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A Mouse Family's Christmas

It's Christmas Eve and through the house 
there creeps a curious little mouse.
He climbs into the big arm chair 
and finds the cookies waiting there .
He only takes the smallest bite.
Santa will find his treat tonight.

He gazes with wonder at the tree
and the bright wrapped gifts left there to be
a mystery tale to tell his spouse,
when he gets home, this curious mouse.
What an adventure it has been,
he has drunk of some spilled gin
that had been left upon the table.
His wife will think it is a fable
he has concocted to amuse  her.
She is homebound, we must excuse her.

He once came home all out of breath
to say he had been scared to death
by a huge rat with fluffy tail.
She noticed he was very pale.
"While I was nibbling off some cheese
to bring to you, my love, to please,
he almost had me in his paws.
I'm sure he wasn't Santa Claus".
But this night is so very quiet.
He spies some fruitcake, has to try it.
It reminds him of that sip of gin
and wonders if his head will spin.
He hears a noise, runs for his life,
carrying fruitcake for his wife.

Christmas morning, spread before their eyes
for the baby mice, a grand surprise.
Their mama had fixed a Christmas feast
from food their dad had saved from beast.
A bit of butter, a glob of jam
and a fairly good-sized piece of ham.
Bread crumbs saved from other forays.
They had enough to eat for days.
Those little mice would never waste it.
If they didn't like it, they'd still taste it.
This food their mama set before them,
their dad risked his life to get it for them.


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A Mouse And A Man

In the anters and shadows of this baleful life
perhaps the little brown mouse searching in silence
bewray a lonesome story behold

For eyes to wander a brief candle behold
in hushed light, enwheeled...this pitiful life
if only, my friend, to peer in silence

where love had flown in years of silence
to gape for dawn, a friendship behold
in ghostly thought of scurried life

From the cold reality of life where painful silence smothers, Behold!! compassion is born..



Anters - Caves
Brief Candle- Life is compared to a candle flame
Enwheeled- Encompassed

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A Mouse in the House

A little grey mouse snuck into the house to get himself out of the cold. Then the house cat Who saw where he sat pursued him I am told. The lazy old dog who sleeps like log was startled by the chase, So she woke up her own small pup and they joined in the race. My sister the baby decided that maybe she would give it a try, She started a spat And was scratched by the cat and then she started to cry. That’s when mom called to Uncle Tom to come and lend a hand, With a straw broom mom circled the room knocking plants from off a stand. In came my dad and he was quite mad because the house was in disarray He was vexed with what happened next But it happened just this way. Our two brave bowsers chased the mouse up dad’s trousers He thought he’d be safe in there. Until Dad started to dance with the mouse in his pants Then he jumped up on a kitchen chair. Mom smacked dad’s seat and then came a repeat And the mouse climbed out of his pocket. Unseen by all he started to crawl into the wall through an open socket. Later that night, With no one in sight, I put out a nut for the little mouse. I had no hate toward him, And I tried to reward him. Even if he was trapped inside our house. I told him my name, And he did the same, Then he stuffed the nut into his cheeks. He said thanks for the food, And I don’t mean to be rude, But that was the most fun that I’ve had in weeks.

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From Mouse to Spouse

Through the window I looked one day
At a poor lassie in troubled display
She stood high on a chair
In such a terrified stare
Shouting "Oh! please, please go away"

I needed to view this even more
Running round I looked in the door
So afraid in her house
Of a little door-mouse
Sweat was running from her pores

So being the gentleman that I am
To get this damsel out of this jam
I said "Hey! furry dude
Please don't be so rude
For your scaring this poor little madam"

So I gently picked up the door-mouse
And kindly removed from her house
Her tears turned to joy
Throwing her arms round this boy
Not long after, she became my spouse

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A Mouse in the House

A most unfortunate event
has occurred at our house.
It's embarrassing to admit,
We have a resident mouse.

The elusive little devil
has avoided every trap.
Though set in various places,
we've yet to hear a snap.

We have a playful tomcat
who loves his toy mouse,
carries it clutched in his teeth 
to flip, toss and pounce.

Unfortunately, he performs
the same with a live one.
I'm urging, "Get it, kill it,"
he's too busy having fun.

Again and again he turns
it loose, enjoying the chase.
The mouse runs for his life,
hopeful of winning the race.

The crafty little victim
eludes the slothful brute,
scuttles down a heat vent, 
leaves Tom to other pursuits.

