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    The sky resembles the robin's eggshells
                                                      scattered across the ground,

a blue so seemingly infinite                     yet fragile,
cracks running between understanding and madness
       complementing each other

as divine truths in their own right
to conquer my mind,
to unhinge the doors,
making it unnecessary to pick rusted locks

      letting thoughts fly free,
                                       releasing love out into the horizon.

If frozen within caged snapshots of mildewed expectations,
      it will surely die,
                 but even so,
  I was willing to strangle it by holding on too tightly.

    Until I saw the sky and eggshells today

      Peppered clouds reflected on the water,
                                            paralleling speckles on the eggshells,
                                    remind me of the freckles on your face.

  We need to be wide-open-free,
                                                we need to fly,
         without focusing too hard on shells of yesterdays.

We need to unclench our fists,
unclench our tongues,
explore the vast blue peppered sky 
                                                      on wings of letting go....

 so that we can once again feel with purity,       
 so that we can hold each other ever closer.


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Magic Beans

Our first awareness
      falling through time
      through blood-rain, pure white snow, green vegetation 
      down into deep earth
      warm sunshine
      cool wind
      soaking rain

Energy flowing-up through our pod
      each day we grew bigger
      snug together with brothers and sisters
      bursting our little cozy shell
      then one day
      a father and daughter
      plucked us from the vine
      stripped – we lay bare upon a tray
      disorientated and tender but alive  
      a life force deep inside us
      our skin soft but hardening 
      then sleep . . . waiting for the one

Daddy!!  Come see the beans
They changed colors
I see brown ones with white specks
      Yellow with black dots
      Orange with blue stripes 
But wait  . . .  there are three larger beans that seem to glow and vibrate
      one is blood-red
      another . . .  brilliant white
      the last . . .  forest green
What does this mean daddy?
Is it evil?

No my sweet darling
These are special beans
Descended from an ancient garden long ago . . . 
      no longer of this world
It was a place of love and light
No death but a deep communion between mother earth and us
The three beans are:  Peace, Purity, Prosperity 

These beans will feed a starving world 
      Bring healing to the hurting
      Laughter to the downtrodden   
      Hope to the desolate 
      Love to the unloved   
      Life to the dead
These beans hold deep magic

How do they work Daddy?
      a worthy woman is chosen
      who is humble of heart
      strong in spirit
      wise in love 

Who is this lady?
      the magic beans choose
      they only appear to the one female
      you, my darling . . .  you are the one

Me?  I am only a girl
I have none of these things . . . 
      the beans see deep within a soul
      they never lie
      they have chosen you 
      together you will change the world!

Daddy, I am scared . . .
I am shaking 
I am not worthy
      breathe deeply, close your eyes 
      put the beans in your mouth

Daddy, I taste sweetness
Molasses, ginger, caramel . . . now chocolate 
I see visions upon the wind
Blood, wars, rage, yelling . . . unbearable things
      yes, darling the evil is strong here
      let the blood from the red bean flow
      let it mingle with your love
      it will defeat this evil and bring
      healing and forgiveness . . . peace

The white bean is singing with my voice – Daddy!
Sweet is her song
I see merriment, laugher, dancing . . . 
People hugging and holding hands
My tears are falling
Filling rivers with waters of light, love and purity
Joy reverberates from mountains peaks

From my open lips runs rich green sap
Deep does the earth drink
Big drafts of life and love
I see fields flowing with
Cream, honey, and wine
Trees waving to the sun
The earth is rejoicing

I see beans being planted 
In a garden
A man and a little girl
      yes, my Little One, soar now
      fill the world with your love
      fill the wind with your song
      love generously 

Such is the magic of these colored beans

David Meade

Love Generously

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The Wind

~~The Wind~~
Look into my eyes
Follow me into a world of ecstasy
There and only there
Will you find the peace to unwind

Beautiful brown eyes not blue
Shady lids, stunning  ocean view
Embracing every word 

Hear the wind whispers your name
Come with me
Drown with me
Into the abyss of loving rain
Embrace this moment as I draw you in with words
Release you with the warmth -------I was there

