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My Sincere Wish for All soupers

I wish for you a bright day,
with no darkness on your way.
I wish for you a sunny day,
with no clouded sky overhead.
May you have enough sunshine ,
to last you your life-time.
When the rainy days come,
may you not be drenched by the torrent.
When the stormy days raise their heads,
may you ride to safety on their waves.
In all, I wish you the best that life can offer.

This is for all soupers who have made writing poetry an interesting hobby for me

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The old Overlook Hotel has a tradition of sin and devilment,
souvenirs of the rich. Lovely, yes, but its vista is farseeing,
its death grip far-reaching, and certain rooms stay secretive.
A caretaker axed his pretty daughters, now two changelings 
prowl the opulent halls, somberly stare. Stale air is redolent
with slaughter. Something malevolent welcomes strangers.

Jack Torance, writer, is hired to loosen winter’s stranglehold 
on the isolated, closed resort. Jack’s gifted son, Danny, reviles
his disturbing visions and he quakes at bloodbath predictions.
Wendy, Jack’s loyal wife, fights for family, for their welfare
Jack hurt Danny but is now sober. Promises were exchanged.
Kind Mr. Halloran, the chef, sits with the boy and secretly

tells him of the shining, how some detect the sorrow-secretions
of those departed, how the dead replay roles in the strangest
ways. Avoid room 237, he warns, what is there won’t change.
Danny pedals his big wheels fast down the halls of the devil
as his father somehow disappears, going faster and farther 
than the river of blood only the boy sees, a flood of deep red.

Jack is cruel, unstable, and he frightens Wendy. With dread,
she reads his meaty manuscript, horrified by a revealed secret,
knowing they are miles from help, Oh, dear God, they are so far
from civilization and Jack has retyped duplicate words, strangely,
page after unhinged page. Jack returns, says things that are so evil
that she strikes him with a bat, shocked by this psychotic change.

Wendy drags him into the pantry, locks it, praying he’ll change
back. She rests, but Danny screams and he has scrawled REDRUM 
on the door. The mirror deciphers the word, MURDER, as evil
arrives withan ax. What awful things the heart can keep secret,
He has sabotaged the Snowcat; they are powerless and stranded.
Wendy helps Danny escape through a small window, run far,

she weeps as Jack makes kindling of brittle wood, a plot farfetched 
yet one she must face. The mouse she has been for years changes
and she stabs his hand. Heaven knows, the soul is omnifarious,
Halloran comes, Jack leaves to plant the ax, a hero’s chest blooms red.
Danny watches what is left of his father die, cries out from his secret
hiding place, a chase ensues in a frozen maze; good outlives evil.

        So beware all wayfarers, avoid that next interchange
        for secrets fly in the dead of night, traveling the red-eye
        and evil can call home the lost, the touched and the very strange. 

*This is the a very contemporary sestina. It follows a free verse format with plenty of enjambment. The six end words are manipulated to such a point that the 'core' word is  often barely recognizable. 

I decided to challenge myself, show a sweet poet here that a sestina is only as dull as a scribe ALLOWS it to be, that we can stretch the limits of a form, retain most of its nerve system, but give it as much muscle as we wish! Another lovely poet here said to me recently, we write outside the box because there is NO box! 

I like to keep the box. The box is useful. It's a base. I cut windows in it. I paint the box and add a door. I put things I like in the box. I can happily sit in the box and dream or leave the box whenever I choose because it is MY box. The box is not a bad thing, but it IS only a thing...

I will be posting a blog about contemporary sestinas and the development of this one.

So, this is not the best poem I've ever written. LOL. It is actually a B MOVIE. But, I do think that I at least have written a sestina that is not boring and overly-repetitive! 

Hugs to you, Andrea... so, you likey? Or not so likey?


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My Sincere Love

You are the reason for every drop of my tear
And you cannot leave me alone here
I said a million times that I love you
Every time you rejected
Every time I left with few millions of tears
You can just see this eyes, every time with a smiling face in-front of you
But I cannot stop this heart's bleeding
You feel every thing is alright with me
And you never tried to listen my heart's pain
I truly love you and adore you
And sometimes I feel , my life is over and I will die for you
Don't know what to do?
But I am really stuck at you
Everyday I sit alone in the dark
Ask myself , why I love her?
Years gone, but I didn't find the answer
I cannot say how much I feel the pain in this broken heart
And I don't want to hurt you by my personal thoughts
But still I said many times with this eyes to you
How much I  love you
And How important are you
Oh my Love! Please try to read my heart's page
Then you can find many broken words , red in colour
Still trying to say

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Young, Sweet, Sincere… Love.

Really wish it was easy as I thought,
And no matter how I fought…
I stood back and watched fall apart.

Family life was too much to bear.
Especially when he wasn’t there,
I was consumed by hurt and despair.

We left all that together;
To find a place that was better…
And the only thing I left was a little blue letter.

With no plans and glassy eyes,
I left them with no goodbyes;
 And we disappeared in the sunrise. 

