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A Recipe for Promiscuity

Recipe for Promiscuity

Long life with a boring, snoring sod
made the wife a warring whoring broad.

For Dr. Ram Mehta's Tyburn Contest

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The Recipe for Dreams

I’ve heard of boys made of puppy tails
And a drink made of chocolate topped with cream
I’ve often seen girls made of sugar and spice
But what is the recipe for dreams?

I imagine that dreams have some sugar
And also milk chocolate as well
I’m sure that dreams have some fantasy 
But where do you find that for sale?
They must contain some fairy dust
But some say that doesn’t exist
Although if fairies and magic aren’t really real
Then how could dreams still persist?

I’ve found it! I’ve found it!
The recipe for dreams!
The first is imagination.
Just add this to sleep
And blissful thoughts
Then taste-test your own creation

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The Recipe For Life

What is the recipe for life
Where can I find the ingredients
Open the Bible and read Gods word
A recipe that is assured
The nutrients that you will find
Will really blow your mind
He wants us to believe in Him
He whose light never grows dim
He never says I don't have time
To answer all our prayers sublime
A sweet smelling savor is this to our Lord
To hear us praying to Him in one accord
Look where Paul was when he was called
Now let's get cooking everyone
Spiritual food, I want me some
Let the Lord come into your heart
If you really want to be smart
A pound of joy goes a long long way
Remember if you should stray
Get back to God as quick as you can
By repenting to Him
He is, was, and is still the main Man
Eat this recipe and you will see
Beloved He will set you free

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A Recipe for Successful Coupling

Close proximity Chemistry that makes you smile A common world view

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A Recipe For Peace

Peace is though difficult 
Yet not impossible to uphold,
All the kings of the states 
Must remain self-concerned,
Without poking noses 
Into the affairs of others,
Curbing cupidity 
To expand the territories,
Subjugate the nations of the world,
Enforce the so-called personal visions,
And put the humanity 
Into new-fangled trials.

All the weapons 
Latest, conventional or primitive,
Precious or utterly worthless, 
Nuclear or less potential 
Made of common explosives, 
Be spoiled, 
Be thrown into the deep waters
Of the unexplored seas, 
Wherefrom no devilish character
Could ransack them back.

When some is killed
Neither Hindu, nor Muslim,
Neither Christian nor Jew is killed,
But a man: a child of Adam and Eve,
The same red substance 
Pours out of his injured ragged body,
And it pains me.
All the weapon producing units,
And the blood spattering gadgets:   
The tanks and cannons, 
Mortars or machines guns,
The armadas 
With the squadrons of fighter-jets, 
Submarines that navigate 
Secretly chase the nautical targets,
Catapults and all the missiles launching frames,
Be thrown into furnaces 
To be remodelled and redesigned
Into of the earth moving machinery, 
Instead of the appliances 
Colouring the Earth red.

All the medals or symbols 
Of chivalry be taken back,
Combatants and men 
With the crowned shoulders,
And medalled chests,
Who often move in the battle-fields 
Puffed with the martial pride,
Imparting, rendering 
No service to humanity 
Be employed to plough the lands, 
Plant the gardens,
Make the dams and reservoirs of water,
Feed the cattle and get them milked on time, 
Engaged them 
To perform some rewarding assignments.

Upon the earth,
There must not be a single 
Blood-claiming weapon; 
If men are incensed 
And fight is unavoidable,
They must fight with knives and rapiers, 
Swords and shields made of gossamer,
All the time heeding 
Lest they should break;
And all inhabitants of the world 
At least once a day must trim their nails,
Lest when they are indignant 
And resentful should scratch 
The skin of fellow beings or their own.

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The Bible Gives the Recipe for Success

The Bible Gives the Recipe For Success!

The Bible gives the recipe to be successful!
Life doesn’t have to be burdened and stressful!

True spiritual success, may not be what you think of!
God can give much more, than you can dream of!

He gives joy unspeakable!  The half hasn’t been told!
You can walk with him one day,
 on streets of gold!

Blessings come from allowing
 Jesus to rule your heart!
This is where an abundant life,
 can actually start!

Fellowship with Jesus, is friendship divine!
He can restore your life! 
And bring peace of mind!

He can restore anything the enemy
 has taken away!
And offers true love and joy,
 to brighten your day!

God’s recipe for success, 
cannot be made or bought!
His son died for you! And loves you a lot!

Won’t you read the Bible? 
 And allow God’s word to be applied?
Everything you’ll ever need in life... 
 He has supplied!

Please Lord Jesus…  
Come and fill our empty soul!
It’s only YOU that can make us whole!

By Jim Pemberton    

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The Perfect Recipe - for Michelle

For these ingredients, check life's pantry.
But be warned: most are hard to find!
However, when mixed in a bowl most pure,
They make a 'dish' that's one-of-a-kind!

Take equal parts of honesty
And gratitude beyond mere words ;
Add to this loyalty, generosity &
Strong conviction in healthy thirds.