I Share--I take
Into my arms
I am the charm
Around your neck
Around your wrist
Listen to the voice from my beating heart
It yearns
The freedom of touch
The freedom of speech. 
Of love, 
Of purity
Like the wind
I'll find my way
Into your heart
Arouse the cheerful energy
Of your insecurity and pen
Follow me into the sea
There we will fall into the deep
Build sand castles 
Around dreams of reality
Slip into my aura light 
Set to the rhythm of the oceanic night

Now, listen to the breeze
It's called out your name
It's only a matter of time----------------
You'll find yourself calling out...... mine

by: PD
Dedicated to all my loving friends & fans :-)

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- We Light Our Candles -


                        )(          )(           )(        )(
                        @          @          @        @

                         X          X           X        X
                         X          X           X        X
                         X          X           X        X
                         X          X           X        X
                         X          X           X        X
                         X          X           X        X
                         X          X           X        X

The First Candle
The first purple candle, on the first Sunday of Advent
It is the candle of HOPE

The Second Candle
The second purple candle, on the second Sunday of Advent
It is the candle of LOVE

The Third Candle
The third purpel candle lit on the third Sunday of Advent
It is the candle of JOY

The Fourth Candle
The fourth purple candle is lit on the fourth Sunday of Advent
It is the candle of PEACE
   * * * * * *                                                                                                                                                            
A Fifth light                                                                                                       
A white candle - It symbolizes Purity and Hope                                                
The Christ candle is lit on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day

A-L Andresen :) 
Copyright © All Rights Reserved                     

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In The Distance

Words like whispers electrify my soul,
Recharging me from the outside, making me whole.

You mysterious melody soothes me to sleep,
In my dreams we share the future we keep.

Eyes awake to the same twinkling star,
Miles away endless unseemly not so far.

Your words, soft caresses, I need to hear,
No need to hide, I read you loud and clear.

The sweetest touch that I have never felt,
We play the fate that we have been dealt.

Oh the enchantment of your poetic embrace.
Takes me to this fantastic fantasy of a place.

Spirit strong and sure, a heart of purity like snow.
You comfort me in tenderness, blessings you bestow.

I feel your passion for the passion of the purest kind.
When I read your words, inspiration I do find.

My friend, beyond the distance, I feel complete.
For in the night you have swept me off of my feet.


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~ Destiny II ~

Smiling, as our glances would glimpse, knowing, as our souls would meet

Upon this plane of sphere, where time, it did not ever exist

These curtains, no longer drawn, exposing thresholds

That we both had crossed, wishful, and wantingly 

Into my arms, she then now waltzed, within her velvet, and silkened touch

Melting, into my depths her love, deep, inside of me

Silently, as I gazed into her eyes, kaleidoscopes, of cascading colors, reflecting

The endlessness, of these vast expanses of desires, longings, that we both could see

Much more than flesh, much more than barriers, much more, than life itself

Was the warmth, of her cherished breath, the essence, of her purity

Reaching, resurrecting a pulse, that I, we, should finally be

As the world stood still, and the skies became frozen

When our lips first brushed, an impassioned kiss, that would follow

The galaxies, exploding, from beneath the waters, of this now, washing sea

For no longer was she just a picture, and no longer, was she just a dream

Entwined forever, was this our spirits, as one, she became real to me

These souls that danced, amid the starlit heavens, unto the endless, of all eternity

She and I, and we alone, immersed within a light, a love

That no time, no life, no eyes, have they ever seen....


                                       ~ Destiny ~

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Beyond The Distance

Words like whispers electrify my soul, 
Recharging me from the outside, making me whole. 

Your mysterious melody soothes me to sleep, 
In my dreams we share the future we keep. 

Eyes awake to the same twinkling star, 
Miles away, endless, unseemly not so far. 

Your words, soft caresses, I need to hear, 
No need to hide, I read you loud and clear. 

The sweetest touch that I have never felt, 
We play the fate that we have been dealt. 

