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Sea Story

Dancing Water

silk cobalt tide
dolphins take a dive 
How deep is the big sea?

:-) Contest

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You are my music
I write lyrics on your heart
The breeze sings sweetly

Together forever
Our song is an endless love
The willow applauds

My Valentine
It's a moonlit night
May I please have this dance?


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Double Valentine Haiku plus one Questionku

chilled bottle of wine
stockings hung over her chair
candle lights the way

naked on his bed
she pretends to be asleep
a valentine treat

he comes to her
a single red rose
will she be satisfied?

For Linda's Contest

haiku 575

questionku 456 ending with a question.

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I’m stuck in traffic Crawling like a slimy slug Why call it rush hour? 4th April 2015

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School Day Questionku

Smiling, the house
opens to the sun
Are you ready for school

Groaning, the bed
covers up his ears
D'you think you can fool me

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Completely absorbed,

             the young zealot rips his foe

                      limb from bloody limb. . . 

      From his parents’ TV drones

               more talk of terrorism.

in their own worlds - thrilling for the kill. . . can they learn compassion? kids playing games like “Modern Warfare”. . . how can violence stop? A tanka with questionku chasers for Yasmin Khan's Video Games Played Poetry Contest

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Snowflake feathers
Drift down from the sky
Who fluffs these downy clouds?

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Undying Question

A tin of chocolates
The sun slowly retreating
In beautiful flame

A glance in secret
The firm push of resolution
Butterflies dancing

Girlie smile
The light of welcome
At last --"Will you be mine?"

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A Poets Pain

If I do not write
Will you forget I exist?
I’m more than my words

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Tears in my Garden

Did I not help you?
Was I not there when you fell?
I’m crying alone….

My secrets are mine
Do I question you of yours?
The heart is silent….

Intentional pain
Do you think I’m made of stone?
Please handle with care….

I love who I am
Why do you want me to change?
My heart is constant…

Unfettered by time
Do you want to live the dream?
Let me take you there…

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Special thanks to Arthur Vasso for title suggestion

One good turn deserves another...or so they say. How easily we forget to repay a kindness. I love the song by Michael Bolton...Lean on Me. 


Ecclesiastes 4:9 - 12

Two are better than one,
    because they have a good return for their labor:
10 If either of them falls down,
    one can help the other up.
But pity anyone who falls
    and has no one to help them up.
11 Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm.
    But how can one keep warm alone?
12 Though one may be overpowered,
    two can defend themselves.
A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

"The third strand being the strongest one...GOD"


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Medley of Questionkus

I fall backwards
grasping at the air
will anyone catch me

jumping forward
into empty pool
why didn't I look first

I am foolish
learning the hard way
will it make me wiser

floating through life
somewhat unaware
is ignorance bliss

she smiles at me
my heart skips a beat
do we want the same thing

fantasy girl
woman of my dreams
is she within my reach

moving too fast
removing her clothes
do I want her to stop

elastic band
pulled with all his force
what is he shooting at

a broken vase
laying on the floor
have you seen Bob's sling shot

let me ponder
the things I have done
can I forgive myself

yesterday was
today is what is
what will tomorrow be

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A little lie

A 'little lie' never 
stands alone it is 
anchored by many 
great lies

the freedom a little 
lie promises is the 
existance of a 
unicorn-a mystery

The only short way out a 
little lie point is but a 
teenagers fantacy of a 
perfect man-a lie

Why lie?

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Answerku 3

Wonder what she will do?
I look in her eyes.
She looks away.

Should I keep it inside?
If I do I'll burst!
I'll take the chance.

Tell me what I should do?
I long for her love.
I will confess.

But what will it cost me?
Price does not matter.
I'll gladly pay!

Shaz Cheezeman's Questionku 1-4.  I changed he to she so I could 
write from male perspective. Shaz won first prize in my Questionku
Contest. Well done Shaz! I hope you enjoy my AnswerKu.

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My Belief

Because I write
they look down on me
or am I mistaken?

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The One Thing

the one thing she wants
is the one thing she can't have
when will her tears dry


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Stanley Cup

blood on the ice
going for the Cup
who’s going to get it?

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Being Petty

it may be petty
reading and not commenting

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Major League Baseball

Opening Day
will be coming soon
who are you rooting for?

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Lets Play

Break out the gloves
we're playing baseball
what position you want?

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Crazy truck on road

Crazy truck
The wild truck
This world
On a war
Wound's bleeding
But still on a road
Who is on the wheel?
Where is head?
Where is hope?

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Steeped in Jealousy

a source of sorrow
hatred steeped in jealousy
who is being hurt

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Retirement of my beef

Horse who won in Yorkshire
Last year how come
To be a  beef in my menu  this year

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Come Morning

son coming home
black dress draped on bed
will she survive mourning

Dedicated to all the mothers who have lost a son to war.

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Mental Health Awareness

mental illness
isn’t make believe
do you understand it?

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Tobacco Match-Questionku with Tobacco Bridge- Haiku

Tobacco Match – Questionku with Tobacco Bridge - Haiku

        Tobacco Match - Questionku

Children Playing
Cigarettes and death
What bum gave the matches

       Tobacco Bridge- Haiku

young ones cover smoke
under bridge, hid with matches
lungs cannot forgive