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Letters from a 'Dead Sibling' Adoptee

The “Dead Sibling” Effect – A Legal Coopers Clause Allowed by Adoption State Statute

“Your enlightenment too, staved off ever so much more tightly… 
Sadly, it is in the bide of these truths, found as being one of the more heart breaking entailments to address in ethical adoption, that more than likely each was to have stayed where kept; bound by this legal cooperage where all lonely faces age - never shown, but always known to have wept!”  …from the kept cask of ‘dead sibling’ poet.

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A sibling at play

I made a sibling play
But will he remember this day?
I made a sibling play
Among the green grass
He sported a smile and did blush
Made me rethink and think again
Will all my effort go in vain?
Twenty years hence
When I would be old
And would be sitting on the old bench
He might be sporting a sports car
Or might be partying in the bar
Or vice versa
I made a sibling play
In the city park
And ten years hence
He might be coming here
With his back pocket full and wide
His girlfriend by his side
I made a sibling play
And 5 years hence
He might be playing all alone
With his friends and other siblings
A whole lot of emotions and feelings
I made a sibling play
But will he remember this day
One day hence
He might forget my weird character
And might be appreciating another baby sitter
Two minutes hence
The joy he has with me
Might be momentary
Might just be a minute fraction of that joy
Of that joy
That would come to him in this life hence,
But for me these ten minutes 
Were nothing but a day never to forget?
Were nothing but few moments in the limelight.

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Nikko's Sibling's Troll

Wow, this is way too hard
I don't think I can do it
Okay, it's still worth a try
Finding a word to fit

I'll try to say all that I can
And not say anything at all
This brain is way too ignorant
And words now starting to crawl

Nikko's sibling is a villian
For thinking of this pain
It's way too hard and I can't do it
It's a path with nothing to gain

This brain is on vacation
And far away is this goal
I want to say to Nikko's sibling
Thanks a lot for this troll

Okay, I know that I can't win it
For again I can't find a word
I think that I will stop right now
And possibly I'll win third

For Nikko's Contest

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Like a sibling soul

A rope-line of commitments
keeps me busy and hobbled;
unable to move elsewhere
a difficult situation.

It’s like going on the whole rigmarole
prepared to sacrifice, willing to serve;
open to be wounded and -
attend to whatever needs to be done.

Oh, certain kinds of experience
make me realize it’s enduring
to get involved in the messiness
that life holds to each of us.

Seeing the aftermath of events,
unfolded in many settings;
a gauge to decipher life’s messages
having one’s heart in the right place.

Like Johann Sebastian Bach’s style
there’s a wavelength of question and answer;
such a unique way to understand
it implications to life’s ups and downs.

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A Face Unknown - The Dead Sibling Effect

Sadly, it is true of find that more and more biding entailments of adoption have stayed within its keep. Be they, the kept, rather than let be seen in the realm of the rarely known. Our enlightenment staved off ever so much more tightly, the bound of this cooperage – with these faces lonely, of the never shown…