Oh the enchantment of your poetic embrace. 
Takes me to this fantastic fantasy of a place. 

Spirit strong and sure, a heart of purity like snow. 
You comfort me in tenderness, blessings you bestow. 

I feel your passion for the passion of the purest kind. 
When I read your words, inspiration I do find. 

My friend, beyond the distance, I feel complete. 
For in the night you have swept me off of my feet. 
The winds of change have blown you to me.
Blinded by this world you have let me see.

A passion for this life, happiness you bring to all.
I hear it in your whispers, I hear it in your call.

Yesterday left in the past, tomorrow brings hope.
You've allowed me to survive, allowed me to cope.

Hugs and kisses you give to me aren't enough.
You've made this weak man tough.

No pressure to perform, no pressure to impress.
Words we express, relieving all the stress. 

Words do inspire, your words are divine.
I'll follow you until the end of time.

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Drawn to thy beauty, grace rains down;
     I choose this drowning than a drought – 
Where ten thousand are called mine own;
     Yet, deny thee and live without.

Skilled not enough to understand;
     Words unheard, find their voice through thee;
As I reach out then find thy hand;
     I see light take darkness from me.

Chaos knits together unity:
     Thoughts run free, once captive in chains;
Cleansed from fear in thy purity;
     Would I leave, canceling such gains?

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Would you marry me smiling

Your words has made love to me under a spell
I feel just so alive inside your love sweetheart
flying echoes within beautiful songbirds singing in the valley 
Magic  whispers you're a dream stirring silver waves silently 
enchanting warmly upon a November breeze
Oh baby over and over honey in the mind golden turns 
crystal drops splashes of happiness
Sweetest child of eternal beauty shining brightly 
on one treasure sparkling jeweled gem everlasting memory complete
Looking across the mountains searching destiny I call your name 
haunting wolf howls alighting our souls unite as one body 
Our hearts marry together sparking ignites purity
Then looking out towards the ocean hills crumbling
they begin unfolding out this vision towards the sea
I fall crashing into your space thousands of miles away
in this nutshell smiling a Renoir dream classic
your an attractive intelligent  lady kiss me quick
Who is now holding high position of royalty inside four chambers
A picture hangs sweet kissing a diamond among'st maidens
desiring  hot one rose blushing red each petal crowning
emotions of passion pure in white forever burning flames
blue inside touching you softly in a feathered touch
 In gentle soft warm flickers each a beat
gently in the wildest dreams softly sings our song
Take my heart and join it with your's darling
walk with me upon golden sands 
dancing with joy finding such a queen
I sweetly surrender to you this soul
my pact true our lovers path 
forever and always holding hands 
our destiny divine and beautiful sings

this is something I spent quite some time alone writing just finished it today 

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A Divine Cascade

Glist'ing drops
Splashing into fine mist—
I become one with the waterfall.

Feeling joy
As droplets kiss my face
And enter my soul’s most sacred place.

Anointing me with love,
Sustaining all life forms on the Earth.

For each divine droplet;
A cascading veil of purity.

© Connie Marcum Wong

Contest: Some Form of Crystalline sponsored by Nette Onclaud
November 3, 2014

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God is Love

Love is an authority.
It dictates choice and consequence
and joins together all the wayward lamenters
who grieve at their loss of purity.

Love is an actuality.
It breathes new life into masochists
who wished to die a thousand times over
and prey upon the weak and fragile.

When you let love in at first, it may seem out of place,
like a foreign object lodged in your chest, a parasite
feeding on the brains of its host, thriving in darkness,
blood-letting leeches drain this swollen heart...

But love does not enforce kindness; only offers a gentle reminder
for anyone who's forgotten how great it feels
to give for the sake of giving
and not be afraid of his own shadow.

