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We Rulers Of The Earth

Homo Sapiens we call ourselves, rulers of this Earth,
Intelligent and civilized, but what is all this worth?

We're working hard to conquer space—we landed on our Moon.
We better solve our problems here, or soon we will face doom.

New industries and factories constructed every day,
And poisoning the air we breathe—is this the price to pay?

Energy sources are shrinking—what happens when there’s none?
Will Man of Earth ever learn to work with Nature as one?

Some in this world are starving still while others hoard their gold.
Intelligent and civilized, at least, that's what we're told.

We cure disease with drugs that may cause sickness as result—
How many dearly paid for this ‘experimental cult’?

We have become a plastic world where everything is fake,
From the foods we eat to how we look—when will we awake?.

We're civilized we tell ourselves, but fight our fellow man,
If only we could solve world stresses through a better plan.

With government corruption and morality sinking low…
The price of progress we may say—is this the way to grow?

We have upset Earth’s balanced ways, destroying Nature’s scheme—
We’re intelligent and civilized—is it all a dream?

Will we ever walk on Nature's path, take her by the hand,
Restore the beauty meant to be on Earth, our dying land?

Homo Sapiens we call ourselves, rulers of this Earth,
Intelligent and civilized, but what is all this worth?

Sandra M. Haight

~1st Place~
Contest: Best Old Poem
Sponsor: Judy Konos
Judged: 12/17/2015

~2nd Place~
Contest: Let ’er Rip – Shoot from the Hip
Sponsor: John Lawless
Judged: 04/06/2015

I composed this poem 30 years ago…but it is still appropriate today for venting because nothing has changed.  Homo Sapiens means “man of wisdom” in Latin.

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2015

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Twice a month on our tiny little Isle A group of heroes go that extra mile Wearing protective clothing they clean the beach Removing vast amounts of rubbish within their reach Plastic bottles, fast food containers and tins Items tossed away so thoughtlessly – it’s a sin So many marine animals can get tangled in discarded plastic They need our protection, or the results could be very drastic Hundreds of bin bags of rubbish are removed from our beach Restoring them to beauty, now they are as pretty as a peach Volunteers work tirelessly with amazing solidarity To help ‘Beach Buddies’ which is a registered charity Contest: Stuff Thomas Martin 10th June 2015

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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Humanity is dying

Population is increasing are the deaths controlled? From Lebanon to Pakistan France to Greece global destruction of humanity people are running hiding with no shelter a mother is crying after slitting her child's throat brothers killing their brothers sisters being raped women being beaten holy man abusing a child homes destroyed war ravages democracy plagued evil dictators roaming cowards hiding behind nuclear power Imperialism breathing stronger economies bankrupt discrimination of colour death for nationality and creed gender - orientation - faith prejudice scriptures being misinterpreted ignorant religious warfare poisonous gasses filling the air car after car artificial crops produced in masses are we ready for cloning? global warming generating cancer spreading like fire animals dying - becoming extinct concrete jungles being built poverty, hunger, lack of drinking water; even today? Yet all you care about is your mobile phone or what is on TV and if you are warm Is this the end to humanity? Or the beginning of a new generation Is it the end of the world? The Apocalypse! God - Allah - Jehovah - Krishna - Atheist - Humanist Who you follow makes no difference to me the world is dying - hate is multiplying soon all the poets will stop writing the last warrior will stop fighting producing no more children soon we will all stop existing! The Silent One 19 November 2015 The Silent One

Copyright © Silent One | Year Posted 2015

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Forever To Stay

Forever To Stay 

nuclear power the savior of man           
if we can live through it’s ages of half life   
this boon to man has a side very dark            
know from it’s deadly waste we cannot hide   

already there are places in our world         
man must not visit or attempt to stay     
places polluted where man may not step   
for if he should he will certainly die          

clear mutations in the creatures exist     
this must forever be a place of fear        
not just tomorrow or even some day      
forever is the word you must embrace    

Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima   
these three sites were disasters we have seen   
history shows there were many untold      
fourteen more since year nineteen fifty four   

