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The Opposite In-Love

Ugly me
Lovely you…
Unexpectedly steaming
Mist of two-way desire
With love 

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Silence not just opposite of voice

Silence not just opposite of voice
More of ear turning deaf to outside noise 
Close ears to outside din
And hear subtle murmur within

Listen Heart beats in rhythm and rhyme
No music composer can beat the music divine  

Listening same beats for sometime
Makes one slip in meditation anytime

One drops BODY then MIND falls 
Weightless, thoughtless Light one feels   

Slip one may in trance 
Levitation one may experience 

Eternal Bliss engulfing
As if in Heaven surfing

Longevity of blissful state, on practice depends
Veteran or amateur, sooner or later it ends

Silence ruptures, clamour overtakes whisper 
Bliss vanishes, pang emerges

One day sound fails to impact hearing sense
That is when one is laid into permanent Silence 

Silence of graveyard not just opposite of cry in maternity ward 
More of listening to death than speaking of life as trump card 

Silence not just opposite of voice
More of dropping body dead, aligning life suiting soul's choice  

© Hitendra Mehta  
For Poetry Soup Contest 
April 2011

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It's weird to think to be the opposite sex
take it from one who knows best...
being a boy is much more fun and wild,
but being a girl will destroy my manhood!

No chasing after gorgeous girls with beautiful hair;
no asking for dates and kiss by candlelight,
no showing off those muscles of might...
becoming fragile and feminine: a real nightmare!

Some boys dress up as girls wearing wigs and earrings;
I couldn't see myself and slowly walk on high heels,
I'll break my nose and look like a bleeding hooker...
so sorry for having tried that and excited an onlooker!  

All I will say, " A guy can never be a gal, and a gal never a guy. "
Have that sex change, get rid of your body hair ...
and you still be despised and given the evil eye!
This is my motto, " Born a man, always a man: straight or bear! "  

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Men...The Opposite Sex

Men are unique, in their own way
Many stay young, and want to play.
Some work so hard, at what they do
To make our dreams, and wishes true.

Hidden talents, they do not show
Until you learn, and get to know.
Juggle or dance, and some can sing
Feelings of awe, sometimes they bring.

Hard to show, their romantic side
Stays bottled up, from us they hide.
Love prevails, their shyness gone
God had it planned, and wasn't wrong.

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Not perfect, infact, your the opposite.

I dont want perfect i want my opposite
But despite the bickering please don't quit
I wont tell you, but you have my heart
And i'll think of you when were apart
We disagree on most, more than not
But our entwined minds have not forgot
The smiles, memories and moments shared
The hidden ways we've shown we've cared

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This path beneath my feet
                                          My feet above this path

                                                        The opened door in front of me
                                                                                            is closed because my 


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Love Opposite Those Lines

You walked pass my door
And scurried down the lane
Opposite my direction
Contradictory to my pain

The road is near
Yet the thoughts are far
Every now and then
You were cold from the start

I cracked an earthly smile
Gleaming behind my teeth
They were dark from bleeding
Yet you were blind to glimpse

Meek as you might be 
Only to find me as a simple friend.
I was dumb from the beginning
Not knowing where I end

Dreaming of future days
Is the only way
Planning to be happy
Is like a melted clay

Blood linked lines opposite my heart
Heavenly cheers behind my rear
Rebellious faces waiting to annoy
Colors of the soul ran amok

How is my heart set up for this? 
Different languages mixed
I try to smile as my heart runs wild 
But you never know what I desire

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Right-Handed (Using the Opposite Hand)

(In response to: "There's an exercise where you write with the hand that is less dominant 
that makes communication even deeper...." -Laurie Ginn)


We ate deeper than before
We crossed our names out
Until there was no one 
left standing in the 
Light of God

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An opposite muse

Crashing with an agitation,
ecstasy !

On each side of my dome,
penetrating into the 
a squelch !

I closed mine eyes to ignore
the nude,
yet the hot breath
pays no heed

My brain is engaged for
an opposite muse…
have you not noticed;

mine tilted dome
and pen to slip" 

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The sticks on the hill
     were brushed when they were wet,
Lay with a pattered smoothness,
The bushes 'round which they swept
Bulged their greenly leaves,
Stony stairs on an uphill way
     creased a toe of the world.

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You do opposite one


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the opposite sex

the opposite sex,
 is the most powerful drug out there.
With one puff, your high. 
And the entire world is,
nothing but an illusion. 
when its over, 
you get a small burn out, 
wich is as natural as breathing, 
and you know that it will pass.
After you've tried the opposite sex,
theres no turning back,
you know what your missing
and your addicted. 
And every second your without,
you crave it. 
and like alot of addictions, 
its very expensive, 
sometimes it can cause alot of damage
to your heart, and well,
stupid me didnt have insurance.