You'll need devotion, compassion
And kind thoughtfulness ;
A pinch of pure dedication -
Wrapped in warm trustworthiness.

Now stir in a sense of humour,
Don't go easy on the laughter -
As you'll find this fashionably tasteful,
With a tang that lingers long after.

What amazes about this intriguing dish
 Is how it rises above adversity,
Due to its special resilient essence
Based on home-grown spirituality!

When of this unique creation
You have truly experienced,
Life will no longer be the same:
For it will be immeasureably enriched!

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A Recipe for Disaster

Add one part boredom, two parts hate.
A stick of narrow mindedness, you may adjust to taste.
Crack open shallow influences from a broken home.
Make sure the loathing stays, but discard the shell and yolk.
Stir up trouble for about 5 minutes.
Some choose to use a pinch of cultural indifference.
Preheat the oven to 365.
Procrastination warms up fast, watch the temperature rise.
Butter up the tray with a nice thick glaze of doubt.
Put hope on the back won't need it now.
After half an hour your excuses should be done.
Take them out, frost and cover them with oppression.
Garnish with ignorance, now, your disaster can be unfurled...

A last meal...
on the table set...
you could say... serves the world.

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Special Recipe For Love (Mature)

I've got a recipe for love and it's oh so sweet.
       Where I kiss your beautiful body from your head to your feet.
I'll  give you a massage and I'll caress your soft skin.
       While whispering "I love you" over and over again.
It's a very special recipe, that's best cooked at night.
       I'll make your temperature rise , by holding your body tight.
We'll let our love simmer, and we'll take our time.
       We'll make love by the fire and we will drink some wine.
As our blood begins to boil, with our bodies on fire,
       Our passion will overflow, I'll quench your desire.
As we start to cool by dawns early light,
       I'll wrap you in my arms, we'll hold one another tight.
We'll lay close together and we'll drift off to sleep.
       Having tasted this sweet love, It's a recipe we'll keep

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A Recipe for going to Hell

A Recipe for going to Hell 
First you start with the devil 
1 cold heart 
2 cups of whiskey 
4 cups of jealously 
5 cups of hate 
3 cups of adultery 
21 teaspoon of lies 
And a lot of backbiting 
You take the devil and mix him with the 1 cold heart, then you go around tearing God church apart 
You take the 2 cups of whiskey, and mix it with the 21 teaspoon of lies; you then persecute God’s saints, and ignore their humble cries 
Mix the 4 cups of jealously with the 5 cups of hate, don’t worry about heaven, you will never enter the gate 
Now last but not least; you take the 3 cups of adultery and mix it with a lot of backbiting; you are on your way to hell now; Ain't this exciting? 
This is a recipe that I would not use, nor would I sell, and if you use it today, it’s a recipe for going to hell!

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a recipe for sunset ears

We came together, quiet, spent.
Gazing West, in each content
Watching clouds in red gold light
With three flutes each of Andre White
Uncorked with toast to absent friend
Slowly poured and softly sipped
each drop enjoyed until the end
The Glory's there but ne'er the same
sometimes it's sun but some times rain
The weather's there to spice the game
At times a field of dewfilled webs
reflects the afterglow
Or symphonies of sunlight fusion
dancing prancing up and down
on wind blown blades of grass
All enjoyed in sweet seclusion
until each holds an empty glass
Alas, this too will pass

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Secret Recipe in Japanese

Secret Recipe in Japanese

Sushi and Saki
melody in Japanese
Almost like we speak it
I haven’t felt like this since 2003
A good weekend
So lets let it sink in…
Like Boston and Dallas…
You took over the game Kidd
Then I’m drakin’ while we’re chasin’…
Welcome to your final destination
Uniquely intertwined 
As your eyes meet mine
Almost like I read your lips…
Taste like sweet wine 
And I’m back on cloud nine
What a bliss…so intense
Strange that we never knew
Wish I could tell the world
They couldn’t handle the truth
So I’ll hold on to the secret recipe in Japanese
Cause with time things taste better
And the sushi and saki 
go hand and hand
Even in the snowy weather.

By: Aleasha A. Martin

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recipe for a poem

Recipe for a poem.
A recipe for a poem
Paper or computer of any kind.
Pen or keyboard which ever you have.
A good thought of mind. Which may intercept by some silly word you might 
A very little skill.Which will improve if the mind does not go blank.
A good closing if you needs to go out quickly. 
And not say goodbye because you will write once more.
Go to work and write.
O, Don't forgot to spell words right might help.

