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Best Resentment Poems

Below are the all-time best Resentment poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of resentment poems written by PoetrySoup members

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When Yesterday Was Today

On cold evenings
Surrounded by friends
Warm and
I could stay up forever
Taking strength
From the blackness 
Feeling that I could float upward
And walk with the stars
On their lonely journey 
Through heaven.

There was a girl 
I was with then
And beautiful
When I first saw her
I wanted to feel her softness
Her breathe on my cheek
Her hand  
Brushing against my thigh
When I held her close
And even closer
I wanted her 
To say she loved me.

Our love
Had a perfect balance
Teasing and challenge
And seduction.

A subtle change
That I never understood
Came about
The closer we became
The more anger
And resentment followed
When she smiled I was envious
When I laughed she was angry
We broke up
We were young
It was my fault
Her fault
Our fault
Or blame it on the times we lived in.

Outside my room
Footsteps echo
In a long and empty hallway
And like an undeliverable letter 
A message scrawled 
To no one in particular
Haunting visions are 
Returned to me
The slenderness of her waist
The way she arched her back
The touch of her hand
The way she kissed
I feel her presence
Yes, I relive all that.

Copyright © Edmund Siejka | Year Posted 2009

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Sweet Deathly Rose

Oh, mild flower I chanced to meet,
A ruby red, yet so discreet.
She'd never seen a hue my blue.
Sweet deathly rose that I once knew.

Her fragrance wafted on the breeze,
And all were drawn to her with ease.
I put down roots near her and grew.
Sweet deathly rose that I once knew.

Though in her garden all seems well,
there still are things she hates to tell.
Her thorns, a shield, conceal what's true.
Sweet deathly rose that I once knew.

Beneath her thorns, resentment grows.
Disturb her and her petals close!
I learned too well what could ensue. . . 
Sweet deathly rose that I once knew.

A casual remark was said.
Her ruby rose turned scarlet red. . .
I guiltless pled. Did I misdo?
Sweet deathly rose that I once knew.

A fury she had kept so deep
had been unleashed; it made me weep.
Retaliation cut me through.
Sweet deathly rose that I once knew.

A leaf of peace she offered me:
Be friends, but only partially.
But I refused and shall eschew
Sweet deathly rose that I once knew.

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2010

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Behind the mask

Behind the mask there is a frail and fragile me
Enigmas clothed in conundrums; that the naked I can’t see

'Behind the mask is concealed, my authenticity
Examine my history to unravel my perplexing mysteries

Behind the mask it is unseen paralyzing, piercing pain
With arrogance and self-assurance camouflaging the shame

Behind the mask is hidden my true Identity.
Seek and survey the signs of my obscurity

Behind the mask is veiled a heart that’s been broken
Held together by unexpressed resentment and animosity unspoken 

Behind the mask is where my insecurity hides,
Like realism wrapped in riddles, you must read between the lines

Behind the mask is where I cover my falling tears
Dig just below the surface and you’ll unearth my crippling fears

Behind the mask there are cloaked secrets unexplained and untold
Decipher the symbols to crack my encrypted codes

Behind the mask you’ll uncover my True expressions 
Remove and reveal parodies, and expose the false impressions

Behind the mask, it is hidden, my Individuality.
Not acting out some script of who I’m thought to be

Behind the mask is obscured my, vulnerability
 Suppressing the mounting manifestation of the inner me

Behind the mask it is disguised, my true reflection
Underneath open wounds inflected by rejection 

Behind the mask rest crushed and shattered dream
Where fear muzzles roaring whispers and screeching silent screams

Behind the mask is buried, my stolen youth
Deception, and cover-ups, masquerading as facts and truth

Behind the mask is where I screen the confusion
Look close and you’ll find, trickery and deception, draped in fantasy and optical 

Behind the mask it’s stifling; it is hard for me to breathe,
The walls of deceit  that i have built ,are quickly  closing in on me. 

I am trapped behind facades of smirks and phony smiles.
So may I please remove this mask just for a little while?

