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Below are the all-time best Malayalam poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of malayalam poems written by PoetrySoup members

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Lost in Love


Winter is over 
The rains have stopped
Flowers now in bloom

His voice calls out my name
His tender lips touch mine
His caresses soft and warm
Delightfully sublime

Smothered with his kisses
Sweet as the taste of wine
Love is wild flower
Untouched by tests of time

He brought me to his banquet
Filled with sweetness from above
“Drink deep, oh my darling
Let us lose ourselves in love.”

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Drink on the Nightstand

A drink on the nightstand calls
To me who would be the listener
To hear what he has to say
About what happens in this room.
The water within the pale, clear cup
Is lined with lipstick and plastic
But all the while he still cries
As though the lips who touch him are his.
A drink on the nightstand screams my name
Come and taste what I have to give
But I know that one sip of his poisonous nectar
And no longer my life shall I live
For you are the drink within its tall
Drink on the nightstand that calls.

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Now wives they are ladies of note
Many poems on them have been wrote
It would seem every day
That all they want us to say
Is I Love You that’s their favourite quote

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A Fantasy

I'm captured in a fantasy
a prison so it seems...
A never ending search for you 
each night within my dreams...

I can't escape the way I feel
no matter how I try...
This longing deep within my soul
sometimes I sit and cry...

Oh come and take me in your arms
and hold me all night long...
Whisper words I long to hear 
and stay where you belong...

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I'm in the garden of my life
Stumbling- I fall over rocks
I walk each step dignified
Standing tall - life is justified
The flowers bloom I reminisce
The buds flourish in my mind
The past coming up , just what shall I find?
Colors are ever so radiant and brilliant
I tell you , I love you and want you still
Cherishing each memory in my heart
The world at my feet - I see
This beautiful landscape enchanting me
I wish upon a star in the twilight
I see the constellations shine at night
And a pregnant star enlightens me
Born a falling star in my sight
And the muse listens delicately
Apollo leads my way with the arts
And I show my reflections with my soul
I write the words that make me whole
Listening you have the given opportunity
To cherish my thoughts indeed in your womb
I recollect in time , I'll open the door
And granted my words are relished
I'd say each poem that I portray
May bloom in your personality , each given day.... 

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Have you ever seen a Commie drink a glass of water

That is what they drink
never water
on no account will a Commie ever drink water
and not without good reason
water that's what I'm getting at
water is the source of all life
seven tenths of this Earth's surface is water
why do you realize that 70 percent of you is water
as human beings you and I 
need fresh pure water to replenish our precious bodily fluids.
are you beginning to understand

That’s why I drink only distilled water
or pure-grain alcohol

Have you ever heard of a thing called fluoridation
do you realize that fluoridation is the most monstrously conceived 
the most and dangerous Communist plot we have ever had to face

Details | Malayalam Poem | |

More Beautiful

Can there be a more beautiful Snowflake
To rest upon your pink nose 
 Yet melt almost immediately 
Like frost on a fragile Rose?

Can there be a more beautiful Lily
To bloom in the month of May
Which releases so potent a perfume
That it takes your breath away?

Can there be a more beautiful Beach
To walk on with bare feet,
One with soft powder white sands
And a breeze to temper the heat?

Can there be a more beautiful Rainbow
That arches across the sky
As showers pour in profusion
Like tears across your eye?

Can there be a more beautiful Sunset
With glorious colours to end the day  
So wonderful a closing scene
That it makes you want to stay?  

Yes! When enjoyed together 
With the love of your life;
So enjoy all these, and more,
With your husband or your wife.

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Don't back down,
swinging and fighting, 
is not the only way to go down.

disregard the hurt, 
and look for love,
it's hard to know,
that you can find someone to truly love.
you've tried so many times before,
but is this so bad,
you've given up,
and that's why you're mad.

you should change,
which takes some time,
evaluate the inside,
and forget the mind.

don't you remember, 
that you are all that you have,
no one will love you,
the way that you have,

please give it some thought,
before you give up,
this is your fortune, 
Not just your luck. 

love Whitley R. Fields