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Morgan secret recipe part 3

The Morgans were having 
seven guests that night,
They had dinner and were 
drinking peppered ale,
The eldest son stood behind 
his father,
The rest of the family retired 
to bed ,
The stranger introduced 
his crew of men to them,
First was Billy the Damm,
He was a Chicago family man 
who lost his family by a group 
of rich boys looking for fun,
He took revenged and 
surrendered to the cops, 
But the warden freed him and 
the other five men in the 
The word was out to take out 
their lives without a trial,
Big and powerful people who 
wanted them dead without a 
Second was Le Kent from 
He got mixed up in some 
triad gang fight with the 
neighbourhood blacks,
His home got burnt down and 
no one helped,
An example for saving a black 
girl from being raped,
He met his tormentors and 
burnt them all that night,
The third is Oak a big black 
mute who got almost beaten 
to death by rival gang for 
kissing one of theirs,
She died in his arms trying to 
save him from a gun shot,
He came back a year later 
and broke the backs of every 
enemy he knows,
And buried them alive in a 
huge pit twelve in all,
It was past three when they 
all went to bed, 
But in the snoring of men
Two of them were awake and 
watching over the family,
The Stranger at the window 
looking outside and the 
fourth man with deadly glaze 
at his back.

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torn out recipe from many pages of nothing

the deep freeze continues
if only i knew
why the clock was broken
and the promises with it
all my guilt lies with the confines of wanted quality time
i will make heartbreak stew with my teardrops
included will be potato rolls with my exponential emotions
prepared perhaps will be sweet tea to set me free
wild is the running of my vivid imaginations 
as i continue to needlessly abuse myself asking why....

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a recipe for kinky romance

hell fire desires running wild
like a passion driven hot rod with burning tires

scorching licks of frenzied lust
whip raw touches that spontaneously self combust
pressurized slowness yielding euphoric smoke with every thrust

finger flicking flickery teasing and pleasing pink pleasures
peeping erotic natures in search of lost wet treasures

hardy hints of intense mixed sexual scents
resurrects the untamed within to go instinctively hell bent
standing tall like a hairy savage walking erect

smooth cruise control piston pumping action
X-rated planet transmitting listen to deep space orgasmic satisfaction

naughty nude bodies being slapped by massive tide waves of ecstasy
forever love fantasies pulverized into countless particles
and scattered across the endless galaxies 

extreme tenderness under a ripe mythological moon
indulge on each others spirits using a soul stealing spoon

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                    RECIPE FOR RICE

She'd chop up some celery, carrots and add some peas
set the oven for three hundred and fifty degrees
she'd cook it long enough until a culinary delight was created
and when i'd take my first fork full I'd become elated

she'd take some flour, baking powder and milk
and mix it together into liquid silk
sometimes she fries, simmers or bakes
and in the end we'd share the most delicious cupcakes

throw in a chicken and surround it with vegetables and spice
in another pot cook up some fluffy rice
cook it for a few hours and sometimes we'd share it with a group
after she'd made the tastiest chicken soup

too often she'd take her anger and aim it my way
when I didn't deserve what she had to say 
and to her I vow “'tis such a shame that I shall not miss you
however, i'm certain I will miss  your sumptuous stew”
 © 2012...copyright PHREEPOETREE......~free cee!~

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Morgan secret recipe Part 2

The stranger left town but 
return a fortnight with six 
more men armed with guns 
and blades,
They came face to face with 
the townfolks bearing 
choppers and chains,
And in their midst was 
Morgan and his sons, 
Each carrying pistols and two 
barrel shotguns,
The tension was filling the air 
and the breathing was hard,
Around the corner stood, 
wives and children all armed,
With anything they can get 
their hands on,
Both sides came closer with 
every stride, 
And while the surrounding 
was getting hot and tensed,
A boy ran out to meet the 
stranger with his toy gun 
pointing at him,
And Bang!  A single shot was 
And on the floor laid the 
stranger without blood,
For a moment shocked 
registered across the faces on 
both sides,
And then laughters filled the 
The boy stood confused at the 
crowd as he thought he killed 
the man with a single bullet,
And to his surprise the 
stranger sit up and smile 
The stranger stood up and 
looked at Morgan,
At once the crowd grew silent 
and nervously waited,
The strangers spoke with 
coldness in his voice,
I have done things so 
hideous and never regret,
But now I carry my worst  
demons on my back,
I cannot bring  your boys 
But I and my trusted gang 
will die before your family is 
in danger again,
We have come to protect you 
and your family as 
Your enemies are many and 
you could get all the help you 
can get,
And I am not asking for your 
permission nor any of my men,
There's a war coming to this 
town for the price on your 

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Incomplete Recipe..... fall and to recieve....

6/9 = 2/3....equals .666

What would be,the final 1/3rd
needed to complete the recipe ?

As good as gold's   .999

You've got to wonder....the possibilities

Just a thought.....

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Sequel to Recipe -Man

It is not standard,
the Recipe -man,
that is,
it varies with the main ingredient-Man,
and on his quality,
somewhere you may need a palmful of honesty,
at other boxes of truthfulness,
at other trunks of hardwork,
and drums of pleasant nature,
before you stir well,
all of it to a required gel,
do marinate him then,
and get the required man.