Chiquita Baity

Copyright © ChiquitaChiamaka Baity | Year Posted 2011

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A jaded man

The sting of shattered trust
fills his veins with toxic spite,
contaminating his heart. 

He finds solace in a bottle,
quenching his resentment,
slurring forth caustic fumes;
nauseating his liver.

Until he spits her treachery up
with a sickening heave,
in the shallow, murky gutter
of a jaded man's reprieve.

Copyright © Thvia Shetley | Year Posted 2010

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Wind Rider

An old man sits peacefully in deep thought
Missing teeth, milky eyes . . .  leathery skin
Wind Rider his name  – a shaman 

The young man seethes in anger
Strong, excitable . . . limbs in constant motion 
Standing Bear his name  – dangerous and violent 

Smoke curls lightly into the sky
A sacred moment upon the plain
Old to the young – a story

The soft voice rises . . .  catches the wind 
There is a battle that rages within each of us
. . .  two wolfs circle each other

One is evil . . .  it’s spirit is angry filled with
jealousy, sorrow, greed, arrogance, guilt
resentment, inferiority, lies . . .  ego

The other wolf is good --- it’s spirit is filled with
joy, peace love, hope, humility, kindness, empathy
generosity, truth, compassion . . .  faith

Each wolf is strong and howls into the night wind 
Yellow-red eyes flair, deep throated-growls, bared fangs
Breathing hard they attack

Wind Rider lifts his heavy head
Feels the sun . . .     waits

Standing Bear thinking  . . .  finally asks
Who will win?

Wind Rider smiles 
The one you feed

       \ /
       / \

David Meade
Live Generously

Copyright © David Meade | Year Posted 2014

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Death To The Mockingbird

Death to the mockingbird with one shot to the heart,
Crushing wings with desperation sings sorrow worlds apart.
Concrete tears from wasted eyes fall on a mossy burial ground,
Taste the regret as it is yet to expel a gasping sound.
And rise oh symphonic sun in my mourning put rest to the moon,
Dehydrate this skin from deep within that I may die at noon.
Searching for stars to blanket this despairs shroud of living,
Pinpricks of celestial poison judgmental eyes are giving.
Blood upon my hands stains jealousy in deep wrinkled crease,
Saliva soiled dirt leaves an after taste that will never cease.

Breaking the joints of folded frozen wings opening like a book,
Laid before the novel ends I search for the heart that I took.
Oh mockingbird you brought this battle a war I inhale victory,
Would the devil rise with golden stained eyes celebrating with me.
With weighted flesh, holding her heart, he examines my deed,
Silently I beg come with me, success demands fulfilling my greed.

The devil he does make his choice, strong cradled hands receive
Welcoming the mockingbird, even in death does she deceive.
Breathing to life from lips I longed to love, the mockingbird awakes,
Flapping wings, resentment it stings, the ground under me shakes.

The mockingbird laughs for she mocks me no longer,
She has taken everything from me, and now she is stronger.


Copyright © Casarah Nance | Year Posted 2015

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Black Heart Masquerade

Reflections in the mirror increase resentment tarnished heart pursues vengeful contentment Disillusioned you hide in fictitious make believe possessed by demons who purblind and deceive In your bogus twisted fabricated state of mind answers to your questions you shall never find Fraudulent masks pose, simultaneously concocted mocking with this masquerade you have adopted As your heart blackens with the absence of light Lucifer summons you closer, to your sheer delight Loved ones cannot save you - your cause is phony nobody remains to listen to your forged testimony The Silent One 29 december 2015

Copyright © Silent One | Year Posted 2015

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If I Could

If I could I would pin prick the moon and make her bleed 
So I could have an empathetic croon from her monologue smile 
I’d derive the satisfaction of knowing she knows all my hurts 
I’d wag my tail down to the river like a wounded dog and cry 
Into the soft round shoulders of the night 
Perhaps find a little distraction in the ghostly loons that swim 
Along the canal, shift my pain o’er to the other side of earth 
I don’t know, perhaps loose a little of that resentment 
Press up against my anger, so I wouldn’t feel so numb 
I search for her the heroine of my life story, but she’s only an echo 
Bouncing off the hollow canyons of my mind 
If I could hen peck this differential moment and erase the gates 
That hold me in, then I maybe I could, sleep peacefully tonight 

