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The Path of Love

My love softly walks with my heart in hand
down a path that will lead 
to the center of my being.
In the windows that are my loves eyes
I can see the promise of all tomorrows.
With the caress of a hand a declaration
of what is yet to come.
Warm sultry words are gently spoken
yet strong enough to penetrate
all walls of fear or hesitation.
Lips swollen with loves need now dire
burn in me a path of fire.
Heart to heart and flesh to flesh
two souls meet in loves pyre.
The symphony of mind and soul 
rise and fall with unquenching amplitude.
Like the cadence beat of a kettle drum
two hearts beat as one.
As emotions soar to the pinnacle of
celestial firmament all time seems suspended.
Then like an artesian well love explodes
consuming the two souls that lay within.
As a chalice passed each luxuriates in the
liquid pearls that lay therein.
The rapture now complete gently settles
to peaceful bliss as the two now bask 
in the afterglow side by side 
with hearts in hand.

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Choosing the Path of Most Resistence

Don't fall through the cracks,
through the floorboards
past the pipes
hot water hissing
grey metallic stun gun dull.
Don't land on the basement steps,
slipping on down
bumping the back bone
breaking the fall
with your body gone white like you know it so well.
Don't let the swallow of house
and of home
consume you
in solitude's
greedy embrace
Don't wish the outside
would stop looking in
and impute ugly motives
to trees and to flowers
who have your best interest
in chlorophyll hearts.
Don't taste the floors
on your way down to hiding
Don't dine on splinters
and varnish and wine
Don't master silence
when no one is looking
Don't close your eyes
and pretend you are fine.
Don't slip on sentences
you uttered years ago
down in the basement
in pipes 
steaming hot
Don't waste your sentiments
or your existence
on hiding the fact
that you are
what you're not
Don't laugh at paintings
with eyes that console you
on walls that you hung
last July on a whim
Don't think the walls
don't expect you
to call them
if you are in trouble
and losing your color from somewhere within
Don't apply pressure
to fissures in floorboards
to fit your way through
and become 
what you lose
It's a lot stronger
to stand and absorb it-
surroundings adore you,
implore you to chose.

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littered twigs now stale unlike past season, enhanced by rapture of air whistling shades of veiled light hide her bloomed navel with child on path of forgotten love hunched eyes fall on ground clawing moonstruck reveries of how he betrayed night's trust fetus kicks gently stirring her to warm hope's dream for new life cradled by womb ........ Forgotten Contest for Susan

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A Path Un Traveled ( Part 4 )

Vultures surround me, glaring at my ebony“ unsaved Soul“, Squawking, waiting for the
“Feast of Death”
The Sallow Sky envelopes me, destroying  all thoughts of  Eternity , a Love tear falls with-in 
my last Breath
Where are the Stars, the Moon, the Sun, LIFE? : I stand alone  scarred and scared ; “I want 
to go Home” 
See the glory of Mother Nature, touch the Robe of Father Time : To Write myself out of this 
Horrible Poem

Inspired By the POEM  “  If you can’t be a poet, be the POEM “  By Dr. Ram Mehta
Dedicated To  “ Dr. Ram Mehta “ ( My Literary Advisor) through His Comments to my Work

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A Path of Sanity

Wandering aimlessly through life…
Scars of memories drop like a knife… 
Forks in the road where I always went straight…
Misguided souls who I would frequently debate…
My hands would feel their way into temptation…
While my feet stepped over contemplation…
Endless visions that my eyes drink in…
But always playing on the border of sin…
Till I pick a side that can hold my sanity…
I’ll just walk in a world without vanity…

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A Path For Lovers

Beneath the glowing satellite, 
a path for lovers grew. 
So I set off and followed it 
in hopes to find love too. 

I wandered down meandrous roads 
that twisted and crisscrossed, 
but could not find love anywhere, 
that wayward feeling, lost. 

The light that once in music rose 
faded and suddenly 
bedimmed the tracks and hid the way, 
at least it did for me. 

