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Twas a fine October morning,
one September, last July!
The moon lay thick upon the ground,
the mud shone in the sky!

The flowers sang so sweetly,
the birds were in full bloom!
As I hurried down the cellar steps,
to sweep the upstairs room!

The time was Tuesday morning,
on Wednesday, just at night!
I saw ten-thousand miles away,
a house, just out of sight!

Its doors projected backwards.
The front was at the back!
It stood alone, between two more,
and it was whitewashed black!


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My weakness


Wondrous of many blessings.
Smiling never a frown.
My prayers, Lord, are  suddenly being ignored.
I've taken a tumble of  fallen down
Lord, my life was plain and simple  
How did it come to this.
Lord, now I carry a  burden so deep
A torn up life not easy to fix
Hard to get my prayers before I sleep
Bleeding only internally!
Feeling very minutely!
God, have you deserted me, or is it me who deserted you?

God, my Lord, my savior, how could you abandon me?
Must I drown in my own sorrow.
Must I wake up like this today and tomorrow.
Why have you left me, or is it me who left you?

God, I need you like never before.
When I wake up,
When I head out the door.
Tormented in a mood ring of stock
Heavily my tears hit upon the floor.
God, do you not feel me, or is it me who no longer feel you?

God, what is your plan for me?
What things did I not see?
I asked for you to forgive me in my ways of sin.
Why do you let him provoke me?
Lord, I forbid for him to win.
Relieve me from his gutless pain.
God, do you not believe me, or is it me who no longer believe in you?

God, do you not hear my call
My pitiful excuses make me weak and small
In your eyes I no longer feel tall
I remain cursed in every single fall
Lord, only you can break this wall
Do you not see me on my knees
Must I beg and crawl?
I am at your mercy, crying out with grief
Open the path to the lighted hall
O' Lord, the day you judge me before your throne
Please tell me it was a lesson for me to stand up on my own
God for now I will end this talk
With the dignity to never look back
And ask if you were there on my endless journey of a relentless walk?


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*****To the naked EYE, this poem may seem like gibberish,
but I assure you it is loaded with 24 palindromes,
3 palindrome phrases, 1 hidden palindrome phrase,
and is chock full with enormous wordplay...
oh and one more palindrome in this description. 
Can you find more? I challenge you word freaks!*****


Last night, around eleven or so, I decided to paint a pink castle.
To my dismay, on display, is what looks more like a pink asshole.
Picasso would've been so proud!
Today, upon recording nothing short of a colossal debacle,
I've chosen to
utilize the eyes of a hostile apostle.
Tossing docile scribble, I'm scribing.
Describing life like a diatribe conniving REVIVER at a revival.


Palindrome EYE to the side of my tribe.
Get in line, standing at the hands of HANNA.





We OTTO-matically 
DAD got so damn mad he DID the DEED
and split three XANAX with his MADAM and MOM!
(ALA the ABBA GIG way back in them AHA kookie KOOK days)

So anyways...
Back to peek hassle!
Do ya' think he might like ta' take a stab at my STATS?

*****(this was fun as fun can be:
hope you have half as much fun with it as I did:)*****


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Spooks were making love

                  Spooks were making love their bones were clattering
                       Fresh in after death sex they were a prattling
                                 They missed the first session
                                   How to spook the passion
                 And slipped to their graves skulls down saber rattling

          Spooks were making love© Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty 14 November 2014

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I “met a four”
when I was three
and oh the things
it did to me
and fingers counting
one-two- three.
When the four
brought in a five
all my counting fingers
came alive.
Reaching for the
other hand
said “times two”
is oh so grand.
They ran through
six, then seven – eight
danced with the nine
to celebrate.
Then the quantum leap
to ten
and shouts of 
let’s do it again.
Somehow the
ones and two and threes
increase in size
Still, my fingers are
mathematically smitten
seeking warmth
within a mitten.