Whereupon he saunters around,
searching for his toy mouse.
We're left with a useless cat
and a mouse in the house.

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The Mouse is a Rat - Show Me the Funny II

The mouse in our house is a rat,
I'm now quite certain of that.
It's not little and cute,
It's long and uncouth.
Can't wait til I hear it go splat!

(An apology to all animal lovers. I really do not
want to kill it. I love animals too. I just want the
germy rodent out of my house, and I want him to 
stay gone!)
For Andrea's "Show Me the Funny Part II" contest

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My Pet Mouse Joe

I have a mouse
in my house,
In my house
is a naughty mouse.

He scares my Mummy,
He tickles my tummy
and nibbles at my toe,
Yet he is my dear Joe!

He steals my swiss cheese,
My cake and my pie piece;
He sleeps in my bed
Wearing pajamas red.

He goes out on a date
and comes home late,
Sometimes he makes me mad,
At times happy, at times sad.

But my love for him is such
I love him more than too much,
He is dear Joe, my pet mouse,
Right here, in this very house!

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A Mouse's Short Life

My mouse just sat there_not beaming
It would not make the pointer move
I tried to resuscitate
But its power was waning
Batteries would not rejuvenate
Its brain was loose in the USB port
Well, all things go at some time
I was going to bury him but my grandson took him
He came alive again just what he wanted...
I now have a new mouse
Who is lively and excited about being held by me
I am excited to hold him too......... 

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A Mouse in the House

Is there anything cuter than a little mouse?
The rascals are cute, but I don't want them in my house!
They get into my cupboard, and eat all the food that's there.
Those creatures run around leaving their droppings everywhere,
chewing holes in the walls to create their lair.
The mothers have babies by the dozen. They sure multiply!
Pretty soon, I will have loads of them running low and high.
I want to keep them out before they get in.
That way, I can avoid getting a big bill from Orkin!

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The little mouse i met

Late one August evening, in the cold and wet, I looked outside the window and a little mouse I met, She was sitting in the tree tops covered by the leaves, Sheltering her self from the strong blowing breeze. I got out my umbrella and my coat so warm, Then slowly made my way across the green wet lawn, Trying not to scare her from out her little tree, Hoping to get near enough to ask her home with me, “Hello little mouse, will you come in from the rain?” She didn’t seem to hear me so I asked her once again, “Hello little mouse, will you come in for some tea?” Then all at once she answered, oh so quietly, “That would be just lovely, that would be a treat, Just to get in from the cold, and warm my little feet, I've been out here all day, i've nowhere else to go, Id be so very grateful if you took me to your home, I wouldn’t make a sound, I wouldn’t make a peep, All I need is somewhere warm where I can go to sleep”. I took her in my hand and walked back to the house, Being oh so gentle as I held this little mouse, I found a little match box which I gave her for a bed, I put it near the fire so she could warm her little head, She snuggled down so tightly in the matchbox nice and warm, “Goodnight” she said so peacefully then gave a little yawn, I wrapped a piece of cheese up and a little slice of bread, I laid them down beside her, next to her weary head, “Goodnight little mouse, sleep well until the morn”, Then off I went to rest my head and dream until the dawn. When morning came I went downstairs to see the little mouse, But noticed that she was no longer sleeping in my house, All was left was crumbs of cheese and bread that I had gave, The little matchbox where she slept was very neatly made, I looked out of the window at the early morning dew, The sun shone down upon my face, reminding me of you, I hope that your ok and you get to where you need, I’ll think of you always, and hope you’ll think of me, And when I see a tree top, I never will forget, That cold wet night in august and the little mouse I met.

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What Does The Mouse Say

What does the mouse say?
“Okay! This is not funny!
Who put this trap here?”

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The mouse family

Little mice are out of sight, they scratch
and nibble your house is riddled.

The mouse he knows the best places to go,
can fit through and hide in the most tiniest
of holes.

The mouse family numbers are soon to reach 
a hundred. Little feet and teeth, little mouse
babies extremely hungry.