Are all these power plants away and far          
or nearer your homes where your children play    
do you trust those who say everything’s safe    
or fear you’ll need to leave in a hurry                 

they bury it deep and hide it away                    
there we do hope it will always remain         
and if it should raise up again one place 
it could be here, forever to stay                

Robert Gene Stoner Jr ©

Copyright © Robert Stoner Jr | Year Posted 2014

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One hundred million years on Earth
There's no accounting for our worth
Without our quite amazing powers
there would be no trees or flowers

The Earth would be a barren place
No flowers to, your borders, grace
No cereals to make your bread
and keep your teeming millions fed

We've worked our magic without fuss
but now, it seems, you're killing us
Your all consuming need for more
has brought us to extinction's door

Your pesticides have done their worst
Our decline can't be reversed
Because of them we cannot breed
but you don't take the slightest heed

When we're gone most plants will die
and YOUR extinction will be nigh
Without us to pollinate
mankind will have sealed it's fate

It's too late now, the damage done
The end of 'Apis' has begun
All life on Earth brought to its knees
and all because you killed the bees

Copyright © Rob Biden | Year Posted 2014

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Nuclear leak

I am the nuclear ,the unwanted power,
i pay you according to you  care:
for how long have I served you?
Provided you the energy to carry on;
sometimes you even packaged me
and exchanged me for currency;
how many of your wars have i fought?
And when in my might you triumphed
didn't you simply answer superpower?
I am the power behind your wheel,
i keep many of your industries going,
i make your night bright like sunflower
even in your health i play my role.

But in your luxury you forget,
you just forget our agreement
and begin to neglect my care
asking me to go to hell;
you begin to push me to my enemy
as you exposed my nudity to whirlwind
and asked water to deal with me as it liked
you are like a louse that lives on hound,
that thinks he is killing the hound,
where will it live after the death of the hound?
you neglect my care, you expose yourself!

But you are master of propaganda:
for failing to play your role,
what name have you not called me?
You said I am a murderer,came out with statistics
of how many i had killed, you marked me unwanted
and went on streets to shout me down;
you are quick to talk of Fukushima;
man, man ,man,your deceit is legendary,
fire is good i understand the say.

Yes i know you art,
you know how to call things names,
when you fail at you duty,
you simply say mechanical error;
and when you don't understand people,
you simply call them primitive;  
when you don't understand the misery of God,
you simply conclude he does not exist.

No, i am not afraid of your deceit
i am comfortable with who i am
you are the one looking for me
if you still want me,you are welcome,
if you don't want me again
God knows i will not ask for you.

Copyright © KAYOD5 Kayode | Year Posted 2014

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A Simple Truth

Blue edges an ebony sky as cotton candy clouds blush pink, a new day’s on the very brink. Where eagles once learned how to fly morning is filtered through a haze, a legacy of yesterdays. A molten sunrise blinds my eye dissolving fringes of the night, in a dazzling display of light. With grandeur worthy of a sigh dawn brings a renewal of hope, ensuring the planet can cope. A simple truth, without a lie, if we refuse to make a fuss, wildlife will vanish around us. Nature's one thing money can’t buy, no amount can restore Her dead, yet, most ignore what's being said. (A Constanza poem.) Written July 11th, 2015

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2015

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Do it properly - quote contest

Quote.( Do not know who originated it, but used in the family at all times.) "If your going to do something do it properly"
There was an old man called McGinn Put all his refuse waste in one bin It should have been sorted His reasoning is thwarted In clearing up his mess to begin.
Penned 3 May 2015

Copyright © SEREN ROBERTS | Year Posted 2015

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Wasteful Packaging

Our packaging simply is wrong
To hold things in place safe and strong
The plastic hugs tight
The cardboard you fight
To get at the product takes long!

And when you are done you will see
The thing you had purchased may be
As small as your thumb
While you see great sum
Of valueless outer debris!

Though this is just one type of waste
We could conquer this one with haste
Sell all products bare
No double-wrapped care
See tons of sales garbage erased!

© Sandra M. Haight 2015 
    All Rights Reserved

~1st Place~
Contest: Stuff
Sponsor: Thomas Martin
Judged: 06/21/2015


Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2015

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Asphalt Jungles

Today fades into yesterday,
upon tomorrow's arrival.
And apathy sparks denial,
as endangered animals die.