John G. Lawless

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Granny had a yellow cat

                            Granny had a yellow cat Matty Sand-arum
                       She was fond of Cherry Blossom and bubblegum
                                       Cherry ached in her tummy
                                          Bubble is double balmy
                   She yelled out scummy gummy and fell into the scum

    Granny had a yellow cat/Limerick©Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty 18 November 2014

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Dolly had a scarlet doll

                                          Dolly had a scarlet doll
                                        In the summer it could roll
                                             Last fall a blunder
                                           Doll gulped a thunder
                                       She messed up all in a ball

        Dolly had a scarlet doll: Limerick: Copyright © Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty
                                           17 November 2014

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                            Fond of the Koalas and scared of the roaches
                             She was shot to the land of Koalaroaches 
                                        First thing she could do
                                           Bopeep peekaboo  
                          Koalas said "hey buddies someone encroaches"      

                                   Land of Koalaroaches: Limerick
                                            17 November 2014

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Golden Dreams

The Leprechaun.

Run, run, run as fast as you can...
I'm still gonna get you, my little green man...
I grabbed on to the gold buckle on his waist...
I held him down, with no time to waste...
I tied The Leprechaun to a hollow tree,
Broke off a branch and poked him on the knees.
I kept on poking him with a stick.
I kept nagging him to reveal his magic trick.

This little shamrock kid would not break.
He kept insisting THE LEPRECHAUN legend was fake.

This little odd dwarf kept lying about his mythical pot of gold. 
I kept repeating all the stories I've been told..  
Nagging him and nagging him~ FOR HIS POT OF GOLD!
He lied, about the fables, telling me his gold does not exist...
The Leprechaun refused to hear the clover list...


It's been 7 days!
And, still he won't give up, what's at the end of the rainbow. 
Tickling his little Eskimo toes,
Running feathers underneath his nose. 
"Look you little green treasure troll, I've captured you, and demand the gold!"
"You won't get me with your tricks!"
"So don't even try to outwit me with your silly MAGIC!" 

I suppose his silver-tongue, will have to do,
And the little gold buckles on his shoe.
I got tired of trying to make him see, my point of view.
I got a better deal and trade for a monkey at the zoo.
Now the lions are enjoying a Pot of Leprechaun Stew. 
After All! 
Nothing I did, made him unfold.
All I wanted was his pot of gold!


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Nonsense for Sure

Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day.
At least that's what I hear.
Teach a man to fish and he'll sit in a rowboat
fishing and drinking beer! 

When advised to "fight fire with fire"
please think about it twice.
Remember, firemen fight fire with water
so I kinda question that advice!

I'm told the way to get ahead
is by using your ambition.
They say "shoulder to the wheel, nose to the grindstone".
However, now try working in that position!

Don't believe in superstition.
Folks will think you are a schmuck.
Besides if you believe in it
it's gonna bring  bad luck!

I try to avoid a lot of things,
that will cause me degradation.
I can resist most anything,
that is, except temptation!

I always try my very best
not to make mistakes
In fact if wasn't for my faults,
I'd be perfect for goodness sakes!

These are some of the random thoughts 
that keep  running through my mind.
It's just a lot of nonsense,
but it sure helped me unwind.

(Soupers - Sorry you chose to read this
nonsense.  Surely you must have
something better to do! Thanks anyway.)

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               I am Q

                                      Pretty little dove
                                      Ugly black crow
Who am I?
I really do not know
         A Chameleon of flavors
         Moods ready to serve
                                           The dwarfs in the old ancient castle
                                           I embrace the nighttime breeze
                                           Blowing inside of my mind
Intertwined red roses and thorns, as I sip my wine
Colorblind I see only shades of grey
                     In October I see sin, In November maybe Gin
                     I was the raving lunatic long ago
                        When the normal ones would hide, they dare not go.
                        Now I am a uncrazy, for a moment or two
          Please I want to take a walk at the Zoo
          Those pour wailing voices, in the animal’s heads
Must we save them? Or let them wail to the dead
Buried little creatures, may come back to haunt you
                                                                              Ashes upon bones
                                   No no no you can not drown me, I will not, not die
                     I must now shift into
                                                                            The night

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Don't Read This Sober

Twas a fine October morning,
one September, last July!
The moon lay thick upon the ground,
the mud, shone in the sky!
The flowers, were singing sweetly
and the birds were in full bloom!
As I, walked down the cellar steps,
to sweep the upstairs room!
The time was Tuesday morning,
on a Wednesday, just at night!
I saw ten thousand miles away, 
a house just out of sight!
The door projected backwards,
the front, was at the back!
It stood alone, between two more,
and it was whitewashed black!