Mystic Rose 

Copyright © Mystic Rose | Year Posted 2015

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Famous Poets

Just yesterday, I was visiting the home page at Poetry Soup
and noticed a picture of a guy named Willie Shakespeare
He’s a pretty okay poet but I found his long stuff VERY boring
For example: “To be or not to not to be: That is the question”
Really Billy? I mean you either IS or you AIN’T right?

SO, I commented on some of his poems just to encourage him
and guess what? Not ONE-SINGLE-COMMENT in return!
I even tried Soup Mail offering kind, polite advice and critique
No dice! Zilch! Zero! ( Perhaps it was the style tips I suggested?)
That collar's gotta go...Can you IMAGINE in the midst of summer?
I am now convinced that ego and resentment were involved...

So I decided to try Eddie Poe and honestly? His stuff is WEIRD
and Ed, I hate to break this to you but: Ravens don't talk...
Did the same with Bobby Frost, Benny Johnson and some others
Same old song and waltz, not a peep out of a single ONE of them

To top it off, I Souped Emmy Dickinson (I wanted to ask her out)
I suggested that she might want to edit the first line of her poem from:
“I dreaded that first robin so" to: 
“I dreaded that first robin like you wouldn’t BELIEVE”
Her silence was deafening.
Just who do these people think the ARE?

Light bulb! Now I know why PS crams them all together on the right hand end.
They feel sorry for these poet wanna-be’s, but not ME. I will continue to mentor...

Copyright © Tim Ryerson | Year Posted 2015

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I never knew the shadows until I walked in the absence of light,
there I found my feelings bound, wrapped up in darkness tight.
Crossing over to the captured fear, I felt the shivered stroke,
What bumps across my once silent skin did this chill evoke.
The replica of my being, a mirror void of time carved detail,
tells me of my nothingness, my soul complete but body frail.

The shadows stung me like ice dripped glass and beckon me to come,
Into the home of being alone, without the warmth my lips grow numb.
Every lesson I must have learned with open mind drifts far away,
Crying with crimson crossed eyes, forsaken light I beg for a ray.

Shades of sin all around me slither like the serpent in temptation,
I resign a step in a time knowing darkness breeds damnation.
Suffer in the suffocation, resentment is all I loathe and see,
And its unfair as I become aware, I drown in the shadow of me. 

july 06, 2015

Copyright © Casarah Nance | Year Posted 2015

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An Angel Smiled at Me

An angel smiled at me today,
I almost passed her by.
A tiny little slip-of-a-thing, swallowed by an oversized coat,
Face hidden by wind-tossed hair.

I wasn't thinking of whose she was,
Only that I was running late, vaguely annoyed at "whatever".
Unaware of passing lives also trapped in their own isolations.

Then I heard her laugh, freely, contagiously, the way I used to.

Fleeting resentment passed through my mind,
That I'd noticed. That I wanted to stop.
For a brief moment I was reminded of summer days, of climbing trees
And skinned knees.
Running through sprinklers and warm seas.
Memories made me stop and turn...

There she was.
Not more than six. Slipping between people who took no notice, 
As if she was the mailbox on the corner.
Caught in her own sidewalk world of make-believe.
Chasing an unseen rainbow... and then she caught me watching.
Undisturbed, her face burst into a happy grin as laughter bubbled forth, 
Her eyes glowing like Christmas morning.
Pushing the hair away that  would not stay still, pausing in her solitary game.
That single moment when we took each other in seemed like lifetimes.
Something inside me quietly burst free.

I continued on my way, but the day seemed brighter.
Nothing had outwardly changed;  I was still late, but I had the curious urge to skip to the corner;
To roll down a grassy hill and play hide and seek.
At the corner I turned just to see if she was still there, 
To send her a silent thanks.
As if she heard, she turned... and an angel smiled at me, again.

