to do.
Plus it is true.
Terrorism have become something we all have to face in one form or the other.
We are really sisters and brothers.
Common courtesy is essential.
It is being polite and in our society is vital.
Rude behavior usually results from selfishness 
Be nice and get blessed.
Expect nothing in return, not even a smile.
Just remember it won’t hurt if you go that extra mile.

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A Typical Whitehouse Resident

I was a Valkyrie on your side,
Till you showed your true colors-
you had done nothing but lied-
A typical White house resident,
Just another screwed up president

American's die for your belligerence
Under pretend ideologies and wars-
Under your uncaring indifference...
only thing that matters is Phallic 
differences- look in the mirror
and pull up your drawers

Laws have to be passed, while people 
go hungry, losing their jobs, dying
and you're the one's making all the money.
Playing with and talking about MY fate,
over 500 dollars worth of clams on a plate,
some caviar and 1800's champagne.

Trillions of dollars towards wars
and yet, no one scores.
Well, except the "enemy" 
who kill our best friends and family.
all over some damn crude, or terrorism 
Or WMD that never even existed.

Yes, our world leaders all suck,
it's has been a very long time 
since We The People have had any luck.
There was once a decent man
long ago, named Abraham Lincoln...
but even he, did not hold the key.

Strike ye Heralded Harvard pricks out
For there is not a single doubt
that we peasants can do without
another worthless, idiot, lying "devout".

For the "I Hate Politicians" contest by Nate Dilts 

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Where Does It All End

Idol Worship
Broken Promises
Where does it all end?
It ends Where Love begins.

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They left with happy faces
They were people from 
different places
They boarded with their cases
Packed them into their spaces

The beautiful MH370 took off
Like the ball in golf
Just like a playoff
That i will be a tragedy they 
never thought of

There last words were "alright 
good night"
Everything seemed alright
We thought it would be a 
normal flight
That we would hear of its 
arrival during the morning light

Indeed you never know
The last time you will 
se someone and again say hello
But that was a painfull way to 
What a hard unforgettable blow

Tears brimmed our eyes
Hoping they were just lies
Waited for updates from sunset 
to sunrise
And the World was loud,louder 
of cries

Hijacking,sabotage were the 
consideres posibbilities
The mental health of the pilots 
were the liabilities
Terrorism the act of hostility
Not knowing the reality

Our hearts felt like they were 
wrapped in a blanket of nails
Pain erupted from each side of 
the body for no details
Like a farmer who always fails
Hoping the end will be like the 

It was still the missing plane
To find it know one knew when
Like a flower the feeling 
blossomed of pain
We just hoped to see the loved 
ones again

Our hope was then flushed
By the heartbreaking news with 
pain we felt stuffed
When we heard some even 
That in the indian ocean it 

BY ME. :)

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In the midst of seasons the sun was hiding.
At first I cried but then I faced the light
-and I was only a spark of life's fire-
through the chinks of my eye.
From my first name until the last
I've been called a thousand times
I've been told a thousand lies
from my first time until the last.
Escape's destiny was not a choice
-roads were already there-
as I was leaving past behind
along with wounded flags and songs
to no country I belonged
as I ran into the wild.
Fear's power became mine
and I slept on bed of dawn
reaching my ancient route, touching my naked ego
softly as a fly
breathing the air from the inside
from citie's terrorism I survived
Lying on nature's nest like a bird,
like a bird child.
My senses binded were with the wild
-wild senses I let them fly-
and while I delivered my crown to earth's judgement
I knew I was no glorious queen,
I was alive.

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It is Incredible to see famine in all the places, on earth, in heavens and underneath the earth.
Various lives in each kingdoms are crying for   bailout  package;
The animals , human, even the ants, are demanding for bailout;
 The birds in heavens, the fishes in the sea  and the dead bodies  underneath the earth are not left out.
Protesting  for their stolen rights to be restored and a total removal of famine. 
What a world of protest and bail out  we created for ourselves?

Sleeping with one eye closed and one eye opened  has become  new  security measure.
Land and sea that supposed to yield its kinds are into  serious famine.
All creatures, are now  fasting as a result of famine YOU  brought upon  land and sea.
Homes of the poor, famine is biting  harder than ever before; the ants that eats from home are starving  of hunger, aquatic animals are dying,  herdsmen are now eating sheep meals. 