What of the orb that's sung about 
mysterious and praised, 
if it can hardly shed or keep 
that light for lovers raised? 

Perhaps the moon drifts here and there 
as broken hearts will do, 
finding it hard to stay afloat 
because it's lonely too. 

I wonder if that mystic sphere 
will light the path and when 
or if in fact there really is 
a way to love again.

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The Path of Redemption

I always wished it was easy to acquire happiness, 
but it’s moments like the one I’m facing, 
that strengthens my emotions and builds my character. 

Nothing is appreciated nor gained from easiness. 
It’s the difficulties of this situation,
that brings out the best in me, 
while taking me closer to my joy.

So in reality…with all the twists and turns, 
I pass ’round those rumored curves,
letting the path guide me through the unknown, 
Knowing this desolate heart, will be lead back to you.

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The Path of the Willow Trees

I staggered over the stones, Stumbled over the craggy hollows; Treading the ground beneath my feet. With you I long to be, Before my wavering heart stills. Old ruins dark beneath the moon, The muffled sounds of the night, They pale and melt in the moonlight. A soft strain of music, As it stole up from your heart; Your touch upon my cheek, a gentle breeze; I step up lightly to kiss you, Amid the shadows of the trees... My eyes dreamy and dazed in the mist. The earth where I'll lie, it's cold as stone, That part of the earth in me; The path of the willow trees, Where you serenade me. Where two souls illumine in the fog, Blessed by the heavens and the earth; Wreaths of silver shadows and damp, As flow rivers pouring rain, Releasing the storm inside me, When you take me in your arms. I hear you in my heart, I hear you whispering.. my name. For Anthony Slausen's Contest: 'The Scent of Your Soul'

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The Path I Choose

    As I was walking down lifes ' road one bright and sunny morn.
I espied up ahead in the crossroads a  black haired  beauty,
her dark locks blowing in the warm breeze.
There was a bewitching smile playing about her lips
and green eyes you could get hopelessly,happily,lost in.
I took up her hand because it  seemed what I was born to do.
With that touch as our fingers entwined
my question was answered, yes this is home and where I belong.
We walked along for a while, enjoying the day and each others company.
As of a sudden,dark clouds gathered on the horizon,
the winds howled,thunder exploded and lightening streaked the sky.
Fear crept into the light of those eyes,and a single tear.
Gently I took her into my arms and held her close.
For you see this is what I was meant to do.
I held her tight until the storm clouds passed 
and the sky once again turned vibrant blue.
Once again we walked down lifes' road  and presently,
came to a fork one road to two.
Reluctantly I let go her hand,and started down my path
and she hers.
Stopping and turning I held out my hand.......
Come take my hand,take a chance.
Our paths are one,there are no lights ,signs,obstacles or pot holes.
For this road leads straight to my heart.

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The path of Spring

The path of Spring

I have desired to tour the path of Spring,
  Not for any love aside love of my broods.
 Call me selfish, so long it’s not my clan‘s string.

I’ll be accommodating to each guest’s ring,
  Let their guitar,... their drumbeat but to my herds.
 I have desired to tour the path of Spring.
I ‘ll be responsive to all willing to sing,
  If they’ll be ready to implant holy moods.
 Call me selfish, so long it’s not my clan’s string.

Let’s assume Easter-time is a bird with wing,
  I’ll allow it in, to sip, for my abounds.
 I have desired to tour the path of Spring.

Leave me when it’s even’ of Spring-tide to swing--
  Will enjoy this moment with bests of my dudes.
 Call me selfish, so long it’s not my clan’s string.

Not easily forget will the Seed-time ding,
  If truly I will stick to these charts in roads.
 I have desired to tour the path of Spring,
Call me selfish, so long it’s not my clan’s string.

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The path of Freedom

                                                                                           *  *
                                                                                       **       **
                                                                               *** NEW YORK ***
                                                                                    **              **
                                                                                  *                       *
                                                                                        h e a r ts
                                            g                                                   a r e
                                         n     a                                             u
                                        i          s o n g                              o
                                      s                       t                          y
              o g                   n                       o                    t
           t        o                   a                        t                  a
        t             d o w n          c                        e              e
     n                             a          I                         l             r
   a                                p             e                      l           g
   w                                a             r                         y       w
I                                       t            e                          o       o
                                         h       h                                 u      h

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The path taken ...

