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Below are the all-time best Russian poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of russian poems written by PoetrySoup members

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Krasivaya (Beautiful in Russian)

You shine like the stars in the sky,
You are the sparkle of my eye,
Like the rays of the sun,
You give life with your touch,
And with a slight brush of your cheek,
You make me weep,
I weep for your presence,
At the base of a lone dark tree.

I slump,
But when I see you get close,
I give it all my strength,
To be perfect for you is all I seek.

I have waited for you my entire life,
and now I will never want to leave your side,
Nourish me with your loving touch,
And I will shower you with the sweet scent of my nectar veins,
With your care krasivaya,
Your red rose will never die.

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The Russian English russian

I am pure Russian and I am the bear
I have  deep dark eyes and black , black hair
Russian girls are very pretty and very exciting bare
Straight and tall  with  features very fair
They  are smart and have lots of brains  
And apply themselves to learning even if it rains
English is one of our favorite subjects 
And it is very hard to explain 
Why we want to learn a second language that sometimes is lame
Which at the end of our most severe weather we can barely retain
 It is winter now and my English is kind of sad
So I sit and study all night long ,
 but after all its only a fad
 For when summer comes I will be long, long  gone
I try and try but it is so hard,
 I can not seem to learn contractions 
And sometimes I feel like I  a retard,
 So I make a list of all my retractions
 Grammar is always difficult and I am always correcting my mistakes 
 But I love hearing English with all its corny cliques , 
and lots of people saying ,for  goodness sakes 
Thank goodness for this silly poem 
Thank goodness this is the end
Thank goodness I will have no more use for this pen

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A RUSSIAN NAMED IVAN There was a young Russian named Ivan Who loved to strip off and go divin' One day he dove in the river But then he started to shiver For he'd lost his new swimmers - oh Ivan! © ELR 2013

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The Russian Dance

                                                      Drums beating
                                                   Violins gently playing
                                                 A melody is coming to life
                                        Speed beats into the ears of the audience
                                            Thumps are heard across the stage
                                               Dancers begin to turn and run
                                                 Legs begin to kick the air
                                                 What a magnificent view
                                               The Nutcracker has arrived
                                             Quickly run back to your places
                                                 Violins play faster now
                                                        Flips in the air!
                                       Dance to the magnificent Russian Dance!

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Bullet For My Valentine ~Russian Roulette~

Love is a fifty fifty chance
A coin toss
Either we make it
Or we don’t.

It’s a game of Russian roulette
There will be a time when one of us will get hurt
Someone will eventually be burned
With a fire that can’t be extinguished.

It’s a game of luck
And luck does not fall on my side
This will not end well
So it might as well end for me
To save you from the pain.

I’ll fake a smile
So you won’t be worried
Although you should be relieved
I’m the one who should be crying
I’m the one…
Who deserves to die.

Everything else fades away into the black
Leaving only you and I
Oh how I wish this moment could last for a lifetime
But even this, my dear, even this will fade
And I will fall from this heavenly cloud
Without anyone to catch me.

I’d rather it be me instead
I cringe at the thought of you
I’m of little importance
No one would cry
No one would think much of it
Just go on with their lives
Yes I’m glad it was me instead of you
Because watching you die
Now that’s one thing I couldn’t do.

I told you “I love you”
Now I must eat those words
They are a poison
Killing you so
I must suck this poison out in order to keep you alive
These words are bitter
They are hard to swallow
The taste won’t soon leave my tongue
But better me than you.

I won’t forget you
I couldn’t if I tried
I’ll remember you to eternity
My only wish
Is that you could forget me
Forget the pain
Forget the tears
Forget the love
My dear please forget me.

I don’t regret anything
I don’t regret falling in love with you
And I don’t regret taking love’s bullet for you
I’m glad it was me instead of you
Because watching you die
Now that’s one thing I couldn’t do

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The Russian Palace

Far from harsh reality
Of cruel peasant life
Gilded surroundings
Of smooth parquet floors
Damask-lined walls
Crystal chandeliers
The background music of
Imperial fountains
Soothed the nobility at Peterhof
St. Peterburg's bow to Versailles;
Carriages and troikas 
Moved elegantly, smartly 
Conveying crowned heads
Seeking favor from the tsar
In a great hall now guarded
By old Russian babas
Nodding, fighting sleep
As they glare at the tourists.