Copyright © Amy Megquier | Year Posted 2016

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Against Humanity

Our world was fashioned flawlessly,
purpose perched purely.
its beauty sealed sweetly
Like the journey of a rose.

Dreamers dream swiftly,
Fishermen fish profusely,
But the living lies that breed men
has smothered them to a downward spiral.

Desire flickers for greatness.
Wanting and seeking for paramount prowess,
The hallowed place we once dwelt
is now suffused with surreptitious despair.

The earth encumbered their cravings,
Richness of raging unity coveted,
But their infuriating resentment
Has made the waft of death unrated

Beyond the gentle the gush of a storm,
The coolness of the raging fire,
Our world that once blossomed
has been splashed with splendid manslaughter.

What truth could be behind these lies?
What could be the ultimate sacrifice
to make this dreadful pandemonium suffice
the bloodshed of innocent honesty...?

Copyright © Olajide Adelana | Year Posted 2010

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Painstaking Views

A child's view:

"Why did you leave us dear mom and dad?"
"Did we do something to make you mad?"

Tears on our faces, as we see you drive away.
"Please come back, we'll be good everyday!"

Our foster mother hates us, we don't know why.
Maybe she hits us, because all we do is cry.

My sister tries to protect me, but she gets beat instead.
It's hard not to hate her, she raps her knuckles on our heads.

But I'm just 3, my sister barely six.
We don't know what do we fix?

"Where are our brothers? We miss them so!"
"How can you love us and just let us all go?"

An adult's view:

Scars of abandonment haunt our souls.
Self confidence battered and full of holes.

Hate and resentment learned so young.
Our spirits crushed, our sorrows unsung.

Trusting of others is extremely hard.
Self protecting.......eternally on guard.

Escaping the past, we run away.
Coping mechanisms always in play.

Failed relationships in abundance.
Struggling against all compliance.

Memories buried in recesses of the mind.
Lessened only by the passage of time.

Copyright © Cecilia Macfarlane | Year Posted 2011

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Words left unspoken - to live in regret

Unnecessary altercation led to avoidable words spoken.

He said, "you're going to miss me when I'm gone."

But she just sat there, never said a word.

He left, told her he loved her,
but, she did not say a word.

She sat there agitated and confused,
once again her emotions left her dismayed.
As her bitterness and resentment descended,
she felt disappointed with her animosity.

As he drove his car, dejected, he wondered
why they fought over such trivial things.
But, in his heart he knew, when he returned,
she would see the error of her ways.

As the venom in her mind calmed,
she switched to peaceful thoughts.
Reminiscing beautiful memories,
she felt the acerbic taste of regret.
Dialled his number to apologise, but
no answer, filled her heart with unease.

As he drove contemplating, his mind consumed,
he did not see the tanker, which collided head on.

Now, heartbroken, heart aching,
she sits there all alone,
she can't tell him how she feels...
She can't utter a single word,
she can't hold him, kiss him,
nor look into his eyes..

What point now, of those words left unspoken...

25 February 2016

Copyright © Silent One | Year Posted 2016

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Remembering Rwanda

Before the blast in April's darkened sky. . . before the electrifying surge of insurgency - when trucks and tanks were used to block the roads, and when men and even boys were sought to aid in one malicious purpose. . . before the rampant slaughter - the raining of machetes down on flesh and bones and the cornucopia of corpses left like butchered carcasses on highways, nearby houses and in churches. . . before the plundering, the rapes and mutilations and the exodus of thousands to death-infested camps, there were whisperings - insidious and portentous to the ears of the wisely suspicious - and a voice on the airwaves spewing hate. Before it all, there was a brewing of resentment of a people with a history of poverty and of transitory freedom and capricious politics. And through it all, with such grave consternation, governments debated. . . waited. . . . . . . and waited, playing with semantics while thousands dead became the hundred thousand, and three long months - unrivaled for its number of atrocities - came to its completion. Seemingly, peace has been restored and punishment stingily doled out. Time moves on . . . except for half a million for whom compassion by the world was spared.