The bridge of success has been broken;  replaced with struggles and hawking in the streets of  all nations.
Hawking yes! Our bodies in  streets under a dark blue lights, where both literates and illiterates are equal.
I am driven  to famine by YOU.
Famine  made me to do what you all  called terrorism, kidnapping, suicide bomber that you  invented and now condemned  with one side of your lips.
In my famine, you employed me to destroy innocent people, properties of nations  and made more monies for yourselves.
The more you drive me into famine, the more my bile is split.
Calling for famine is calling for war and calling for war is calling for more famine.
Stop political  greedy war, democratic  famine war  in all nations will stop.
Written by
Pastor Emmanuel Brown Omojevwe

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The Invasion of Privacy

The invasion of privacy…

Is an assault on personal life
A public display
Of a private retreat

The invasion of privacy…

Is an intrusion on a closed conscience
A public magnification 
Of a secluded soul 

The invasion of privacy…

Is a foray into isolated territory
A public attack 
On a silent psyche

The invasion of privacy…

Is the terrorism of individual emotion!

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I Cry

 I sat in tears and let them roll down my face
I cried for this child who will not get to know his dad
For his dad was a soldier sent out to fight
 a sad thing called terrorism.

He will have no more bed time stories
Or walks hand in hand in the park
He will not get to play ball or sports
He will not remember his daddy at all.

A toddler with bottle in hand
Not aware yet of the terror that exists
Who will protect these little one
Please mankind understand

Many little ones lose their mom or dad
In a world where chaos seems to reign
Why cannot peace find a place
In the hearts of man?

Why must there be death for greed
I see no other name for it
Or you could call it power
with no care for fellow man.

I guess some may be called animals
For they hunt only to kill
Who taught them that man are enemies
Is that what is called war.

I sit and cry for the human kind
What state we are in
I sit and cry for the child
For what will become

Tears run tell they run no more
I cry for this world 
I cry for the adult and the child
I cry for this world today.

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Ode to the people of Norway

Ode to the people of Norway Strophe O, the darkness has descended on a paradise Of Norway’s bounties of nature On the people living a quiet life Not concerned about the politics ever A drug addict, calling himself a warrior Taking pride of being a savior of Europe Unmindful of the death toll of the young Rejoicing in the tears falling from their eyes A Hitler has raised his ugly head up Polluting the minds of the old and the young. Antistrophe But trying to take a refuge to insanity Taking drugs to make himself efficient and awake Priding over to start war for years sixty Pleading not guilty to terrorism namesake Though confessing to bombing and rampage But remaining unaffected by what happened Thus his plea assures him of future court hearings By the attacks Norway is riveted with rage By Breivik’s paranoid writings stunned Hundreds thronged the courthouse proceedings. Epode With tears in their eyes people paid homage To the victims laying roses a few feet deep While the killer faces 21 years in prison The stiffest sentence can be given by a Norwegian judge His lawyer says the whole case suggests his client is insane The Royal couple consoled people and tears shed The prime minister called it a national tragedy And summed it up “evil can never defeat a nation” The killer may enjoy Halden, the luxurious jail in the world Where cells have flat TV and designer furniture facility.
+++++++++ * I wrote this poem two years back when the tragedy took place. Not posted anywhere Date 4-11-13 Dr. Ram Mehta Tenth Place win Contest: Ode (Old/new) poetry by SKAT Love

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	Life I’ve fully lived you, I regret not			                      
        To me this poison isn’t new, I regret not  		
        Loyalty is my passion and sincerity my religion    	
        If anguish and pain grew, I regret not

	Lust, greed, jealousy and prejudice			
        Bigotry, extremism, terrorism, caprice                            	
        The devilish deeds in the name of religion			
        How they lure, how they entice
	I’ve learnt to subdue my desires, I regret not               	
        I’ve no ruby and sapphires, I regret not 	               
	It’s love alone I treasure most			              
	The evil has built empires, I regret not

	Jan. 2014

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It was September eleventh two thousand one
A day the entire world was stunned
Two unopposed aircraft entered New York City
Leaving a trail of death without pity

Like missiles they hit the renowned Twin Towers
Reducing them to rubble in a matter of hours
The pilots who flew them had a mission to follow
Choosing to die just to please allah

They cared not a whit for the lives of others
They sought the praise of their Islamic brothers
At the cost of thousands of American lives
Their loyalty to allah became their prize

The revenge of American lives is yet unended
For fear that someone may be offended
The question is asked, what would we gain
While the blight on America still remains

Now ISIS has reared its ugly head
And two American journalists are dead
So acts of terrorism can't be denied
It began when the Statue of Liberty cried

	Curtis Moorman
	12 September 2014

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untitled #1


                         domestic terrorism creeping
                                                                      Violating homeland security