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Sighed Adam to Eve:
“Because you were deceived,
Like a fool, I believed.
Sadly, all our conceived
Will be sorely bereaved.”

Well, that should be it, right?
No, boys and girls, not quite!

So you can hear what they were all up to,
We now bring this long lost tape to you:

“You really are a stupid cow!”
“Just look at us! Where are we now?”

“Shut up! You filthy, pawing pig!
Before I kick you in the fig!”

Angel of the Lord:
“You’ll have to leave, take this outside.”
“Your presence here, we can’t abide.”

And of course, the slinky one:

“Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah!”

“She’s such a fool and so is he.
If I had hands, I’d clap with glee.
If the rest of them are all like that,
I’ll soon have my routine down pat!
But I’d better scoot before they crush
My poor wee head to compost mush.
I’ll set up shop, lead them all astray
And collect them all for Judgment Day!”

“Hah, Hah, Hah, Hah, Hah, Hah!”

For now, that’s all that we can send.
Thank you for your time, my friends.
So, remember, girls, no fruit to lend,
And boys, say “NO!” or it is THE END.

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Her old Jeans

She looked in the mirror
and giggled with pleasure
to see that she wore
her old clothes from her teens.
But then she recalled
that she wore them in pregnancy -
laughing out loud,
she still loved her old jeans.

Jack Horne for Nette's 'It's in the Jeans.'

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Stop and look at the 
trees in the wind look
how they sway back and forth
greeting all they meet.

Their leaves are so 
beautiful that they catch
your very eye while the
willows bow at your feet.

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Hot Snow in July

Walking under a burning sun
Listening evocative Christmas songs

Sweat furrows my motionless visage
Snow calmly is falling down

Alive drops dissolve my thoughts
A fresh breath gently stirs 

Walking straightaway still alone
Looking for a friendly crucial turn

Nobody matching my broken mind
What's hot? What's cold?

Deep down somebody is already here
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

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This Valentine's Day

What happened to you?
You used to be so sweet.
The one and only guy,
My eyes would ever meet.

You were my man,
Once upon a time.
Giving me flowers,
And sweet valentines.

Now all I know,
Is you deserted me.
Won’t look me in the eyes,
And talk right on key.

You’ve become so cruel,
And I loved you so.
So this Valentines Day,
I’ll try to let you go.

From deep in my heart,
and deep in my brain.
All the memories we shared,
Will forever remain.

That I cant forget
My love is too strong
So this Valentines Day
I’ll try to move on.

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Coming Tomorrow!!!

Yes, folks, due tomorrow, "The Cruller Sagas!" (Or the Little Known History Of the 
Cruller and It's Impact on Naval Warfare!!")  A definative history in glorious color 
and Hi-Def Poetic Acheivements.  Do not miss it!!  Call, and gather all family and 
friends to gather around the the community computer screen.  Tape it if you want,
or send $39.99 to Bell's Palsey Poetry.Com, and we'll send you a tape you could 
have recorded for $1.99!!!  Yes, folks, this is America!!  The only thing we haven't 
figured out to make money on, so far,, darn!  We covered it all!!

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Romeo the Great Lover

I’m really amazed by 
Romeo the great lover 
who boasted his greatness
of loving my friend Tess.

Oh, Gee! How hard it is 
for him to display his trademark
of love, for her 
in the presence of his wife.

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Sammy the Seaman

Today we celebrate 
Sammy the Seaman
who caught enough
to overfill his big net.

It's truly amazing that
he fed every family
from one single catch
which we'll never forget.

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Night Eyes


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Yiorgos the Philanthropist

I stand in great awe of
Yiorgos the Philanthropist
who in public shared cheerfully 
his wealth for the needy.

Oh, what a hypocrisy
It’s unbelievingly hard for him 
to give the wages of his good maid
in return, of her long service.