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2012

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Rhythms Of The Heart

We try our best to maintain good rhythm But at times life gets in the way The every day challenges of modern living The demands we face each day The greatest reward we receive in the end Is happiness and true contentment At peace with the world and all things pure Not harbouring any resentment The ultimate aspiration of every human Is a journey free from hassle Filled with many accomplishments Where your home is really your castle Rhythm is an extremely important part Of contentment and a happy life Good rhythm lends us a sense of well being A journey free from strife © Jack Ellison 2014

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2014

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Peace Prayer

I humbly ask you to make my enemies have good feet,
So they will walk away as I do.
Make them listen to the birds sing,
Instead of narrow opinions of others.
Make them have good eyes,
So they can see from another's point of view.
Make their hearts beat strong,
So love will overcome hate.
Make them stand proud,
So they need not tear another down.
Make them happy,
So misery will not love company.
Make them secure,
So they need not take from others.
Make them have hope,
So they do not darken another's hope.
Make them honest,
So they appreciate honesty in others.
Make them confident in their faith,
So they need not destroy another's.
Make them love themselves,
So jealousy has no merit.
Give them busy minds,
So they do not assume about others.
Make them feel safe,
So fear won't dictate their ways.
Give them long and happy lives,
So happy that resentment never enters.
Comfort them when they cry,
So loneliness will not make them bitter.
Walk with them amidst life's storms,
So they continue to the horizon.
Wake them every morn',
With gratitude in their hearts.
Love them even when,
They do not show love to others.
And in all of these things,
Let peace begin with me.

Darlene Doll Smith

Copyright © Darlene Smith | Year Posted 2015

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Thorns of beauty

Thorns of beauty of a pure ornament
piercing a heart forsaken of closeness,
Lost flowers grieved to express in lament,
aching in the shadows of emptiness.
Our searching souls, so close in existence
yet too far in spirit to understand,
the meaning hidden by minds subsistence,
alas your resentment I must withstand.
A soul of ripeness, far more than allowed,
to seek fresh beauty; a rose for love sheds.
Treason for silent discretion avowed,
in banishment, the heart is torn to shreds.

A dream to mend love’s wounds, past existence,
scarred is my flesh by thorns of resistance.

T.J Grén

Copyright © Teppo Gren | Year Posted 2015

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So much sadness
Too many lies
One persons promise 
Another’s demise

Regret and resentment
Just hurt in disguise
Failure and upset
Lead to despise

How could they do it?
What did I do wrong?
My fault, no theirs
I’m not that strong

I keep my promises
I forgive them again
I give everything I have
I take them all in

I feel only pain
I see all their lies
I don’t deserve this 
So I ask, WHY?

Copyright © 2009   Lena “Lolita” Townsend

Copyright © Lena Townsend | Year Posted 2009

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if my life was upside down

if my life was upside down i'd bump my head against the ground i'd trip over ceiling fans and i'd shake feet insted of hands i wouldnt keep any pocket change but i would keep a blood rushed brain every smile would be a frown living life upside down life upside down would be a mess confusing your right from my left people would say bottoms up but if i did i would spill my cup it sure would be funny when friends came around they wouldn't ask whats up? they would sarcastically ask whats down for those of you.....who wake up in bed in the morning when i wake,.... i wake down insted people always tell me to keep my head up high i look at them with resentment and walk away and sigh pictures never seem to stay when i hang them on the wall being upside down they always seem to fall i always have a hard time writing what i say and when i use my pen the ink flows the other way its funny how people complain about how life keeps them down but they haven't experienced living life upside down

Copyright © John Castro | Year Posted 2011

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Layers Of The Ocean

.      .     I   .    .      .      .        .       I      .     .     .     .     .    G    .           .              .
          P    N                                M    L                             U    H
       P          E                          S         E                         A         T
   A                S                    .                S                   L               E                  .
H                      S             .                        .            .                      R            .
                             .     .                                .    .                              .    .