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The Russian Forest

The clean, cold brooks are running,

The foliage around is rustling,

Since childhood,

I have been betrothed to you

My loved Russian Forest!

You have been covered

with flowers or snow

Or with yellow leaves, but

Among maples,

Among fir-trees,

There is my secret house.

And if I had light joy

Or grief – melancholy with tears,

I came to you, my loved forest,

And bent to legs of the birches.

The coverlet of these girlfriend-brides were woven

from the most gentle threads of the sun

We are connected to you with one thread,

My favourite Russian Forest!


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Mad Russian Rhapsodies

  She was

 Reconciled to Rhapsodies

transfigured and transformed

recognizing some of these

as wildest wizards warned,

exquisitely transplanted,

a token from the North,


she let her Muse 

hold  forth.

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When the temperature outside says you should be hot
Except you’re mother f*****g cold in every spot
When you’re laying in a luxurious four-poster bed
Scoring some dope is the only thought in your head

When my bones ache every time I move
A body doesn’t need anything else to prove
I feel the sweat but wet my body shouldn’t be
While Bobby next door has dope but he ain’t giving it away free

I’ve got holes in my pocket, my shirt and in my shoes
But the body doesn’t need any other kind of clues
You grow more uncomfortable in that luxurious bed
And your only option is to hit some old lady with a rock over the head

But you’re shaking and your body is making you pay
I’m only twenty three yet my hair is turning grey
I’m lying on a luxurious four-poster bed
And my only option could be the morgue………., home for the dead
        (c) 2011....phreepoetree

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Dedicated to memory of the great Russian writer Alexander Gr


There are snows - somewhere behind the fields, behind a forests,

There are rivers and lakes behind these snows, 

There are lights of distant countries behind these lakes, 

and blue ocean too.

The white ship - on salty waves,

There is scarlet sunrise on its sails.

Strong people keep watch. 

They are not afraid of storms and do not wait for calm.

They love their lasses, and drink wine for health of friends.

If a grey cosiness will be boring to you ,

If the winds will call you to a road,

Know: the ship by name " A Dreaming"

Will take you with itself always.

You will have names of the new countries,

Hands of friends and the great ocean.

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The cheerful horses (the translation from Russian)

Dedicated to memory  of the  Russian writer Alexander Grin

Somewhere in dawn steppe
Cheerful horses wander 
Joyful winds caresss July grasses.
Horses go by proudly, 
Not damaging bright flowers.
They are happy to live in wild nature,
Without the lashes and the rough shouts. 
Children smile at them,
The lasses kiss  them , 
The best guys in the world comb their dense manes.
Everywhere silver streamlets are dared,
Simple songs are audible.
Here nobody is afraid of anyone, 
Here nobody throws anyone!...
The city deafens and blinds,
There is a crush in a tram and the bus.
But somewhere, in dawn steppe
Cheerful horses wander.

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FREE CEE i ain't russian or Rush

So the government is going completely insane 
the way it usually does
there's nothing but       filibustering and disdain
and to get rid of what once was

there's eighteen months until the next presidential election
so the news is inundated with who, what and where
there seems to be no viable correction
while arguments and insults are all I hear

the president in power now is banned from doing anything good at all
every package he wraps up with a bow is knocked down
labor movements do nothing but stumble and stall
and every congressmen or senator is nothing but a pin-striped clown

god forbid both sides of the aisle should come to agree
but that won't happen because that would declare a winner
I hear talk radio with racial slurs that offend people like me
and guess who's not coming to dinner

so let's continue to flood the airwaves with scenes from the Twilight Zone
themes only the self indulgent can understand
while the newscasters refuse to reveal the unknown
with people like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannady leading the band
 © 2012....PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~