The path taken ...
                           Authored by Chuck Keys

One day I'll go for a walk and forget to come home
and lose myself among the trees and the gnomes.

I'll be dressed in my walking shorts, shoes and socks
ready to face the unknown world and all of its locks

alone and free, seasoned with age beyond my years afloat
unbridled from people and places and ready to emote.

The path will go straight and sideways, straight and backways
and bend to the left to secret hide-a-ways.

I'll be dressed in my walking shorts, shoes and socks
ready to face the unknown world and all of its locks

Lose myself I will, on purpose with forethought and glee
because that is what makes me, me.

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A Woodland Path

" a woodland path in the dappled sun,
                hushed and quiet."

Under a leafy canopy I walk,
along the familiar wooded trail.
Pine needles crunch beneath my feet.
Birds take flight, justly annoyed.
Communing with nature
on this warm, spring morn,
peace fills my soul.
I walk on,

stressful at times.
A walk in the woods
is my peace and comfort,
reminding me what is real
and what is important in life.
Here mind, heart and soul come together
and together they find a clarity.

~~~by Francine Roberts~~~
for Constance's 'A Woodland Path' contest

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river path a seasons dance


                chilling breeze of swift Autumn leaves
                through a misty toned Lavender path

                 Feeling closer to Heaven and Earth

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As I walk down my chosen path.
I enjoy life, I eat, I dance, and I laugh.
With a little time and patience.
I hope and pray for God's guidance.
I know that I have truly been blessed.
My trials and tribulations in life I know they are my test.
Always having little thoughts of hope 
I constantly keep a little change in slope.
No matter how hard it is, you must believe in all you do
Just work hard at it and soon you'll make it through.
As a bird soar in the sky,
You've got to let your dreams fly high,
For you are special in God's eyes and can make it through your days
That’s why we have to pray.
Every day I maintain a positive attitude
To spend sometime in solitude
I only speak words of affirmation
Daily I pray for everyone in this nation.
With hope in my heart and dreams in my eyes.
Through God’s love and his words I aim to become noble and wise.

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A path well lit

summers night
  fireflies light
    the path

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A Path Together

          ~A Path Together ~

We Met.
Love me,I cant I was never loved.
Hold me,I cant I was never held.
Talk to me,I cant nobody talked to me. 
Kiss me,I cant nobody kissed me.
Walk with me,I cant nobody walked with me.
Sleep with me,I cant nobody slept with me.
Look at me,I cant see you I am blind.       
I will love you,I will hold you,I will talk to you,
I will kiss you,I will walk with you,I will sleep with you,
I cant look at you, as I am blind. 
Will you feel loved?I was waiting for you.
Will you look at me?I already saw you,
Will you hold my hand?Yes I will.
Can you walk with me through our life's path together?
Yes I will. I love you. 

Therese Bacha

Contest for PD.....Any Love Poem.

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The Path to Heaven

While on this earth we have a choice,
Of two paths - wide or narrow.
Which one we choose will seal our fate:
Everlasting joy or sorrow.

The wide path may seem easy,
Living life by our own rules.
Many choose to go this way,
But this path is for fools.

Following the wide road,
Leads to a fiery destination.
People may be kind and good,
But ignore God's great salvation.

The narrow path is not easy,
But it leads to heaven's gates.
Living for God and loving Jesus,
That's the path we all should take.

And when this life is over,
If we've walked the narrow path,
The Pearly Gates will open for us,
But if we haven't, we'll face God's wrath.

Jesus is the key to heaven,
Through His blood we enter in.
Accept Him as your Lord and Savior,
He will take away your sin.

I, for one, am looking forward,
To walking down the streets of gold,
Side by side with Christ my Savior,
The glories of heaven to behold.

Kim Merryman 1/12/12
For Linda-Marie the Sweetheart of PS contest: Life and Death...and Beyond.

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Red Path Warrior

The path started concrete in the land of the dead,
Step by step it turned to the color of red,
Tired eyes gaze upon a river turned black,
Cries of the buffalo there is no going back.