..................................A surfaced "Happily Ever After"...........................................

RESENTMENT.          .            .      DENIAL     .          .        .      REGRET       .         .

.......................................Forgave, but wont forget...............................................

PRETENDING .            .           .  LOST HOPE .        .        .        .   LIES .        .        .     

.......................................Crying as my heart prys.................................................

PAIN    .        .         .       .        .    HURT     .      .          .         BURNING        .            

.......................................A lifetime of yearning........................................................

SCREAMING  .        .          .       DECIEVING     .        .          .  BLEEDING        .          

.........................................Forever dissapearing ......................................................

.            .        .      D r a g g e d    U n d e r   T h e   T i d e          .           .          .           

 S . L . O . W . L . Y 
  R                        .                            .                     .                     .                    .
            I                 .                           .                          .                          .

Copyright © Catherine Adams | Year Posted 2009

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Echo Your Empathy

You’re my star – I set fire to our firey rose Bouquet of stars – I hand to you – We’re opposites, like poetry and prose You came out of the blue, I’m left without a clue! It all came so soon – the package of surprises All along, you were echoing your leave Anybody out there to help me? Hello? I can’t hear your echo Your echo is what keeps me on my feet I’m a believer…I’m getting discreet Around and round and round, We’re going round in circles We’re doing freestyle singing Swinging side by side…back and forth, Our fate keeps on swinging… Who will fill in the gaps? I never saw the light in goodbye… I’m caving in my ruins…I’m caving in my ruins I admit it – I can’t live without you, Lingering around me like a fly, enchanted by the lightbulb What am I supposed to do with this work of art? I’ve stumbled upon you and fell in love with you But, I’m lost in paradise – dropping levels – there’s mistakes we can’t undo There’s no perfect peace with the world falling at the seams, kissing the debris, Screwing with my head…you won’t ever see a trace of tears on my face – I’m left to be All alone, all along…but without you, I’m stranded in the wilderness… Giving me night-scares instead of dreams of reality I can’t hear your echo of empathy…I can hear chaos unraveling; I can hear the commotion of the ocean Falling victim to bittersweet emotion I can’t hear your echo of empathy…I can barely make out any hope in store I miss living my dream! I keep tell you that! – and all you do is ignore I’m on edge and I get upset and cry my eyes out No one can love this monster, but I won’t accept such foolishness I strayed from my heart’s passion and I got all the symptoms Of a guy with a solitary, silver soul….you stole my dignity My pride, my surreal sensations, my innocence Don’t dismiss me as nonsense Echo your empathy… I’m brokenhearted, but I won’t reveal it to you – you never felt for me So, don’t even bother to ask me why I’m crying? ’Cause I’ll never give you the full truth Almost all my life, I’ve been searching for the woman I love…and to find my heart’s tune But, love didn’t seem like enough – good luck will shower upon me soon You and I will view the astounding full moon… Find your way out of the maze of bewilderment I’m treading this rocky road with or without you – I can’t stand tall You are playing games with me, nourishing my resentment I’m swimming home – underneath the surface, feeling oh so blue Feeling the rejection…the jaded corruption banging at my skull I heard you screaming out my name Are you echoing your praise to me? Are you covering up my shame? Are you echoing my empathy? Echo your empathy… my delightful dolphin in the sea I’m screaming at the top of my lungs When I close my eyes, everything seems so fine Is my love good enough for you? I can hear you echo your empathy My voice is fading and dying out, but you’re my baby… My darling angelic friend of mine Our friendship mixed with love is as succulent as wine Listen to my echoes of my appreciation towards you I could make out your echo of empathy Echo your empathy of ecstasy! Give me your all…whisper in my ears I’ve been lost for many-a-years Come out of your black hole and resuce from my demise Echo your empathy upon me if can be so kind and wise Pursue our zealous goals and we’ll echo our triumph I don’t wanna bleed without you I don’t wanna breathe without you I wanna see your face, glistening with grace Gleaming with grace and I feel like I can beat this race I feel so alive for the first time in a lifetime For the first time in forever, you make me feel happy and oh so sublime Our exaltation is beyond amazing… I can’t get yah out of my head You’re my lullaby – I set fire to the pitch-black sky and I ascend so wondrously The firey rose – I give it to you – it’s a gift that’s articulate and almost flawless You blossomed like a precious rose in the Garden of Glory We’re opposites, like black and white, but you and I will never kiss the abyss Echo your empathy…my munificent maid! You’ve grown so much, miss! I can’t put my mind to bed…it’s racing with thoughts of you always and forever It’s racing with thoughts, blooming so true Echo your words of wisdom and hide not in shadows anymore (your hope’s a blur) – Come out of your shell and stop being so insecure Echo your empathy and you’ll be part of my crew