Where concrete cities rise, nature
suffers collateral damage.
For as jets fill the skies,
wild birds are annihilated.

We dedicate our existence, 
to a utopia of steel.
And survive in asphalt jungles,
shadowed by of our achievements.

Reality is a mirage,
projected upon collapsing hopes.
Yet safe within our cubicles,
we love our plastic paradise.

Our planet’s irrevocably
changing into a barren sphere.
And greed’s the legacy of fools,
touted by prophets of progress.

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2015

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Lost Echoes - for contest

Lost Echoes

lost echoes wander silent valleys
reverberations orphaned tones
disconnected from their source

long ceased – solemn call to prayer
wasted on the ears of the callous
dried on the clapper’s lips

no need to welcome revelers
invite the workers from their fields
the center of their lives resides elsewhere

frayed, dusty ropes hang muted
no hands to give them voice
soft winds and whispers fading

on the fallow fields of hope
dry, creaking, members
bowing under toneless weight

birds, undisturbed in their nesting,
coo in the conic complacency
of the hollow past

the world is deafened now
the last of the pealing bell tones -
lost echoes – wandering silent valleys

John G. Lawless

submitted to –For whom the bell tolls – Poetry contest
sponsor – Debbie Guzzi 

Copyright © John lawless | Year Posted 2015

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When An Angry Sky Cries Out

When Angry Sky Cries Out

The sky was angry, in its sad, blue heart
For loss: Dark blight covering down below.
The two, joined yet now much farther apart
Its hurting heart began casting forth snow.

Its loud thunder was not then to be found
yet angry pain filled unrelenting clouds.
Below it saw destruction all around
blighted land, so sadly weeping in shrouds.

And that mountain touching its glowing soul
had recently cried out in flowing streams.
Polluted and huge dust winds black as coal
blasted, tarnishing its bright crimson dreams!

Falling snow gave a most beautiful white.
Brief covering of epic, man-made blight!

Robert J. Lindley, 12-22-2015

Note: Sonnet , perfect 100 word count
Syllables Per Line:	
-10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10
Total # Syllables:	140
Total # Lines:	17  (Including empty lines)
Words with (syllables) counted programmatically:	 
Total # Words:	100

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2015

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Toxic People

Know any???
They NEVER have anything good to impart,
they fondly embrace doom and gloom!
Everything with them is all grief and strife-
they walk in and take warmth from a room!

Bad karma and drama they wear like a badge-
"that will never work", they are known to say!
When you say hello and if you give them a smile-
they will wish that you have a bad day!

The face in their mirrors closes it's eyes-
it turns quickly and it runs away!
They will destroy your hopes 
and stomp on your dreams
for this is how they "play!"

Anything at all you cherish and adore
they will "mission" to seek and destroy-
and don't let there be
a "love of your life"-
stealth "heart annihilation" they'll employ!

If you've ever been in a relationship
that seemed toxic right from the start,
that's what it was.... and do know this-
that toxin affected your heart!

If there were tiffs, spats and arguments,
and you never quite knew why they were-
toxic people love to spew their venom,
and make everything they touch impure!

If you have possessions, 
you've worked hard for
and have achieved some measure of success,
their envy will turn them green in the face,
and their jealousy will cause hateful stress!

If your life has a landfill of "toxic people"-
Don't take them lightly and don't turn your back-
you've been warned because you they WILL hurt!

So take this advice, 
not just once.... BUT TWICE!!!
They are poisonous toxins.......BELIEVE!!!
Get them out of your life and I guarantee-
"non-toxic" better people you'll receive!

Copyright © Walter T. Ashe | Year Posted 2016

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A place where are no scars

I came to a place where are no cars
I see no dirt but the clear skies
It is night and I look at the sky
I am amazed, shocked and engrossed
By the view of uncountable amounts of stars

Flowers with sweet scent refreshes the sense
The stars look brighter, the air blows delight
The sound of the lake and the tweets of the birds
Lead me reach inside, and find my own lights

Here, the sky above shows life
Where I live is covered with knife
Poisoning is what we all do to the nature
Broadening the dirt and pollution is quite rife
I came to a place where are no scars.

