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Winds Obey

tale from old Slavic god idol worshipped sage and protector season’s spirit winds obey chiming toll gusts from gods stab with blades of potent breath freezing the tundra and stripping oaks till summer’s warm air wafts winds rage on in winter born from the sea called by Stribog’s horn warrior’s songs command his grandsons blow! *source: Wikipedia and pagan-soul.blogspot For Shadow's Gods of Winds Contest, 12/17/14

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Cold Winds Blow

Cold winds blow, fall ends and winter begins. Hibernating bulbs will softly sleep until the next spring thaw.

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Everyone Loves The Dog

Dogs, loyal to a fault; caring greatly for their family. Everyone loves the furry, friendly dog.

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cresting waves
carry waning sunlight--
footprints vanish
      *     *     *      
from the sun 
like ambrosia   
infusing the sea
with honeyed wine
'til each wave
roll in
to dance with
waning sunlight
past florid shorelines
where footprints fade
erased by

For Debbie's "Metamorph" contest

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A Winters Icy nights Bring nightmares cold And unfriendly clouds, Of snowy-gray To rain down Snowflake Lace.

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Healthy Harvest

A healthy harvest is a farmer’s joy; his dedication has produced a good income and large stores.

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Teaches Them

act on
one's spoken
that do be boastful
conveying this
they are not
who say

before the
fall is great pride
just part of the ride
turn of the tide
what's inside
self pride

this feeling
fall away false pride
arrogance gone
courage to

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Future Plans

I want so much to see and feel
Everything I can indulge
Nature, sounds, sights around me
Food to taste and enjoy
Live fully doing all
That is possible
Then I will feel
My job

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~Amazing Grace~

open arms.
No doubt are true-
everyday nuggets
of wisdom press. 
You shall reap
what you

by His
grace we will
live to see stars
embedded therein.
open arms-
... sign of

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Turth Or Truth

The day is done
You have chosen your cross
It is filled with hate
You must Carey it's weight
No Remorse
No Shame
How heavy it must be
This path is your choice
a manipulative voice
You can blame only you 
It's snare is of your own scheming
believe in the Lord 
It will prove redeeming 
Just know that we are praying 

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Choices of the Soul

The human soul has its’ many choices; not all are good ones. Soul must take care to only choose, the right ones.

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When The Sky Smiles

Pink Purple Blue and green Yellow light rays; Such are the rainbows When the sky smiles Upside down; We smile Too.

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Dont Curse Yourself

One just has to believe in oneself It is not an ego problem Nor is it one of conceit One may never succeed In life’s great challenge Don’t put a curse On yourself Or you’ll Fail.

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Sunset behind rainstorms

Huge orange ball
Behind storm clouds 
Thunder lightening strikes 
Red painted skies 
Sunset dips 
Out of 

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Winds of Change

Ride the winds of change with care and wisdom. Beware an ill wind. A hurricane, can ravage your life, fast.

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Deck the tree

Deck The tree With popcorn Garland, then some Candy canes and gift cards. Then add some lights Flamboyant ones; Presents Too..

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Winter Storm and a hero

Rain and snow
Car skids on ice
Crashes in river
Children screaming 
Stranger stops
Saves them

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we: the night

(we) are nonexistent and (we) will forever be, but when (you) bring (your) fingers to (mine) (i) close (my) eyes and see the night sky laid out as a rippling mirror of the undulating tingles running through (my) veins. when (our) skin rests on each other just let (me) melt into (you) and (we) will stare into the flickering stars that dance to the beats of (our) hearts– unsynchronised but in a constant serenity, let (us) be the peace. (we’ll) curl up into each others chest, (ill) run (my) fingers down (your) spine and read (your) vertebrae like braille. (we’ll) breathe into the coolness of the night: let the warmth of (your) breath meld into the lips of (my) clouded thoughts. let (us) have endless conversations with the lights in (our) eyes; let (us) crease into each other, explore the curves of (our) flesh and bones, mould them into molten glass, melting into each other; let (us) be strong together in (our) fragility; let (us) seep the raindrops from (our) eyes with (our) delirious lips. let (us) let (us) let (us).

– – –

but (you) and (i) is not and will not and will never be.

– – –

but tonight– let (us) go there, (you) and (i), where the words (you) and (me) can be put together in the same sentence, let this be (us): (we) against the night, (we) in the night, (we): the night.

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Girl Head high Fears nothing For no one harms Her more than herself Mutilation She is a Cutter Girl Hurt Thinking Of the day She lost control Abused and misused Who has the knife Now, Daddy Self harm Hurt God Hoping He is not Like her father Shred misconceptions Accept and give Forgiveness Loving God

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Stars calmly live in space; hiding within all constellations; seeking them out takes some work from the eyes.

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Summers End

Sweet Summer Fun filled days Romantic nights Wonders never cease Nights get shorter Mornings crisp Autumn Fresh

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Cats Are So Loving

are such
each one, psychic;
are great, sweet

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Eat Hot Peppers

burn swiftly
but, when eaten
every day they will
prevent the pain
of heartburn.
they are

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on the journey of my life,
one day.,
i paused a moment and turned back.
my life was filled with joy, sorrow, sweet memories, painful hurts.
my eyes first looked on my sweet memories,
which was caused because of my lovable one's.
life is a 3D.
all ll happen.
sad things will be a wound in heart,
the happy things will be the medicine for that sad one's.
so whatever happens have a fixed mind.
life is too colorful to enjoy and to learn more.
that is life. so beautiful one.

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What Love Is

is true
when it's there
to seek the good
just for the one loved
and can be pruned
where needed
to bear

All rights reserved ~~~Cynthia Buhain-Baello~~02.06.14