Copyright © J. W. Earnings | Year Posted 2014

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A Quest for Home

Oh! The Supreme soul, the creator of all creatures, 
My heart longs to see thee and seeks thee in thy awesome nature 
That thou fashioned, as thou fashioned me
And all the other souls as thou want them to be.

The sky and seas, the mountain and the trees
The clouds and the rains, the green and golden grains, 
The ceaseless rivers, sparkling brooks or the transparent streams
Flow to their destination, as you designed to fulfill their dreams.

From the majestic wild beasts to the tiny little geese, 
From the meek humble lambs and fish, to the butterflies and bees,
The splendid penguins, gorgeous swans, doves and birds of paradise
Sing thy praises at the glorious dawn, looking at the mesmerizing sun rise.

And look up to the heavenly wonder! The fabulous rainbows 
And feel thy presence when the gentle comforting breeze blows.
Oh Lord! The enormous ocean of love 
Quench my thirst, enhance my tolerance and raise me above
All hatred resentment, burning my pride
Teach me thy way to take a stride
To walk on a path of peace, righteousness and compassion
And let my spirit be united with thine and forever abide.

Cleanse my impurity sprinkling thy amazing grace,
Do not banish me when I’m in distress from seeking thy dazzling face
Soak me with thy passion and boundless love when I’m dry
That I may wipe the tears of thy needy children when they cry.

Bless that I may obtain thy mercy in the days of my trouble
When I raise my hands up to you confessing that I’m feeble
When all my strength blows off like a bubble
May I rest my head on thy shoulder for I know you’re able.

All my worries all my sorrows 
Lead me to the way that’s dark and narrow 
Hold my hand and guide me to the path that’s yours
Heal my heart and soul, make me purest of the pure.

As the birds crave to reach their nest before twilight,
Take me to my eternal home where I can dwell in your light
But still I’ve to walk miles and miles in wilderness I’m sure 
And face trials and turbulence and tides to cross the sea and reach the shore 
Where thou art waiting to embrace and take me home
Where my soul will rest forever and wonder in dark no more.
I cry and yell to my potter, mold me Lord as thou needeth me to be at your home
My final destination where my maker lives, my sweet eternal home.

Copyright © Manimala Basu | Year Posted 2015

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Should I take the dagger that my heart tore
and use it to avenge the pain it caused?
Or should I bow my head and keep in store,
the obsession of life’s dreams once more paused.

I, undeserving of your resentment,
wherefore my words echoed kindness intense,
in past fondness for future‘s atonement
lest it reveal my soul to your pretense.

Foolishly I opened my heart to you,
expecting to relinguish love yet born,
unwittingly my own destruction woo,
to inflict pain through the wrath of love’s scorn.

I cannot feel anger to act in spite,
with a broken heart I bow to your might.

For contest: One of your best - Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Rob Carmack

Copyright © Teppo Gren | Year Posted 2015

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My Calling


Too few
Hopefully more

My resentment flairs
My will ebbs
Still looking elsewhere

I won’t just leave
I care too much
My heart is here
Have more to give

Want answers to my whys
Know I’ll never truly know
Doors of opportunity may open
But I still hold hope
Knowing this is my calling

Copyright © Betty Gail Wood-Rush | Year Posted 2011