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- The Naked Truth -

We are all brothers and sisters born without hate 
Naked we were born to earth with purity and innocence as Lily 

Love has no barriers beyond our earthly grasp 
Right actions coming from the right setting, it starts from within 

Sometimes we feel we are living inside a bubble 
To live a good life, we must think, speak and act correctly 

Destiny paints our divine promise colors a rainbow 
Everything's really just small adjustments in your life 

The search for the true love with joy and confidence in this world 
Let your light shine bright, love inside the heart last forever 

Of life our guiding angels a choir heavenly glamor 
Angels over flowing universe with its clean and deep strength 

Written by Liam Mcdaid & A-L Andresen 
11.03.2015 Copyright © All Rights Reserved 

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Ribbons of life

Round and round they go
Ribbons weaving a pattern 
Of unyielding beauty
Held by the dancers
Who smile happily
As they trip along
Around the maypole of life

Red for the blood that
Gives us life
Blue for the thoughts
That bring us joy
Yellow for the sunshine
Entering  the soul
White brings the purity of love.

The ribbons change hands
the dancers turn. 
As the red of life releases
the yellow sunshine, 
Into the thoughts of blue
Igniting the purity of love 
The ribbons are unfurled.

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Speak Not to Me

Speak not to me of love, I cannot bear to hear
The fervent pleas you stoop to whisper in my ear
Speak not to me proclaiming staunch fidelity
Or how you will adore me through eternity

Speak not of how your love is stronger now by far
Than what it was before, so I must lift the bar
Speak not in vows regarding purity 
Of how you swear to worship me, and only me

I've heard confessions of this sort quite oft before,
No proof are they of love, I'll show you now the door
My heart has bled enough, I want the pain to end
Our love has run its course, why must I now pretend

While you were loving her, he started loving me
My broken heart he healed and showed me ecstasy
The shroud of pain you gave, he turned to joyous gown
My head with kisses wreathed and gifted me a crown

His ravished all the places unbeknownst to you
Each fantasy he played, each dream he made come true
His tongue, it sweetly roamed to each delicious place
Our bodies fused in rhythm, lost to time and place 

Speak not of sad regrets and turning back in time
Of seeking to recapture love that was sublime
Each night he speaks to me in passion's lovely rhyme
With heart and soul I speak and tell him he is mine!

For Georgio V's Iambic III Contest
This is written in Iambic hexameter
October 6, 2014
Eileen Manassian

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I LOVE THEE I am no voluptuous beauty nor do I live a life of purity I can only say: I love wholeheartedly with all I am so truthfully I keep my heart open though it gets hurt so often I avoid to be irate as I know love changes the heart rate.. Guys tried to coo and woo, they say words as for "only you" Yet, hard to believe it is true as I see some untrue I give chances as my heart marks with tact entrances I learned from various instances looking man in romances In places where rules impede, two persons who wants to bid Not of money but of affection, in them must be determination I love thee not of what you have… Not even of who you are but to how you are to me… If I love you, don't tell me much what to do… As me, myself will show you, I am that real and true.. Yes, I am liked by many but tell you what: I don't like this honey nor am I proud of it in anyway One is enough to make me stay Stand with me through it all, I give my best not to fall My name your sweetest call echoing in every wall.. Hold me firm yet dear; allow me to move closely We'll make it anyhow, treading smoothly on flows... We are strong, aren't we? No one moving alone Together we'll face phases in tune, though there will dunes.. © OLIVE ELOISA D. GUILLERMO 3:25 pm, 07/13/2013 CONTEST: ANY POEM GOES #13 SPONSOR: POET DESTROYER 8TH PLACE (TO GOD BE THE GREATEST GLORY)

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Jean's Peace

Inside a temple Jean sits quietly,
clothed in radiant white from head to feet,
soft pale hands and a Bible on one knee;
a smile she beams on each who take a seat.
Within the room is finest polished wood;
all is clean, and the walls reflect the light
of purity, which sought, is understood,
for here abide the honest and contrite,
and peace resides to blot the worldly strife
they’ve left outside; sweet solace eases pain.
Each soul here can reflect upon his life,
for godliness and solemness do reign.
It’s in the temple I envision her
once the Spirit does her heart bestir.

Note: Jean is my mother's name.She is a very
spiritual person who enjoys the peace of the temples.