Step by step towards an end unknown, 
Mile by mile, back to the past, it has come and gone,
Machine respirators now line the earth,
Keeping alive the very thing they hurt. 

Red path warrior keep the vision clear,
In beating heart keep love near,
Narrow the gates and narrow the road,
This red path will lead you to a place called home.

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A Path Covered

Tunnel vision in the night...
      Left alone with breathless sight...
                  Touched with tears that refuse to dry...
                                      Hidden fears that just won't fly...
Scars that sit under my skin...
            I'm ankle high in a stream of sins...
                    The path surrounds my dreams of faith...
                               With a fork in the road that keeps me staight...

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This Path we Walk

As we walk like children holding hands , swinging our arms together as we walked slowly through the blanket of the Autumn leaves. The path we walk is as it were never ending .The tall forest trees that lined each side , appeared to funnel off to the distant open sky . Sun now setting leaving a Orange sky that blended with the leaves all about us . That cool evening breeze upon our glowing faces . The whisper of the trees as they swayed in the wind , but the loudest sound of it all was the beating of our hearts . No it was not just the chill of the wind that made our faces glow , it was the love in our hearts that showed. Yes we were children for that moment , full of innocents of a love so pure at heart, a love so true , nothing could tear it apart . A love that memories are made of  and dreams that come true .There is nothing so good as the love you have for me and I for you.
  The path we walk that seemed to go on forever , was actually our love through out our lives ,as we travel together through it.

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The Path of truth

Jus' follow the path of thy heart 
an' thy dreams shall never part
for indeed it 's the very home
in which, thy dear wishes rome.

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Despite sins salvation path HE offers

Great is one who ACCEPT ONEs errors
          Human has weakness of  pointing fingers
          And hunting scapegoat to camouflage own errors  
          Temporary can be relief from criticism that errors trigger
          Others may get convinced but guilt in conscience ever lingers   	

Greater is one who ACCEPT OTHERs errors
             Acceptance relieves the burden of punishing other     
             Generates atmosphere for searching solution together 
             Positivity leading path better, committed error on backburner           
             Others love and adore for treating as human, vulnerable to error         

Greatest is one who FORGIVES other errors
               Ever heard complaint from trees, mountains, river ?
               Humans use, abuse, but Natures bounty shower forever       
               Forgiveness is subtle respecting own Soul through Soul in other  
               Humans ought to learn from HIM, despite sins Salvation path HE offers


Hitendra Mehta
Entry for Members contest : "To err is human to forgive Divine" by Audrey Carey

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Corrupted Path

They scold me constantly
“I did not help”
They accuse me of being “arrogant”
When I do speak 
They ignore me inconsiderately
The truth is 
I do care of doing thee stuff
I do not receive help when needed
And nor shall help be returned
I sink in my wretchedness
And sleep with my sorrow
That part has become the part of me 
So empty and hollow 
I begin to think this life 
Did thee erase any tracks that follow…,
My corrupted path?
Not to be followed 
Not to be solved
Not to be loved
Not to be known 
The thoughts twisted negligently in thee baffled mind
And though thee fates carry new tracks 
With a sore throat and a twisted mind
I lay with an astray heart 
Sinking into a sleep 
Sinking into the shadowy black pitch night
Reflecting my emptied soul 
Never resisting the calm sense of serenity

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The Path Home

As we slowly near 
the end of our days. 
When we have finally
reached our old age.
There seems to be 
a sudden panic
to change our ways.

The tunnel to the light has gotten
a whole lot shorter.
So now we seek to put our
spiritual house in order.

At one time to have a better life
and I wants were our fervrant prayers.
These days it's a prayer of contrition
hoping to keep the light on until we can get there.

This is now an edited and up dated version of this poem.