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Christmas Eve from Mouse's Viewpoint

It’s Christmas Eve and through the house There creeps a curious little mouse. He climbs into the big arm chair And finds the cookies waiting there. He only takes the smallest bite. Santa will find his treat tonight. He gazes with wonder at the tree And the bright wrapped gifts left there to be A mystery tale to tell his spouse, When he gets home, this curious mouse. What an adventure it has been, He has drunk of some spilled over gin, That had been left upon the table. His wife will think it is a fable He has concocted to amuse her. She is home-bound, we must excuse her. He once came home all out of breath To say he had been scared to death By a huge rat with fluffy tail. She noticed he was very pale. “While I was nibbling off some cheese To bring to you, my love, to please. He almost had me in his paws. I’m sure he wasn’t Santa Claus”. But this night is so very quiet. He spies some fruitcake, has to try it. It reminds him of that sip of gin And wonders if his head will spin. He hears a noise, runs for his life, Carrying fruitcake for his wife. Christmas morning, spread before their eyes For the baby mice, a grand surprise. Their mama had fixed a Christmas meal From food their dad managed to steal. A bit of butter, a glob of jam And a fairly good-sized piece of ham. Bread crumbs saved from other forays. They had enough to eat for days. Those little mice would never waste it. If they didn’t like it they’d still taste it. This food their mamma set before them, Their dad risked his life to get it for them.

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As I was strolling through the woods,
I saw him hiding there.
So quiet, meek and mild was he,
So sweet, I found him fair.

That evening by the campfire,
I spied him once again,
Sitting just outside the glow,
He tried hard to blend in,

And not be seen by firelight,
He came to guitar strum,
He timidly crept closer,
As to the tune I hummed.

Crouching there beside my knee,
The cutest little mouse,
Came to listen to my song,
And grace me and my spouse,

With his quiet company,
For he was all alone,
And I felt blessed to have him come,
For people oft are prone,

To screech and rave about a mouse,
Or something they think vermin,
This tiny little thing of God's,
Did not so me determine.

                                      Judy Ball

We so often miss out on a blessing because we fear something or sonsider it beneath us.
Once on a camping trip as I sat strumming my guitar by the fire, a little field mouse came into the camp and cuddled by my knee as I knelt on the ground with my guitar.
I felt so honored that he came. He must have been terribly lonely or cold or hungry or something to trust us that way.
He came to the soothing music I guess.
When I moved he scurried away and I felt I'd somehow lost something special.

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The Mouse --In reply to The Cat--

I am a mouse
You are a cat
You think you are…
But you aren’t all that
I am too fast 
For you to kill
The blood of no one
You will spill
Your claws are dull
Just like your head
You’re about as smart
As a slice of bread
You think you’re fast
But you're really not
So I have no worries
I’ll never be caught
A door does slam
We turn to see
A man walk in
With a new fishy
That fish looks tasty
Go give him a try
But he is a piranha
I hope you don’t die

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A Very Fine Mouse That I Took To Dinner

I had climbed the steep stairs two landings to the top floor
Paid the two dollars for my bed in the dorm as I had several nights before
Now you were not allowed to sleep here if you were rowdy or real drunk
You had to have the "once over"  and then take a shower before you got a bunk
Lock up your gear and clothes and shoes and get a cotten gown and pair of flippers
And if you needed a haircut they had a man with a pair of clippers
The requirements were that you get there no later than six at night
They sold sandwiches and chips and hot dogs and burgers and the price was alright
Another room that had a small television and a few chairs and an old grey rug
And also was a bookie who took your bets if you had faith in the mouse called Pug
Every evening the small crowd would gather for this special event
You had to bet at least a dollar and was worth every red cent
For little Pug had been doing this every night for a couple of months and had no fear
Except when he would pick a winning piece of food and would be a little tiny cheer
The men bet to see what piece of food little Pug would pick and take under the wall
Where he and his family lived and he was the provider of food and gave us a ball
Been many years ago that I took Pug to dinner 
For he picked my piece of a cheeto one night and made me a winner

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Cat and Mouse Chase

Puny mouse,
Catching it by

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Honey, There's a Mouse in the House

I opened the back door

He said don't, you know the score

But i didn't  listen and in came a mouse

And made his home in our house

We have an open field across the street

It didn't take long to scurry over with his little feet

He decided to come through the door and stay

Now we wish he would just go away

We went to the hardware store

Got three different traps for the floor

We were sure that he would get caught

In the different traps we bought

We got the traps set and put peanut butter and jam

Thought this would get him with a slam

But  for some reason it didn't seem to work

I sure all that mouse did was smirk

One day we chased him all over the house

Why are you so smart, you darn little mouse

We put out more butter and bread

Hoping he would come out and want to be feed

Still ,he was not caught

I was getting  mighty distraught

So we pulled out the poison seed

He ate it ,so he is gone, indeed

You see we could not catch him with toast

he was a field mouse who ate seeds most

So if you want to catch a mouse in the house

Do like I did, I called my spouse.