March 4, 2015
For the Pick a Subject Contest of Shadow Hamilton

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This battle inside me

I could bask in the warmth of virtuous ways    
With a calm assurance of how it should be 
As though nothing could chase these feelings away
I’ll cover myself in a cloak of purity
Let the sun continue to shine down on me …

But the storms! They come with a crashing blow
Seducing me, shaking me to the core
They flood me, fill me till I overflow
Will my cries be heard … will my strength be restored?
Or will the turmoil inside me, I choose to ignore 

Shall I cover my eyes to keep myself safe 
And follow the rules of shouldn’t and should
Shall I feign contentment as I go through my days
Being ever so thankful because life is so good   
Though I know what I’m feeling is not understood …

Or should I cry out with a resentful scream!
Should I rage with the fire that’s burning inside
Like thunder and lightning, start making a scene 
Let pain turn to action where passion resides
Embracing those feelings that make me alive

Should I follow the sun on this path of my life
With faith to arrive at my destiny safely 
Believing that I’ve done everything “right” 
Or will I succumb to the thoughts which provoke me?
--This is the battle which rages inside me

*Not for any contest. 

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Romance Of The Innocent

You come to me with beautiful vulnerability,
with a perfect disguise of innocent eyes.
Soulful purity that makes the sun rise.

Intimidation melting in imagination sweltering
Your hips sway with the promise of new day,
Leaves me altering my thoughts in every way.

Anticipation grows as intensity shows,
I worship your wonder like heaven beats thunder
Submission knows not how you pull me under.

Lips have me sedated, love has me captivated
Suppress pressured reality when you imprison me 
Breath is bated, from you I do not wish to be free.

Climaxing restraint from a sinner to a saint
Gentle moments pass with time as clear as glass
Brushing paint upon your textured canvas.

When the morning wakes with give and takes,
Fragile is the fear that makes you disappear.
Love, truth makes no mistakes, I still need you here.

June 11, 2015

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Infamous Icon

Should I enhance my recognition
by defiantly treading on an innocent heart?
Or perhaps mine is a sin of omission,
fleeing with fame a la carte,
while thoughtlessly tearing another soul apart.

What reward can be found
as I stomp on another’s dreams,
leaving them quaking on the ground
where incivility screams
and not one ray of light beams?

Perhaps there is more joy in obscurity
than in fame that grows from ill roots.
Before me is an angel basking in purity
besieged by destructive brutes –
wolves dressed in lambs’ suits.

My soul will not let me go there –
to that place where evils dwell.
Entrust my fate to a prayer
that self-promoting acts cannot dispel
the eternal fires of an infamous hell.

*Written April 12, 2015, for Sheri’s “I, Icon” challenge

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God Gave You a Second Chance

God Gave You a Second Chance
 Not ready to leave this world with unfinished business determining the souls color; you’re on borrowed time! Prayers to heaven and words spoken from the heart brought perspective to what time remained. Fear and regret knowing this may be the end brought us closer than before. Always by your side loving, giving freely would now perhaps help spare your life adding color to your heart and soul.
The soul colored with Hope, Faith, and Love, the greatest being Love! I wonder have you given God what was expected for a second chance at life to color your heart and soul. Color determines the hearts purity and the soul’s condition. 
Souls are empty without love in the purest form; if you do not receive and give without fear, shame, or doubt!  From the outside looking in many colors of love surround your soul. I pray the love I give you understand the colors surrounding my heart and soul.
Love was holding you when death looked you in the face and love put death on hold! God and I give you Love. How do you face life and death now, with a heart and soul of vivid colors nourished by our love? God blessed us and we know what matters most. You now live your bucket list, God’s too.
Your list will end, mine too. Sharing with a loved one brings special meaning, understanding, and allows comfort taking away fear, pain, and panic. With unconditional love all’s shared. Colors of the soul glow, angels gather, and God gently lifts one unto himself. The guardian angels exit; slowly colors fade, a feeling passes the one left behind as the end has come. I imagine the colors of love in the heart and soul.
                                                                                                                                                             Debbie Knapp

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Let The Rain Fall

I could smell and sense 
the showers coming in the air
with an approaching storm.
I inhale this 
light little scent of heaven.
The rain will never dampen my spirits.
No umbrella for me tonight.
But, I don't mind, 
I'll walk in the rain.