Sorry, Soupers, I just had to
get that out of my system!

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My hovercraft is full of eels

I'll try to tell you without my usual cant
that all I wanted was to go sailing with
Sherry Saturday morning but I can't!
My hovercraft is full of eels!

The watchman phoned when I was lying  
in bed to notify me of this.
I was shocked to find he wasn't lying!
My hovercraft is full of eels!

My good-will has been weakened
because of this horrid event
which completely ruined my weekend.
My hovercraft is full of eels!

These morbid creatures are serious
party-poopers. Remember!: Their
electricity is deleterious.
My hovercraft is full of eels!

My beloved Birthday present invaded by
these heinous monsters! I will have to buy  
a new one 'cause to this one I must say bye!
My hovercraft is full of eels!

Ghastly! You don't know how this feels!
My hovercraft is full of eels!

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I have a fat and furry friend
All pink and spotty black.
I grew him from some Camembert-
The smelly little Rat!

He is my very Mouse-Pig
For that’s his very name, 
Sometimes I call him Roger 
Just like his steptwin Shane. 

I like to give him all I can
Though humble poor are we.
I gave him a good character- 
2 slices for his tea. 

I love my little Mouse-Pig 
I love him like a pet. 
Sometimes I take him out for walks 
And sometimes to the vet.

I dare not let him venture far 
For fear he won’t come back. 
Last week he almost wandered off 
Without his packymac. 

‘You’ll catch your death- or even worse!’ 
I warned in worried tone. 
‘There’s things out there what likes to eat 
A Mouse-Pig far from home. 

‘Don’t worry Dad,’ he answered back 
In usual piggy chatter. 
‘If anyone should have a go 
I’ll cover them in batter!’ 

Then all at once, without a sound 
He sang with all his might. 
I’ve never heard a Mouse-Pig 
I said in wondrous sight.

‘That’s nothing Pa,’ he mouthed in tune, 
And leaping to his trotters
Declared as he flew flying off-
I’ll show those dirty rotters!’

‘Farewell my fat and furry friend,’
I bellied to the sky,
And turning one last time he squeaked,
‘I’m off to find my sty.’

And then he flew right out of sight, 
As far as I could see, 
And with a little shedding tear 
I went in for my tea. 

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                              Doctor Squiddoo married a widow DooDoo
                                Booked a room in Perry of Huido Voodoo
                                         In the honeymoon night
                                       The moon was shining bright
                           And a fat black cat licked the ass of Squiddoo

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I’ve got quite the appetite for mayhem

Thus from these desires my problems stem

Prozacidasical perhaps

Headfirst into Lady Luck’s slaps

Crumbling foot stools under my whim

Why if there be heart ache, I’ll have a bite

Just another serving of bittersweet spite

Bring on my many foolhearty excuses

Distilled crones, my destructive muses

Pluck from my sour patch mood, a pickled fight

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                                    Henry the spider was a spy of Eider
                            Sculled the boat in the river Schlechen Leider
                                            The frog stole the scull
                                                Octopus was dull
                         He clasped the hull close and kissed  the outsider

             HENRY THE SPIDER © Rajat kanti Chakrabarty November, 2014

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Professor Paddock of virology

                 Professor Paddock of virology was a stocky man
            He observed a little beetle on the skirt of Messy Anne
                    He took out his double DNA space probe
                        Focused it on Anne's hepatic lobe
        And leapt out of the window without any thoughtful game plan

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I Think I'm Over This Writer's Block

I think I'm over this writer's block,
I'm sitting here and ready to rock.
The time is now, no more delaying,
Uh yeah, wait! What was I saying?