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Computer Mouse Haiku

A mouse is delicate
Each one must some day fail
Embrace a replacement

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A Jim-Jam Mickey-Mouse Poem

A Jim-Jam Mickey-Mouse Poem

I think that you might never see
A poem as weird as this might be
For I’ll use luscious words
That otherwise might sound absurd
This poem may turn out silly-sally
Or even a bit dillydally
In hindsight this whole kit and caboodle
May come across as dipsy-doodle 
I’ll find a rhyme for titillated
That’s quintessentially outdated
I might include a foxy lady
But not written like my friend Slim Shady
So there won’t be some randy blowhard
Gender-bender sleaze-ball retard
No hooligan with gizmo manikin
No easy rider glissade shenanigan
No penny pincher prude nitpicker
And of course no cowboy old shit-kicker
And I would be recalcitrant
If I were to use this poem to rant
Though I know at times I vacillate
I shan’t lambaste this tete-a-tete
I haven’t worked in balderdash
Bloke or codger or mish-mash
No Tallulah, no Colleen
No rambunctious Charlie Sheen
And there’s no dubious diddlysquat
But that’s abso-bloody–lutely all I’ve got

Mdailey	3/30/12

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Tiger and Bears in the Mouse's House

The day was unbelievably hot to a northerner, just about normal for a Floridian. Disney World opened at nine and after a steamy night cruising Kissimmee’s strip for burgers, we were ready for the crush (and I don’t mean orange soda.) The Ex, the kid and I, clad in shorts and tank-tops, were ready to enter the park with the rest of the scrubbed and buffed hoard. 

shoulder to shoulder
the crowd surges forward—
babies scream

At seven, our son, Jamie was mad about Pooh (of course at this point, he was so stoked he was just plain mad as the Hatter in Alice!) We got through the gates in record time and rushed to the line for honey pot carts to Pooh-land.  The line wasn’t long, most of the crowd was rushing Space Mountain, but my son was thrilled to be greeted at the entrance by non-other than Mickey Mouse!  Mickey grabbed the wiggling tike by his red suspenders (Yes, I had him wearing suspenders!) and boosted him into the cart and off we went. Mom, Dad and boyo in search of the infamous  Bear, Tigger the Tiger and Christopher Robin.

*Form haibun

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A Mouse named Virginia

There is a Mouse named Virginia,
who goes out with a Squirrel named Spike,
She went to his house for Christmas,
and brought him a little Squirrel bike

He looked under the tree with excitement,
at what Virginia had brought him that day,
It's seat was shaped like a banana,
that would carry him and Virginia away

 This is meant to be a double Limerick.... Enjoy all my critter friends.... Taz

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Two Cats and a Mouse

Two Cats and a Mouse

There were two cats in one house
One of them liked to roam.
The other preferred to stay home…
There, the catnip mouse she pounced.

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
January 20, 2010

Poetic form: Chastushka

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A Mouse's Telescope

If you leave a mouse a telescope,
I'm sure he'll look through it.
If you leave that scope upon a hill,
I'm sure that's where he'll sit.

If you leave it there in dark of night,
I'm sure he'll try to find a light
that's round and bright and made of Brie,
then gaze upon it happily
while wond'ring how to shake it down
and share it with his friends in town

because, well that's what mice would do.
If I were one, I'd do that too.

But I'm sure if he cannot displace
that roundish piece of cheese from space,
he'll set his little eyes upon
the specks of sparkling Parmesan

that permeate the purple night:
though small, they're just as good a light.

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winnie the pooh and mickey mouse contest

Winnie the pooh is an icon
A mascot for a Canadian brigade
Named after the a lieutenants home
With the name of Winnipeg I heard

Mickey Mouse is an endearing fellow
To replace Oswald the lucky rabbit
Minnie his friend shyly says “Hello” 
Poor Oswald is no more he’s had it

Wonder what would happen if 
Mickey and Winnie were friends
Would Minnie get very  jealous
Or would Tigger make amends

Whatever happens to this pair
A legend they have both become
Eeyore, Tigger and Winnie share
Minnie, Donald and Mickey’s home

In the Magic kingdom life is fun
Children gaze often in wonderment
At the rides and games to be won
Goodies to buy until money spent

So off home they go with their bags full
Of sweaters, bags, trainers and more
Most importantly a memory has been instilled
So dreams will be dreamt for evermore

Seren Roberts  1 January 2013