I savor this 
sweet little taste of heaven.
The flavor is cool and refreshing,
with a purity 
that is almost indescribable.
It is cleansing to my soul,
I can feel it 
washing away my cares,
and making it okay to smile, again.

I experience this 
gentle little caress of heaven.
When it soaks through 
my jacket and my jeans.
My shoes splash
in the rain 
with every step that I take.
I can hear it 
tap dancing on the rooftops, 
with invisible feet.

The streetlights 
reflect on the wet pavement,
in pools of gold and silver.
The neon signs blink, 
red and yellow, 
blue and green.
Like drips of paint, 
it puddles on the street.
Bringing color 
to where there was none before,
only a flood of gray.
Now there is a palette
of fragrances to absorb.
Creating almost a rainbow 
in the nighttime.

Written by: Kelly Deschler
November 11th, 2013
For Nette Onclaud's contest - "Fragrance Of Rain"

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To You With Love

So sweet your Venus kiss had felt
Under the silhouette glow in fair July
When your coral lips would burn
My forlorn face with a bright smile.

For each hell would seem an eternal bliss
And each breath is a lifetime of many moons
When embraced by your loving charms
That greets me tender in the fragrant noons.

My hands would attend to the teardrops
On rosy your cheeks that drips in the night
And when the mistless morn would rise
I'd fetch you a rose in the quivering light.

Fear not the darkness that cheats your will
Nor those sorrows your days define
And let not the troubles disarm your face
Of the beauty that God design.

For when I gaze at you then I would see
The starry candle lights of the skies
That holds the truth,love and purity
That is written in your eyes.

Its not the beauty that you possess
That draws me closer to your grace
Nor fame,nor wealth,nor form the best
That my heart has found its place.

But its your love as much as grains of sands
That is vast like the heights above
So heres my heart within my palms
To you my dear with love. 

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Pastor Jack

A.W. Nutter

Pounding the pulpit with his fist
Sweat dripping from his brow
Preaching about Gods top ten list
The sinful Jews with their golden cow

Same old messages still in place
Pastor Jack’s patterns haven’t changed
Fear written on the altar boy’s face
A secret meeting has been arranged

Prayers end, the congregation stands
The pastor and boy move outside
Warmly shaking everyone’s hand
Wolf in sheep clothing able to hide

I casually walk across the street
Viewing the church pews now empty
The pedophile has made a quick retreat
Concealed in Satan’s, den of iniquity

Quietly, I traverse the wooden stairs
Listening at the door to the crying child 
Pastor doing damage only God can repair
How many children has this demon defiled

Stepping through his unlocked door
A look of surprise from Pastor Jack
Dropping the naked child to the floor
Realizing his first sin, had come back

Quickly helping the boy get dressed
Time to end his night frights and screams
To Pastor Jack’s head my gun is pressed
The child pulls the trigger ending his dreams

His face aglow with the purity of light
From sending his tormentor to hell
Walking out of the church into the night
Brothers with a secret that we'll never tell

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The Maiden of My Love


Gliding joyfully through pleasures dens place; adorned afresh in her lovely bareness

Natures sweet child; the lady of my dreams this woman that, I adore; such purity 

Lying afore the fireshearth parting, her long silkened legs; she always knows...

Softly with a smile and her breast, rising amid this familiar desire; her beauty ~


...“The Maiden, of My Love” *

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Love is like a fire
It often expires
A comfort that revives
Your tender soul alive.

A blind joy soaring
The loveless signs ignoring
It rises high with freedom's grace
To spring a blush upon your face.

Love is sweet like antique wine  
It breaks the fetters of loveless mind.
Love is loving all the time
Love is a spirit unconfined.

Love is a constant kindness
A joyful untamed madness.
Love jealous not
Or is a selfish glut.

Love is a divine quality
Expressed in purity!