Our future is blurry,
I wanted grow up in a hurry…
We left our safety for a place less sturdy.

With the scars I wear so well,
And all the low places that I fell.
All my stories I will tell.

With mistakes he made,
The games he played…
But I still stayed

Even though it’s not laid out in stone…
I am not afraid to go;
And wish I won’t be alone.

It’ll be okay if you’re alright
And we’re together day and night;
We’re young and know how to fight.

We’re not crazy,
Just lost in reality…
And just he completes me.

Young, sweet, sincere… love. 

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Easy to love
Easy to bed
This is the trap
driving nice men to wed

Easy to cry
Easy to sob
Then he'll be mangled 
Like corn on a cob

Easy to spend
Easy to lose
This is the life
That most fellows choose

Just call a lawyer
He’ll fix it for you
Get rid of the woman
Who snazzles the screw

Pack up the kids--
Send them to mom--
Hope their new school
Has no majors in bombs

Find a new wife
Any looker will do
A paper doll woman
Is easy for you

Work and grow old
It's usual to do
Find someone to hold
Never fret about ‘true’


If you’re a man
With an itch to break molds
There lurks a companion
To have and to hold

Don’t look in a bar
Or pick-up soiree
Stay off of the sites
featuring boobs of the day

haunt musty books
near old movie shows
Find someone laughing
Or blowing her nose

a genuine character
packs humor and wit
When brains are a match
other parts learn to fit

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My Most Sincere Apology(I Wish God Would Have Taken Me Instead of You)

I'm breaking down again.
My patience has worn thin.
I can't promise you anything.
It kills me that I can no longer do anything for you.
I'm watching you descend.
You're so broken.
I'm sorry for letting you down.
I just wish I could replace some of the mistakes that I have made.
I want to give you the devotion I believe you deserved.
I wish I could show you your worth.
I bury my face in my hands.
This isn't how I had it all planned out.
But now I'm helpless in all of this and I feel like I have betrayed you.
God I hate myself for allowing you to fall face first.
I wish I could have done so much more.
I just wish God would grant me another chance.
One more opportunity.
I pray for clarity.
I don't understand the meaning in this tragedy.
I feel you slipping away in a dream that I can't escape.
I have made so many mistakes.
You're blameless.
I can't take this.
I feel the tears fall.
I wish God would have taken me instead of you.
If I could I'd give you my all just to bring you back.
But you're slipping through the cracks.
As much as I try there's absolutely nothing I can do.
I'm sorry. 
I wish I could look deep into your eyes and apoligize .
I'm sorry.
IF I could I'd give my life just to see you live another day.

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A Sister From Many Lands(My Sincere Apology)

When I first met you I was elated
Filled with much awe
I dreamed of the presently elapsed years
Of great happiness and rich excitement

I watched the birds as they flew past
And squeaked
My naked eyes were fixated
On their sudden movement and their return

Never did I strew my thoughts on the land
Upon which I stood
The charms I could trace on your face
The broad smiles you gave
Lowered the thick tall, solid brick walls
Of my heart

My passions lighted
My yearnings glittered
And the taste of purely refined soft-drinks
I sipped through my throat
Simmered down every feeling of doubt
I contained for you.

Scarcely did I consciously brood 
That some day I would struggle
For relief and solitude
From a white woman’s domineering rule

I grew up fast to think she was white
I disdained and disliked her
I pressed hard at her
Till she felt an austere uneasiness
I fought with her
And sought for what I called liberty 
From her presence

She sobbed, wobbled and left my coast
With spasms of sorrow surging
In her youthful bosom
And bled from pains for untold days

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The Loss of a Sincere Friend

In this short and fleeting time on earth,
It is rare when the precious hearts of those we love,
Blend with ours in perfect harmony.
Rick's heart and soul were of this nature.

Reaching out lovingly to touch each of us,
His friendly and caring presence,
Struck us with awe and fascination,
And made loved ones feel good all through.

A strong man with so many talents,
He stood for all that is good.
Wanting to share his incredible attributes,
With his dear wife, Elsie, and his countless friends.

Meeting Rick, eternally lit up all our lives,
His magnificent smile brought comfort.
Forever caring not for himself,
But always for those around him.

I remember my last moment with Rick,
At a favorite coffee spot on Route 2.
As he gently tapped on my shoulder,
I turned and was greeted with his wondrous presence.

My day was now complete and so much brighter.
Rick had already paid for my coffee.
"Wow!" I thought to myself,
"What a remarkable human being!"

We talked for a long while.
The entire time, he never once focused on himself,
His care and concern was only for others.
This was Rick through and through.

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Footle- Sincere Gratitude

A true

thank you

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Most Sincere Apologies

You were such a good dream.
But then you became a reality.
The reality became comfortless.
So I did the best I could.
Because I never wanted to break your heart.
But now you have broken mine.
I miss the smiles that I could attract from you.
And what about those conversations we had.
Your holding my feelings against me,
It's an unexpected act of you.
I did what I could to satisfy our cravings,
Apologies for not being able to test the water
Without breaking your heart.
Feb, 2008