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Ity Words

I seem to have a flair for absurdity.
A little bit of humor with immaturity.
Some might say it comes from insecurity.
But I'm trying to escape obscurity.
No more ity words to make this extraordinary.
At least according to my rhyming dictionary.

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Gootle goes on a date

                                           Gootle goes on a date
                                             But destiny or doom
                                            The matter is a broom
                                        It does not fit well with rate

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                                      Gootle joins a puppet-show
                                   First night He is a king KongGo
                              But who the hell is this in the front row?
                              His own half hand is scratching a big toe
                       Of which leg he draws a blank and cries out "No"

                                    Gootle says Hi to his first leg Pi
                     "Eat a double pie', first leg says, 'with a paste of rye'
              His two legs say, "No No its not fair we are in democracy Bhai"

Bhai= A Hindi/Bengali word for brother

Gootle is a creature half-human half-puppet- a humpet, a polite being . He has three eyes on the back of his head( color: blue). He is three legged and two-and-a -half-handed. Body Color: orange. He has no hair and no ears.But he is neither bald nor deaf. He has a long nose -adjustable min 2" max 9". I cannot post his pic because I am not a premium member.However, you can feel his presence slowly.
For copyright reasons he has  changed his name from Gubble to Gootle. He never suffers a lack of appetite.His primary foods are: fun bread, nonsense soup, curry of love with a sprinkle of pamper and a dessert of affection( Sorry,Demetrios he has changed his diet a bit).

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Silly thoughts

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Dude, where's my automobile

Not advertising that flippant flick. I just want to know
where my blooming flivver is. It ruffles my feathers no
end to find out, when exiting the embassy,
that my buggy's whereabouts are a mystery.

I must meet Sherry 'cause her right toe
wants a sweet kiss. Did the camel tow
my car? That blasted mammal! Sherry's dear
foot can't wait! Please do not tell me the deer

took my buggy! That son of a Witch
would fine
me with a very pricey mulct which
isn't fine!

Not another loathsome tax
to put up with! Oh no, Lord, please!
I beg thou hearken to my pleas!
Now, let's come down to tin tacks.

I need my bloody car! A choice bass
cooked by Sherry awaits me. The crass
specimen who's got my car is so base,
and I'm so cross! The camel has a bass

voice that creeps me out! I do not want to
deal with him. I cannot even stomach two 
secs the sight of the deer. He's ugly too.


On returning to his flat, mad as a goat,
Ivo found on the door, the following note:

Dear Ivo,

I hereby inform you that your awfully and
illegally parked streetcar has been impounded.
Come pick it up at the City Hall and 
bring cash with you for there's a fine. 8 hundred

	Much love,
	The Crane from Ukraine.

Blimey! That heartless crane! I won't give her a buck!
Now I know the ruffians weren't the camel and the buck.
Well, let's be fair, it wouldn't be cricket to pass the buck.
I didn't park properly. It's my fault. That's it. I will not buck
at the fine.
                  I got my car back for free. How? l told the crane;
"I'm in a hurry to meet Sherry who needs me to canoodle
her feet. I'll have tonight for dinner a bass fish with noodles."
"If a foot massage like the ones I used to get in Ukraine.
you give me, I will be happy to call off the mulct." said she.
I pleased her feet very much. She loved it. Then we got some tea.


I'm on my way home to eat some bass,
with my beloved and awesome lass.
It's so nice to be able to dine
without having paid that gruesome fine.

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Strange people do strange things.
Many memories they have about history.
Never are they an open book.
They enjoy confusion.

Smart people do not like strange people.
They go through their changes just to get with them.
They like them for what they knowledge gives.
They tolerance becomes the standard and strange people becomes a gamble.

Smart people do strange things.
Many memories they have about history.
Never are they an open book.
They enjoy confusion.

Strange people do not like smart people.
They go through their changes just to get with them.
They like them for what they knowledge gives.
They tolerance becomes the standard and smart people becomes dismantle.

Ignorant is not the same as dumb abreast yourself via observation.