Sirat Haidary

Copyright © Sirat Ahmad Haidary | Year Posted 2014

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I gave whatever you wanted-
Thy but took me for granted-
Neither you paid attention to the appall
This is an important call
Your earth I am, you dear all-
Tsunami had been a story for you-
You forgot the huge ash spew-
You quickly forget the squalls-
This is an important call
Your earth I am, you dear all-
On the surface I gave you so much green-
On using oil instead you were too keen-
Empty soon is going to be bowl-
This is an important call
your earth I am, you dear all-
The entire hydrocarbon already you burnt -
Solution that I gave never you learned-
Energy in alcohol is not small-
Never will it let cars stall-
This is an important call
Your earth I am, you dear all-
What was for the future you drank –
Pain then you felt inside near flank-
Livers and kidney now take great fall-
This is an important call
Your earth I am, you dear all-
To preserve for the future still there is time-
But you have to consider condition mine-
On me you concentrate huge steel n concrete-
For my balance it won’t be fine-
I shall spin then like a bent bicycle wheel-
Towards nadir will I go, or in the Zenith-
I might fall into the dark infinite beneath-
Where then be you and who to listen the bawl-    (cry loudly)
This is an important call
Your earth I am, you dear all-
If I do not fall but loose declination degrees-
Either then you will heat or get highest freeze-
Wooden poles might become trees all
This is an important call
Your earth I am, you dear all-

Copyright © ABDUL SAMI ABDUL LATIF | Year Posted 2013

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Black Blood

Your blood it boils 
with the curse of oil
The backs of black
Their curse to toil. 

The legs you wear 
Covered in blood forever
And covered in gold 
that can never get old
as it stays forever in a trash heap
But as you sow so shall you reap

Look to the sky
See the black? 
It is that which you are scared to lack
The snow pounding your face 
You so obsessed with race
How is it? That wonderful taste. 
The cold, hot, and extreme all due to you! 

Your car is gone, buried in the snow. 
The stock market, it has been laid low. 
The beach town now under water town. 
Lawns in phoenix disappeared with Thirst.
As the fake city goes back under Earth. 

Look down, to the ground
See your desk? See the black?
It is that which you are scared to lack. 
The Earth it eats your room 
filled with toys of conquest. 
How is it? To actually need? 
Too bad, because this is all due to your greed! 

Your world it boils
with the curse of oil 
The backs of now 
Their curse to pay 
For what they took away.

Copyright © Sorin Marius | Year Posted 2014

Details | Pollution Poem | |

Heart of the Sea

           Essence of salt and waves crashing
           The World of the Sea has a heart
            Careful not to offend thee ~

            The spills of oil , nuclear waste
             Drilling and mistakes, 
           Man infused sewage and waste 

           The capture of Fish while Dis guarding a life of a Dolphin
           The Sea and its very Mystery is crying as all fish dying
           Is there a place and time where we stop and love what was given

          The Heart of the Sea not to ever be underestimated
          For when sadden great wrath will fall in sequence with wind
          Water and Wind can create its Heart broken fiercely without mercy

          What have we done to create this disharmony 
           It is not hard to see as Tsunamis and Hurricanes such as Katrina unfold
           It is the Heart of the Sea Broken , The heart of the Sea Spoken 
           We hear her Heart , we feel her wrath , 
                The Heart Of The Sea ...this Heart cries 
                    This Heart is angry , will we take responsibility ?

Copyright © Shanity Rain | Year Posted 2013

Details | Pollution Poem | |










Copyright © Quondreika Cheatham | Year Posted 2012

Details | Pollution Poem | |

I turn off my TV

I sit on my chair and travel the world
I turn off my TV 
And cry

Copyright © RUDOLPH RINALDI | Year Posted 2015

Details | Pollution Poem | |

I am sitting inside my smart TV set with my wireless remote control

I am sitting inside my smart TV set 
with my wireless remote control 
and I can’t seem to get my wireless remote control 
to work for me
can someone out there 
please keep on  changing the channels for me 
to something else

Copyright © RUDOLPH RINALDI | Year Posted 2014

Details | Pollution Poem | |

Just One Ocean Blue

Hearing the sweet melody
	My emotions take me away
		As I listen to the sea
			And the Ocean underway

Feeling the rippling pool tide
	I voice my harmony
		I hear the waves that glide
			They sing their song to me

				Tasting the salty air
					There was a whipping breeze
						Snapping without a care
							And whistling with great ease

				Smelling the sandy wetness
					Where water meets the Earth
						A seemingly relentless
							Undercurrent birth

I hear, I feel, I taste, I smell
	This great big Ocean true
		It is an endless water well
			Where only fish should rule

But, once again, the human rules of life
	Destroy what it does not see
		I can feel this Ocean’s strife
			Can you not hear its plea?

