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O heart of purity like gold

 Still life shadows fall like leaves from the eye
 Sad breaks the day across a sodden sky
 In time's forbidden sway I turn to God
 To mend my sorry way, and melt the sod
 And late yet I came still joy my heart knew
 His love is answer, nor mercy fails you
               O heart of purity like gold, O joy
               Of any burdened soul, I sing thy praise
               In love manifold, nor fear can destroy
               Thy care for all, in beauty bloom thy ways

 Come calm the troubled sea of me I plead
 With balm of every drop of blood you bleed
 And wash my wounded heart to yield its care
 And shed the dross of foolish earth's despair 
 O mercy boundless as the sea, I bring
 My All to thee, for ransomed joy I sing

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Sweet Purity Bedecked

We two, beneath the shadow of the trees
Where daisies and wild flowers deck the ground.
The fairies of forever sing their glees. 
What greater love in life does there abound?
A brighter view, sunlight upon posies, 
Bears witness to the beauty within found.
Young lovers whisper promises betrothed.
Sweet purity upon their souls bedecked.

© February 24, 2012
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: ANY VERSE OF YOURS any theme/any form max 
of 12 lines 	 
Sponsored by: Brian Strand

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The Purity of the Human Soul

" Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
  Thou art more lovely and temperate"
                                          - William Shakespeare

His question ponders through my mind
For he claimed how thou art more beautiful than thee
Enchanting summer with its mother; the sun

For thou are indeed my guide
Thou art my sun that never misleads
Thou art the one person I shan't leave
And shan't wish to be gone by the morning's rise

O treasure deep within my soul
Beam so strong to enlighten my days
Art thou hearing the wonderful tune?
Playing so softly with the rise of the light
But then again thou art brighter than the sun

Thou art the glass of pure water
Emerging from the steep, creamy waterfall
Gleaming sparks attached to your white neck 
Purifying the light touching your skin

" Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?"
Nay, for thou art more beautiful than a summer's day
For if I do compare
The sun shall melt and the wind shall be amazed
By the beauty thou behold
Embedded deep within your soul

Beauty isn't only from the outside, but from the inside; within a soul,
   For the outside might just be a disguise, to simply foul one into ambuscades

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Divine Purity.

True love is incalculable
An ebb and flow of lifetime…
Never looking back
Or retracing its footfalls…
Only leaving behind
The moments of memory…
Of where it once stepped
Ever fulfilling...

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When Purity Poison To Contaminate

And repression funded mental 
I shall climb beyond the human 
When consistency aided 
When mental discipline
Has become mental plaque
That contaminates the 
Of the pure at heart
And purity poison to 
I shall rise up high
For if the worst doesn’t come 
to the best
The sun shall rise in the west
Contaminated brains are 
To the concoctions of mental 
For the truth shall denunciate
To become the extreme 
When creativity is poisoned to 
And the capacity of common 
Is replaced by contaminated 
That throbs and throts
My inner soul
And being pure is as good as 
being contaminated
I shall remain with the 
Of good and evil
For I’m no good at all
To be pure at heart
But contaminated with pure 

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Where is purity?

They say we find it everywhere
But years have gone I haven’t seen it yet
I should have seen it even if it’s rare
Thousand of sight in front, the thing I haven’t met

They say it’s on top of mountain when it comes to height
They say it’s as big as a biggest of city
The thing so called “Everywhere” but so hard to find
Oh my lord tell me where in earth is purity?

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The Purity Wheat Domain

       The Purity Wheat Domain

There on the sandy ground a mountain grew
Near the motionless skeleton deserts shore 
An empty basin’s brain of dirt and grains
Exploded out exposing the great dome
Raised a monolithic surreal thing 
Never before seen
A birth from hell to here
Burst forth with forces of its own 
With fertile soil
In truth, too few can know or fathom
A conundrum sprung from sand
The purity wheat domain with plants came up
From atoms or magic
No one knows
From something or nothing known to man
Remains a mystery
It came with water in a storm
Or some other form or fashion
Upon a force of plate tectonics 
Or from some other source
Not yet determined
Such Inconsistencies found in nature
Come few and far between
We keep our water grounded
Our minds as well are wet
We keep our land close to the vest
What else to guess
This is much more than we can handle
Less understand
We’re happy for more land to farm
And climb
The Purity Wheat Domain stands high
All we can do is sigh