				This Ocean needs humanity
					But what do we do in return?
						We kill it with our insanity
							And never want to learn
				Consume not what you cannot give
					Back to this water deep
						I know this Ocean wants to live
							Breathing beauty for all to keep

Just one Ocean blue, once pure
	This water will become a mirage
		We leave Mother Nature with no cure
			We pollute her with our garbage

Everyone should seek the path
	Of preserving this Ocean we need
		She knows a fury full of wrath
			Beware Mother Nature and take heed!

Tammy Ann Rose Snyder


Copyright © Tammy Snyder | Year Posted 2014

Details | Pollution Poem | |

Mother Earth

Oh man what are you doing?
To our lovely Mother Earth
Polluting her streams and rivers
Giving green technology a wide berth

Spraying our crops with cancer causing
Chemicals to make them grow
Then we turn around and say
We must find a cure don’t you know

Then we must eat organic
I tell you there’s no such thing
Because our rain is full of toxins
That to the Earth doth bring

Our lush green grass is watered
By this chemical cocktail
Our animals they then eat it
And are contaminated head to tail

It’s too late now for organic
The damage it is done
The Ozone is depleted
Leaving us vulnerable to the Sun

But we must try to stall it
This path to certain death
And take care of our Planet
Our lovely Mother Earth

Copyright © Robert Andrew Lyle | Year Posted 2014

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The day they fell

The day they fell

He stands before the great woods
Arms stretched, bracing the storm of machines
They roar and bark, trying to break his wall
But he stays put, Save the Forests he screams

The tress stand tall, lush and green
Seedlings sprout, Flowers bloom
Animals frolic in their wonderland 
Is the forest really meeting it's doom?

He stands before the great woods
Protecting everything it confides
Many plants and animals are within
Away from the human eye they hide

Even if you have never seen them
Just take a step inside
The feeling of life the smell of grass
Do u really want them all to die?

The machines don't care 
Around the forest they continue to surround 
They have never seen the wind 
And never heard the sounds 
They never felt the wind against their faces
Never heard the rustling of leaves
Never seen the life in the forest
Never understood that it brings relief

Fire shoots up as the forest screams 
Roars and crackles follow too
Animals run, plants sink to the floor 
As the machine consumes the forests full

The trees spend decades growing up
The animals spend years moving in
But it only takes seconds to burn it down
To burn the forest into the size of a pin

What has the forest done he wonders 
As He stands in front of the orange blaze
To deserve this kind of torturous pain
With Heat and sorrow right in his face

Copyright © Sapphire Williams | Year Posted 2013

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Ugly Kiss of Pollution

Ugly Kiss of Pollution

If we ignore nature what will be her course?
She and we will end up in a state of remorse
Being so sad for what we had done to her
And to you my friend did this ever occur?

Ecology is in complete chaos and much more
After that lovely land which we did adore
No longer will ever look the same again
Thanks to abuse done by women and men.

Poor animal's homes have been disturbed
And if all our ignorant efforts were curbed
World would never be in a mess like this
World was killed by pollution's ugly kiss.

James Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran and Poet
RiverSea Plantation
Bolivia, NC

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2015

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                      !!!! pollution!!!!!
            Our world is an institution,
       Why environmental pollution??
                     We choose no to care,
         For future generations……..
              Forests are dying,
              Wildlife is crying,
         Mother earth is sighing,
   Why environmental pollution??
          Over crowded trains,
           Over loaded brains,
               Much of pains,
Why environmental pollution???
                          ---har*****rajesh sheth

Copyright © Harshit Sheth | Year Posted 2013